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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Evento Script - Adopt a Family.jpg

    This is the place where you may share your adopted family's story for this event with our community!

    We look forward to see your adorable families around!

    -Share your story (800-1200 words)
    -Character's name
    -Server you play in

    After that, you are able to be eligible for this contest!

    But, do not forget to make sure that you are following every single rule of this contest before participating ;). Not sure how to? Read it HERE!

    Good luck and..., let the good vibes inspire you! :)

    Your EN Moderation Team. ;)
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  2. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Once upon a time, in a far far world, the world
    of dracania, a world where only the strong and

    and witty ones survive, there was a family which
    called themselves "the Jullovs".

    The Jullov family is the witty one, not strong
    enough but smart enough to make you wonder if
    they even exist, Why is that you might wonder,
    it is because their favourite game is Hide and
    seek. They hide in barrels and rocks, at sea-sides
    and at fancy little labs.

    The smarter one, was none other that Dr. Jullov
    a doctor that he accompanies only the ones that
    are willing to pay the prize for his services.
    A doctor who makes his master a strong hero, a
    hero that all Leaders fear.
    Dr Jullov's greatest achievement is his
    experimental monster. A monster that makes your
    foes go weak from the fear, a monster that made
    even Dr. Jullov himself wonder if he did the
    right thing, even so, Dr. Jullov is known for
    one thing, for being a reckless Doctor. After many
    experiments even if it was a monster, Doctor
    Jullov became attached with the monster, who
    could blame him anyway.

    The jullov brothers do have a strong bond
    between them, that if you try to break them more
    and more come to aid them, a fearless band
    indeed, but who would even try to hurt those
    little witty ones?
    The brave heroes of dracania of course, the ones
    who want to be at the top of their world.
    All The Jullov brothers are know to be rich
    little trolls that have in their possession
    valuable items that the heroes can't find.

    Jullov even have a sister, a sister that only
    the brave heroes could help, the story of his
    sister begins on a certain festival, where she
    asks for a help from a nice looking hero, not to
    mention that Jullov's sister is known to have
    the best instincts from all the Jullov brothers,
    and she was right.
    She asked the brave ones to
    find her some teeth for her shoes, the teeth
    which helped her to walk without sliding.
    But beware, she is a perfectionist,
    she is a woman with style and elegance,
    so she wants only the flawless ones.
    Unlike the other ones she is not even greedy,
    she shared the teeth she got with
    the other brothers.
    How generous of her. She even gave the hero
    a big and unique reward big enough
    to make other heroes asking her to do the
    same chore.
    Well, she couldn't even say no,
    that's always what the good ones do anyway.
    She may not be hiding like the other ones but
    she travels across the world hunting for new
    gifts, so you can find her only one month per

    The Jullov brothers are known for being lazy, i
    remember wondering in the Viscanium mine. Oh
    those were the days. A mine where all the
    captured brothers were trying to hide. I have to
    say or either i am not good at Hide and Seek or
    that the brothers have a invisibility cloak,
    either way when i found them i asked them kindly
    to give me their pickaxes, but as i told before,
    most of them are greedy and don't want to share
    so we got into a fight i realised something that
    made me rethink my way of life.Even though the
    brothers are not brave when a relative is in
    danger they leap into their aid.
    They risk their
    lives for each other, poetic isn't it?
    I even asked on of them why do they event fight
    do you even know what he told me? He told me the
    exact words;

    "Brave hero, listen to me, i am far more old
    than you and you should hear
    every single word i say.
    Family is like a wooden straw, if it is alone
    you can break it easily, but if you add many straws
    to the family, the bond makes them
    the whole meaning of a family is
    that we all share our pains and troubles. As
    long as you do that with your family you will
    never ever be broken.
    Stay together, stay united."

    This saying gave me some chills, i haven't even
    thought about it, Jullov was right.
    Who could even have thought that a coward like
    Jullov would have such a saying, but that thing
    got me thinking, what is a family? Is it the
    blood bonds we have with each other? No.
    Family is when you can depend on each other,
    family is when you can trust.

    I kept everything that the wise Jullov told me
    and i added one more thing.
    Family is even a good friend
    where you could depend.

    Jullov represents the meaning of the family and the whole dracania knows it.
    The thing is how do we see it.
    The ones that see that, already have the treasure from this little crafty creature.
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  3. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    Character name: Shinigami28
    Server: Heredur

    Once upon a time, in a land long forgotten where dragons and supernatural beings live, there was a King named Murolosh Sparks who was married to Queen Agrasha Carpenter for 20 years and during all this time they couldn't have kids together, so they put out a public announcement throughout their kingdom that they will adopt a son who will have to pass a few tests.
    The suitable people were supposed to be young boys between 14 and 18 years old.
    King Murolosh Sparks had many nights when he couldn't sleep worried about the future of his kingdom without a heir, when he thought of the ideas for the contest came up with 3 tests but he was worried about some of the corrupt officials that would pass a few people for bribes especially for medical and intelligence tests so he was counting on the duel test which couldn't be bought from officials.
    The first test was the medical check-up. If they were not healthy they were disqualified.
    The second was an intelligence test where they were tested from the history of the kingdom, another part of this test was a detailed essay of what changes they would make in the kingdom, last part of the second test was a challenge in finding a stolen artifact from the castle for each of the contestant the artifact was different and the third was a fighting test.
    At the test showed up more than 100 young men, out of them there were 4 people standing out more than the others: a dragonknight, a dwarf, a ranger and a mage. Each of them came on amazing mounts: a Dragon, a SteamBike, a Reindeer and a Tiger. After passing the first 2 test they made it up to the semi-finals where a lottery was drawn: the dragonknight had to face the dwarf and the ranger was up against the mage.
    After the medical test there was a rumor that many people paid to pass the medical tests a few officials were even bragging to each other at private meetings which one made more in bribes the news got to the King's ears and thought to himself that he would make sure that the winner would take the medical test again.
    After 5 hours of fighting, the 2 contestants that have qualified for the final were the dragonknight and the ranger. King Murolosh Sparks was pleased by what he saw so far and gave them 2 days to rest before the final battle.
    2 days have passed and the dragonknight and the ranger finally show up at the arena ready for the final match. Before the fight, Queen Agrasha Carpenter presents them with legendary weapons made especially for them... and soon the duel began. 10 hours have passed and neither of them were showing any signs of losing to the other. The king fell asleep watching and like this they fought for 24 hours and at a crucial moment the dragonknight swings his sword and almost had the ranger. Then the mask and the hat that the ranger was wearing fell off after the cut from the sword revealing beneath them a woman's face with a very long hair. The crowd attending the arena was shocked and King Murolosh Sparks was furious when he saw a woman pretending to be a man and gave a harsh decision, he declared the dragonknight the winner and sentenced the ranger to death. The crowd started booing her, when the dragonknight let out a very loud roar the crowd was silenced and the dragonknight spoke:
    - Father! referring to the king, as your new son I have a favor to ask of you, said the dragonknight.
    - Speak my son, replied the king with a worried look on his face.
    - I wish to marry this woman... suddenly the crowd was noisy from the shocking favor he was asking. As a man fighting for a whole day against such a splendid fighter I wish to keep this woman by my side and have her as my wife, she proved herself to everyone here. What do you say father?
    - I approve! quickly replied Queen Agrasha Carpenter. I like her and I wouldn't be happier to get both a son and a daughter today King Murolosh Sparks nods himself as a sign of approval.
    The crowd started clapping and cheering being content with the idea of having such strong and kind future rulers, the king himself was laughing pleased and proud of the promising future the 2 were showing.
    At the same time with the coronation as Crown Prince they also had the wedding in the same day a very festive day full of fireworks many mythical friendly creatures in the sky giving their blessing to the new royal family members and King Murolosh Sparks and Queen Agrasha Carpenter finally had what they were waiting for, a wonderful son.
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  4. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Deluxe prize, why not hehe.. no pressure.. good luck :)
    Character name: A190714
    Server: Tegan

