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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes,

    The content update will allow players to go from level 45 to level 50, new levels require also new skills for characters. We like to hear your ideas for new skills.
    new skills.png

    If you have posted an idea in the Creative corner you may also link it in this thread.​

    Please post your ideas until the 5th of March!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Knowledge Tree:
    30: Epic Cape. Epic Cape is a new class of Capes that can be socketed with gems.
    35: Joust. Allows you to attack while mounted in PVE and PVP. A drop of 10% of your health auto dismounts you from your ride.
    40: Heal. You can now heal a group member in PVE and PVP. Activating this skill is like activating the tractor/bulldozer. You click and hold down on your injured group member while a circle-fill completes around them.
    45: Saddle Bag. Your ride/steed/mount can now hold inventory.
    50: Squire. You have the ability to summon a squire to take a small amount of your loot to town to melt or sell.

    Fame Tree:
    45: Purgatory: Killing an enemy in PVP doubles their wait time to respawn. They have to sit it out in the holding area X2 the normal respawn time.
    45: Jail Break: Being killed by enemy halves your wait time to respawn. You return to your respawn point in .5 the normal respawn time.

    50: Incredulous: At sub 10% of your health, your block rate doubles.
    50: Exorcist: You are immune to enemy death explosion.
  3. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Fame Tree:
    Class dependent
    45: Grapple: After receiving a critical hit, the offending enemy is pulled from a distance to within melee range of the caster and stunned
    45: Knockback: After receiving a critical hit, the offending enemy is knocked away from the caster to a distance and stunned.
    45: Tether: After receiving a critical hit, Enemies are tethered to a post and can move but are limited by the tethers length. This effect is unbreakable and cannot be negated by skills or other talents.

    50: Extend life: When health reaches 0, HP is temporarily enhanced by 25%. This effect will last for 10 seconds. If casters health reaches 0 during the effect, or when effect disappears if casters health is below zero they will die. Health pots and heals will have no effect during this time.
    50: Fighting Chance: When a character is stunned, the offending enemy and all enemies within range will have their resource pool completely depleted.

    35: Expanded Hotbar: 3 additional slots to carry useable items from inventory such as mounts, health pots, emotes, etc
    40: Heroes call: Allows the caster to summon all group members to their location.
    45: EPIC FLIGHT: Allows caster to obtain and use a flying mount in cities and open world areas. Caster may not attack or be attacked while mounted.

    50: (Ranger) Cyphon: Caster shoots an arrow that returns the damage dealt as HP and activates a Heal over Time.
    50: (Ranger) Venom shot: The casters next 3 shots will be enhanced with poison that add 100% of base damage to total damage and deal an additional 25% dmg over the next 4 seconds.
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  4. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Next knowledge level: Attack while on mount.
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  5. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    50 Chi Master All attacks increase by xx%.
    50 Astral strike Target debilitated by xx%.
    50 Annihilation: totally destroys something or someone, but costs you 50% of your total hit points. If you die, you die.
    48 Curse: Reduces damage given on target (and self!) by xx%.
    48 Tourbillion: An opponent that misses you, or fails to hit because of stun, freeze, etc, suffers the damage instead of you.
    48 Temporal Distortion: resets hp to 2 seconds before; or relocates avatar to 2 seconds before (more or less).
    47 Cavalry: Ability to carry flag on mount in 5v5.
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  6. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    1. Take a pet into battle.
    2. Quick mount.
    3. Jump mount ( has a cool down)
    4. Your attack speed is increased by 20% when using 2-handed staffs.

    1. You can now add gem sockets to the collar of your cloaks.
    2. You can wear rings on the other hand.
    3. You can dye your mounts.
    4. Take a potion into battle (potion hotkey).
    5. Treasure Hunter - 5-10% increased drop rate.

    Experience (Spellweaver)
    1. Black Hole - The radius and duration of your singularity is increased.
    2. Pinball - Your magic/ice missiles/fireball will bounce once off an object (e.g. wall), allowing you to hit monsters or players around corners.
    3. Deadly Illusion/Doppleganger - Your Illusion/Doppelganger (see below) can now inflict a percentage of your real damage.
    4. Improvement to any of the new skills 2, 3 & 4 listed below.

