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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by zelda2008, Jun 3, 2019.

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  1. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice

    Hi. I'm here to talk about things that would make DSO great again (pvp wise)
    PVE is another problem but propably nobody will solve that, due to lack of challange in game and making the game easy to play for anyone. Also it is right now Drakensang Offline due to single player type of gameplay

    1. Inventory block at PVP

    This one is easy to understand, I guess many of you have met someone who start to remove his items at "exhaustion" at 1vs1 or DM (5vs5)


    [video removed]

    There are 2 solutions for that problem:

    - Block inventory at pvp. It will prevent people for running and removing items for "gaining" life
    - Remove DoT at exhaustion and leave just "no heal"

    2. The "MoonWalk" problem
    Introduced to us In

    MoonWalk is a type of movement, where player click at his target with RMB (right mouse button) his basic atack skill most time it is: Green Arrow, Magic/Ice Missle, Rage atack, Quick shoot. Then LMB (left mouse button) to possition where he want to move.


    [video removed]

    Not that hard to make, but it brings some problems... I can give you a good example of "problem" with it

    [video removed]

    it is almost impossible to come close to ranged person which is using it as a melee class. It is hell to play vs any mage/dwarf whichis using it

    - Bring back old animations, nobody even asked BP to do anything about that, yet they do...

    3. Healing and Stats balance

    That gonna be tough for some players, but lets imagine that at best moment in pvp (45lv) mage can't have same amount of armor as warrior, but in the same time warrior do not have same dmg as a mage

    High end players back then have:
    Mage ~1.6k dmg +50% armor, Warrior 900-1k dmg +70% armor, Ranger ~1.8k +60% armor

    Example: Classic mage vs warrior duel

    Back then
    Mage do not need broken Ice Sphere which deal 60%+350% dmg per shot. Back then he were playing with Fireball ~130%+ DoT

    Warrior's skills make him deadly on close combat (smash 240%, swing 100%, mighty wild swing 200%), unlike right now where any class exept dwarf out dmg warrior at close combat...

    Imagine that... Right now every warrior on gwenfara shield is playing with 55% resistance and others on 60% then he's dealing pure phisical dmg to which everyone have +70% resistance (Armor), Then he met a mage that is dealing 60%+350% dmg in 1 ice sphere as a pure elemental dmg to which most players have 60% resistance and gwenfara shield warriors have 55%. Simple question now, who would kill 2nd player faster in close combat? They even want to fight with you at melee range... Thats really sad.


    I always was talking that every class should have some kind of heal spell maybe not Over time like warriors, but as a Burst heal or special potions with 1 min CD

    4. PvP Talent Tree

    Well talent tree from lv 45 was amazing... 1lv= 1% more dmg against players and 1% less dmg taken, every 5 lvl you got special talent to choose for example:
    lvl 5 15% more dmg against players or 15% less dmg taken
    there where also special Talents

    Mage cyanide shield (dragon's skin deffence)
    Ranger survival instinct
    Warrior Supernatural regeneration

    Every old PvP talent you have at Wiki

    Feel Free to comment I'll try answer to any question


    Some 20y/o games and 15 y/o games with big titles on the west side of the world make something like "Classic game" and it is going back to roots, now at this Classic version of the game played more people then on original one...

    By Classic Drakensang i mean lv 40-45 or at least try to do PVP like that, cause PVE is already lost! PVE looks like GOD mode back then PVE was challenging and fun, we need interactions between people not solo game like Drakensang Offline (state of the game right now)

    I'm watching many platforms as a Twitch or YT and games 20 years old where player base is rising instead of dropping(unlike BP games)

    Examples: OSRS, WoW Classic are the biggest one right now as a idea of making something what was "old but gold"
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  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

  3. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice

    Yes i can agree with most of things there, but i can't imagine that mage which is wearing some kind of "dress" have same amount of armor as a warrior wearing heavy stuff

    And question to moderators, why did you removed link to video which is showing how to perform Moonwalk?
    it is not a script, makro or any kind of cheat, just people think by looking at it that it is and these people try to explain them that they are wrong using "Drakensang Arena Scripts? (How to moonwalk guide)" Tittle
    So back to my question to mods at forum why did you removed link? and could i put it again?
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    as far as i know, warrior's equipment only has higher life than mage equipment
    Can a warrior confirm or disprove this?
  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    No, you cannot put them back.
    Mentioned videos are breaching forum rules on several grounds.

  6. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice

    since 55 lv cup yes


    Moonwalk is a movement, nobody is using on this video any scripts or any makros, then explain me why i cannot put normal video that is showing how to moonwalk movement?

    They change animations at R196, so you can move your position faster...

    I guarantee you that this video do not breaching any rules of forum, and "tittle" is just ironic, most people are thinking that moving like that is a some kind of script or makro but it isn't...
    Then back to my question. Can i set this link once again? Or if not then explain me which rules were breached, cause to make this movement you do not need any makro/clicker/script just fast click and move mouse im myself capable to do such a thing and it is not that hard


    Also why remove videos from guy removing his items at pvp (which is not a bug)
    and video with 1vs1 mage and warrior, but in the same time save same type of video like 1vs1 mage vs warrior (lordodemons vs santa) ?
    It is because of music in videos?
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  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I agree with everything, except one thing.
    Back at lv 45 mages were playing with fireball, and.... the stronger tanks didnt die unless they were in singularity. So ye try pvp now vs a Dk with fireball and look at him healing twice the amount of fireball dmg. So u cant only look at dk. Before suggesting a nerf of some sort or hinting at it , think of a compensation so that mages can actully fight back vs tanks.
    Lv 50 was a prime example of where a mage couldnt defeat a tank because fireball was pure garbage and ice sphere was too weak.
    So make make a proposal for a change that wont lead to a useless SW, again.. 2 years was a long time , i dont want another 2 years.
  8. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice


    Just watch video of lordo demons, he was one of top warriors at heredur and fight same good mage. dmg that mage is dealing with fireball and magic missle to him is around 2.3k dmg out of block, and fireball is dealing 50% fire dmg 50% phisical.

    Same time i do not suggest any nerfs, just pointed out that some spells are unnecessary like for example mage ice sphere or warrior outburst (healing spell), look at video and see how smooth this fight looks like, and now look at any pvp duel warrior vs mage right now and it looks like a clown fiesta, i've showed it in videos up, but mods removed it for no reason and without giving a good explenation.

    About stats of those 2 players

    Mage 1.6k dmg, 7k hp, 55% armor, ~50% block (riddle), ~50% crit and 260% crit dmg

    Warrior 1k dmg, 9-10k hp, ~70% armor (forget about his resistance, but someone knew this guy and back then he's having very good stats so, resist would also be great), close to 80% block, ~60% crit and almost same crit dmg as mage due to cloacked wrath sword.

    And look at this duel how easy for both players is to kill each other, and mage do not need any ice sphere or vortex CD reduction or warrior do not need any broken outburst heal

    I'm a Warrior from Heredur server, and I'm not the best there but much top pvp players know me there, and they know how im playing and what i can do at arena, i've never removed items first, or never tried to win by "time", i've never run around arena like a retard. I tried always to sit on someone and make a pressure.

    Right now less and less players are playing, due to easy mode pve and broken broken systems at PvP, for example:

    Items removing, running to debuff, moonwalk, ranged class deal more dmg at close combat then melee class, perma stun.
    These are only some of problems at pvp right now.

    Best stats balance were at 45 and 50 but... But ofc lv 45 have some problems like healing after time runs out, but this is already fixed
    and lv 50 have broken sets like sigrismar or new dragan/spider set. Lv 55 was a mess and still is, at start broken q7 weapons with their buffs which make any player with good deff died in 2-3 shots :D and now where every warrior is running like balerina or every mage/dwarf is making moonwalk and out dmg melee class in close combat :D
  9. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    before u write sth check it in the game
    i have full gear t8 on arena and i play many fights agains good warriors
    if i get head shoot and i don't have release i die on 3 shoots
    now mags sphere
    i have almost max dmg what mag can have on arena and i hit 6-7k in dk from frozen sphere without block and without singu
    dk heal themselfs for 750/sec so they have 37,5~k hp = 5-7 shoots but hey = dk is healing all the time
    so u want to change 410% dmg to ~200% when even on sphere u can't kill dk who is running away and only healing? i had fight where i tooks 170k dmg in 2 rounds of duel when dk tooks to me ~20k and i die 0:2 bc i die on 'end of time' where i don't have any chance to win when i don't have any healing and i play vs healing class
    i test fireball on 1 fight and i can't remove dk lower than 90% of hp....