    My story is about Agelox, his wife Gunilda & what become of their family.

    Dracanian Hero: I've manage do deliver Gunilda farewell message to her husband.
    Despite of his anger, Agelox seems to hide something inside his heart.
    How can I say.. they are stubborn being.
    I have to help them. I must try.

    Act 1: Persuasion
    Knock.. Knock!
    Agelox: Who is it? The door is open, help your self in.
    Dracanian Hero: It's me Agelox, I'm umm..
    Agelox: So, it's you again. What else do you want? If it is about Gunilda again you are wasting time. We moved on.
    Dracanian Hero: Listen! She is still there in the jungle. Don't you think there's reason why she have not rest in peace?
    Agelox: Who cares! I don't!
    Dracanian Hero: Your children of course. They are kids, they will always look for mother figure. You'll see..
    Agelox: Yeah! I deal with it every now and then. No big deal. It's that it?
    Dracanian Hero: You must meet her. At least think it over, I know deep inside you are holding something. I'll take my leave now.

    Act 2: Reunion
    Days later..

    Agelox: Everyday my mind getting worst. Maybe that hero was right. Crap! I'll go seek her tomorrow.
    In the morning.
    Agelox: Dear.. Papa have to go in couple days.. it just work. Your aunt will come over today and will take care of you.
    Agelox children: Aunty! Yay it would fun. Ok papa, be careful.
    Agelox: Don't forget to eat your meatballs.
    Agelox children: But it taste weird.. Aunty cook better than you he he..
    Agelox: Whatever.. just don't forget to eat. See you in couple of days.
    Next evening Agelox find him self on spot where Gunilda often appear.
    Agelox: Now where is she? Gunilda! Where are you!
    Moment later.
    Gunilda: I'm here. I thought you would never come..
    Agelox: Hey you look different!
    Gunilda: I'm a ghost you dumb! So I know you are angry, probably still hate me.. why bother to come?
    Agelox: Yeah.. that hero.. umm. He is right.. If not for something you must be already rest in peace.
    Gunilda: I would like to visit our children. But that hero told me that you didn't care for me.
    Agelox: Well you know you can not meet them! They must move on. But sure you can come over when they are sleep.
    Gunilda: Very well my husband.
    Agelox: It's been a while without you. May I touch you?
    Gunilda: You can't, you dumb.. I'm a..
    Agelox: Ghost! Right. Whenever you are ready just come by. I better go home now. See you love.

    Act 3: Parent secret
    Weeks later Gunilda visit her children while they are sleeping regularly. And sometimes talk to her husband in their room.
    Until one night..

    Agelox children: Papa, I heard people talking about Dracanian hero met mama at the jungle..
    Agelox: Oh that ghost story you talking about dear?
    Agelox children: Yes papa. Should we seek for her papa?
    Agelox: Let her be, dear.. she's just haunt people!
    Agelox children: Your voice tone.. Why are you so angry with her papa?
    Agelox: If not for her dumb job, mama would still be here with us dear.. that stubborn woman!
    Agelox children: I think you are not angry with her, you just miss her papa.. like I do.
    Agelox: Hmnhh.. I guess your are right dear.. I do really miss her very much.
    Agelox children: The way she made funny face and weird voice when I upset always made me laugh ha ha ha
    Agelox: Ha ha. Yes, I never thought she would be a good mom when we got married. But she did dear.. she was a good mom for you.
    Agelox children: Do you still remember what do you like the most about her papa?
    Agelox: Ha ha. Yes. Sometimes in the morning she woke up because of her own stinky fart. Then she yelled at me "Agelox! One more time you fart on me I'm going to stitch your bottom!"
    Agelox children: Ha ha! So what do you say papa? Should we visit her?
    Agelox: No dear, you know it. It is for the best.. We don't want her to feel guilty for leaving us, don't you think so dear?
    Agelox children: I guess so.. I love mama.
    Agelox: She love you too dear. She is "with you" more than you know. Ok, bed time.
    Agelox children: Do you like aunty papa?
    Agelox: Holy anvil! What the..! What are you talking about!
    Agelox children: Well the way you looking at aunty and her looking at you seems obvious.
    Agelox: Ha ha it is not possible dear. She is your mama sister.
    Agelox children: I'm sorry papa, I don't know what mama sister can or can not do. Ok then good night papa.
    Agelox: Good night dear. Have a sweet dream.

    Act 4: Good farewell
    That night Gunilda visit her husband again

    Gunilda: Well well what do you know.. My husband flirt on my sister. You dumb dirty dwarf!
    Agelox: Huh! So you were with us? Why we couldn't see you?
    Gunilda: I'm a ghost you silly! I'm capable of making my self unseen.
    Agelox: Ok ok I admit it.. I do feel something for your sister. But that's it, I know it's not possible.
    Gunilda: Ha ha.. actually you may. She is not actually my sister.
    Agelox: Huh! So this is one of ghost trick or what? You always love to make fun of me do you?
    Gunilda: I'm not my husband. We was just sworn to be sister.
    Agelox: Holy anvil! I should know it! That's why you look way different. She is much prettier than you.. Ha ha
    Gunilda: Ok ok stop it. Joke a side. My husband now you know you can start over. I will be happy for you having her. Do it for you and for our children.
    Agelox: Hnnh.. Yes love.. I will think about it. We'll see how it goes.
    Gunilda: I have a strange feeling..
    Agelox: What is it love?
    Gunilda: I feel peace.. perhaps it is the time for me..
    Agelox: Very well love. Rest in peace.
    Gunilda: Darling, don't use garlic.
    Agelox: What! You kidding me? So it is your time to become vampire now?!?
    Gunilda: Ha ha.. no darling, don't use garlic on the meatballs. That's why your meatballs taste weird.
    Agelox: Duh..

