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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    [quote removed]

    Oh Dear god! MY EYES!!!

    I've quoted your thread so that I could change the color and make it readable for everyone who likes their vision.
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  2. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    Dear Admins & Mods,

    If I am not mistaken @CM Greg had announced on twitch, there would be a couple of changes to skills derived from our feedback's so far with amendment to release 155 on test server and it would be announced on forums by mods , I see a new thread with changes to release 155 and it includes mainly bugfixes and etc but mentions nothing of the changes that were announced on twitch like change in velocity and damage dealt by a skill of an SW skill and a new talent for DK's and other changes. Just wanted to confirm if those changes are still on the radar and would be implemented on other amendments or would they be implemented along with the amendment mentioned on the new thread or is it on hold for now? I am not sure where to ask this question, since I couldn't reply to the thread by @teddy.bear just asked it here.

    Please revert,
    Thank You!!
  3. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Scatter shot Rangers. Shakes head.

    CONRIY Forum Greenhorn

    LOL sorry about; that my color set up on my computer bit different so what I'm guessing its hard read and color don't pop out and readable once again sorry I have change my color set up since iv had problems with before. I try re-edit the colors now...
  5. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    [quote removed]

    Hello fellow ranger :)
    1. Adrenaline now does not decrease dmg -40% skill description " activating adrenaline replenishes full concentration and increase travel speed by 40% for 4 seconds"
    2. wolves do not go out of control instead we can equip regen on wolves and still have 100% dmg on deadly blow+ deadly blow now stacks speed 7%*3 times too. enjoy :)
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  6. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hi @Shiladitya

    Is this what you are looking for?
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  7. Aragorn018

    Aragorn018 Forum Apprentice

    1. What are your overall impressions?
    My overall impression is positive cause the game really needed some new contents, but I feel classes will be extremely unbalanced in pvp.
    E.g. the new skill for rangers is way too good, insane amount of damage and break armour... rangers already do double their damages when the opponent is marked, that made it up for the lack of breaking armour skill, now that they have it, their damage will be way too high. I think that this skill's gonna be so broken in pvp that it really need to be reworked as soon as possible.
    On the other hand the 10% more armour for dragonknights is not really enough to make it up for the lack of ranged skills.
    About the chance to see other players' inventory that will be added in a future patch, I really don't see what are you implementing it for, I strongly suggest you to reconsider and drop that idea.

    2. How intuitive is the new system? Is it easy to understand or too complicated?
    The new system is fairly easy to understand and really intuitive.

    3. Do you prefer the new system to the old system?
    It's moot, I prefer the new system for its customization possibilities, but I feel the old one gave a bigger sense of reward (e.g. fame and knowledge trees now grant talents that before were (reasonably) harder to achieve.

    4. Do the prices for talents seem fair and balanced or too low/high?
    As a Dragonknight prices seems a bit too high, i would lower them down of about a 15%.

    5. Is it alright, that sometimes you will have a talent point you can’t spend until you gain another level?
    No problem with that.

    6. Does your favorite class feel more or less powerful?
    My favourite class, Dragonknight, feels REALLY less powerful.
    It feels like other classes got buffed in many ways, and dragonknights got nerfed.

    7. What do you think of the new skill level 50 for your favorite class?
    I still need to figure out a proper use for it, don't know if I will find any for pvp purposes.

    8. Do you need a lot of consideration to decide between talents, because they are equally useful, or do you find it easy to choose between talents, because some of them are obviously more powerful and more important than others?
    Some are obviously more powerful, but it really depends on the situation and the purpose of the build (e.g. 1H or 2H, pve or pvp, which kind of pvp etc.) so I would that there are not talents that are obviously more powerful for any purpose.

    9. Does the new system give you enough freedom to customize your character and your play style or do you feel limited in your choice?

    I feel less limited than before for sure, but it's still far from the freedom of customization I'd like to get. It's a step in the right direction though.
  8. bendover

    bendover Junior Expert

    What really bothers me the most is that you nerfed ranger's most used skill: the deadly blow.
    5% x 3 doesn't do anything now, it doesn't even reach the next breakpoint in many cases, nice job bugpoint geniuses.
    160% dmg instead of 200% dmg with deadly blow is a big nerf, that was our most used and reliable skill, nice job listening to stupid kids complaining about rangers being op. Good job kids, complain even more about other classes instead of aking to repair your own class, so they can have excuses to nerf all the classes until there's nothing left of anyone. The skill is only to 1 monster and it's only 160% now (marked) and also without crit. It's completely useless.

