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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Aug 6, 2016.

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  1. Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding the (new) New Moon Event

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.

    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. -.SeReNiTy.-

    -.SeReNiTy.- Someday Author

    Hello all,

    Once now exists an official thread, there you have my own opinion, already shared in R170 feedback thread.

    - New event (reworking something that was demanded);
    - Amazing graphics - congratulations to Design/Graphic Team once again ;)
    - New set (including more ways/combinations to have more sets). I personally liked the fact that we have the chance to choose which map/set we wanna do. Give us more autonomy and freedom.

    - Quests (I personally did not understand why quests to get scroll (2000 kills) or even wood were removed. It was useful)
    - Final boss (at least Karabossa is not dropping Draken anymore)
    - Mini-bosses / champions are dropping just improved and magic items. This should be changed.
    - Long time to make quests (6 quests required something like 2 hours)...
    - Progress bar: why only scroll exists? Where is some rework on progress bar (e.g. leg item / polished gems / some moonlit lunar blossom...). Full Moon event seems better in that point.
    - Wood drop: one word - low (extremely low).
    - Cubes drop for premium users - 2 or 3 per round. Not good enough once map is big.
    - Personal Experience: i clicked that cauldron so many times and i have no wood left. They could block it after 1st click. So, when times is gone, player go there and click again. This should be fair.

    Note: I am still thinking if the cost is reasonable. But I guess it should be reduced a bit (not 10, but maybe 7 or 8). If the map had enough wood drop, then, 10 is fine. It is not the case currently.

    For now, it is my opinion. Anything else that I found/remember, I will edit my post
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  3. morituritesalutamus

    morituritesalutamus Forum Apprentice

    I agree with the above post plus it would be nice to add back the guaranteed gem drop from the spider queens and maybe Jullov could make an appearance.
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  4. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    :) I was happy because i finally finish it. The New Moon event took me so long time to play.(I kind of miss old New Moon event)
    Each run ,8 min (Boss map 3 min). Totally almost 7 hours. That really lost the fun:(
    (1) The amount of enemies is less. The map is big , so please increase more and more monsters.
    (2)Please auto-loot the event items . 4000 mouse click is not funny.
  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    For the first event I've played in a few months, NM has surprised me in both good and bad ways.

    Starting off with the good, the new map is beautiful. And for a game that has been trending towards puny little nothing event maps (eg. Swaywood Dale, Sleepy Stellar Gold, Defeat the Undefeatables)... This is great! I love it when there's actually more stuff on a map.

    Being able to "earn" your gear instead of relying on pure random luck is also awesome. I know it's something that's been asked for a lot by the community, so I'm glad it's actually being implemented. As well, keeping both old new moon sets available is great. This is encouraging diversity with the large selection of viable gears available, something sorely lacking several years ago when I started playing the game.

    I'm glad achievements and the new dailies system rewards were both integrated into this event.

    The wanderer costume looks good too. I finally have a costume that matches my black wings. :)

    Good job for putting the blossoms on auto-loot too. (Now... can I get a customizable auto-loot feature? :p)

    I don't know if Thabo was changed with this most recent release or some prior one, but being able to buy 5 portals with 1 click is a significant improvement over buying 1 portal with 5 clicks. However, with this change, realm fragments should take their place amongst the other items on the auto-loot list. It is no longer a "quest" item, it's frankly a currency.

    Speaking of currencies, I really wish the devs would stop making up new currencies. We have ander, coins, honor, gop, drakens, materi frags, realm frags, mortis coins, black and white blossoms, gilded clovers.... Maybe I missed a few in there, but that's already 11 different currencies floating in this game. First of all, all of these currencies should be on auto-loot for consistency. (And because 2 of them in that list are damned near invisible.) Secondly, that is an ever-increasing amount of inventory space occupied. And c'mon, who wants to buy bag space just to fill it with currencies? Jeez. That said, I grasp that it's impractical to list 11 currencies on the top left corner, we'd lose our entire screen in a few years to just currencies since we seem to be inventing a new one every few months. :p So why not have some kind of "purse" to store all these currencies, and some "purse" button in the upper left can replace our current currency display.

    Back on the topic of the event.

    The progress bar for this event is far too long. Especially when combined with how difficult TOO DAMN EASY the mobs are. Literally, the real challenge of this event was staying awake. I don't have a speck of post-Crafting 2.0-gear and I still was one-shotting my way across the map even with two people AFK on the map. That is ridiculous.

    Since every player needs to come fully equipped with their own scroll to access the boss now, it frankly begs the question of why this game is labeled a "MMO." You don't need teamwork to kill the mobs because they are too easy, and now you don't even need a team because nobody can supply a scroll for you and lend a helping hand. I used to jokingly say I was a library and a blood bank because I bought enough bag space to store everything for both moon events so friends didn't have to store clutter in their limited bag spaces, but such strategic teamwork is now totally useless.

    Additionally, the removal of the quests to earn scrolls from kills, and even a single freebie amphorae key hurts only the f2p of this game. I was lucky in that I had saved up almost 200 amph keys years ago, but I ran with someone who didn't hoard like I do. Long story short, he made significantly less progress than I did, and couldn't complete any significant goals in one event. A gap between f2p and p2p will always exist to some degree in this game, but this isn't just a "gap." It's a chasm.

    Ah yes. One last small the detail. The white boots are ugly. Lol. :')

    To be fair... this rework of New Moon is significantly better than the previous "rework." There's still a lot of room for improvement however.
  6. Wllf

    Wllf Advanced

    Hmmm... Ok.
    -Beautiful map design as always.
    -The two headed witch makes me crack up every time I see her.
    -Event is not impossible.
    -Love love love being able to buy the gear I want... For example in this event I want the cape because it is better than the Kaylin cape... So all I have to do is get flowers... Which are a guarenteed drop. :D (I already talked about my full locker page of shoulders from last new moon event...)
    -Good drop of old uniques... Which allow newbies to get these sets too.
    -Progress bar is easily spaced and fairly provisioned.
    -Ability to get progress during event. In the old new moon, people who were tight on frags didn't have any to spare to farm blackborg for wood... So they had no way to get progress. Which was very obnoxious every time I would forget to get wood on one of my toons that needed it.
    -New set... Love the amount of good new good sets VS new bad sets being implemented... It encourages variety in builds... I remember when the only good sets were Witch and Dragan.
    -New mount and costume is good too.
    -The mobs are so easy I find myself using my gem carrier LVL 27 Arachna bow (On my LVL 50) Just because it is faster than using a longbow and the mobs die in 2 hits anyways.
    -The map. So many loops and places to leave unkilled mobs, running through to get to another uncleared area is a pain.
    -The scrolls being an entrance fee... It used to be that having 5 people in group meant 5x more kills... Not anymore! Now I find myself rejecting group requests because they will just slow me down... No matter how strong they are.
    -How helpful amphorae keys are compared to just playing the event. Each amphorae key ~ 3 map runs... Which is too much of a gap IMO... Now do not take this the wrong way and nerf amphorae drops... Just increase drops for the actual map itself.
    -Lack of ongoing quests. It is just run through the quest line and then it is the same thing over and over and over. Something like the 2000 kill quest would be cool.
    -The quest system is confusing for a lot of newbies who just click on a head and do the quest... And then end up stuck with the wrong boss.
    That is all I can think of for now. :)
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  7. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    agree it all posts i had no keys and only did 2k of progress please increse the drop ofwood in the map to 5 maybe 10 after all people doint have so much time to spend doing 40 runs to complete the progress bar
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Wow... that is the longest post I've seen from you in ages. I'm in agreement on everyone of those points. I'd of course add that we need hard modes like the full moon rework has been getting so that endgame players don't have to drink as much caffeine to complete the. event.
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  9. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Okay, here we go, I'll try to cover as many stuff I can from memory, though I seriously considered writing a check list.

