EN Community Forum Event - Save Winter Solstice!

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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Queen Antonia: Hey there. Yeah, if you are the one who wants to save Duria from the evil, then you are in the right place!

    Share your guess about our community event!

    DO NOT forget about your character name + server and... good luck ;)

    Your English Moderation Team

    1) this event is for established/active DSO EN Forum users (10+ posts, member of the EN forum for 1+ month)
    2) if you double post, post off-topic or use multiple a/cs to post, all of your entries/posts will invalid.

    Start: Now!
    End: 22nd December, 2016: 10h00 (CET UTC +1)
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  2. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    Very fun counting exercise I have to say.


    Hope I didn't mess anything anywhere, but according to my calculations there should be 180 green presents out of which 74 light green and 106 dark green.
    Character Name: Antellion
    Server: Heredur
    (also available in my signature)

    Cheers and good luck to everyone!
    Try not to copy-paste my answer since, in spite of having a strategy and double checking my steps, I might just as well have messed things up here. It's an error-prone manual process after all.

    (edit: included both light and dark green separation due to ambiguity)

    Correct and eigible
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  3. }{upypG

    }{upypG Forum Greenhorn

    Char name: Ядерщик
    Server: Heredur
    Green present count: 68

    Best wishes! :)
  4. giocol

    giocol Forum Greenhorn

    character name : Giocol
    server: Heredur
    ID: 107359493 ( if u need)
    Green present count : 179
  5. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    char name: Mesala
    server: Grimmag
    Green goodies: 180

    Correct and eigible
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  6. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    Char name: Wyin
    Server: Heredur
    Green Presents: 74
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
  7. LookaL2K

    LookaL2K Forum Apprentice

    180 green presents
    Name: Lookal2k
    Server: Heredur

    Merry Christmas! :)
  8. Amidic

    Amidic Forum Greenhorn

    Char name: ЗУУКУ
    Server: Grimmag
    Green Presents: 179
  9. ŞαηťαÇλαúş

    ŞαηťαÇλαúş Forum Greenhorn

    Server: Heredur
    CharName: ŞαηťαÇλαúş

  10. NKA

    NKA Forum Greenhorn

    74 - green presents

    Character name - N1cky
    Server - Grimmag
  11. [ShizZzA]

    [ShizZzA] Forum Greenhorn

    180 - green presents
    Character name - [ShizZzA]
    Server - Grimmag
    Merry Christmas! ^^
  12. Andrey291976

    Andrey291976 Forum Greenhorn

    green presents-180
  13. DJ-Kani

    DJ-Kani Forum Greenhorn

    Green Presents: 179
    Character name: Kani2416
    Server: Heredur
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
  14. Severest

    Severest Forum Greenhorn

    Name: Сталлион
    Server: Grimmag
    Presents: 179
  15. Xena

    Xena Forum Greenhorn

    CharName: Тenebris
    Server: Heredur
    Green Presents: 179
  16. Nahagliiv

    Nahagliiv Forum Greenhorn

    Name: КРОНОЛ
    Server: Grimmag
    Presents: 74
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  17. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    Name: GodChronos
    Server: Heredur

    Guess: 4 Green Presents in the entrance (Of the actual map not the picture)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
  18. suicidejockey

    suicidejockey Forum Greenhorn

    Presents : 74
    Server : Heredur
    Nickname : Themustardcat
  19. hosseyn

    hosseyn Forum Greenhorn

    Char name : Hosseyn
    Server : Hereder
    Presents : 179 .
  20. calinka

    calinka Forum Apprentice

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