    The end.
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  5. -_Hashirama_-

    -_Hashirama_- Forum Greenhorn

    King Harold was the God of war and battle, and cared for almost nothing else. The Dracanias believed that the other gods protected them, or helped them in useful ways, and so they loved them. But the only help they could ever expect to get from King Harold was that which he might give them when they were at war, and even then he might be on the other side. So, instead of loving him as they did King Murolosh Sparks and Queen Agrasha Carpenter, they dreaded him, and called him "Bloody Harold," and "raging King Harold," because of his fierce temper. And although they worshiped him, they did not care to build quite so many temples in his honor as they did for the other Gods. (Fyrgon, Artaya, Oceanus, Fjalnir and Mortis)

    Nothing pleased King Harold better than a battle between two great armies. He liked to see the chiefs driving furiously toward each other in their war chariots, with helmets on their heads, and shields on their arms. He liked to see them throw their spears, and shoot their arrows, and strike with their swords at one another. The roar and confusion of the battlefield were delightful to him, and the more men that were killed the better he liked it. Indeed, King Harold was so fond of battle that he would often come down from heaven, and take part himself in the fights of men. Then the strongest and bravest of warriors had to give way before him. But although the god was so fond of war, he was not so successful in it as the Queen Antonia She used wisdom and cunning to help her in her battles; while King Harold never stopped to think, but plunged ahead.

    Once during a great war, King Harold was fighting against the Dracanias, and driving them all before him. When Queen Antonia saw this, she went to their aid; for she thought that they had been right in the quarrel which had begun the war, and she did not wish to see them defeated. When King Harold saw her upon the Dracania side in all her armor, he rushed toward her, and threw his terrible spear against her breast. Queen Antonia caught the spear point on her shield, and turned it aside. Then she seized a great rock, and hurled it at King Harold. Her aim was so sure that it struck him squarely, and knocked him flat upon his back. He was such an enormous fellow that it was said that his body covered seven acres as he lay there on the ground. King Harold was so injured by the blow, that he gave up the fight, and fled to Mount Myrdosh. Then the Dracanias, with the help of Queen Antonia, won the victory.The Dracanias loved to tell another story about the way in which King Harold was once made prisoner. Long, long ago, they said, two boys (Arzlan the Tayaz, new High Priest of Fjalnir and Prince Aldred) were born who were named Arzlan and Aldred. At first they were small and weak, but they grew so rapidly that they soon astonished all men by their size and beauty. When they were yet only nine years old, they had become giants many feet tall, and they were as brave as they were huge. Now, these giants were farmers, and loved to live in peace, and care for their growing grain. But King Harold stirred up such constant war among men that their crops were often destroyed, and their fields laid bare.

    At last Arzlan and Aldred became very angry at this, and determined to see what they could do to stop it. They were so strong and brave that they had no fear of King Harold at all; so they planned and planned, and one day succeeded in taking the war-god prisoner Then, in order to keep him securely, they put him in a great bronze vase. After this, for thirteen months, there were no wars, and their grain fields were undisturbed In spite of all he could do, King Harold could not get out; and indeed, he might have had to stay there forever if Hermes had not discovered what had become of him, and set him free.

    King Harold was the Dracania God of war. He was the son of the king and queen of the gods. He was tall and good-looking and mean and self-centered. King Harold loved bloodshed. When the ancient Dracania's were at war, King Harold often got involved. King Harold would sometimes fight on the side of the Dracania, and sometimes fight against the Dracania's. The truth was King Harold did not care who won or lost, or if a battle was being fought for a good cause or a bad cause. King Harold loved battles, with more bloodshed the better. King Harold loved to cause trouble. Not even his parents liked him much. Queen Antonia, the god of wisdom, was one of his few friends, and even she, as powerful as she was, approached to King Harold with extreme caution. King Harold did have a best friend, though, who often traveled with him - Agelox the armorer dwarf, the spirit of disagreement the angrier, the better. The pair of them were nothing but trouble for the all of Dracaina world...

    ID: 105299923
    Server: Grimmag
    Sharacter name: Supersaiyon
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  6. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Character: H4g4kure
    Server: Heredur
    Your Majesty,

    My name is Gunlox. My father, Agelox, was the armorer who's work is still famed to be the best in Myrdosch. My mother, Gunilda, was a favorite of the Royal Family because she was always the first one to offer her services as a scout for the Kingdom.
    As your Highness may already know, they both passed away years ago on foreign lands. As I am all grown up now, I thought of reuniting the whole family by going on a journey to retrieve their remains.
    Departing for this quest, I could never have imagined the horrible truth that was awaiting for me across the seas.

    Our family's tragedy has started when our mother went out on an expedition at Queen Agrasha's request.
    I remember she was so set on exploring this "Lor'Tac" continent even after our father's futile attempts to stop her. Not even my little siblings' tears at the moment before her departure couldn't stop her.
    After weeks without any kind of information about her, we've finally received news of her death and the failure of the expedition.
    She apparently died while trying to secure the expedition's path through the jungles. She and her crew were massacred by a native Lor'Tac tribe.

    After these shocking news reached my father, he commissioned someone to investigate the matter in hope that she would still be alive. A week later, this hero he had employed, arrived to confirm the news that we've previously received. He even mentioned something about her ghost.
    My father, even after that, was acting cold towards the whole situation, but he couldn't fool us. As usual he just threw himself into his work right away.
    After a while, he suddenly started to act weird. He started listening to old Rakorus Munterium's crazy gibberish.
    He began to talk about legends from a distant continent in which he heard that there might be something that could bring our mother back to life.
    He then started planing his trip towards this "Qaizah" continent... I never knew that he could build a steamship. Of course he didn't do it alone, but still... that was pretty impressive from the perspective of my young self. When he left, he even took the Bracelet of Power that was in our family for generations. I still remember the shine of the gems that were encrusted onto it. I often used to "borrow" it just to show off its powers to my friends when I was little... and to impress the girls, of course.
    Inside the journey records that we've received concomitantly with the news of our father's death, he describes his ventures into these sand filled lands. Here are a few quotes from it to outline its content:

    "I've arrived in the city of Hiraja where I encountered a woman named Soraya. She was noticeably very interested in this wish fulfilling device that I've heard of. Apparently she has in her possession some old writings that used to belong to her great-grandmother.


    I believed her even when she told me that the device we're looking for is a lamp.
    The past me would've probably laughed at her just like I used to laugh at old Munterium.

    After befriending her, we've decided to collaborate in solving the mystery of this lamp with the hope that it will be capable of fulfilling our wishes.


    We couldn't handle the dangerous creatures from these sun burned lands so we had to hire some fighters for that.
    I've never liked these self-proclaimed heroes, they look more like mercenaries to me.


    We're almost there. We've managed to restore and infuse the lamp, all that's left now is to place it on the carpet within the Djinn's Chamber.


    We never expected the Djinn to attack us. We barely managed to escape. Again, we had to hire some mercenaries heroes to do the fighting.
    After the danger was eliminated we searched the chamber for anything that could possibly help me bring back my wife.


    It can't be just a fable... No... We must've missed something. I have to go back there."