    First of all, the map is very good looking, all the details here and there, the enviroment, pretty much flawless I would say, even the changes on Kingshill are nice, even though on a personal level, the multitude witches' noises annoy me a little bit. But here's the problem with the map considering the event mechanics as they are right now: The map and the monster quantity could be reasonable in their current state, except for the fact that the drop rates for progress are low and the difficulty is non existant, I literally played 85% of the event map with my chin resting on my left hand, and as Silverseas said, the biggest challenge was to stay awake during the runs. I'd say a solution for this might be introducing a painful/excruciating mode that scales the drops of Fairy fire accordingly.

    Here's another problem though, you have this mechanic inside the game were the drop rate is not-so-slightly affected by who is making the most kills, Haruki said so in a Twitch stream months ago, something like "if a faster, stronger toon comes in, the drop rates will favor that person", and here's why this is remarkable in this type of map, I played as a dup with my couple's DK and the gap in drop rates is noticeable, why?, because I can 1-2 shot every monster inside the map before the DK even has a chance to get close, even with a speedy glass cannon build on the DK's side, the mobs are just too weak, at some point during the event we had a gap of ~200 progress between us because of that, despite being running together since the very beggining, this is less noticeable in harder maps, which is why I think, again, a painful/excruciating mode might mitigate this problem, because it would require actual teamwork.

    Before going on, I'm aware of the intentions behind such a feature as "faster, stronger = more loot than the other person in the team", it's yet another of your ever so small anti-twinking measures, but it's hurting the group play at end levels when you give us puny maps like this, because it's encouraging people to solo instead of teaming up, put it on perspective of the slightly weaker-slower toon: "I get to kill 10% of the time only, my loot is cut, I'm lagging behind ranged classes picking loot (some DK cases), why would I team up if I could clear this map with one hand tied to my back?". The road to hell is paved with good intentions, though the feature is anti-twink and I could praise you for it, it's yet another thing that's hurting everyone.

    Regarding the time needed to complete the event, it's just too damn much, each run took us an average of 12-15 minutes even with one hit kills all along because of the size of the map, for an average of 70 progress per run (and I'm being generous here), if you leave out the progress from the quests, you need to play this unchallenging and unrewarding map for around 12 straight hours to complete the progress bar. This is not fun, nor entertaining at all, I'd rather play an excruciating mode that let me diminish that time by half at least, to call it achievable. Also, you gotta factor in that there's a lot of ranged enemies in these maps, and on top of that, witches, which mean they will back off from our toons, as a RA, SW or SM this poses no problem, but for a solo DK this type of enemies can increase the time per run significantly, even if the DK can OHKO them, it still needs to chase them around, and before you tell me "well, that's why you want a group to support you", I already explained why that is not the best option at the moment.

    However, there's one drop that seems reasonably balanced, and that would be the fairy wood, at the rate you get it, you pretty much have 50 each time the progress bar gives you a scroll, so, the miserable drop rate seen in the day map during non-event days seems unremarkable, because you only need to farm a handful of them for extra security measure and for not running short during event days, I had to open a normal amphorae myself because of that, which I could have avoided with just one run during a non event day.

    Although, the new mechanic that made the farming during non-event days resulted in the lenght of the event getting huge, only once I played the old new moon event properly, trying to fill the progress and all, and it wasn't as time-consuming as this, you gotta give the non-event days a bigger utility to make the grind smaller during event days.

    The rest of the drops like gear or gems, are terrible, plain terrible as expected from a normal map, also in all the runs it took me to get to around 2250 progress I got only 2 mystic cubes, and we're talking about ~20 runs in a reasonably big map.

    As for Karabossa, which I chose during this event, it's not fun either, the price of you making a buff that lasts 1:40 mins is a boss that dies in 15 seconds, however, if you ever add harder modes you need to increase the buff's duration accordingly.

    The mechanics for getting the sets are quite nice and a feature that's been asked in the past, though I gotta agree with Silverseas again, at this rate we'll have 1 full inventory page full of currencies in the near future. The sets themselves doesn't look uber-powerful but some individual pieces have great sinergy and value when combined with other sets, so, good overall. The costume looks neat as well.

