i would like some suggestions on craft!

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by RarePepe, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. RarePepe

    RarePepe Forum Greenhorn

    So i got a 200% dmg on this item on a riffle....i want to upgrade my weapon so i could easily get on inf1/inf2 to craft more weapons and other equipment cause it has better chance for gold stats.....
    so my choices are 2-3
    ->do i craft full moon weapon to stack with it's passive up to 300% over 33% of life?
    ->do i craft herald weapon cause it has more base dmg ?
    ->(propably not but still asking) do i craft with dragans weapon?

    also i would like a suggestion for a place to farm more weapons!

    all suggestions accepted!!!
  2. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    Devoting full time to crafting is generally not a good idea until you hit level 55. Are you level 55? If not, don't worry too much about crafting, because by the time you have what may seem like a good weapon crafted, you won't need it. You'll end up finding something better.

    There aren't any maps that are better suited to farming weapons. In any map, weapons don't drop as often as other gear anyway. At least, that has been my experience and I can only run painful right now. Maybe someone else had better luck on higher difficulties.

    I've always been a fan of more damage. Full Moon set sucks, forget about it. Bloodmoon set on the other hand isn't too bad. I have all but one piece and wear them all the time. The Bloodmoon bow is my regular bow and I was able to Soulcraft some better enchantments onto it from a similar bow with lower base stats.

    A lot of players like the Heredur bow. Add the gloves and you can take advantage of the special ability. Dragan's bow doesn't do much other than damage and only has a couple enchantments on it. However, the enchantments people are putting on Heredur's bow are only damage enchantment too, so Dragan's bow could also be a choice.
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  3. RarePepe

    RarePepe Forum Greenhorn

    Hey there Jocom

    i am already 55 to talk about crafting

    -i think i ll go full dmg that's y i think about those weapons....i meant the bloodmoon riffle not the full moon my bad

    the thing is right now i use dragans cause i go up to ~15k dmg
    in the other hand i am ~12k with the heralds set / the blood moon riffle...

    i dont think the atck speed working on dwarf turrets/bomb so i am going full dmg / crit as much i can

    every item is on t5/t6 so i cant find a "better weapon"/"better equipment" so i have to craft it ..

    the difficulty i believe gives you a higher drop rate on gold stats

    the main problem is where do i craft the 200% dmg up on weapon dmg so i can have a decent ammount of dmg to do inf1~~~inf2
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    First off, the bloodrune unique value is a whole different thing than the regular IDotI enchantments. This post contains some useful info on damage calculation (and what kinds of enchantments and why are better).
    Technically, yes. However:
    1. Infernal modes will usually yield less green items (and not many blue items, too), and that's where you want those bonuses.
    2. The drop rate of the very best (almost max) lines is the same in every mode. You would have to farm infernals on a regular basis to even see a difference between that and eg. painful.
    200% is too little. Go for at least 3 golden lines* of %IDotI (and one random line, where still a %IDotI is the best possibility). That makes 210%+something else or 240% the minimum.
    * - if you get a 2 golden lines and two close-to-golden (eg. making a total of 260%), go for that. Thank me later.
    Dragan is a good starting weapon, but it's not endgame by any means.
    Blood moon is aimed at reaching best stable base damage possible, as it can reach more than any other weapon. Since it's nothing special aside of that (and the speed bonus you can earn)... well, if you have less damage with it than with the dragan's weapon, leave it alone. Herald on the other hand should give you at least 19k dmg when buffed if you are at 12k without the buff. The Q7 set for dwarfs (and for rangers, but that's another topic) is really OP, as you can keep the buff literally always on in group: the turrets keep the damage you had when placing them; rocket-2x automated turret-special shot until the buff ends, then mechanical turrets (and racing the clock when in group) let you cut the rocket cooldown before the turrets wear off, and you can repeat the proces. With Q8 set it's even easier.
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  5. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    Oh shoot, sorry, @RarePepe. I thought you were talking bows for some reason, I don't know where I got that from. My bad.
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