    They say that he went mad after that and that he died trying to go back there by himself.
    His remains are being kept by Soraya.

    It's seems that the things in Lor'Tac were progressing quite slowly. But I was dumbstruck by the treetop-village of Yaltepetl.
    Anyway... In my investigation and search for my mother's remains, I've come across some burned writings that seem to have been from a notebook of some sorts.
    The following passage proves me that they belonged to Kaylin Lefrye:

    "I arrived at the shores of Lor’Tac, the waters here are crystal clear and turquoise, I could look at them forever."

    My investigation confirmed that my mother was indeed killed by a native tribe. But the writings that I've found make reference to an ambush. In these burned out pages, among descriptions of the continent, its nature and creatures, there are dates which confirm that it was written during my mother's expedition. But more importantly, there are a few incomplete, burned passages that mention the writer's suspicions towards some events and their connection to a so called "darkened dwarf" spotted among the native tribes.

    They say my mother's ghost can be found inside the Cradle of Death. I couldn't make it all the way there. The war that was taking place in Nahuatlan has blocked me from doing so.
    Disappointed that I couldn't find her remains, I departed for Qaizah.

    I've finally met Soraya, which told me in details about my father's endeavors. She was very suspicious about my father's death. She even saw my father arguing with another dwarf that wasn't part of his team. She doesn't seem to know the quarrel's details, but that same dwarf came to her numerous times to ask about my father.
    My investigations point towards Ortolax Stahlfeder as being the one arguing with him.
    Ortolax Stahlfeder's alibi during my father's death is that he was studying the ruins of the Temple of Agony. I couldn't find any certain proof of this.
    Soraya also told me that she couldn't find my father's Bracelet of Power which he was always wearing.

    I finally arrived home in Andrakasch with my father's remains only.
    During my way back home I vaguely remembered some stories about my parents' childhood, so I went to see my father's childhood friend, Arnox Flamethrower.
    When I asked him about Ortolax Stahlfeder's relation with my parents, he told me that he was always envious of them. He was also one the contenders for my mother's hand, which is one of the reasons for his hate towards my father. He started to be jealous even on my mother because the Royal Family always chose her to lead their expeditions.
    My suspicions were finally confirmed when I saw my family's Bracelet of Power being worn by one of Stahlfeder's nephews.

    Oh, mighty King of all dwarves, please investigate these matters officially and make sure that justice will be served for the evil that has befallen upon our family.

    Your loyal subject Gunlox, son of Agelox and Gunilda.​
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  7. CreeperS4

    CreeperS4 Someday Author

    Character Name: Creepers4
    Server: Heredur

    My tale will have the old gods as the main characters: Fyrgon, Artaya, Oceanus, Fjalnir and Mortis. Well, in a wierd and satirical way. Hope you enjoy it ;)
    Word Count: 998

    "It was since the origins of times that Gods were over every living creature on the lands of Dracania. They blessed our heroes with great courage, protected our lands and they were always..."

    Fyrgon: What are you reading?
    Fjalnir: "The origin of our beloved gods".
    Fyrgon: You are so narcisist.
    Fjalnir: No, I'm just proud of myself.
    Oceanus: Stop you two, we need to continue before we get ourselves lost...

    It was a long time ago. Our three well known gods were heading to the Eternal Grove, with the intention of having a meeting with Artaya. The reason of that reunion was to discuss the latest suspicions related to Mortis and his evil plans to take over Dracania.

    Fyrgon: Why do we always have to go to Artaya's place? We always get lost, and her dog always attacks us!
    Fjalnir: It's a bear, I think that's why he only attacks you...
    Fyrgon: Nevermind, I wonder why people think you are so cold.
    Fjalnir: ...
    Oceanus: Finally, we are here, it's not easy to read the map while listening to both of you.

    Indeed, they reached their objective. Artaya was waiting for them.

    Artaya: You are late. Not surprising, though.

    All four gods entered Artaya's place. They all wondered how a goddess could live in such a rustic home, her love for nature maybe? But this was not the real topic to talk about. Mortis was an inminent threat and they were the only ones who could face him.

    Artaya: I got some old wine from Kingshill, do you want some?

    They all nodded.

    Fyrgon: I so needed some of this. This was worth the trip!
    Oceanus: Let's focus. Artaya, you know something we don't, right?
    Artaya: Yes, that's why I called you all.
    Fyrgon: You sure? The humans say you are always lonely. I'm sure you just called us to have someone to listen to your long stories!
    Fjalnir: You can't keep your mouth shut? This is important.
    Fyrgon: Yes, yes, go ahead, continue.
    Artaya: Sure... So, rumours are spreading through Dracania. Mortis is creating a dark army to eliminate all of us. His best warriors, priests, and a lot of monsters possessed with andermagic.
    Oceanus: Do we have any clues of where he is located now?
    Artaya: I'm afraid not, just rumours.
    Fyrgon: Useless...

    Artaya's anger was growing faster and faster, seemed like a volcano was going to explode. Not that Fyrgon's complaining, he's the god of Fire.

    Oceanus: *cough* And what do you think we should do against him?
    Fjalnir: We should fight him right now. With the power of ice, we will easily beat him.
    Artaya: I think we should use the power of nature, nothing is stronger than that.
    Oceanus: That's ridiculous, everyone knows the power of the ocean has no limits!

    They were discussing like this for some time. It was clear that there was no point on fighting like kids, but there was a more surprising fact.

    Artaya: Umm, Fyrgon. You are surprisingly quiet. What's wrong with you?

    He was just looking through the window calmly. But it was a matter of time they all noticed what he was looking at.

    Oceanus: Don't tell me that...

    Someone entered through the door.

    Mortis: Hey guys! How's it going?

    Artaya and Oceanus started whispering to each other while their faces went pale.

    Artaya: What is the meaning of this? Why is he here?
    Oceanus: Don't look at me! This was supposed to be a secret meeting between the four of us.

    They both looked at him again as Mortis spoke with the disturbing sight of death.

    Mortis: I'm glad to see you all again, long time no see! I'm happy that you invited me to a dinner together!
    Artaya: Dinner!? WHAT? who...
    Fyrgon: Yeah, it will be great!

    Fjalnir, Artaya and Oceanus quickly turned to him, they were obviously mad. Fjalnir turned to him and spoke.

    Fjalnir: You invited him!?
    Fyrgon: No, I just reminded him to come. You said we were having a meeting with Mortis today. So that's what I did.
    Fjalnir: We were having a meeting ABOUT Mortis. Why do you never listen?
    Mortis: About me? What happens?

    They were all confused about what just happened, it was hard to give a reasonable answer to that question. Of course, anything that might offend Mortis would trigger the war, even earlier than they all expected. It was at this time that Fyrgon spoke again.

