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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CMClayton, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I forgot to bring up one point yesterday.

    If you read the forum, you'll see that the players are constantly writing about worthless uniques, bad drop rates, character balancing, inventory space for mounts/event items, pvp balancing, bugs galore, boring events, the lack of communication, new class of character and several other things that have been asked for over the years and not implemented. Some were promised by dso for quite a long time.

    Meanwhile what is DSO concerned about? The names of the monsters.
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  2. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    Hi CMClayton, welcome :)
    it's time to begin to play and show us in your twitch channel your real interest for the game and the players. So our feedback will not remain like a voice lost in the wind ;)
  3. CMClayton

    CMClayton Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Greetings Everybody!

    I will get to your questions and statements next week. Before I go for the weekend, I want to let you know what I've been doing lately to make good on my promises of fluid communication between the game team and the players.

    • There have been a series of meetings regarding how we will prioritize community feedback into the production workflow
    • I am organizing ways of acquiring more contextual feedback from the moderation team so that I can more efficiently deliver your feedback during key moments in game development.
    • There is a secret project which you will find out about in the coming month
    So that's why I've been a bit quiet lately. I will definitely give you answer to your questions some time next week, because its my personal opinion that keeping you all informed is just as important as keeping the game teams informed.

    Keep the comments flowing, and make sure to click the like button on feedback you agree with!

    Have a great weekend, everybody! :)

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  4. calinka

    calinka Forum Apprentice

    Yeah the secret project can be only a new expansion/new class. You don't have something else to come up with. But if the Drakensang will not die until the Easter can you ask the developers to run the old Dragan event for Easter with the same mobs and by same i mean the troll that was the only good thing in 2015 :).
  5. Dirysin

    Dirysin Forum Apprentice

    Welcome aboard!
  6. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    LOL must say this is funny and accurate sad
  7. Mohon_balor

    Mohon_balor Forum Greenhorn

    pls fix pvp problem ......... i can't go in 3v3 5v5 6v6


    Hello and welcome Clayton

    After reading your interesting introduction (and due to the fact you are playing a ranger :p ) I put a lot of confidence in you.

    I'll go ahead and try to deliver you a list of things that I think bothers me and "my kind", so to say the long-term players that (used to) pay and play regularly and especially focus more on pvp than pve and thus feel like pvp has suffered a lot in the past:

    Here are some specific short term tweaks (one per class) from which I believe would help a lot in terms of balancing, because I know the balancing measures proposed in pt. 2 below (general issues) take more time
    * Ranger's EA explosion triggers only, when the arrow hits a target
    * DK's iron brow has only a 50% chance to get its cooldown removed by a critical hit. Same for stun charge/bleed combo
    * Dwarfs' turret dmg is affected by crit chance and crit damage
    * Decrease the size of ice missile to the same size as magic missile / hunting arrow

    General issues in pvp
    * Waiting time. Change the way the elo system works so people have to wait less in order to get a match. We rather play 5 unfair matches than having to wait for more than 1 hour to get a fair match.

    * I'm afraid dso is heading in the same direction like d3 in terms of damage output/defense ratio. The extremes that players can reach by focusing on one stat (defense or offense) are becoming too high. Pvp has very often become a 1hit or get 1hit gameplay because of that. For pvp something like extreme-caps have to be introduced. I remember @_Baragain_ introduced a profound idea here once, can't find his post right now, maybe he will show it later. This would help a big deal in making balanced builds reasonable again.

    * Many promises have been made to improve our pvp game experience. None of them were released or at least been taken into consideration. I'm talking about more talents/possibilities in the pvp tree, guild battles, ideas/mockups on how to improve balancing, another pvp mode, better pvp rewards.

    * Revisit the mechanic on how damage vs towers and rams (6v6) work. Full defense chars with less than 500 base damage can take down towers in less than 4 seconds. Which makes 6v6 very boring to play, especially for the blue team members.

