Land of the Immortals review.

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by cigarbennett, Jul 6, 2023.

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  1. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    At first glance I like it. New wallpaper with the floating islands much more eye appealing, then that ugly red Firelord wallpaper.

    New map? Many players have already commented that it is just lazy to use an old map and put different monsters on it. I don't mind though something different at least.

    I always have liked the graphics in Atlantis the fish swimming, whales singing. So I really enjoy that part of it. Nice touch shark swimming over head by Thabo in Bastion. Very cool.

    Quest Necrotic rage???? There are no Necrotic Sentinels to kill. Is that a glitch or by design to slow players down.

    See how I feel about the rest when I get the other maps open. That is if anyone can actually complete the Necrotic quest.

    Edited July 20, 2023 2:30pm MST

    Well lets see first Kill Sentinels quest was glitched, fixed and the programmer introduced another quest collect feathers that was glitched. After fixing the feather quest now the quest collect memory dust is glitched. Really!!!!!!!!

    Oh and you removed the floating island wallpaper and replaced it with something that has a Little Orphan Annie looking archer. WTH!!!!

    Well after two weeks and three bugged quests. I give this new CE of yours one and half stars.

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  2. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I tried about 10 times in different levels, no idea where are those necrotic sentinels.
    I thought that after killing all the mobs in the map the sentinel would appear, but nothing (by the way, there is no count of how many mobs are left in the map, not the option to see the location).
    The map also has "invisible" steps, where you cannot walk/mount, but you have to jump, even you don't see any obstacles on the path...
    anyway, I am tired to run that map without finding any clue. so I will wait DSO will fix it.

    As previous CE, nice idea (new maps, new items), but bad implementation (bugs bugs and bugs)
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  3. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    The necrotic sentinels are present in hall of paradoxes, the map after tidal wildwood. As it seems to be bugged right now and we can't reach the other maps we'll have to wait until it's resolved. As for the bugs we reported about them on the test server, most of them got fixed but then they go ahead and release another version without adding it to the test server first, so naturally new bugs appeared :/
  4. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Where is this new map??

    Did a little search on the forum and found it here:
    Needed a little translating from G00gl3 ;)

    Another update:
    Still can't enter, on the map i see this written:
    Destination location not yet unlocked
    Entrance level 50, i'm level 100 :(
    On the testserver there is no problem at all!
    Any suggestions?
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  5. Omarius77

    Omarius77 Forum Greenhorn

    How do you access the new maps of Lands of the Immortals? I'm level 100 and I don't have access to the map since the update, there are no quests to enter any map in the game, neither in Kinghill. They don't communicate or post anything about this from the game, or do you have to be premium to access this map? Does anyone know something ? It is also not accessible from the transporter.
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  6. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    You will find the new location on the world map on the lower right:

    Once there, you'll find the first quests in the urban location, Bastion of the Order:
  7. Paladin21

    Paladin21 Forum Apprentice

    You need to finish all the missions until you kill Mortis. If you don't, you won't see King Harold's mission in the city of Kingshill.
  8. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    I saw this mentioned somewhere else.
    This is a bit of a problem for me, but this explains why i can't enter this new land.
  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I entered the land without having killed Mortis nor seeing King Harold's mission. Odd.
  10. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Would anyone be able to explain to me the reason that you have to put the rings on the countertop along with another item from the set to get 1 better item? I overheard this conversation the other day at the Guild.
  11. Hokori

    Hokori Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Good evening,

    By teleporting, do you mean by traveling stone/universal map? If so, you should check in Ashraya if a new map access has appeared (white arrow mark on the ground).
  12. Hokori

    Hokori Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    If you think it's a bug then contact our support with as many details as possible, sadly I can't do much here :(
  13. Iliaki

    Iliaki Forum Apprentice

    Thank you for your help, most probably there was a delay on the server. I've just logged in, and - to my surprise- the entrance had opened. You can close this subject. Many thanks again for your consultation!
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