    Fyrgon: They are all wondering about what you are going to do with your new huge army, Mortis!
    Oceanus: Fyrgon! What are you doing?
    Fyrgon: What's wrong? It's just an army he is creating.
    Artaya: Just!? He will destroy all of us!
    Mortis: What? Me? *laughs* Didn't Fyrgon tell you? It's just a game we both made.
    Artaya: A game? What is this? Fyrgon what is he talking about.
    Fyrgon: He's right. We made a bet a year ago. We are competing on who would make the biggest army in one year, just for fun.
    Artaya: And you didn't even dare to inform all of us?
    Oceanus: Don't tell me you have a huge army too.
    Fyrgon: Nope, I forgot. Well, until now.
    Mortis: Really? Fyrgon, you are on... fire.
    Fjalnir: ...
    Artaya: ...
    Oceanus: ...

    The legend says, this was the creation of the akward silences.
    All in all, the five gods had a very good dinner together. Now that things are clarified for everyone, they all had a good time and returned to their respectives lands. And remember, even if they forget to create bast armies for a bet, they are always protecting you.

    - The End -

    Random player: Wow! This book is amazing. What's the title?
    Zumpe: "How I lost my godly bet". They say it's written by the gods themselves!
    Random player: I want a copy of it. How much is it worth?
    Zumpe: 1000 glided colvers.
    Random player: 1000? For the love of god(s)...

    - The Real End -
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  8. smurfaki

    smurfaki Someday Author

    Mortis Forgotten Past

    Mortis was mortal, a renowned strong dragonknight and Artaya a powerfull nymph with powerfull healing properties last of her kind and Yorick his trusted companion also a dragonknight who assisting him in tactics. Mortis and Artaya was a couple and love each other and when Mortis always risk his life to protect her, Artaya always heal him just like in time when he really need her, Yorick meet them when he was fighting the hordes of shadows but the only thing he want it was the power.
    An invasion begin in Werian sanctuary and king Heredur of Kingshill ask them to go there and help their citizens as they attacked many times in the past by the andermagic creatures. Mortis accept and he travel there with Yorick when reaching there, a strange smoke begin to surround them an ambush in wildherz caverns some of the creatures that changed by the andermagic attack them. Mortis and Yorick almost defeat them but a trap targeting Mortis take him by surprise he almost take an almost fatal blow but Artaya rush to his side and aid him using her powerfull healing spells.

    And then the party begun their travel in slifmoor, where the place has completely changed by andermagic, the invading armies was there and siege the Werian sanctuary. The siege take days but thanks to Mortis skills, Artaya healling spells and Yorick tactics they emerge victorious. After the invasion they return to Kingshill where the king Heredur tell them that a person and more precisely a prophet maybe know how to stop that andermagic, he open the world map and show them the Norselands.
    King Heredur trust Mortis more than the other warriors so he give him the unity treaty to Mortis so he will delivery it to king Sigris in northlands where the jarls have peace treaty with durians. Along the way to jarlshofn the party reach to a path of choices to reach Jarlshofn through Resistance Command Center or via Stonekeep faster route, Yorick insist that the path of Stonekeep is faster and safer and so it's decided.

    While reaching Stonekeep bandit's attack the party on sight, Mortis party fight the bandit's and they defeat them. Villagers of Stonekeep thanked him and offer him some of they rations as reward but Mortis refuse and tell them that they need them more than them , so Artaya ask them if they have a longboat to give because they will need it to travel to jarlshofn. The village elder quickly agreed and send his brother who was the best captain, a masked man run to the party and tell Mortis that his and Artaya's fate will play an important role to stop the the Andermagic once and for all and it's to important to follow him at the great jungle of Lor'Tac, Mortis ask the man's name and the masked man said that his name is Ammon, Mortis and Artaya want the peace in Dracania as everyone so they accepted and ask him to travel with them and show them the location of their important tasks.

    Ammon happily join the party and together they travel first to Jarlshofn where they give the unity letter to king, the north king happily take and sign it, then ask them to take part the great feast the jarls do when honnor their treaties, Mortis accept that and that night the feast begin. Jarls with dwarfs of the north take part at the feast and the night continues happy when Mortis ask Artaya to dance with him, she accept and after a beautiful time spending together Mortis also ask her something more, he ask her to marry him.
    Artaya happily accept and she also said the the next time that they go to Kingshill they will bind by the wedding.

    So they begin in huge jungle of Lor'Tac. Ammon warn them that whatever open the pandoras box and touch or even take the orbs of life and death will take unlimited power and through them the andermagic will forever live in this world and will corrupt everything and the only way to stop andermagic is simply by read the special ritual to seal andermagic forever in this box. And so the party make camp at Nahuatlan before they reach their destination at Sealed Sepulcher. That night while they camping Mortis, Artaya and Ammon was slept but Yorick think that if he open the pandoras box he will gain the power and he will become immortal. That burden has blind his decisions a long time ago and thinking about that he go to sleep.

    The morning has come and the party prepared at the Sealed Sepulcher they get inside and Mortis prepared to read the scroll, Ammon tell them that two of them should stay outside to warn them if something strange appear or happen, Artaya choose to stay outside and Yorick join her. Mortis has begun reading the scroll and then andermagic began to absorbed into the pandoras box, strange smoke appeared almost in every corner of the Sealed Sepulcher and with the andermagic, unusual big number of creatures summoned everywhere in the smoke. Yorick then think his personal cause he leave the battlefield and left Artaya alone. Artaya then take a fatal blow by an arrow of one of the monsters, Mortis seeing that has stop the ritual and rush to aid Artaya but she slowly became to faint, Ammon telling him to finish the ritual, but he was so blinded by his love with her and drop it.

    Ammon then prepare to use his protection scrolls to stop the horde but the monsters was so many and one hit make him faint, a witch appear out of nowhere to Mortis side and then she tell him that in order to save Artaya he must take the orb of death and give the orb of life to her then they ascended but he must destroy the scroll, one was certain Mortis can accept everything but to never lose his only love Artaya. Mortis without delay take the scroll and destroy it, he gave the orb of life to Artaya and he take the orb of death but then a huge explosive happen. Mortis ascended as the god of death while Artaya resurrected and ascented as the goddess of life unable to leave the Lor'Tac they trapped to their Realms and they now unable to see each other, the andermagic grow stronger by the realms now. Ammon was in the explosion when the andermagic open the first realm fragment world and he trapped into the parallel worlds given with simple choice to gather heroes and stop the unending hordes of andermagic monsters that want to deform the reality in the world. Yorick completely lose his sanity too marked as a traitor forever trapped in the Sealed Sepulcher. Now Mortis gather the souls of the fallen to gain power to conquer the world of Dracania while Artaya maintain the balance in her realm but even divided one thing is certain that both thinking each other and can't forget, why? Because real love never really dies.


    ps: sorry for my English
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  9. Ren_Alanera

    Ren_Alanera Someday Author

    Good evening,
    Fellow Heroines and Heroes,
    I’m Ren Alanera,
    a ranger of the Heredur Realm and your guide in this storytelling.

    This evening I will tell you about a place,
    a mighty and prosperous city,
    the Capital of Duria, Kingshill.