    So, as an overview, I think you're missing the core of what an event means, as a lot of people says around here, it's a step in the right direction, but it has a looooot of room for improvement, and the solution might be as simple as introducing painful/excruciating modes. On a personal level, I enjoy events like Dragan because there's challenge in them, there's a handful of mighty enemies here and there, we discuss strategies and builds to fight against them, with this type of events, it's not enjoyable, we're just pushed into zombified mode to play a map again and again and again with no threath whatsoever to keep us from falling asleep on the keyboard.

    Last thing, a question..., Wiki says that the brooms that drop from the Spiders are normal mounts, and the frosty versions are epic, however, I timed the broom I got from Karabossa VS one of my epic mounts and got only a few ms difference, if any at all, can someone confirm please?, you guys really need to tag all the mounts as normal/epic, it's a pain to time those when we get them.

    That would be all for now, have a nice day.
  10. GoddessofWar1000

    GoddessofWar1000 Someday Author

    1. Like the Two-headed witch and all that has to spider and white spider.; and the crit hit for black on items and cirt dmg on
    white items. Something to strive for each month.
    2. Like the mini-quests.

    1. Progression Bar is too long...4000 is just too much. I work, so was unable to complete event due to length. 3000 is attainable with
    help from mini bosses dropping fairy fire or find some way of providing more fairy fire...i.e. - jullov, bloosoms, mini-bosses.
    2. Like the 6 quests made it more fun....something to do cause after that it is a little boring running that huge map over and over just
    to gain entrance to main boss.
    3. Mini-Bosses should drop better items and some Fairy Fire to help progress event and there should be more mini-bosses at random to
    help make map more interesting.
    4. Also, the stationary blossom in main could inject a few live bloosom from time to time that give lunar coins , fairy fire, map
    to main boss to make it a little more interesting, something, and move event along.
    5. Like the increased Draken (200) more for this event. Keep that...pls. However, Progression Bar could offer other prizes like wood
    Amph Keys, Gems ... a little something.
    6. Main Boss Map could be more challenging - Prizes , Draken, Realm Frags, Gems, more coin, essences, anderment.
    7. Should be able to change your selection from on black/white path ... as it does not lend well for running in groups. Had friends that
    had all black and someone else in group had white.....could not go with us...could run main map together. Maps should let you enter
    either one...just have an entry selection at main bosses door (white/black)....then player can choose which one to run.

    That's all I have for now....


    One More Comment f
    Dislike the fact the only way to get scrolls in by progessing in event...need some other form for attaining them...progression is brutel.
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  11. PetraSkullsplitter

    PetraSkullsplitter Forum Greenhorn

    over all i loved the "new" new moon event... Needs a lot of tweaking though..

    1. Love the ander prizes
    2. Love the new costume and the broom is very nifty.. (well best i can tell going by those that actually got them lol)
    3. New gear to buy... Excellent... new goals...

    1. 4000 Progression at that drop rate in 2 days.. Absolutely brutal... It's such a grind and when you aren't getting any good drops to sooth you it just becomes something so not worth doing... Sad to say..
    2.If you don't already have a stock pile of scrolls then your visit to either boss is far too limited.. If the only way to get them is through progression it once again just leaves you wanting...
    3.I'm good with the the drop rate to purchase the new gear (which i really do like ) however where are the goodies? Draken? Gems? At least a better drop rate for the costume.. Oh wait... Why not put the costume as a progression prize?
    4. Every tree should drop 1 fairy wood.. 3 to 5 per run just leaves you disappointed..
    5. Ive noted that because its such a grind for progression, and with lacking drop rates, that a lot of people didn't even bother to finish it...

