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    So , that's a community challenge right?There will obviously be one for the upcoming dragan event and I hope there will be more of them for the PW bosses.Thanks anyway for sharing the code.High five for Greek forum members.:)
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  3. trakilaki

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    Oi ... Greek fellows. Wassup?
    Just letting you know I did my part during the weekend :)

  4. _Baragain_

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    Nice! Keep it up! Make them want it, and then dangle it right out of their reach. :p
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  5. Chandler333

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    I will :p
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    @Στε44 do not create multiple threads with same content please.

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    Although the mods are going to slap your wrist for starting new threads all the time, thanks for taking the time to cross-post the info from social media platforms.
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    Thank you for continuing to post bonus codes for the community. However, please obey the forum rules and don't create multiple threads with the same content. Instead, continue to use this thread for all future bonus code posts.

  13. Chandler333

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    I am not sure if the code THEDSOFFICE is exactly a new code because i accidentally found it yesterday while i was farming.

    Thanks Presto2017, whoever you are! :D


    I did a little research because some times people spam various things ( no offence Presto2017 :rolleyes: ) and i also found this code in Drakensang WIKI so i thought that it was something legit!


    It also has very good gifts! ;)


    Enjoy! :cool:
  14. MikeyMetro

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    The wiki is always my first stop when I want to check for new codes. (In fact, I check the wiki daily for new stuff. Unlike this forum where I have 5 pages of unread new posts :D)

    @Trakilaki does a marvelous job there :) Again, unlike this forum where the majority of the posts are useless dribble :p

    Luck be with ye,
  15. trakilaki

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    Everything on DSO Wiki is legitimate ... we are not promoting illegal activities there.
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    That's good to know. :)
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    Bonus Code "DRAGONE"

    --- MERGED ---

    bonus code "ALLIDOISDRAKEN"

    --- MERGED ---

    bonus code "DRAGANSAFARI"

    --- MERGED ---

    code "WISDOMISKEY"
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  20. Iselda

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    There are 2 new bonus codes: