Feedback July/August 2023: Events Feedback

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  1. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count


    There is a small chance it will drop from bosses (open all the valves!) but you'll want to find the dungeon with the rat king hiding behind the grate. Today's, for me, was in the Sewers beneath the Harbor:


    Good Luck!
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  2. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Full Moon was supposed to be on the 26th but for some reason it's now going to be on the 27th.. and of course absolutely no one over at the DSO team can seem to let the players know when a event is going to be delayed by an entire day..
  3. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Hello, I don't see in September anything about Big Game Hunt, last time event running was in March. I know there was a answer in Q&A this event will be running once at two or three months.... it might be time to run this event again soon, I hope!
  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    abaut infested sewers of kingshill event:
    finally after accumulating the necessary resources in previous events, never completed, I finished this event. the changes made it less boring to complete. I think the developers are on the right way in making the game more enjoyable.
    I suffered a lot from the latency, but I hope a good and lasting solution is found...
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  5. CiscoNetPlus

    CiscoNetPlus Exceptional Talent

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  6. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Hello, on blood mode.

    - dead body 21x progress
    - 1key amphora 21x progress

    -Mhorblik 150x progress.

    / with 50% buff(30min) from event shop! GL.
    /cut in half if you can't buy anymore that buff, or do it the mini event (1500progres) to get it.
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  7. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    The full moon event could be adapted to function as the new moon. In the boss of map 2 have altars to summon the boss more than once. It is tiring to make the 2 maps to reach the end of the progress bar. Contaminated sewers the last phase of the event worsened this year, last year used the essence of the event only on earthworms, this year is in the mobs all and last year where the worms were there was no poison and the corrosion of the poison of the too much burning this year until the entries to this map significantly increased 240 keys to massacre if progress helped, nothing against paying. Consider the drop drillhead on all maps and not just in the boss and in the infernal level above. Another problem that has to be adjusted. In the event Toxic Fumes in the Boss Cave if the player enters alone there is no reason for so many worms it is difficult to face them once one kills one at a time, the same would be true for Wing Earthworms under the castle. Sargon the new era also has a lot of moobs in the shadow fortress this should be taken into account the number of players. And the worst comes now too many mobs drops of less, since the drop before the boss focuses on the minbosses of the fortress and no longer on all moobs. being the biggest drop in the sargon. I understand that the number of non-paying players should be millions. So, considering lowering prices you know would encourage others to shell out some amount. Very high prices, and in the momentum of this change all consider the passage to the direct boss also, because the greater progress of the event is there. What about? and if an event for stone dust, or anderments. Open the mind when we talk about paying, buying, with pleasure if the blessing comes in the game. Think about it.
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  8. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    it seems to me that nothing has changed in the mechanics of the event (maybe only sewers key drop).
    Only the rewards of the progress bars have been changed.

    Few things would be enough to make the event a good one for me:
    1) 5 boss worm waves are too much...3 are enough
    2) low worm kill request for Enemy Below from 140 to 14. We need to kill 100 boss to complete event and, I think, noone kills baby worm because it is a waste of essence for nothing so noone complete that re-quest to get 25 draken and 5 amphora keys. kill 500 monsters, 5 champions and 1 boss worm can be enough
    3) give more prominence to Mhorblik with a re-quest or drop more progress
    4) halve the requests to completing quest Shocking Eyesight or activate it as soon as we complete introduction's quests
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  9. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    there are two changes that in my opinion, have made the event better:

    the dogtag shower buff that offers Grima
    and the dogtag shower buff at the end of the progress bar Infested sewers of kingshill Rampaging Worms, that you can complete comfortably because you no longer have to run to finish it only in two hours.
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  10. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Well I found the event quite enjoyable.. but I run all events on Bloodshed solo because I can.. the dog showers were great and the Toxic Fumes only took 6 hours to complete.. my suggestion would be to work on becoming stronger and not requesting the events to be easy.. just because some players can't complete a event doesn't deserve it to be made easy.. the hardest the event the more enjoyable it becomes because it makes you work for it.. if the items are so worthless then just don't play it..
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  11. bibere

    bibere Someday Author

    Hi, some help. The 140 worm killing quest also includes killing the worms that appear next to the boss, so you get 25 kills in 1 round.
    At the lowest level, this quest can be completed in 6 rounds and in a short time (depending on the character's ability).
  12. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    you're right. dogtag buff are present also in old event at the end of every progress bar but now u can choose when use it.