    Basically im just not getting enough to keep me interested.. If you're going to spend 400 to 500 frags to complete it then there needs to be something to make me happy along the way... It needs a lot of tweaking but definitely on the right path... Thanks for the new challenge...
  12. eetussa

    eetussa Someday Author

    I agree with you all, in my opinion it sucks because bosses dont drop draken, same is in new full moon. It would be nice if fairy fire can drop in stacks 1,2,3,4,5 or something. And the minibosses drop like 5,10,15,20 :D
  13. thuglifederp

    thuglifederp Active Author

    well cant belive i took a night off from work for this event.
    scrolls to enter the boss limited as usual and your only way to get one more extra is to buy 5 amphora keys.
    the wood required for the boss drops in stack of 1 or 2 if you are lucky and the drop rate is kinda bad considering the fact you need 50 mobs would dropt if your lucky 25 per run. Me personaly i have to use red essences just to make sure the boss dies in that 2 minutes or i will have to use again 50 wood so money spent on essences too.
    the boss has an awfull drop rate so far ive done it 7 times. the first time i got 10 lunar blossom second run 8 LB and the rest got 5 LB all the time.

    I understand that its a grind game and you need to make some money to keep the game up but atleast let us get an Tier3 item every 2 months without having to pay anything.

    How comes the boss wont drop his unique items insteand she drops the enforcer items i dont understand this its magotina's unique set but she drops something else
  14. Audriukaas

    Audriukaas Forum Apprentice

    I see all negatives in this event. BIG MAP small count of monsters, clicking that event items are sick. THIS EVENT SUCKS
  15. Avarawks

    Avarawks Forum Apprentice

    I'd like 5 minutes alone with whoever designed the map. Between the treefolk slowing you down and other monsters running backwards on you, by the time you do it once it's like you did it twice or more. Brutal. The drops from the spider, well, I've been in there 6 or 7 times and seen 1 gold item and 3 purples.

    I tried it last time, and quit. I tried again this time, and I just quit on it again. A jump point between the two lobes would go a long way towards correcting the back and forthing.

    On the plus side, if you can stand the map, the drops of progress and wood are just fine.
  16. Vayne

    Vayne Forum Apprentice

    The progress drop is too low, you need to make at least 45 runs on that huge map to complete the event, absolutely torturing.
  17. Sparklet

    Sparklet Forum Greenhorn

    3 blue items and 5 blossom from the Karabossa? So that's how much worth a few hours of the grind for quests and scrolls*applauses in the background*.
    You nailed it.
  18. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    Okay, I have to say the new full moon is a complete disaster from my perspective. This was one of my favorite events... now it's a complete drag.
    Firstly, let me say that I don't think the dev team is responsible for the looting and grinding. If someone is responsible for testing that, that's definitely the QA team. And whoever tested this event didn't bother to report the drop rate... or didn't care to look at the overall math, expected results and actual results.
    Where to begin with? The easiness of the first map is killing me. It's so easy and yet so lengthy. The monster density is absurdly small compared to the map size. Most of the time I spent it moving from one part of the map to another. Even more so, it's such a long maze after I am done with one corner of the map I am forced to move to the other one. Yet you expect us to grind up to 4000 Fairy Fire. That's ABSURD! With 75 fire per map, that's 4000/75 = 54 runs, give or take 10%. Just wow!
    If the loot on the first map were even decent I wouldn't mind. But cubes are a rarity and I rarely ever see an extraordinary (let alone legenday... I think I dropped one thorough more than half the event).
    Then the second map is even more ridiculous. Sure, we get two bosses who give some sort of loot, yet I don't think an extraordinary was guaranteed there either. Like really? The monster density is slightly better but there are few monsters there so not much to be said about that.
    We move on to the scrolls which are let's say 13 at most per event (maybe 14 with one you get from the quest giver? can't remember 100%). So that's 14 trips to Karabossa/Magothina at most! Sounds promising, the rewards ought to be great... not!
    Karabossa is a joke. Easy to kill, yet you are under a lot of time pressure. Why? Because of the stupid 1 minute 45 seconds buff effect. What's up with that? Make us use the cauldron once and let it stay for 30 minutes or so. The Fairy Wood is already hard enough to get, let alone spend ridiculous amounts. This forced me to use purple essence to make sure I safely kill Karabossa on time...
    Karabossa's loot is another joke. You promise 5, 8 or 10 drops. I ONCE saw 10, and 11 times 5. Never have I seen an 8. Your loot tables are puzzling me bit time now... There's no balance in the drop there and statistics and multiple runs prove it. If it's a bug, I have no idea, but that's not something difficult to test. Run some automated tests on the loot tables and look over the statistics of what you expect to get. With a large enough data set it's not difficult to test its correctness. And again, manual testing would've uncovered some problems there too. You'll tell me I've been unlucky... I really don't believe in that. Where loot was correctly balanced I always saw a pattern soon enough. Not here!
    The unique set is now impossible to get too. If this were some reason to make this event easy for newcomers, I'd expect the Witch Hunter set to drop. Nope... nada, nothing! Not even legendaries, and no extraordinaries guaranteed. Heck, Drakens are even gone as well!
    And last but not least, where are difficulty levels? Which I repeat, with correct improved loot would totally be worth it for everything else but Karabossa. As long as you keep the 1:45 buff I'm staying out of greater difficulties because I run out of wood big time...

