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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,​

    Winter Solstice is arriving to Duria! But… two of the greatest enemies of this much anticipated event are causing trouble! They are challenging the good-will of the happy season and it seems no-one can stop them!

    What’s going on? Queen Antonia is worried about the fate of her realm, Dracania. Rumours in Kingshill, the most important city for trading, say that there is a terrible alliance which is challenging the future: Big Paws and Kranparus are united against every single hero in the land in a bid to destroy the merriment of the season!

    The latest news amongst merchants and travelers in Dracania is that Winter Summit is already under siege and that the good queen's gifts are not getting through because Big Paws and Kranparus don’t want the joy of the season to spread! Queen Antonia is worried that their evil influence will soon spread to Solstice Cave.​

    To combat this evil alliance of cheer-killers, Queen Antonia is inviting you to join our newest English Forum Community Event. Will you accept the challenge? Only the bravest of heroes are invited!

    EVENTO-FORUM-EN (2).jpg

    Are you watching out the chaos that Big Paws and Kranparus caused? Impressive! So, that’s the deal: our Queen Antonia is looking for all of those green presents that are supposed to be distributed all around Dracania.

    Discover how many green presents are around Winter Summit entrance.
    Tell us your guess and we promise that your prize will be memorable!

    How to participate?

    Simple! Just count how many of Queen Antonia's green presents are stuck in the Winter Summit entrance. When you are sure about the number, just share your guess HERE. At the same time, you should identify your character name and Server (please post from your main a/c only) and, of course, your guess! Easier than that? Does not exist :D


    You have 7 days to think, count and recount.
    Start: 15th December, 2016: 10h00 (CET UTC +1)
    End: 22nd December, 2016: 10h00 (CET UTC +1)
    Winners Announcement: 23rd December, 2016 (CET UTC +1)


    You are defending Dracania from the worst scenario ever! More than that, you are supporting a Queen, Queen Antonia. So, do not expect less than luxury prizes!

    • 1 prize of 15 000 Andermant, 7-days Premium Deluxe & 7-days Night Wings mount.
    • 5 prizes of 10 000 Andermant, 3-days Premium Deluxe & 3-days Night Wings mount.
    • 10 prizes of 5 000 Andermant.

    Are you still reading?! Time is counting! Save Dracania and be the hero of 2016!

    Good luck, heroes!
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