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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    the highest base damage on that bow is due to the fact that it is a shortbow with the same attackspeed of a longbow, but as every shortbow it lacks the -20% concentration reduction: this feature is absolutely necessary to balance ranger with other classes and still isn't enough as we can see in the arena how the real classes are; this is why that damage, otherwise it will be absolutely the worst weapon that rangers have; if you don't like it you could vote the proposal that I, as ranger, made few weeks ago to rebalance the weapon just to prevent this silly discussion, because I am aware that if the weapon will have the same your base damage with the -20% concentration it will be stronger than it is now, but anyone can't see this.

    About the skill yes you are right, but I think that if you hit 5 enemies with destruction is enough to activate the buff while we need 5 EA to get it; btw even if I wrong: if the skill is the problem why don't you look dwarf's weapon? it triggers on mechanical turret, it's better don't spend any word more.
    Then almost all sets work on better skills for you: dragonslayer, newmoon, q4...

    Do you want some names? starlight vs predator (+40% mana for mages, +20% concentration for rangers) riddle vs beast (+60% crit damage for mages, + 800 hp for rangers) q1 torso, all gnob and emilia's items, cube set… Should I continue? Gwenfara of course is better for us, yes, so what? how many better things do you have? And anyone says nothing for this against you. I really don't understand those mages that always cry because rangers have higher damage while mages have everything better that make this class more comfortable to be played (not stronger).
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Hi dude,
    whoever you are.
    The dude "from the gaming industry" has showed nothing. People like him are the reason the game is going down. They either lie or pretend to know while ignorant. Then they are trying to impose their fabricated story to devs as a general feedback from the players.
    I have nothing to show to you because you as a member of this forum from 2013 you have to read the forum, not just going from thread to thread and supporting those who are defending your class (I am 100% you are SW too). You both coming out of a sudden and you don't read what has been said thorough the years but you demand explanations.
    everything has been already said and everything has been showed up in the past ... all you have to do is READ.
    Now both you and the "Gaming Industry dude" go read though my ~7200 forum posts.

    About the bow ... Gwenfara's bow is not even better than my longbow.
    I get it why SWs can't understand the ranger's gameplay ... they have no problems like rangers have. You don't run out of mana like rangers are always running out of concentration. Gwenfara's bow is a shortbow can't spam, Q7 can. That is why all hoaxbowers are using it. Longbow can spam that is why I am using it.
    Gwenfara's shortbow can't match average longbow even if it has higher base damage.

    That being said ... SWs are having longbow like weapons with ability to spam and exactly same damage as longbows.
    On top of it SWs are having a higher base damage than rangers ... meaning their damage will always be higher.
    It is funny ... you know ... I play with 1H SWs and Rangers ... and you and the "Gaming Industry dude" are trying to sell some crap to me :) like trying to sell rice to Chinese.
    You have a problem not reading the older posts ... there are examples and builds there too.
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  3. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    Because mages .quote "have 1 liter of bad blood in them and in the virtue of circulation when that blood reaches the thing that in a moment of optimism they call it brain ... they make boom!" .endquote
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  4. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    they are right the set gwenfara is op, now it is difficult to find 2-handed ranger, on servers I only see ranger with gwenfara bow hahahaha. Outside of jokes, the magician will always be better in 1h and 2h over the ranger.
    The Achilles heel of the ranger is the cost of concentration of the explosive arrow, if there were no set q7 the game would be of 3 classes (war, wizard, dwarf)
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  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I know all that and as i said i'm fine with ranger how it is - it's just i really hate rangers demand attitude. Developers gave some outstanding balance breaking items for rangers to compensate their lacks in basic skillset and rangers still complaining about "unfairness" of BP. It's mindblowing for me :rolleyes::confused: Yeah they suck with basic skillset the most but they have full compensation across the board and comparing to mage with "unfairness" is even more outstanding as mage is 90-95% of the time 2 button class :D Hey i would like to have more complexity in my skillset but has any mage ever complained about it? ;) Sth given, sth taken. Rangers would take away from everybody and give those themselves that's why i hate them :p

    Well not long, not long... Q7 is getting nerfed for rangers :D I know they are already done with q7 balances but i'm not sure how. However i strongly believe rangers will get switch on q7 for precise + some fire effect. Man i waited for it soooooooo damn long :D

    No they can't in my opinion as nothing is comparable in terms of dmg to 2h no matter how you make the build as we are having too low base for any gimmicks. Of course I might be wrong as you are way more experienced in 1h... because you are archer and i'm mage :D;):p For sure we are losing on weapon set much less than archers from obvious reasons but having 30% less dmg on weapon is HUGE.

    I love you too Traki ;)
    You know that domestic forums were closed right? I feel you really missed that part :rolleyes: If i count everything would have for sure over 2k posts, maybe even 3k as i really dr as never put close enough attention. Just make yourself more familiar with updates Traki :D Everyone from domestic forums got switched to their english forum accounts and their domestic accounts had been removed. So everybody who were writing on their domestic forums started with their post count from english account which mostly they weren't using a lot ;)

    Yeah higher base dmg... How much it was? 120? 180? Not scaling with weapon but as overall dmg? :D Great argument. Hands down.

    Mage highest 1h base dmg weapon is... Gwenfara's Ghost Claw ;):D I think we should end the discussion with that statement.
  6. dawmjr

    dawmjr Junior Expert

    this game has become over the top complicated, they keep tossing stuff at us, i cannot keep up.
    i wish with mouse over i see my items values with and without glyphs. how i know i find something without calculater, and even then wrong, because their caculations diffren order, i give . up i log in every day and leave, i was once somebody here
  7. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    If I understood correctly - You wanna see 2 sets of values with mouse hovering?

    Well, go to nearest NPC blacksmith and click on "Upgrade item"
  8. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    me not at all really.
    sorry but this is a really toxic and trivial generalization, even if you are right; but not all are like this, I can say the same about you mages that come here to cry for the only one 1h item of the whole game and the only one 2h set of the whole game that make ranger a bit better than others, but these things simply hide the weakness; but thanks to the gods not all mages are so mad, like not all rangers are like you describe.
    to me is ok, or really better, if they nerf q7 set, and I agree with you to remove the "2-button class", but maybe many don't complain because then they won't know how to play anymore, like rangers don't want a q7 nerf because they won't be able to play without it;)
    If you want a good game I hope that together with this nerf you want a contemporary buff of our skills to make ranger as good as mages without the op items and stop this stupid war and your cries, because as you said: "Sth given,sth taken."

    Eventually, I already said to you that you have an exaggerated overestimation of q7 set for rangers, especially since r220 when it was huge indirectly nerfed by the potions spam, another super-stupid thing they added, like the q7 set, and if you haven't understood this that time, you really don't know what rangers are and what our q7 is, so maybe it's better not speaking for others, or this:
    is simply the truth.
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  9. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Besides tiring, too repetitive the quests. and the prizes are not good, some handfuls of draken and castle essences. Wendigo must be rethought, playing solo, he releases too many moobs for a single player. It takes a long time to hit him because he fills with moobs around him that hit to shorten his life is almost impossible, and this in low modalities like excrutant and lethal. map 2 is too dark, they play the game and forget that some players wear eyeglasses. You can hardly see the moobs in the dark that the map is left with and unnecessary. The darkness of the map is not critical to the game. something else that has to change. Solo player when facing the first 3 ghosts of Wendigos after killing should not be moobed around him. Then the player clicks on the pile of firewood to summon the next one and fills it with moobs again and there goes another 10 amounts of spectral fire and it takes time to break the summon, if more moobs and another amount appears, this has to be fixed. and the progress of the event on a case by case basis. not even with the cloak buff you can evolve in progress. It measures 3 hours however it seems that it was not even 2 hours of buff. when arranging an event they should check the gameplay for solo play as well. The miniboss that appears on map 1 after clearing it all has an endless life. takes time to kill in normal mode. So why not make a quest just for him besides honest progress with fair drops too. on map 1 does not fall event progress why? is not part of the event map 1? This should be fun not stress accumulation.
  10. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yes. Without knowing the formulas and calculating everything on your own, or without using an external stats calculator you can only guess and hope.

    It's not just glyphs. It's gems, runes, tiers; base values, enchantments, set bonuses, wisdom levels, buffs, pet effects, essences. Someone who has no clue about the formulas has no chance.
    And even if they knew how to calculate the stuff, doing that manually would be extremely tedious.

    And btw., I'm quite thick. I never understood the preview at the blacksmith of weapon damage.
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yes they did, but that's a bandaid on an even bigger mess that they themselves made

    Rangers want simply the choice that currently only mages have
    The q7 set was made because developers didn't know how to fix the balance problems of the rangers

    So yes, rangers actually have reasons to complain, but about their class, not about mages per sè
    And if you think taking away q7 from them is a good idea, you truly have to educate yourself
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  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well I have a solution for that, I might not play dso much anymore... will log in on prem day and buy 2x zeal rings, and not play xD
    But let me make a thread and post the link here when done.
    This thread
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nope ... that statement of yours is false ... again.
    we are going to end it up with the correct one.

    First there are more than 11 weapons that are having same base damage not just one
    Kranparus' Icy Staff
    Staff of Eternal Flame
    Splendid Durian Staff
    Antique Atlantis Staff
    Wand of the Desert Tomb
    Staff of the End of Time
    Power of the Alliance
    Desert Flame Wand
    Grimmag's Lost Enchantent Staff
    Gwenfara's Ghost Claw
    ... and probably I forgot to include some
    Secondly ... that is not the 1H weapon with highest base damage ... that would be the Sargon's Shadow Staff because of the 82 damage bonus (when upgraded)

    You don't have to visit the Blacksmith :p
    All you have to do is click on the items level number. The upgrade screen will pop up.
    That is true ... Wendigo is extremely hard for rangers.
  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    what is the best weapon for a 1h mage build in your opinion?
  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    It's not that hard. Really.
    Go to [Settings] and at the bottom of the first tab turn the view to "Advanced".

    Then there are (xx%) numbers at the end of base and enchantment lines.
    For the base, these numbers stay the same when upgrading. Thus a T7 item with "...Damage (78%) has a lower damage value than the same type T0 item with "...Damage (80%)" once the T0 is upgraded to T7.

    Those (xx%) numbers give you the ability to correctly compare a say T5 level 55 weapon with a T7 level 60 weapon. Thru upgrading of Tiers and of levels, those (xx%) numbers _remain the same_ !. ;)

    Same thing with enchantments. Now I look for the gold and platinum lines and then look at the xx% to see if I want to keep it (81 or 82% for gold lines, 82%+ for platinum lines, with excitement when 90%+).

    Now if I could just get the Gambling Workbench to pass those platinum lines to useful items....

    BTW: We got 2 workbenches.

    • The first is the Crafting Workbench where we turn 3 gems to a higher tier'd gem 100% of the time (same goes for potions/elixirs/dust/Tiers/etc... 100% success).
    • Then we have the Gambling Workbench where we put in 4 parts and pray/hope/gamble to get a use-able output (with way more completely un-useful, thus reverted - where we lose part of what we put in - and so continues the gamble).

    Compared to the Gambling Workbench, the Jesters were 0% gambling because you always got something useful every time. Might have been only a little useful, or a lot useful, but was always useful 100% of the time. I can't recall ever throwing away something I got from the Jesters cause it was a bad item. :( I miss the Jesters.

    A two handed Staff. :p

    Quite frankly, if you insist on going 1 handed, you will burn thru essence so fast your bank account will think it' has sprung a leak. :):(:mad: Really, it's not worth it. :rolleyes: :D

    Seriously, think about it... which would you rather not have done to you:
    • Hit with a baseball bat once?
    • Hit with a wooden spoon 4 times?
    Case settled. Go get a Herald or Bearach or Bloodmage Staff and enjoy giving the beatings.
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