    Skills (Spellweaver)
    1.Illusion/Doppleganger - A decoy duplicate of you character is produced, drawing the attention of mobs and fooling attackers in PvP. May move randomly or simply be a displacement of the player's real position.
    2. Stone Golem - Summon a stone golem as your protector (similar to the Ranger's Wooded Wraith).
    3. Levitation - As you rise off the ground for 6 seconds you are temporarily immune to most melee attacks.
    4. Invisibility - For 4 seconds. Removes and prevents agro from mobs and bosses during this time. Opponents in PvP can't lock on to you, but can hit with luck.
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  7. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert


    level 50: Now you can activate an aura that acts to 10 meters around you that influence all kinds of enemies and bosses (for all the chars).

    Knowledge tree

    1) level 20: Now you can ride all types of mount (normal and fast)
    2) level 30: Now your mount has twice hp and can jump over obstacles
    3) level 35: Now you have a 100% chance of finding special items (unique and legendary)
    4) level 40: Now you can put gems in the cloak.
    (the gems of the mantle are new gems with bonus: probability of finding special items (unique and legendary) with bonus 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% etc., the gem with the bonus 20% costs 6400 andermants.
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  8. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    - For sure we need to expand our most usefull skills tab from 7 up to 9
    - Add a slot for every item we use , since we can expand up to 5 each , now we would be able to have +1 slot so we can add more gems (that gives DSO more Money lol)
    - Chance to add gems on cloaks

    - Hologram: You will duplicate yourself and your twin will atack the same enemy you are atacking. After activating you will be 10/20% of ur mana/conc/etc . This hologram may deal the same atacks as you or also(if possible) be an autômato that random ur class atacks , including explosion when the hologram dies .
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  9. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Next knowledge level: Attack while on mount +1
  10. -Steaua89-

    -Steaua89- Forum Greenhorn

    We need atleast 2 new action bar slots.

    I think the mage should get another ice skill, because many times we fail to freeze all the monsters we want, therefore mages should have an ability that will freeze monsters in chain, just like chain lightning. Ofcourse the number of monsters should be limited to 5 (15 sec cd) or all the monsters in the vicinity of the targeted monster and a cd of 40 sec,i suggested like this so we wouldnt eliminate frost nova or frost wind from our action bar.
    Also as a passive at lvl 50 all the monster frozen by this new ability will take damage over time equal to 50% of the mages dmg as long as they are frozen, and if the first monster that got frozen by this ability dies, then it will release a frost nova that will deal an additional damage of 50%.
  11. maneakDooH

    maneakDooH Forum Apprentice

    Fame Tree:
    Class dependent
    can be reached just after 35-40 lvl of experience
    45: Ghost cloak After receiving a critical hit for (0.6 sec activate Ghost shield )
    45: Ghost attack If HP is less than 10% all attack damage get x1.5
    50: Cold Heart After death all around in 7m. distance can't move for 1 sec
    50: Hot Heart After death all group members within 11m. radius get 20% HP

    35: After 10 sec of no action player get HP regeneration faster
    40: Craft is 50% cheaper, Or melt give 10% more glyths of power
    50: Can open treasure from inventory

    48: (SW) Poison wind > slow down enemy (5 sec pve, 2 sec pvp) inflict 200 % of base damage, get back 15 % HP
    48: (ARCH) Poison powder > everybody around get 100% base damage for (2 sec PVE , 0.8 sec PVE) ranger get 10% HP back
    48: (DK) Poison stab > slow down enemy ( 5 sec pve, 1.2 sec pvp) get 10% speed attack for this time
    48: (Mech) Gas bomb > slow down enemy ( 5 sec pve, 0.8 sec pvp) all attack are +100 base damage
  12. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    experience bar:
    unstoppable: stunning charge does not consume any rage.
    Whirlwind: mighty swing area increased
  13. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

  14. Tehomyyrä

    Tehomyyrä Forum Greenhorn

    Knowledge: Level 35
    Common new separate storage level of 45, which had gained class.
    The stock could change their level of 45-50 class goods, grains and gem.
  15. BugsEverywhere

    BugsEverywhere Forum Greenhorn

    I'm not sure if they asked for skills or talents, so I'll throw here my idea for spellweaver's skill.

    Astral form: Channel cosmic energy through your body and transform into an astral phenomenon, enhancing the damage of your skills by 35% and giving you the ability to summon comets that deal 300% damage in a short radius. These comets can be summoned via a new action bar slot that opens when entering the astral form. After 15 seconds, your character will return to it's normal form.
  16. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    Experience: SW - (Rapid Resurrection): cool-down speed increased by 50% .cost 25 mana
    SW - (Heal Target) : No Cool-down time. costs 10 mana .