    I get that the event was pushed a bit earlier and had I seen some small bugs those would have been dev issues that can be solved of course. But there are other problems to be addressed in the future from my point of view:
    - Don't push stuff into production when you are not sure of the quality of the product. Regardless on the reports on the forum, facebook, wherever keep in mind that if you want happy players and a good image, you want to promote quality of your products. Everything else is just an excuse for rushing things instead of doing a thing right the first time. I'm a developer and team leader myself so I can understand these "rushes", but letting the pressure decrease the quality of the product is never good for the product and its audience.
    - Setup a goal for the event. Is it for new players? Have a lower difficulty with chance for them to get rewards. You want to involve experienced players too (due to new uniques or rewards)? Up the difficulty and rewards in a fair manner. And be transparent about these goals, set up the players' expectations accordingly.
    - More testing from your part and getting some trending on the drop for each run/map. You want to avoid grinding? Get your QA team to make this a priority.
    - Test those loot tables using some automated tests and cross-validate your results with the manual tests.
    - And yeah, get some time to actually respond to our feedback. I see replies done on facebook for instance, but not here, and it's quite disappointing to not know if our feedback is heard or not...
  19. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Dont even know where to start. Its all about feedback, right? so the previous event was horrible, and there was much of negative feedback. I could remember one of the items that was mentioned all the time - WAY too many runs required. This one is even worse. 50 runs, are you kidding me? Saying that this one is horrible would be an understatement.

    So, I did see the drops 5, 8, and 10 from the boss, to be honest. but those 8 and 10 are rare. otherwise, it is completely negative feedback.
    1. The map is way too big.
    2. It is way too easy.
    3. It has no good route, so you need to run through place multiple times to clean it up
    4. there is a lack of mobs
    5. Mobs drop junk, and even that junk is being dropped rarely.
    6. Previous map was a Cube map, it is not anymore. 1 cube in 2-3 runs with Deluxe.
    7. Boss drops junk
    8. Boss doesnt drop drakens
    9. There is zero benefit of playing it as a team
    10. Collecting 4000 of fire is a joke, absurd, and I cant imagine smth to be even more boring

    and finally, what killed me completely - your funny joke with autopickup of the blossom. Thank you BP, thank you for saving us 10 clicks. Thank you for showing us that autopickup is possible to implement, but ignoring the autopickup of fire. And I know for sure that this is a 1 Cell change in the database, to configure an item to be auto-pickup-able. thank you.

    why do you guys ask for feedback, if you are completely ignoring it? Why? Why do you create false expectations. Just close all those feedback threads and create the game you like, with no loot, with everything for ander, with everything requiring thousands run or purchase.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2016
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  20. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Here is the route I use, but yes, this event is way too much of a grind for not a whole lot unless you want to spend Ander (shocker).
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