    In this place lives a very old f…, I mean man, the ruler of this land, King Harold.
    His days are easy, always sitting on his throne, as he never leaves it, even for a second.
    No bathroom breaks, no holidays, no eating, drinking, studying/working, sleeping…
    (asking to the audience)
    Is he running for the first place in the leaderboards too?
    Are you sure?
    Some may say just to make sure no one overtake it.
    Or because his back has became one with the throne, others may think.

    However, as he passes his days standing/sitting there, near him is his gorgeous and a-lot-younger-than-him Queen, Lady Antonia.
    I will not waste words to tell you about her beauty or elegance, I am so envious of the old *******… ehm king, I want a nice lady too!
    (moving my hips back and forth towards the audience)
    I won’t be the one standing still, you can bet on it!

    But do not let Antonia’s appearance fool you.
    Maybe you are too young to remember it, but she was once abducted by Sargon and Gods only knows what happened there.
    Don’t get me wrong, I was there!
    I was a dragonknight at that time and I remember hearing screams all the time,
    I run with all I had to the rescue and well…
    … do you remember the screams?
    … she was not the one making them.
    After the terryfing shadows were casted away,
    who was the one to kidnap Antonia and was known till that event as The Terrible,
    was not so terrible anymore.
    Only after years of psychoanalysis he can tolerate the sight of a pink dress.
    How do I know?

    I meet him!
    Yeah, I went to a self-help group once.
    After a long losing streak in duels against a male dragonknight wearing not-so-masculine dress.
    He sent me kisses after bashing my head and knocking me out with one hit too.
    I still have nightmares about him, but this is another story.
    So I went to a self-help group to deal with this trauma and guess what…
    … Sargon was there too.
    We shared our experiences, our fears, the same uneasiness towards the pink colour,
    we made a deep connection.
    And let me tell you:
    Sargon is not the villain!

    It is just a misunderstanding...
    ...when he waves his chain mace against you,
    it is just to say hello!
    It is his cultural heritage.
    Sargon is from a far land where they have this tradition to greet by swinging their chain mace.
    Everybody has a chain mace, women, old men, kids too.
    They are facing extinction due to this tradition.
    A lot of incidents involves husbands bashed to death by their wives when men are leaving in the morning to go to work (or at least this is what wives say to the police).
    Sargon's homeland once debated on changing their way to greet.
    It became such an hot topic that they decided to ask the population to vote for the change of it.
    However their peculiarity is not limited to the greet.
    They vote or express a strong happiness by casting a blue flame meteor.
    You can easily immagine the votation day...
    ... It was a massacre!
    Do not laugh please, this is serious...
    they are almost extict!
    Poor Sargon...

    Look, so we were talking about Queen Antonia,
    she is hot and very different from her husband.
    She is almost always away from her queen's throne and somewhere else to be found.
    The immobile-object King Harold and she have a son, Prince Aldred, please don't ask me how.
    But I can easily guess where it happened,
    Oh, if only that throne could speak...

    Well, Prince Aldred is in the Resistance Command Center.
    He was seriously wounded and now he is recovering there from his almost blinded state, while recruiting people to send against the Herald.
    At least twice a year he goes back to Kingshill to have some quality time with his parents...
    ... If he finds the way.
    Prince Aldred is very proud and doesn't want to admit his severe situation.
    He always denies any help or support to get back to Kingshill.

    Once he completly missed the right direction and found himself in Thunder Crest.
    However he didn't understand his error and he went to greet his majesty.
    He confused the standing midgets'... ehm dwarves' King Murolosh Sparks with his always-sitting-on-the-throne father, patting him on the head.
    There isn't such huge difference in their stance height, you shall agree on it.

    But things don't get better when he succeedes in finding his way to Kingshill.
    He caused an huge ruckus when he rushed to his father claiming he had seen Queen Antonia killing fresh recruits when they put a step in the Burning Coast.
    You can easily guess She was not the one doing it.
    After a through inspection, they found out that the culprit was a male mage in a pink glamorous gown, stockpiling dishonorable kills.

    Well, let me tell you... I knew it already.

    Sargon had sent me some messages telling me Queen Antonia was at his place, doing some "games" in a Miss Tronsity Costume and trying to "educate" him.

    Aaaaand this concludes the presentation of our main characters.

    Let these final words reach you:
    Beware Fellow Heroines and Heroes!
    This fall be ready for the newest mind-blowing sit-com.

    An exclusive for only DSO players,
    airing on The Agent Fox Channel,
    from the same producers of "How I met your Bird of Prey?"
    and "Big Random Theory",
    here they comes:

    The Durians!

    Thanks for reading!

    Character's name: Renalanera
    Server: Heredur
  10. kitoyo

    kitoyo Forum Greenhorn

    Character's name : Sneakykiller
    Server : Grimmag

    Acton the Tayaz and his daughter Canipi. Fish story...

    Acton the Tayaz had passed the fish on his way up the road. It was eighteen to twenty inches long and its silvery scales were covered with dirt. The boy flaps opened like two gash wounds on the sides of its head as it thrashed helplessly in the gutter. Next to it a boy called Fjalnir leaned against the railings, his rod and line dangling out over the floating garbage and the stream of brown, stinking waste which trickled from a pipe in the wall below. Fjalnir wore a faded pair of football shorts. He was perhaps nine or ten years old, barefoot and grubby, and her skin was marked with insect bites.

    The fish gasped, then made one last convulsive leap, throwing itself in the direction of the river, and landed on the pavement with a thud. There it lay motionless for a moment, exhausted no doubt by the effort. The girl looked down at it, turned and kicked it back into the gutter.

    Acton the Tayaz had not paid much attention to the fish as he was preoccupied. He had just been to look at an apartment and he was considering how he could afford the rent. Accommodation was hard to find in the city and a place like this didn't come up very often. The apartment he and his wife were currently living in was so small their sixteen-years-old daughter called Canipi had to live with his wife's parents during the week. They had been trying to move for two years. He took out a cigarette and leaned against the railing, looking down the street at the boy fishing.

    Further along the quay two figures were approaching. He watched as they wandered slowly towards him. They looked to be in their early thirties and were obviously tourists, Americans he would guess. The woman had shoulder-length reddish hair and pale freckled skin. She was slim and athletic looking. Her partner was tall and flabby, his stomach protruding from under his T-shirt. He wore knee-length shorts, sunglasses and his long hair was tied in a pony tail. They came slowly along the dusty street of warehouses. Tourists were not uncommon in the city but they usually kept to the old port with its rococo churches and stately customs house, or took the organized cruises along the reef. It was rare to see them in this district and Acton the Tayaz assumed they were lost.

    'Look at the poor thing,' said Canipi, stopping beside the fish, which lay where the boy had kicked it, probably now gasping its last breaths. She spoke with a lazy, nasal drawl. The boy had not turned around but he had noticed their presence. He stared fixedly across the glittering surface of the water towards the lines of washing in the narrow streets on the opposite bank, waiting for them to go.