    * Make group play more attractive. 5 players in a group are blocking each other all the time. A player-party should have the same behaviour in dungeons like in a town.
    * Make diversity more attractive. A group should benefit from having 1 member from each class. Some sort of buff per class member (xx% more gold, xx%more frags, xx% chance on getting a boss unique w/e..or simple stat buffs)
    * Introduce a group leaderboard

    * Rangers, rangers, ranger.
    Help rangers in pve. Old, strong rangers don't have any problems because they can do everything solo. But new players have a really hard time here. From lvl 1-45 a ranger is the weakest pve class by far. And also lvl 50 rangers are undesired in most groups. 1hour in regional chat and everybody will see what we are talking about.
    check this link
    -high essences costs
    -weaker on bosses than other classes
    -many useless skills, very few good skill combos
    -rather bad resource management

    *steam mechanicus: it's really time to introduce a crit-factor that affects their turret damage. Means, way less damage than they do right now without crit chance/crit damage

    General bugs/facts that are really annoying:
    * thorn thickets, 2nd singularity (after mind control) disappear right after casting, and yet the cooldown is triggered, general lag/rollback/rubberband issues
    * Unstable servers during events
    * "You cannot use this skill here" although your mouse position/char position is completely fine
    * FINALLY overhaul the mouse cursor (was promised 2 years ago)

    Cannot think of more right now. Hope this helps.
    Thanks and enjoy your first steps in the drakensang universe :)

    /e: you really need a cooler forum avatar...something like "staring clayton"..xD
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  9. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced


    Have taken many months break from forum participation after having giving up, when players like Bigmomma, sebastian_fl and others left the game, broken promises and ignoring our ideas and suggestions. Players like Trakilaki and Baragin hitting their heads against a brick wall, whose input is gold ... etc. etc.

    First and above all, WELCOME Clayton!

    I would also like to address my fellow players and say let's give the guy a chance and extend our hand and before we expect his genuine support, lets show our own.

    Good post by ULTRAPEINLICH and I agree on majority of it with one small exception:

    And I see a lot of posts repeating the same thing..... I would like to say that dwarfs and rangers are my preferred group members and I don't farm just with anyone. In PvP, some strong rangers take off 5k-10k HP of my DK with one EA shot, and that is from my 80% block rate, 77% block strength, 73% armor and 19k HP. I think the problem might be in class population ratio (just my guess) where ranger class is favored by a lot of players and not majority of them really work on their characters.....

    One thing top players on Tegan know that I would never accept another DK in the group unless I go full dmg and help a tank friend with bosses where I would use him for tanking, which does take me longer of course.

    Everything else in the post above needs to be seriously looked at.

    Cheers everyone!
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  10. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    buddy you are an old player and i thought at least you would be able to spot the main issue with pvp. i think many old good players of this game and of mmorpg in general understand how the pvp mechanics work. the problem with pvp now is obvious. too much damage, the players take too much damage even if they have shield, even if the other players play with shield and not 2h, they will still take huge amounts of damage.However, damage alone would not be so serious as it is currently, if the hitpoints of each class were higher. Unfortunately, when r155 came live and brought a whole lot of changes, with the most major ones being the incredible increase in damage of all classes and very strong item sets, the hitpoints did not get an increase accordingly, which is an enormous mistake and i dont know why no real efforts have been made to mitigate this problem. when most old player with sacred and royal gems have around 11-12 max hitpoints and players with 1h weapons(dont even need to say 2handed users) have 2500 minimum damage with shield and not counting the crit rate and damage, how do you expect anyone to take more than 5-6 hits from strong skills and survive? when the hitpoints are only 3-4 times higher than the minimum damage of the enemy player and as mentioned above without even counting the crit rate and damage, which boost the attack power substantially,how can pvp be balanced?when the developers decided to increase the damage, they should increase the hitpoints accordingly. what they did was to boost the hp from amethysts and also giving us this useless skill that gives 3% hp per point, which is bad because the base hitpoints are so low that the % boost is nothing. the base hp of each class has to be increased dramatically or the damage to be reduced dramatically, if we ever want to see any balance in pvp. thank you !!!
  11. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Thouvou please don't take it as criticism but rather as a friendly request, can you please post in chewable structure. Having a big post as the one above, all in one sentence with no spacing and paragraphing is hard to read. I did manage to read it and I am not arguing any of the points you are making/reiterating.

