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  1. Hello heroes,

    Team Drakensang has announced that Crafting 2.0 will be available on the test server on the 13th of May Friday at 4.30pm (CET UTC+2)

    There will be a feedback thread made available and instructions will be available in all languages.

    Release 165 will be synced on Tuesday the 17th of May without Crafting 2.0.

    Crafting 2.0 is currently aimed to be part of release 166.

    Thank you,

    CMs Greg, Haruki & the DSO Moderation Team
  2. Hello Heroes,

    We have applied "your" feedback about Crafting 2.0
    and have modified the workbench (Crafting 2.0) once more.

    The reworked workbench will be available on the test server.
    from 1.30pm (CET +UTC+2) 20th of May.

    The feature is likely to remain on the testserver until the actual launch of release 166.

    Please note that we have changed the Guide to Crafting 2.0 accordingly.

    If you want to leave your feedback, please do so here: Feedback Crafting 2.0

    Note: This is a feature that is not fully finished and will have minor problems,
    that’s why we are testing it with you guys!

    Comment about the changes:
    Why is it not possible to get back all 4 ingredient items?

    We read your feedback and also looked at the outcomes of testing during the 1st testing of
    the new workbench and realized that the new workbench, albeit being very user friendly,
    it allows your character to become too powerful too easily and too quickly.
    For the sake of a fair game economy it is also vital to have a balanced wearing-off effect or at least a loss.
    That’s why we decided to allow to get back only 2 out of 4 of the ingredient items back.
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