    'It ought to be thrown back,' Canipi was saying. 'Do you think he wants it?' She turned to her companion who shrugged. He looked nervous.

    'I don't like the look of this neighborhood,' he said. 'I think we should get back.' But the woman wasn't going to let it pass. She stood there looking from the fish to the boy and back again.

    'You could try asking him,' the man said. The woman stepped around the fish and approached the boy, who was still looking out across the river. The child's body tensed as the woman came up to him.

    'Do you know that fish is dying?' Acton the Tayaz heard her ask. The boy looked up at her blankly and then shook his head. 'Dy-ing,' she repeated, drawing out each syllable, but the boy remained dumb, uncomprehending. He fidgeted awkwardly with his feet.

    'I don't think he understands,' said Canipi to Acton the Tayaz. The man shrugged as if to say 'I told you we shouldn't get involved'. She looked around for assistance and noticed Acton the Tayaz watching her. She stared at him for a moment, taking in the cream-coloured linen suit, the shoes. She was obviously unsure what to make of him.

    'Do you speak English?' she asked, this time with a more respectful tone than she had used with the boy. Manuel said that he did but in a voice which gave her no reason to expect his help. She held his gaze for a few moments.

    'Can you ask this boy what he means to do with the fish? It seems so cruel, it ought to be thrown back.' He looked across at the boy and then at the woman. He wondered if he should tell her about the kind of life this boy led, about the squalid shacks down by the beach from where he had probably come that morning, about the parents struggling to make ends meet. Two days earlier he had read in the local paper about a fishing community a few miles up the coast which was being evicted to make way for a new hotel. The boy was watching them anxiously.

    'He intends to sell it,' he told the woman. He tried to make his answer sound final, as though that was the end of the matter. The woman hesitated, perhaps uncertain how to interpret the lack of encouragement in his voice. Acton the Tayaz observed her confusion. Her eyes searched his face as though looking for some clue. Her companion shifted nervously behind her.

    'Honey, I think we should go,' he said. But Canipi ignored him. He shuffled uncomfortably. 'You know I really don't think you should interfere.'

    'How much does the boy want for the fish?' the woman asked. Acton the Tayaz glanced at her companion with his stooped shoulders and useless bulk. The woman's determination amused him but he did not smile.

    The boy named a price which was five times what he would have got for it locally. His expression was deadpan. Only a slight clenching of his right hand betrayed the tension he was probably feeling. Manuel told her the price, adopting the same tone of voice with which he had addressed her previously, but this time he could not help smiling. She seemed to interpret this as friendliness. She opened her purse and took out some money, peeling off a note of twice the value the boy had asked.

    'Does he have any change?' she asked.

    Acton the Tayaz translated. Again the boy's right hand twitched slightly but otherwise his face wore the same expression of innocence it had before. He shook his head. The woman hesitated for a moment and looked across at the fish. Then she held out the note to the boy who took it. She stooped down, picked the fish up carefully between forefinger and thumb and threw it into the river. Without looking at either Acton the Tayaz or the boy she turned to her companion and they went on up the road together. The man produced a handkerchief and offered it to the woman to wipe her fingers but she refused it. They appeared to be arguing. The boy stood holding the note. His expression had hardly changed. Acton the Tayaz watched the couple until they disappeared out of sight. They did not once look back. He lit another cigarette and returned to his former position against the railings.

    The fish had not survived its lengthy time out of the water and was now floating amidst the debris a few feet out from the bank, washed in against the shore by the backward eddy of the current. The boy climbed over the railings and down onto a ledge just above the water line. He began dragging the dead fish towards him with a stick. When it was finally within reach he caught hold of it and tossed it up onto the road. As he clambered over the railings he grinned at Acton the Tayaz. The boy gathered up his rod and the fish and set off up the street. Acton the Tayaz watched him while he finished his cigarette. Then he threw the butt down into the dirty water and made his way back the way he had come.
    The End....
  11. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Character name: ZioSalvo
    Server: Heredur
    Family: old gods, Artaya and Mortis

    The birth of two gods

    This is an old story of the ancient gods of Dracania, the two siblings Artaya and Mortis, her elder brother. Their human names were Maya and Yesis.

    Since they were youngster, Maya and Yesis were used to take care of the life in Dracania. It was a promise that their parents and their whole family had been honoring for centuries. Maya, in particular, was really fitting her commitments: she loved to spend her days in the forest, surrounded by trees and beasts. She used to ride in the woods, wild and free, boosted by her curiosity towards life.

    Yesis, on the other hand, although he shared her same passion for life, was more thoughtful, so he used to worry about her recklessness.
    At that time there were other three gods, Fjalnir, Oceanus and Fyrgon, who were engaged in a bloody war caused by the unstoppable desire of Fjalnir, the Icelord, to turn the two brothers’ regions into an infinite field of icy lakes and frozen lands.

    One dark day Maya found a beautiful ancient tree in the forest with some frozen branchs and leaves. Her first urge should have been saying everything to her brother and her family, but the rage and the anger she felt for that consacrated tree made her act rash once more. She quickly mounted on her horse and started riding through the forest to reach the cold mansion of Fjalnir. After five days of unstoppable riding she reached her destination.

    “How dare you, irrelevant girl, come to my presence.” said Fjalnir.

    Maya wasn’t feeling all the coldness in her body because of the anger that still was pervading her. Still, she felt a freezing shiver passing through her body. She gained all her courage to reply.

    “How dare YOU, Fjalnir, bring ice to my forest in Dracania! Go away, I don’t care about your war.”

    “Little girl, I could freeze you right now, here, and nobody would ever know what happened to you. But you have guts, I appreciate that. So I’ll give you the chance to save your trees... Go and kill the great Drake of Death and Life at the Dracania’s volcano and bring me its secret legendary flame of Azgard. With that I can kill my brothers and the war will end. Then I will leave your lands forever. And now leave my sight before I change my mind. Don’t come back without the flame.”

    Every word pierced Maya deeply inside, shaking her mind above her body.


    I can’t believe I have to kill a drake, and the great Drake! she kept thinking while going back to Dracania. Yesis scolded her pretty badly because he was so worried that he was going crazy without knowing her whereabouts. Yesis had understood that something was different in his sister, but he couldn’t get through her mind.

    Maya tried to forget about her meeting with Fjalnir, but after she saw the consacrated tree getting more and more frozen, she convinced herself to kill the Drake. She was scared, deeply, but as before she left without saying anything, although she couldn’t know that Yesis was going to secretly follow her.

    After three days she reached the Drake’s cave. Her hands were trembling while she was trying to hit the Drake with her arrows. She knew she had only a single chance to kill the Drake, so, since she knew she couldn’t penetrate its flakes, the only vulnerable point could have been its eyes. Her arrow was about to hit the Drake when suddenly it avoided it. It opened its eyes, then it smelled the air and suddenly turned its head towards Maya. Maya was motionless until the Drake tried to push her away with its paw. She barely avoided it. She was defenceless on the ground, already sure to be dead. She closed her eyes.