    u want fights like on 45lvl?
    are u know that now u have much more dmg/hp? know u that not only mag get change in last skill?
    mag is op on arena but only in good hands if u get newbie or halfstat player = he's easiest to kill
  10. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice

    Well i wonder which server are you playing, if heredur then maybe want to do 1vs1 with me? Cause it is impossible to kill anyone solo with 3 shots as a warrior/dwarf

    Ahhh... Now you pointed it out, mage is only class in the game that is able to deal 6.4k dmg without armor break, and 5-7 shoots assuming that none of these hits is block and all of them are crits? :D

    Mages max stats right now are: 27k hp, 72% armor, 60% resist (without daily)
    Warriors: 35.5k hp, 72% armor, 55% resist (without daily)

    Look at video of 2 good players fighting each other at lv 45 that i've send, and mage were capable to kill warrior easily with fireball, and that's what i mean about Stats and Healing Balance.

    Moment when mage wearing some kind of dress have same amount of armor as a warrior with heavy hauberk is ridiculous, in the same time he's dealing in melee combat 2x his dmg :D (and i know what i'm writing when warrior without armor break deal 2.4k dmg and mage 6.4/7k)

    But it is not only about mages but every class in the game, before people do not needed skills that are dealing:

    EA (250%+250%+armor break)
    Ice sphere (60% per every sec of travel+350% explosion+movement/atack speed slow 50%/15%)
    Outburst (almost full time 2% hp regen at full life)

    Warriors needs that kind of passive instead of outburst: Supernatural Regeneration - If your life force falls below 33%, your metabolism will speed up and a supernatural regenerative force will be unleashed that causes your wounds to heal entirely on their own.

    it means if you have more then 33% hp it do not work anymore...

    Also 2nd heal of warriors was: Will to Survive - When you activate your Dragon Hide or Furious Battle Cry skills, you can regenerate 2% of your maximum HP per second for 5,0 seconds

    it means each time when you're using 1 skill with 30sec CD(right now) and 1min CD you're gaining 2% life per 5 sec, it is better balanced then 1 skill called outburst... that is healing you 2% for 5 sek but you can use it almost every time

    About dmg... No right now there is less dmg but better deff then at lv 45, you can even look at the numbers at video.

    Lordodemons hit santa with armor break and smash for 4.7k dmg, 1-2k less then i'm doing right now with same combo and almost 3x his dmg :D , That means unbalanced stats after R214
    also mage do not have 80% block and 72% armor with 27k hp like now, but instead around 7k hp,~55% armor, and 50% block

    now you can see why every "weak" warrior is running around arena and do not try to come close to "mages" with defensive of a warrior and 2x his dmg :D

    With new arena sets, stats should be changed and there should not be TIERS!! also at farm you should be able to drop special "arena unicats" like mortis mask or cloaked wrath even cloack of power (cape) with special base stats, and it should be RARE!
  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Supernatural regen was broken and was the single reason why lv 45 dks were broken as they were. Barely making them to 30% hp with fireball aftrer hitting them in a singularity and then ....... they are just full again. While u look at your 30% hp and u are like ... guess ill die.
    Yes this is definitely what we need . A free healing from 0 to 100 for the tanks who are now spam healing and running. Ofc, give em even more healing , its not like dwarfs are broken cuz they can run heal and dmg, no no, we need EVEN MORE HEALING , lets go for 25% of life recovered per sec for 20 mins ? ( obvious sarcasm).

    He hit him with 4.7 k while u deal 1-2 k less ? thats almost 40% less. U cant even remotely compare yourself with smb if your dmg is lower by that much.
    And idk what is your pvp experience im seing tanks who deal 1,800 with swing withn no crit and no armor break. So with those 2 it will be 5k On a skill that has bleeding efect, no rage cost , and dmg reduction.
    Just to light u up ,my full t8 gear gives me 22-23k hp, this 1 atack can deeal up to 20% of my hp in an instant and i can bleed for the same dmg. Let alone armor break and random crits.
    So when u do the math 1 swing = 30% hp so 3 hits is a kill like was stated before by @KulawyMao
    If your gear is weaker then idk why ppl say Dk is bad.
    The dk playstile should be atack the mage kinda bait his speels and then go for another swing.
    But what Dks want is Endless engage, this is somekind of utopia which will never happen, and should not happen.
  12. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice


    suggest to read what i just wrote before, that what you're talking here is about regen from lv 50 not 45.
    passive regeneration back then works like this - if you have less then 33% life (for example 10%) then it heals you back to 33% and no more for (3.3% per sec)

    4.7k with armor break and smash at lv 45 to a mage, right now im dealing(to normal players) 6-7k with smash and armor break so yeah that what i mean by "im dealing 1-2k less dmg then someone at 45 lv but having almost 3x his dmg)

    If you're a warrior and you're using "swing" then god bless you at pvp :D you have no idea what are you talking about, rage atack is META since it was changed from 60% dmg to 100% dmg and CD reduction with crit hits, also 1.8k dmg with 100% dmg to noobs without armor, to almost every player with 72% armor you're dealing 1k with 100% dmg skill like "swing" or "rage atack"

    And about my pvp experience... move to 10:15. First video is before R214 2nd after R214

    [videos removed]


    As i said before, im not best at heredur, there is way more better warriors/players then me, but everyone of those "TOP players" will agree with me and most of them think in same way and they all know which talent/spell is broken at pvp. Can give a good examples:
    Mage- CD reduction in vortex, Ice sphere

    Warrior- Rage atack 2 talents 3 points Fatatism (each atack make you atack faster and move faster) and 5 points talent (each crit hit reduce your CD by 1 sek), Outburst heal, 25 points in antistuns in honor talent tree

    Dwarf- talent on basic atack that restore 3 steam per hit, 5 sec jump CD

    Ranger- do not have any broken talent, 1 spell that is above everything else is EA
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  13. heror

    heror Forum Baron

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  14. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    head = armor break = hits 10k+ when i have 26k hp = 3 shoots and i'm dead(sometimes 2hits)
    its when u don't get block, 99% of tanks have 80% block rate = 4/5 hits do much less dmg
    and i don't know where u are playing when i see many rangers whos can hit 10k+ without armor break = only they need to do is hit u green arrow before thay can do it
    tank can has always better stats than mage
    hp? tank has 25% more hp in every single item/stone and he has 25% more base hp
    armor? its the same on mag/tank
    resistance? its the same on mag/tank
    block rate? its the same on mag/tank
    block strengh? its the same on mag/tank
    crit value? tank always has more crit value on gwen shield bc only tank has second hand item with both = crit value and block rate = any other class need to choose that they want crit or block rate
    dmg? tank can have almost the same as mage, on items there isn't any diffrents, only diffrents is that mage has 100~ dmg more in base value
    so tank has 25% more hp and exclusive second hand item vs 100~dmg more on mag = where is balance? i don't see it

    45lvl was...4years ago? wake up now u have 55lvl and i don't care what's was on 45lvl
    in what game are u playing?
    yes mage can have deff like tank but he never have the same hp and tanks always will have more dps with gwen sheild where he has 6k+ exclusive crit value = any other class don't have item with block rate/crit value in the same time
    nope this is about 1 item on tank what do tank's inpossible to kill on duel
    i'm mage and my sphere cost 50mana = i can shoot 2 spheres in the same time and i don't have mana to do anythink else
    when u put flag how many times u can hit me without any cost? go see it in the game than go back and tell me how much % dmg u can do with 1 skill?
    i can hit u 2 sphere =820% x 80% block rate = 656% on block and 164% without block = 1 healing and u have full hp = 5sec
    but i have to wait 10sec to can shoot another 2 sphere(without using others skills) so u can heal urself 2x faster than i can do dmg from spheres
    u can say that i can spam another skills in this 10sec and i can say that i need to hit u when dk's are running away all the time ;] so show me game where u do dmg on every single sphere ;p