    66 concentration instead of 50 for the explosive arrow?

    Really, now I prefer the old ranger without armour break instead of this stupid nerf.
    Now you have armour break but it uses up most of the concentration so that you can't hit much after that and you can't make use of the armour break. You have it but it's useless.
    Who comes up with these brilliant changes?

    Really 7% x 3 was so op, you guys had to cut 2%. If I have 1.91 speed, with the 3x5% I will get 2.04. But the next breakpoint is 2.11, so in practice, this skill doesn't actually do anything, it only adds the 3x5% speed on paper but no change in actual speed, it only helps you when you have very low speeds.

    And the deadly blow nerf combined with the crit nerf means that we're now even weaker than before. For example with my current dmg on the live server I can hit about 3k with deadly blow about 50% of the time. But after R155 I will hit under 1k (no crit) with deadly blow (not to mention that my damage will be smaller because of the wisdom tree changes). And if the explosive arrow is going to eat up so much concentration, then I will have to rely on the stupid nerfed deadly blow even more, because the only other choice would be to run around until my concentration replenishes.

    After this I will stop using the deadly blow and explosive shot altogether because they seem to be useless now.

    Before the release rangers at least had some good nice skills. Now instead of a few good ones, we have more useless mediocre skills.

    I actually prefer the mage now, if you are lucky to find a good op 2h staff, then you can get 4-6k dmg and kill everything even without crit.

    Meanwhile in ranger land, the only build you could ever play successfully with the new skill nerfs would be with a longbow build. Because at low speeds maybe the 15% speed with the deadly blow would get you to the next breakpoint and the 66 concentration would cost 53 concentration with a longbow. But still, 53 concentration in still a lot and the longbow is crappy and worse than a shortbow most of the times (unless you are lucky enough to find the daddy of all longbows with the right enchants) and using it would mean that we have to sacrifice wisdom points to compensate for the speed loss, but then we would lose dmg and hp.

    Given this new nerf, I will not even bother to level up to 50 anymore, it's just not worth it. You ruined all the fun.
    And you keep saying that these nerfs will be offset by the new and incredible legendaries and uniques at level 50 but all I could see so far on the forum were crappy legendaries with awful enchants even worse than the ones for 45 lvl items.

    Plus you need a ton of glyphs to level these crappy legendaries and they only melt for 35% more glyphs.

    Why can't you guys make all the classes potentially strong? Now you made all the classes weak.
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  9. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    you not shouting loud enough bendover. With the new changes as they started, the 2 currently OP classes started shouting the loudest at the ranger finally getting some useful skills. And as expected, nerfed to make them weaker again.
    I would consider myself a decent ranger with over 1k base damage and 1.8+ speed in most setups but I struggle to get invited to any group and when I do, I see the comments (after google translate) about why invite a ranger.
    We finally get some skills/changes that will allow us to compete fully without having to spend a ton on ander etc, and the complaints start flying in.

    ive been working on my alts more since the changes have been announced as I realise that within a couple of months my lvl25 SW will no doubt be more powerful than my ranger ever will be
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  10. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum Apprentice

    RIP Rangers.
  11. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Looks like the developers did a 360 on the rangers. It went from love directly to hate. Isn't there usually a transition? Like you buff a class and then some idiots think its too strong then you take away the buffs. Then some more idiots think its still too strong then you nerf the class so with the update it ends up being weaker than before.

    There's no transition here. The rangers went directly from improvement to a class that is better off without the changes.
    And here I thought "oh great r155, i'm going to come back to DSO and play my ranger now". Developers: THINK AGAIN.
    I hope this nerf to the rangers isn't final.
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  12. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    Hi @Mal3ficent !! Yes That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!!
  13. Fluffycrab

    Fluffycrab Forum Apprentice

    Rangers, please calm down. What exactly do you expect? For something NOT bad to happen?

    This is the life.
  14. CONRIY

    CONRIY Forum Greenhorn

    Yeah I hear ya bud tired trying keep up with other class's that doesn't waste much of their resources like rangers do with concentration with almost each skill and limited how many times we use it. Sw have skills physical attack or element attack which they can switch back forth and regenerate mana faster by attacking you. And DK rage which being hit or attack enemies and still has skills no rage usage so rangers OP yeah right iv made this ranger I have now all Iv ever played mostly.I have made different builds and I still pretty much get killed same if I had no armor or resistance on or shield. I can have 5k armor little over 5k health with 1200 and 61% blocking rate and 74% damage reduction. Good stats right I would to but still get killed 1-3 shots.

    So I mean if rangers OP in this game then what you call these other class's deals same damage as my I do. when I use hunting arrows to mark my target then my Precision shot do same damage as their fire balls or even get close enough to their lighting damage and they still have armor breaking skill to use on us ? I mean we have small kill zone/strike zone hit target compared other class's and they hit use directly once as were we have do it twice if you can manage do so do what they do. If you think about it take skill do that and it eat up alot time compared other class's skills specially stuns................

    All in all I agree with yeah iv seen your post thought have Post backing you up on the matter. If things don't get better and rangers get shafted ONCE AGAIN..... DSO/BUGPOINT have one less player that should left couple years ago Since I came here towards end of alpha testing into beta stages on Agathon Server.
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  15. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    Why are you guys doing this.
    Please do not nerf Ranger's skill PLEASE. Untill now no one takes ranger to hard boss raids and difficult maps.... everyone wants DK or SW in their grp. Atlast now we have good character that break armour and do some dmg. Guys don't do this until atleast after 1 month after r155 goes into live server.
    Please i'm literally BEGGING you please. :'(
    If you want to do this you might as well delete rangers from game and focus all attention to other classes.
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  16. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    The Spellweaver Guardian Tallent to taunt is broken. That mind control taunt works though.
  17. CONRIY

    CONRIY Forum Greenhorn

    Sad say lot friends Have left old player cause of these patch note changes for every thing they worked so hard for and what they had was given away on silver platter for new players that didn't deserve it at all. New players are welcome in my book but when the game controllers decided to give things for free that should be part of the adventure now free or easily gotten with credit card. Wonder why they left -_- ?

    But when 155 comes into play as mainly rangers Iv talked to ether will leave for good or few will switch over to their SW's or DK's since if they put nerfs on rangers, basic be pointless have ranger class any more. Alot rangers struggle to achieve soloing; take more time to do so many cases. SW or DK even Dwarf new skills make it even that much more of gap for us rangers. Those trying to decent stats and tactics for pve & pvp specially. They're trying give players some same skills for our new system try break it down make it bit even( ok I get the concept of this); but when go threw skills break them down cool down time resources used and manner how to use it seems be lopped sided bit. Alot say I'm complaining which I really am to be honest. Between lag and lack of bug fixes that need be fixed for some time and server cleaning get rid of old data would help players out alot day day game play. With the new system coming into place be more complaining specially after nerfs with rangers on my end and many others!!!

    My whole ordeal is that when patch note 98 or 99 some where around there my ranger was decent and since those patch notes I have fallen in black hole which had hole inside of it and fallen threw some more.... Iv been around tell you even now with 154 release my ranger less powerful. So what am I to do? Find poster with cat on it with it being on telephone line and under it says Hang in there....

    I can tell you SW and DK even DF can advance much faster before any thing for leveling or taking on quest a bit on solo or be popular for group activities. Iv been blessed with bit luck I got invited go with people do raids or quest cause of my game playing skills. And to even compete with other class's iv had be alot slower in attack speed even get my damage up and not waste concentration as were well they had other cards up their sleeves back them up where I had run or use people as buffer to stay in the game. I mean some things you wish you had with this new up date for skills and you finally FINALLY get the things you wanted and they're only for show....
    Look on rangers faces priceless.......

    I mean ranger have to adapted alot more then any class pve or pvp on builds of their char... Like today Im marshal level 40 fame I pick best build as many rangers are how they're set up. Had SW spamming with electro stuns for sec or 2 and fire ball fire ball over and over again. OP rangers HA I have laugh and SW's complaining that we can use our hunting arrows to spam them now with effects now?
    Does it seem be one sided bit on that and fact we got armor breaking skill
    (which is useless all that conce.. used ) that they have stuns armor breaking which pretty much in their favor if all fails, just use that, that do trick...