    If you read my post, you will see that I am actually agreeing with ULTRAPEINLICH's post and points he made about PvP.

    My DK has 3.4k base with 1-handed and high critical dmg and speed, still with 19k HP. I do one hit most players where my smash does up to 22k 1-handed (I don't PvP with 2-hand).

    One thing though, huge difference between well developed and underdeveloped characters plays massive role in what many players refer to as "unbalanced PvP". There are players I one hit or charge hit to death and there are players with whom we fight till exhaustion kicks in, so really, it is an indication that PvP imbalance is not that that black and white, but rather an indication of how much effort has been put into a character.

    A good point is also made about having low HP comparing to our damage output.
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  12. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    yeah i know i am messing up with the structure of my texts, but the main reason for doing that is basically that i dont write that much and so when i do, the least thing i care about is proper sentences or paragraphs, but if you find it hard-to-read and that big of a deal, then i suppose i will try to write proper texts. :D
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  13. fab

    fab Advanced

    Using 1H with 3.4k damage is a big big JOKE , Many sw cant even have that damage and dks still able to have crit stats on shield.
    This game is simply going bonkers, needless to say no medicine can cure this insane game of theirs which they insist on what they do is ALWAYS CORRECT policy.
    Yeah wiki is correct, dks got the lowest damage when they are using 1H, where they already got tons and tons of hp and 80% blocks 80% block strength.
    MR CM , maybe u should try 4 characters and you should see the huge difference between them.
    What we want is a well balanced game and not showing favourites in characters.
    Every gamer wants their character to be OP, but it shouldn't be in this way
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  14. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Oh, hello Fab,

    I guess your selective readying, and I am saying it's selective because you only read what you to want to read, is not doing you any favor, but in general, everything is a big joke to you on any class, if it's not .... Fab class, yes, you read it right this time, not SW class, but Fab class.

    Let me ask you a question, how many DKs do you know that have that damage? Actually, it was well over 4k but I sacrificed some of it for high crit damage. The answer is, not many, if you had invested in your character even close to what I invested, you would not be on the forums complaining about Fab little toon.

    How many people have pointed out to you that your posts are A BIG JOKE, have a good think about that.

    I am sure Clayton can work it out if your posts have any valid points whatsoever.
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  15. fab

    fab Advanced

    Did u see anything missing huh, gazer joker here, dks got tons of hps and blocks and not forgetting they heal too !
    Didnt i ask mr cm to try out those 4 characters himself, u are just another joker in the forum too which doesnt accept facts.
    The very last time u said u wanna put up a video regardiing a sw and dk, so wheres it now.
    What i trying to say its the skills which is unblanced so are the items, take away those healing skills as pvp and pve is a total scenrio here !
    A big joke is coming here to post against a bunch of PLAYERS which is always trying to defend their character regardless how much unbalanced it is.
    Ya my little toon is not even as good as a f2p dk even after much spending
    You are too a big JOKER too, play a sw and see how my sw dominate ur SW.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  16. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Have you seen the movie called "Anger management"? It's a comedy with Adam Sandler. No? Watch it, because there is a lot of anger in you. I am not even touched by the abuses you are throwing at me.

    Anyway, move on and let's not clog this thread with nonsense.
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I disagree!
    EA should just be reverted to its initial state ... you mark the target and hit the target. Its biggest impact should be on the arrow itself not the AE .
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That would be too difficult movie for him to watch.
    Anger and ignorance are two different things.
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  19. Falk101

    Falk101 Junior Expert


    I don't know if it's the good topic, sorry in advance for that.

    I'm war and I had the Dragan Sword lvl3 after many efforts but the weapon is not nice, my leg is better. And i would like to submit an idea, what do you think if we could craft a "Super Dragan Weapon" with the following elements :

    - 1 weapon lvl3 poison
    - 1 weapon lvl3 fire
    - 1 weapon lvl3 storm
    - 1 stone to buy (5000 draken ?)

    And to have a very good weapon with 15000 or 17000 Fight Foce and not 10157 like the actuel Sword lvl3. It would be a very hard challenge but at the end we'll hope a very good Sword.

    Thank you
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

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