    if u want to balance DK start from gwen shield than if we play some fights agains good warriors withont this op shield we will know what to 'repair' bc if u remove this shield and change reg it can be to strong nerf for dks
    problem with dk is that they use dragon scale them hit u per 8sec than they run away 1min than they have second dragon scale = 8sec fight and again they run away for 'overtime'
    when u don't have healing on mage u can't win this bc if tank can took u half hp in few hits on op shield(where he should'd be to do it) and he's running away all the fight to healing himself =
    u have half hp he has full hp = its big advantage on 'overtime'
    if i can have 100 more dmg on mage than on tank its still 100 dmg
    if tank can have 30-40% more critrate on gwen shield than mage on 'shield' so they took 60-80% more dmg than me
    for example
    if mage has 2,5k dmg vs tank has 2,4k dmg
    mage has 50% crit value vs tank has 80% value(both on shields)
    mag 2,5k x 50% crit value so its:
    1250 + 1250x200% = 3750
    tank 2,4k x 80% crit value so its:
    480 + 1920x200% = 4320
    mag 3750 < tank 4320
    where is ur big mags dmg? on stats tank has 670 more dmg than mag
    than u have skills
    mag has more % dmg in skills but they cost very much
    tank has lower % dmg in skills but he can spam it
  15. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice

    This math is so wrong :D

    also every aspect that you just wrote UP have no sense. I've mentioned lv 45 stats as a most balanced and give some examples, same with talents. And 10k smash after solo armor break? Yeah idk about that man, maybe with dual armor break i can see those numbers then :)

    Only 1 class is capable to hit you above 11k with armor break and it is mage, 2nd are ranger and dwarf with 9k hit and 3rd is warrior with 6-7k smash :D

    Want to mention that warrior is a MELEE class that is not alboe to out dmg in MELEE combat 2 out of 3 ranged classes :D

    This math is wrong too, try to count constat dmg or some sort? Everyone know how bursting works, with 1 armor break mage is capable to deal up to 12k dmg per sphere without block and 6k on block with range/melee spell ( most time used just in melee combat) and warrior? With armor break 6/7k and 3/3.5k on block in melee combat and ofc if he hit him perfectly, cause smash have mechanic that punish people which are not able to hit someone perfectly(0.5cm in left and you're dealing not 240% dmg but 120% :D)
    And by this what are you writing i'm assuming that you're not very experienced player at pvp, my winrate at pvp is at 3k wins 800 lose at 1vs1 at warrior, also i've played on other chars that belong to me like Ranger with ~2k wins 1k lose, dwarf 4k wins 2.4k lose, each of them is above 10kk Honor points but on 2 of them i'm not playing anymore and due to lack to challenge at PVE and Boring PVP matches where i have to be bulied by people who remove items. i'm playing less and less every day even at my main class warrior :)
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  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    OK ill sum up your points from what i have read , adn see for yourself how silly they sound.

    Mage wears as skinny outfit so why does it have as much armor as me . ( then why do DKs have almost the same dmg as me ? u know good questions. If wont be as durable as u then i must be allowed to 2 hit u)

    Warrior is a melle..... that he has 1 dash, 1 jump , 1 projectile , 2 big aoe spins , 2 self buffs. Ok so from 12 usable skills( not sure their number) but 7/12 is like 65% of the skills arent even melle , or help u to get in range. So the excuse Dk is a melle doesnt worl

    "im not the best tank but every top lpayer will agree" - if u are not top player , how are u sure that the numvers they see and that u see are the same and therefore will justify to agree with u. U are in this thread alone , never expect support , if u get it good for u , dont talk as if u are 50 ppl, when u are just 1 dude.

    Mages have more resist than Dk , ye cuz Dks use bs gwenfara shield taht has crit , and not resist, this is where u get dmg instead of resist but yet again u want to have offense and defence

    The overall vibe i get of u is "my skills have less% dmg" so i must have the same dmg as a mage but also have 25% more hp. and also have a bleed, and also have immunity.
    Dude just chill. Ill repeat , the dwarfs are your problem ,not the mage.

    "tanks being bend over by the dwarfs and screming: MAGES OP , RANGERS OP"
  17. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice


    Are warriors right now a ranged class? Well that's new for me to be honest :D

    I agree with that #bringBack45lvStatsBack

    This one have no sense, sorry i've give just my suggestion for BP what would be great to change about game, and at least i can answer some questions from players about that if someone do not understood concept of it or if they are not experienced enough to see what i mean.

    The Best player is a different word then TOP players.