    DK's tough nuts to crack and with brick of C4 on hand... I had DK's sit and camp in 5v5 with shield 1h or camp 2h and just keep killing us before we have chance even retake our flag or just simple run away. If you do manage kill atleast one of them as britz would say johny on the spot before you know it.

    Dwarfs hell can manage kill but fast runners and fast shooters even compare to rangers at times. Iron dwarf if they get their skills every thing high enough cant stop them what so ever or even slow them down. So what points even trying any more half time? And their shooting towers can have 6 set up now when level 50 comes alot things to do with triple D's ( DUCK DODGE DIVE).., If you can dodge a nuclear bomb then SW DK DF surely will get you <-_- >

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    • Deadly Blow: Decreased skill damage from 100% to 80%
    • Explosive Arrow: Increased concentration cost from 50 to 66
    • The talent "Quick Death" now increases the attack speed of the player by 5% instead of 7%

    I was expecting some nerfs for the Ranger, and I guess they were justified, for one exception:

    Deadly Blow decreased from 100% to 80% is a big nerf. Too big I think. This is our only reliable skill and the most used skill in Boss runs and for Knights in M2. 160% instead of 200% (or 192 like it is now) is a big thing, considering the importance of that skill stated before.

    I'm with you regarding the talent nerf from 7% to 5%, and the cost enhancement was important on Explosive Arrow, that skill was too OP otherwise. But leave Deadly Blow on 100% or at least 96 like it is now.
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  19. Leonixis

    Leonixis Forum Apprentice

    i can't belive they nerf ranger PVE
    Deadly Blow is only skill left after run out of concentration

    damage (poison?) of hunting trap is way below description
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  20. CONRIY

    CONRIY Forum Greenhorn

    Well got 3 days until new 155 and clock is on count down for it. I say give it a chance and try it out, I'm not holding my breath tho for things to be my liking.

    But as long time ranger on here most time I wish I stuck with tank type class just put damage on it your good to go. I have noticed threw out dso life span that after beta testing alot things recycled just different coloring or over lap make over and even how each class has developed. And things gotten worse. Many just have lag any more and simply can't function game right or even do simple tasks make it hard some times or impossible to do.

    DSO/BUGPOINT has one chance and only one chance in my eyes if they mess this up for me and not make things even playing ground for ALL class's for pvp and pve; then I'll resign my Ranger for good delete and close account for good and advise many other do so if its not to their likings or fairness.... I'm all about social gaming experience the chatting the grouping even tho solo alot, but fun with people you know mostly talking while doing things and the biggest part is player vs player on skill and tactics just fact anyone can win ordeal.... But that feeling excitement of pvping for matches from duels, fortress, flags, death matches have dried up for some time now that same people 99.99% always win no matter what and its not skill most of the time; trust me. Its 1 shot your done or hyper shooting speed which can't do crap about or to high of defense to even kill before they hit you.

    Yes I know new 155 coming that change that so they say. Plenty chances in the past not letting this one go its all or nothing on the line. The explosive arrow eating up to much to much concentration which really bugs me alot and the deadly blow nerf ..i.. With nerf on deadly blow: that much more work and time to do damage lowers rangers survival rate alot lower. To me that and always gave you fighting chance when you in between rock and hard place survive. Explosive arrow Yeah get Little OP for skill but the concentration usage is CRAZZZZYYYY!!!!!!! Let me tell you why that is... first off we have mainly use concentration for every thing even little media oker skills use it and never seem have enough. Second the damn thing is 3 sec long pve (2sec pvp) yeah thats not alot time fire 1 Precision shot off before it goes bust unless your in group it help but come on the time do any damage compared other class's armor braking is joke... I would think that be good nerf for how long it last and be usable if the concentration was cut down like to 40 concentration. I would think that be fair, it still alot concentration but you can evade then have other things to use stead wasting you conce.. and 1-2 shots you S.O.L and whoops cant do nothing I have run around or hide behind some one so I can start fighting again.

    It ether has lower concentration with same time 3 sec pve an 2 sec pvp
    Or Keep the high concentration consumption and extend the time I'm not saying its last 5 mins armor breaking but enough to launch offensive of your target...

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