    from normal to bloodshed: 10 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 30 - 60 - 100

    6hours? Maybe 3h for completing Shocking Eyesight quest and 2h to complete challenge (25 blood runs)
    I could easily complete the event in solo. The problem is that there are no useful rewards for a character that doesn't have to grow

    I don't want an easy event...I could have an useful event for low-mid and high char. The only reason to complete event is for help some friends

    Probably my suggestions might seem written to simplify things but those who can't kill 5 waves of worms with less than 500 essences won't be able to finish the event quickly even with 3 waves but... they could try.
    The changes to the quests instead serve to make everything less boring.
    I started the main event and the challenge (to help friends) yesterday because there was no point in doing the same thing 2 times since the challenge quest is so long.
    With 20-25 runs in each map to get ingredient for quest I can drop parts for the valves I need to complete main event.

    If I can complete event with 65 worms runs in blooshed I go diretcly to kill the 5 boss (1 kill for quest) skipping the "baby worms".
    There is no reason to waste 6 valves everytime for 25 draken and 5 amphoras keys.
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  13. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    I complete all events that are offered myself no matter what items are give .. plus I'm strictly solo player nor do I help anyone.. I play the game for my enjoyment definitely not to help others get a free ride.. I look at it this way.. I had to work, farm and grind everything I have now soloing and feel that every one should have to do the same.. I don't like the GROUP option..all these new players just want to be carried to get high tier gear.. the game used to be solo focus up untill the Dark Legacy now it's group focus and I believe that is what's wrong with the game to date.. but I understand what you're saying..
  14. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    I started both event and challenge 2 days ago and I confirm my feedback/suggestions
    There is no point in completing the event first and then the challenge (like Halloween and other events)
    1) during the quest to unlock the challenge map you need to do about 30 laps of all maps in addition to killing the worm boss 12 more times
    2) in the challenge map, the amphorae also give progress for the main event

    I completed event+challenge in 7-8h in bloodshed solo:
    - ~3h for Shocking Eyesight
    - ~2h for challenge
    - ~2.5h killing worm boss (Enemy Below 74/140) - average 17 kills every 30min buff
    I used 7 buff (1x main - 3x challenge - 3x with draken)

    The times could be halved if the waiting times between one wave and another (boss worm and mhorblik) and for the activation of citizens in the challenge map were abolished

    As already written several times in the past, the challenges should be activated together with the main event
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  15. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    I agree with you, in fact I started the main event when the toxic fumes started, having already the necessary resources I finished them in a few days.
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  16. -dravin-

    -dravin- Someday Author

    Hey DSO developer's.. you guys should really consider rolling events back to back.. 4 days without any events just make the game dull and not worth playing.. except to log in for daily.. we don't need a break.. we play this game for events.. or at least 50% of players do like myself..
  17. LyLyh

    LyLyh Someday Author

    This event is complately EDIT
    I made between 150 and 200 kills and no any weapon! I took all EDIT in this game, but not the weapon.
    For example i have 2 divine harp and 2 golden feathers... Nice drop rate!
    You want from us to buy atire to play the events, to buy lucky bags to have important jewels, to buy andermands, buy premium, buy everything to be able to play and then EDIT very, very low drop rate?!?!
    I wont spend even one cent EDIT Even for the premium! And if this event finish and I don't have the gun I probbably will stop playing EDIT at all!
    sincerely yours - someone who can't stand you anymore!
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