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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    Many of you had reported that your gameplay experience is often negatively influenced by rubber banding.

    In order to tackle this issue we have implemented first measurements against rubber banding with release 155 as it also was announced in the test servers

    We would like you to report whether you experience any improvement if you previously
    suffered from rubber-banding.

    Please state your experience and also the following details:
    • Your Bandwidth:
    • Your Hardware:
    • Do you play via browser or client:
    • Do you play via WiFi:
    • Your Statement:
    Before reporting: Lag or Rubberbanding – what is the difference?

    Rubber banding is easy mistaken for a lag – so be sure that you are reporting the correct issue. If you are experiencing rubber-banding then your character, while moving, will appear to move in one direction, and then suddenly be teleported back several meters where they once were a few seconds ago. This is rubber-banding

    can be the result of rubber-banding that lasts long. During a lag, the character will freeze its movement completely for seconds and then suddenly teleport to a different direction or be dead (when attacked for example).
    Best regards,
    CMs Greg & Haruki and the DSO Moderation Team
  2. draco994

    draco994 Active Author

    My band width is upto 4 mbps speed
    hard ware is Pentium G2020 with 2.90 ghz , 2Gb ram, 32 bit windows 7 ultimate
    client player
    no wifi, using wired broadband
    yes, i experience rubber banding like i was seen attacking and suddenly i am teleported to several distance away with some other mobs or previous killed mobs area. experienced it when tanking mini boss with flag summoned and other times also, especially in groups.
  3. Excalibur1974

    Excalibur1974 Junior Expert

    • Your Bandwidth:
    8Mbps, wired LAN via Router. No problems detected in terms of signal integrity, SNR (Signal/Noise Ratio) excellent, attenuation dB very low. Download 7Mbps, Upload 450 Kbps
    • Your Hardware:
    i5 430M, 4GB DDR3, AMD Mobility Radeon HD5650, on Win 7 Professional x-64 SP1
    • Do you play via browser or client:
    Client only
    • Do you play via WiFi:
    No WiFi, only wired LAN via router. WiFi disabled to avoid any bandwidth issue (e.g. smartphones)
    • Your Statement:
    HUGE micro-lag scenario detected in Nahuatlan map. Gameplay is always in jerk-mode in this map, probably due to high number of mobs and players.
    This happens expecially when you are in a zone with a bunch of mobs, e.g. when Crushing Andermagic Monsters summon many andermagic fighters. But also happens when groups of normal mobs (Mummies+Shrieking Fiends) respawn around.
    As result, you can't play in a smooth way: either you can't fire in time, or you have continuos micro-lags that prevents to move correctly and forecast the direction of attacking enemies.​
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  4. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    1>6MBps wired

    ManufacturerDell Inc.
    ModelInspiron 3542
    Total amount of system memory4.00 GB RAM
    System type64-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores2
    Total size of hard disk(s)466 GB
    Disk partition (C:)69 GB Free (98 GB Total)
    Media drive (D:)CD/DVD
    Disk partition (E:)72 MB Free (100 MB Total)
    Disk partition (F:)345 GB Free (368 GB Total)
    Media drive (G:)CD
    Display adapter typeIntel(R) HD Graphics Family
    Total available graphics memory1696 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory64 MB
    Dedicated system memory0 MB
    Shared system memory1632 MB
    Display adapter driver version10.18.10.3621
    Primary monitor resolution1366x768
    DirectX versionDirectX 10

    4> The only time I experienced extreme rubberbanding was when my internet was messed up due to ISP(which is not BP fault) or when there was extreme rush in a particular map like an event map. Now the timing of this wonderfully dull event was midweek when most people who have to go to office to earn to live have a little less free time. Now those people have to give up sleep on the first day of the weekend and complete the mini event because if they sleep, when they wake up the event is over. and ofcourse there is a boss inside who the wonderfully strong DK's (who have been made so strong they cant even take 2 shots of a boss mob at endgame with 5.5K armour and 1700 resist) cant tank. Now if you try to move about a bit and hit the boss (assuming yourself to be skillful) he cant be hit because you arent where you are actually shown, infact you are not even where you think you are, infact you are a few paces back, NO wait, now you are in front of the boss again, or atleast you see you are in front of the boss but NOOOOO you are dead.......(process repeated until boss dies of boredom)

    Tegan is the smallest server with the most minimum number of people. If a certain map cant even take the pressure of such a minimum amount of players if a time limited event is on, then how can a such a game product be compared to i-phone @CM Greg ? Even i-phone didn't act like a 3rd hand virus bugged Samsung phone when it first released. (reference from Twitch) The main problem is how can such a product aspire to be as good as the best competitor on the market SOME day? I am a fan of Drakensang. I will be waiting.

    PS. Thank You for the anderments(via raffle). I almost spent them buying the burners, then decided to give up sleep and be tired at office the whole of next week, although this game is supposed to make me refreshed. BTW Welcome back. I hope atleast you are refreshed and geared up to push changes.
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