    Abruptly she heard the Drake’s scream, then she opened her eyes and saw Yesis’s sword hitting the Drake’s neck, creating a small breach in its flakes’s shell.

    “Maya, run!”

    Maya jumped up and took advantage of the Drake’s temporary distraction to try another shot. She aimed at the breach and she drew her bow.

    A bright light started to come out the Drake’s body and surrounded Maya and Yesis. They couldn’t see each other anymore.

    “Humans. You have broken the balance between Death ad Life. Since you have killed me, you have to take my place to restore this equilibrium.”

    Yesis risked his life to help me. I was the one who has put him in danger. I am the one who has killed the Drake. So I am the one that has to take its place.

    “The choice has been made. Yesis, you’ll be the new god of Death. From now on your name is Mortis, you’ll be the guardian of all the damned souls in the Ocean of Bones. Maya, you’ll be the new goddess of Life. From now on your name is Artaya, you’ll be the protector of the living creatures in Dracania. You both will be confined in your respective lands.”

    As he finished speaking, the light got brighter and brighter, making Artaya lose her consciousness.

    The two siblings would have never met again after that day.


    As the time passed by, a great temple of Life and a great temple of Death were built in Lortac by Dracania’s inhabitants, who had started to worship the two gods, hoping to keep the balance between Life and Death. And rumors about a great huntress in the forests and about a knight riding a great bone Drake started to spread through all Dracania.
  12. Sulayman

    Sulayman Forum Apprentice


    She wasn't ready for this. She mentally checked that she still had ten grenades, twenty rounds of ammo for the revolvers, ten rounds for the rifle, two steam blasts from her steam pack, and a knife. They’re close, and she’s almost surrounded.

    Agelox watched silently, about five hundred meters in the cover of the trees. He had tailed his daughter secretly since he caught up in the treetop village.

    He readied his rifle, waiting for the worst to happen.

    Matilda racked her brains for a way out of this. The image of her father's disapproving look, under his ridiculously moustached helm, kept distracting her thoughts.

    Sweat and rain dripped down her chin as she watched the creatures edging in, petrified masses on their right arms raised like swords preparing to swing. Similar jagged rocks formed shields on their left arms, ready to parry. She took a step back, her boots squelching against the muddy ground. She felt the cold wall behind her.

    The two remaining blasts from her steam pack should do. She could probably clear their formation. She waited, wiping the moisture from her eyes, grenades ready.

    The closest of the creatures was a mere yard away when she leaped, the slash of its jagged arm hitting the steel toe of her boot. Her steam pack hissed loudly. She managed to drop six black boom-booms before her pack hissed a second time. She was in the midst of dropping the remaining four when she heard a loud roar.

    A vile mass of purple flesh charged towards her.

    She drew her rifle as she skidded to a landing, mud splashing all around her. The pesky raindrops were at her eyes again as she attempted a shot, while bombs exploded behind her. Time slowed down for her as a blast of hot air sent her flying. She watched as the shock wave pushed against the pelting rain into water domes. She fell face-first on the mud.

    It was gritty and bitter. She barely spat the mud out when she heard another roar, right in front of her.

    "Oh Fyrgon, why did I have to miss that one shot."

    The mass of flesh lumbered towards her, ready to pounce. The few milliseconds that she had won't be enough for her to unholster her pistols, take aim, and fire. She tried to, anyway.

    A loud retort was followed by a whizzing noise. She saw the fleshy mass get hit by something big, the protruding humanlike limbs visibly shaking from the impact. Her revolvers spat fire, unloading each of their six shells. Her wrists were shaking from the recoil and the adrenaline rush, the barrels hissing as the rain fell on them.

    She lied on her back, not minding the mud this time. She closed her eyes as she felt the unceasing rain, and by the time she opened them, she was greeted by a ridiculously moustached mask.

    "You did well, for the most part. Gunilda would have been proud."

    She accepted his outstretched hand, his small stature only pulling her up to a sitting position. Standing up the rest of the way, she took note of her surroundings, still hyper-aware from the chemicals running amok in her bloodstream.

    Propped against a tree was her foster father's rifle, protected by a leather tarp. It was almost as tall as her, and she wondered how her old man managed to lug that thing around. His small backpack lay beside it.

    Behind her, she found that what was blocking her earlier wasn't a cliff, but a tall crumbling wall. She could barely see the top of some stone columns on the other side, suggesting that they came upon some ruins.


    She snapped out of her trance and looked at Agelox. The mud covering him to the hips made her wonder why he even wore boots instead of his overalls.

    "I'm sorry, Dad. I figured if I could talk to Mom, I would find a way to cheer you up," she said apologetically.

    Her dad looked at her and sighed. He beckoned and started walking until they came up to a small raised clearing.

    He fetched his bag and started pulling out some metal rods, handing them to her.

    She started piecing the rods together, wondering how her father managed to stuff everything in his backpack. Her jaw dropped when he started pulling out a huge flap of stitched leather.

    She helped him piece the tent together and further assemble a portable furnace. He even had fuel ready!

    Then, they somehow managed to change to lighter, drier clothes, in the middle of hostile territory.

    "Worry not, I already put up some traps." He pointed to a small bush, and she saw bells attached to a string. "Those bells should ring too, if an enemy comes too close."

    "So, he even packed some traps," she thought, amused. She looked closely at the bag, curiosity brimming.

    The bag was small, as expected. It may have had the length from her elbow to her fingertips. The cured leather was made to withstand the weather and protect the contents. The wide leather straps made it easier to carry. What was out of place, though, was the small jewel-encrusted metal band hanging from its side. It was just too fancy for an ordinary leather bag. She reached out to inspect it further.


    She drew back and turned to her father. "Dad, how did you manage to bring all this with a small bag? I didn't know such technology exists."
    Agelox finished poking at the furnace. He motioned for her to sit beside him and handed her a steaming bowl of soup.

    "That bracelet is your mother's, which she gave to me as a gift. They say it gives you the strength of ten men, but nobody has ever figured out how to make it work."

    She looked even more intrigued.

    "Matty, it was you who asked me to attach it to my bag because it was too big for my wrists." He looked at her fondly. "When we get home, I want you to have that bracelet."

    "But not now," he added, grinning. "The bag's contents might explode if we take it off."

    She merely nodded, fascinated about what was just explained to her.


    The overcast skies on the next day did not dull the cold purple glow of the gates of the Cradle of Death. It loomed before them, and eerie cries resounded from within. Corpses bound with white strips of cloth stood impaled on the left of the gates, lit by a torch. The torch on the right was unlit, same with the fire pit beside it. Bones lay scattered all over the place.

    The gigantic sculpted skull on top stared at them indifferently, as if it had already seen too many, passing right underneath.

    "Let's go, Matty. I'm sure your mom would love to hear how we got here."

    Her mom had taught her how to fight, and she has her father's support. She raised her torch and led the way in. This time, she's ready for this.


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