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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding the Invasion of Jarlshofn

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.

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  2. staticshockk

    staticshockk Forum Apprentice

    Very Very disappointing event. 150 red 250 blue ess is this a joke and that ring o_Oo_O. No point in wasting realm fragments for this pile of garbage. It would be better to farm swerdfield. I am gonna skip this one too like I did the last invasion event.
  3. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    Better than the previous Invasion event, still kind of repetitive, but the increased amounts of insignias and war gear you get makes it worth the while. The new quests are good and the Under Siege map looks nicer. The ring is better for low level characters but the set bonuses are awesome.

    What I don't like is the essence rewards, some lumberjack axes/dynamite or more scrolls of punctuality would be better. Also, Timber and Stone quest requires more wood than stone and in the long run you end up with more stone, so the amount required needs to be changed for more balance.
  4. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    I stand to be corrected but there is something wrong in quest sequence during my second visit to M2. Is it bugged when we are doing the cursed amulet ? Pip is missing, CHest of armour quest cant be completed, cant do Scurvy Pillagers......

    Is this by design ? I want a compensation for time wasted !!!!!
  5. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    It think it's by design, maybe you didn't noticed but there's a dude near the entrance that gives you a quest, telling you that the defence has failed or something like that, but you can still kill the bosses and earn 80 insignias or so (maybe more). If that happens again, just keep an eye out for a quest marker.
  6. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Hard to be constructive after having seen a such EDIT. Even because we perfectly know how useless our constructiveness is (lot of feedback were left after the last Invasion, and now we all see how you care about them).

    The event is useless even for newbyes and weakest players, due its ridiculous rewards and a painful ring that is part of a meaningless set. Also it forces us to have up to twenty free slots in inventory, and to a big waste of fragments to enter in the map for a thousand times (especially considering that you already have nerfed the drop, and now we get about only one axe and one dynamite per round).

    The only goal could be the new mount, but collecting 50 Frosty wind is like a job while, me at least, have other things to do in life too.

    Time lost as and worse than always. Maybe the most puny and awkward event you ever gave us.
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  7. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Here we go again...

    Bad event. Very bad (at this rate, the mini's gonna be awful too - I predict low drop-rate for the mount, as was with the Black Widow, for example). Figures in the besieged map aren't rendered correctly (most of them I see standing like scarecrows in what regards position - same as some soldiers in the Swerdfield Pastures or Tayaz in Twilight Downs, to name a few others I've also seen like this), NPCs have the "?" above their heads even whilst defending, the quest in that map doesn't flow smoothly (have to click an extra time when I pass a phase of the four), Anne Reed's quest seems to be bugged (couldn't find any chests, her assignment got deleted when I got back to Kingshill and Quest Guidance only pointed to her when I tried using it to locate the chests) - if that was what they meant by "more NPCs", then a round of slow claps for BP, please. Then, the undead mobs affiliated with the Aholt minion Lydia are remarkably too strong compared to other mobs - I get the boss being tougher, but these felt a little like too much attention-needing while dodging and fighting. Stones to timbers required are still badly balanced (make it 30 rocks and 20 pieces of wood, for goodness' sake, at least...) and the drops are as bad as last time. Erhem, that is another signal of just how important and used our feedback is, but eh... what's another drop in the ocean, no? And I found that the *very awesome and so incredibly useful* new mob-kill quest inside Swaywood Dale is not only having a poor reward, but sometimes not enough monsters spawned... did 2 runs, 293/300... so 3 runs for 5 extra progress... woo. Now for rewards... awful, awful, awful ring... minuscule essence amounts. No AI dwarfs, so there goes another failed promise.

    The only remotely good thing was the drop of mini-entrance-thingies I had last run... 24. Seems good for one run, if you need 50 per entry later on. We'll see how "well" that one will go too... and maybe that Pip's mini-quest has a 5 Draken reward now, LOL. IDK what I expected, but yes... all in all, a waste of time and frags.
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  8. Viral

    Viral Forum Apprentice

    the chests for the quests are hidden. there are 2 different maps when i'm right, maybe 3. so the hideout changes every run or every second run. i can show you where they're, just need your ingame name (hope you're on sever heredur). some are hard to find, others are pretty easy to find

    the event itself is very boring. it's easy and always the same. x runs on the first map and then x runs on the other. no strong mobs, no interesting quests and stuff.
    the only reason why i'm playing this event is the wolf
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  9. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    There are 3 maps! And U can find them in this tread!
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  10. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    One thing that worries a lot of people is how many Frozen Transport Wind are needed to finish the upcoming mini event? Can we get the mount in like 2-3 runs? I hope it's not a "you'll get it next time" item...
  11. bLoodZ

    bLoodZ Someday Author

    To me it seems like the stones-wood ratio is now better than on the RCC one. :)
    Realm fragments requirement to finish it... You're out of your minds!o_O
    Do the guys who made it even know math? At least on RCC you could get back a few RFs after a RCC run, but now... nothing!:confused:
    Quests with rewards like just 5-10 insignias for the progress and one with 5 drakens? Getattahere!o_O
    A "Wow!" progress bar! How come there's no green essence on it?! :p
    A scroll for an AI dwarf! WHERE?! I don't really care about this but... Go shoot yourselves!
    Mini-event? 50 per entrance? :eek: Whatever! Like they care about feedback!
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  12. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    2-3 runs? I see you are really optimistic :D:rolleyes:

    Most likely, it'll be question of "luck" as usual. I dropped the Kaylin Lefrye coat after 2 runs, while most of people I know are still smashing their attributes doing uncountable runs for nothing. I really suppose the wolf is another "get it next time" item: seeing that it is a random drop and not a reward for the event completion, I would not do illusions about...
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  13. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    One other thing: why have AI scrolls if you're only gonna give us one DK scroll? They're not worth buying, so one can get more via what? Amphorae keys? What a(nother) waste...
    Nah, only tested the waters with the event, not wasting any resources for it. The wolf'd be the only worthwhile thing, but then again, it's just another mount, so no real effect on the game; therefore, I'll pass. Plus, there's this...
    I had no idea the besieged map could change... again, very nice guides, BP! Another thing overlooked (just like the promised dwarf AI xD).
    2-3 runs would be too easy... that way might as well give it for free xD. Nah, I think it will drop something like the Black Widow... we'll see.
  14. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    You can get the cloak anytime you want, so it would be fair if, with enough effort, you can get a mount from a mini event that lasts only 3 days and comes every few months.
  15. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Maybe true. But this is never been place for fair things. So the drop chance for the wolf must be much higher than for the coat, but I'd bet that we'll see lot of people complain cause they have not gotten the new mount.

    Otherwise, as I said, it would be a reward for the event progress. Instead it is a "random drop". This have to mean something I think.

    EDIT: I've just seen this post of Trakilaki. On TS the minievent was thought to need about 38-40 runs in the best possible case. In terms of Frost wind, it means about 2k or more to complete it... an absurd amount, considering the nothingness of both the event and minievent. From this, it is easy to imagine how scarce would also be the drop for the mount (on TS he did 30 laps ... and no wolf ...). Seems wiser to waste our time with Pokemon online, as somebody else suggested ;)
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  16. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    Please drop less Bundles of Dynamite, more Axe. I do have enough stone.:(
  17. icicle478

    icicle478 Forum Apprentice

    Well, maybe that's true but you can't come to final conclusion based on just one guy's experience.
    30-40 runs, huh? So, 2k frozen wind, that's 100 runs map2 and maybe 1000+ realm frags, hard to believe someone would want to go through all this.
    I asked someone else and he said the drop is 100%...go figure

    A lot of people complained about this in the previous event, it was worse back then. Now the drop rate for axes has been slightly improved but it's still not enough. Maybe we'll get another 1% increase in the next one, who knows...
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    My estimation is always correct.
    I don't give accurate numbers because you can't do that when the drop is not fixed but random and it is depending on many factors.
    Some players can get more some less ... some runs result with better drop some don't.
    This is what you get from the challenge map:
    50 insignia (fixed number because they are from quest)
    24-37 insignia from drop.

    ... and that's it.
    74-87 insignia per run.

    I took the number 80 as average drop per run.
    When you take 80 drop per run and take into account 3000 challenge progress ... you get:
    Note: I didn't take into account 1,5 entries (75 wind) from the progress :eek:

    As for the mount ... NO it is not 100% drop. Whoever told you it is 100% guaranteed drop ... you may slap him/her in the face for being a liar.
    I made 5 more runs today just to see if anything has been changed ... and no ... no changes at all. Same drop as described ... and I still don't have the mount.

    After all ... you can see for yourself ... 2 more days until the challenge starts.
  19. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    What is wrong with this picture (aside from not having the right number of stone)?


    PLEASE fix the drop rate. This is really ridiculous. If you want it to take 5 to 6 trips through Swaywood Dale, then reduce the stone drop so that my inventory isn't filled with the stuff. If that isn't the case, please increase the drop rate of Lumberjack Axes (...preferred as Swaywood is more boring than Jarlshofen).

    And BTW, I'm just a casual player on this and don't expect to finish the event. I would suspect that the difference between the two is much higher with those who are working to complete the event.
  20. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    About the stone and the wood, the problem is not the drop rates of axes or lumberjacks for ... i get almost 1 of each in each run but the issue it the difference of these (10) required to get an entrance, every time i get an entrance i have 10 more extra stones. Simplest fix would makeing the costs equal at 25 25 instead of 30 20.