    Open Kobold bank from your inventory.
    (Guild Expansion) - expand your guild too 100 members.

    Fame: All Classes (Rapid Regen) your HP now regenerates 1% faster.
    All Classes (Rapid cool-down) your Spells cool-down times are 0.5% faster.

    Skills: SW - (Resurrection): Resurrect Target player (in or out of group) back to life with 25% HP and mana,rage ect.(PVE Only). costs 100 mana.
    SW - (Heal Target): Heal any Target player (in or out of group) for 25% of their Health (PVE Only) costs 50 mana
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  17. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Greenhorn

    new skill: ability to enchant normal items/weapons.
  18. wyw

    wyw Forum Apprentice

    Level 50 skill
    : Transform into Elemental that increase movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 20% for 5 second (cool down time 20s)

    Level 50 experience

    Piercing fire: While in elemental form, fireball can pierce through all enemies
    Lightning speed: While in elemental form, the impact of lightning strike is reduced by 50% but damage also reduced by 50%
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  19. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Dragon Knight


    Level 46 Aggressor. While activated you attack damage is increased by 10% and speed by 5% while you defense is decreased by 30%. Active for 60 seconds cool down 120 seconds.

    Level 50 Defender. While activated your Armor and resistance is increased by 15% but your attack damage is decreased by 10% and speed lowered by 5%. This will cancel Aggressor and Aggressor will cancle Defender. Active for 60 seconds cool down 120 seconds.


    Level 50

    All eyes on me: Now when using Defender will draw the attention of nearby foes. Also the cool down is reduced by 25%.

    Sneak Attack: Now when you activate Aggressor your next attack from behind the enemy will be critical. Also adds 50% critical damage while Aggressor is activated.

    Spell Weaver


    Level 46 Mana Rush. While active all spells cost are reduced by 50% and timer is reduced by 10%. Active 10 seconds cool down 30 seconds.

    Level 50 Drain. The life force of your enemy is now your own. Damage inflicted is added to you hp pool. Cool down 120 seconds.


    Refresh: Mana Rush now slowly restores you mana pool to 100%. You will no longer have reduced spell cost. Mana Rush will remain active til you mana pool reaches 100% or for 30 secounds.

    Bleeding Heart: Now after you Drain the life from a foe they will bleed for 4,0 (PvP: 4,0) seconds for 40% of the drained amount.



    Level 46 Frost arrows. Your arrows now deal ice damage slowing the attack speed and movement speed. This will clear the mark off. Upon successful hit will cause splash damage slower enemy in a radius of 5 yelm.

    Level 50 Deadly cry. While active you will now use life force instead of concentration to fire your arrows. Each arrow fired drains 5% of remaining life force. The amount drained is added to the attacks. Active for 30 seconds cool down 120 seconds.


    Frozen Solid Arrows: Now you Frost arrows will penetrate all foes in their way.

    Transmutation: Now when you activate Deadly cry 50% of you remaining concentration is added to you Health pool for a maximum of 50%.

    Steam Mechanicus


    Level 46 Explosive round. Upon impact the round will explode dealing damage to surrounding enemy.

    Level 50 Homing Turret. A small missile will be release and follow the target. Upon impact the target will be hindered by 10% movement speed.


    Deadly Peaces: Now when an Explosive round kills a foe the parts of the body causes additional damage.

    Homing Zeal: Each missile now splits in two and follows at the most 2 targets. The time they fly has increased and damage is reduced by 25%. (Each missile does 75% damage over the former version.)

    Knowledge Tree.
    35 Higher Regen. Now you Heath Pool regen at a higher Rate.

    40 Knapsack. Now your able to hold all of you essence, mounts, and costumes in a separate knapsack. All essence pickups go in here. Clicking in the essence slot open up the knapsack.
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  20. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Edit: Am I reading something wrong here. It says skills but people are posting talents...

    Both skill and talent refer to ability and excellence.
    Skills come more from one's knowledge, practice, or aptitude. Talents are more a special natural ability or aptitude, something "built in." Both words imply expertness and dexterity.

    For the purposes of this post, aptitude covers everything. The ideas cover so many fields of thought, and are dynamite!
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