    Can give u examples if u want

    The Best Players:
    Heredur players
    These are just few of many more

    They are or were The Best players at heredur, by that i mean that most of them are almost beyond reach of average player, and very hard to defeat for top players(in ratio 3-4 wins/10 matches)

    TOP players are players which making significant impact on match, you can even see that by their stats from PVP.
    Average players have ~50% win/~50% lose at any type of PVP

    There is ladder for you

    The Best>TOP>Average>Rest players

    "how are u sure that the numvers they see and that u see are the same and therefore will justify to agree with u"
    They are the same, cause everyone have same stats right now, and don't be silly everyone can do such a simple math as it is in Drakensang Offline

    Sry man i have no idea what do you mean by writing that, most of them do not even using forum due to mentality of people that do not know what they are talking about their or someone else class.

    With most of The Best and TOP players i've used to talk on ts3/discord everyday when we're making pvp or pve, i know their opinion about topics writed by me in main post. Hype for PvP after R214 has decreased, most of them stopped DSO.

    Check PVP at YT right now from heredur there is only 1 player called GxTheBatman that is making any content about PVP, other just stopped cause they do not playing or they know that PVP is unbalanced and annoying to play.
  18. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    u don't understand that u need put big line before 214 and after 214
    for example
    Ragnarok~ was 1 of the best tank on pvp before 214 but now after 214 he isn't so strong like in ur opinion he is on average/rest
    so don't tell me about tanks from heredur when i play on grimmag...bc i don't know them
    i see what is happening on grimmag on pvp
    duel = u cant win vs tank
    old 3x3 = 2/3 good tanks in 1 team and u don't have chance to win
    old 6x6 = 1-2 good tanks in red red team and u can't win
    old 5x5 = here u have chance in any battle but it's 50% easier when u have good tank in team

    so simply mag/dwarf/ranger in team = it's no matter = u need only 1-2 tank in team and u can win everythink
    so...where u see balance? its like dwarf on pve on 50lvl = u can play without him but if u play with him u have much easier = its the same now with tank on pvp
  19. zelda2008

    zelda2008 Forum Apprentice


    Yes, i agree with big line before 214 and after, because before r214(whole game) you were able to 2/3vs1 with any class vs average players, now it is almost impossible. In the same way i still do not understand this "Ragnarok~ was 1 of the best tank on pvp before 214 but now after 214 he isn't so strong" so what hapend to him? IF he was one of the best warriors at grimmag so what happend? Did he forget how to kill people, how to count cooldowns of enemies, did he forget when should use antistuns and when not? Or maybe did he forget how to combo people? Stats do not matter at dso that much how people think they are.

    Arguments about how many warriors in team make you to win arena is dumb...

    specialy at 6vs6 where 1 player warrior/mage/dwarf were able to win it solo in public match

    And from that i remember everyone still took at least 1 warrior to team for combo, due to his armor break ability and for making pressure on opponent ranged classes. Every warrior would say the same about team composition, and every warrior like to play with rangers at pvp(best 2 man burst combo in the game+ranger have high survivability)

    Warrior or Dwarf(if we're talking about pre r214), you forgotten to mention this little midget. That's why i want to make old talents available again as a survival instinct for rangers, cyianite shield for mages, and rework dwarf to make him fun to play again. At lv 45 everyone was able to bring the flag.
  20. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    and after this we know that u cant play on arena
    one dwarf/mage/ranger cant win 6x6 solo now bc 1 of 2
    1 they don't have so much dmg to destroy towers/base alone in time limit
    2 if there is 1 oponent they cant focus on towers/base bc they must fight or they fast die
    tanks are diffrent bc they can run away 1-2-3 towe and use volcano = go 1st tower use volcano = go to 2nd tower use volcano = go to 3rd tower use volcano = back to 1/2 and healing all the time and don't use another skills when u don't need to use
    dragon scale = if u don't hava anythink else to(for example) go out of singu = u use it to run away
    attack/jump = use it when u get stun = they are bugged so u can use it even if u are on stun
    inposible to kill tank if u have 5 noobs and u in team
    so tank is only class who can win solo old 6x6 bc he dont need to stay in 1 place = he can run away all the time and destoy tower in the same time...
    ppl take warriors to team to get op class
    massive stun = tank stun u hit
    best dps = if he catch sb = kill in 2sec
    best healing = best for duel, old 5x5 and 6x6
    so ppl take warriors bc they are op on arena now
    if ppl want dmg in team they could take mage = ppl dont have so much resistance as armor so mages do always good dmg = but they die in few sec = so much better are tanks whos need to catch sb = it takes a moment = but if they catch sb its easy win
    dwarfs are most annoying class on pvp now but it's tanks most op class on pvp