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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,


    Let us know your thoughts about these lovely suggested names for some monsters around Dracania. Tell us which one is the most suitable ;)

    MonsterSuggested names


    • The Howling
    • Death Whisperer
    • Enchanted maiden
    • Zombie princess
    • Artemisia
    • Krank the Death-Nightmare
    • Eelma
    • Éldelgas
    • Dystopia
    • Lila Pause


    • Devildog
    • Hell Guard
    • Two-headed Cerberus
    • The devil's dog
    • Fire Hydra
    • Graour the Twinheaded-Bloodhound
    • Nal-tonynd
    • Echyphon
    • Two-bite
    • Orthros
    Death Knight


    • Doombringer
    • Nick-the dark-laus
    • Fallen hero of Dracania
    • Sword tensile Johny
    • Dark Destiny
    • Maxim the Steel Berseker of Anterworld
    • Ban'skel'ais
    • Gúlnaz
    • Torturer
    • The Black Blade
    Fire Guardian


    • Four Slicer
    • Killersword
    • Guardian of Pain
    • The strength of the fire
    • Dark fire
    • Astaroth the fiery Golem
    • Redllgar
    • Báalam
    • Ancient Fire Totem
    • Blade


    • Stonemuncher
    • Bettle
    • Gargol
    • Sugar pea
    • Dangerous Sweetness
    • Mavis the Gargoyle of the Anterworld
    • Wullrton
    • Gedogud
    • Evil's Disturb
    • Ungly Gorilla


    • Metal Vanguard
    • Automated unit T48
    • Armoured division
    • Steel killer
    • AT-67 the Mechanoid gunner
    • Melalor
    • Zadornov
    • Cannon's timbre
    • Shield Master
    • S.I. (Steamed Inteligence)


    • Hooven Cloof
    • Satyr Shaman
    • Satyr xD
    • Anger / Warth of Born
    • Tauros the druk Satyr
    • H'lorque
    • Chronfus
    • Mischievous Hornhead
    • Minotaurs
    • Neeh


    • Bad Medicine Man
    • Lor'Tac Healer
    • Bungalu
    • Birth of the darkness
    • Blast , High Shaman of the cult of Nefertari
    • Ray-ightush
    • Ah-Ihuicatl
    • Cursed Paje
    • Dalar
    • Quinkezo
    Thing Roots


    • Barking Bark
    • Root
    • The wise man of the trees
    • Green King
    • Fangiorn , the Elder roots of Mistforest
    • Dynmory
    • Alderroot Ash-Beard
    • Nature's puppet
    • Throrn
    • Warptree


    • Ugly But Mindless Brute
    • Mountain troll
    • Monkey troll
    • Trixy
    • Oumf, the Bad breathed cave-Troll
    • Untald
    • Barret Vullgar
    • Troglodyte
    • Zunabar
    • Scrumqisi
    Boss Health Bar


    • Enemy Radar
    • Hit-Bar
    • The maximum vitality
    • Darkness status
    • Vitality
    • Bloodline
    We need you to vote for these monsters above. Help us to choose the most suitable name for these little monsters ;)

    How to vote?
    Each monster has is own spot and you will be able to select the best name for it.

    You can just vote once.

    Just go into the right page and select the most suitable name in your opinion:

    All right, and, how about time?

    You have until Sunday (January, 15th) to vote until 2000 hrs CET UTC+1.

    Between 16th and 20th of January, you will be informed about the results. Stay tuned and maybe you can see those little monsters around Dracania with your voted name ;)

    Are you ready to be the most creative hero around? Vote now!

    Your Drakensang Online Team​
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