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    Dear heroes,

    Release 166 is bringing you the improved workbench, better known under the working title Crafting 2.0, and a visually improved in-game shop with a selection of new items. PvP is one step closer to fairness as potions can now no longer be used during matches and of course, as always, we have fixed a number of bugs.

    New features

    Improved & Reworked Workbench (Crafting 2.0)
    The old Workbench has been reworked completely; the mechanics of crafting new items, the rules, restrictions, costs and possibilities of this feature have been revised and reworked.In addition a new function has been added: Revert (a crafted item to the ingredient items)

    A detailed guide about the feature can be read here:The new Workbench (Crafting 2.0)

    New “Scroll of Insight”
    The item Scroll of Insight has been removed from the shop and a need series of items that boosts the gain of experience points has been added to the shop instead.The items can be found in the ingame shop (hotkey: T) and are flagged with the label “new”.

    Thesis of Revelation.png
    Thesis of Revelation
    + 50% more experience points for the duration of 1 day.

    Tome of Revelation.png
    Tome of Revelation
    + 50% more experience points for the duration of 3 days.

    Encyclopedia of Revelation.png
    Encyclopedia of Revelation
    + 50% more experience points for the duration of 7 days.

    NOTE: the running time of these items is real time (like it is for Premium), not game play time.

    New customisable Hotkey: ALT
    The key ALT can now be assigned to a command of your choice, for example: Swap Essences. (Note: When assigned successfully, the key will appear under the name “Menu”)
    Swap ess.png


    In-game Shop revised
    The ingame shop (hotkey: T) has revised a visual make-over. The shop is now more compact and allows a smarter and more convenient shopping experience. Helpful labels indicate new offers (green new label) and recommended offers (thumbs up).
    Game shop.png

    Removal of Healing & Resource Potions in PvP Matches
    To improve fairness in PvP matches, we neutralized the use of potions and buffs during arena PvP battles. In short, potions (healing and resource potions) in the player's inventory (and/or quickbar) will be greyed out during any instanced PvP battles. Buffs that boost your character (icons above the skill bar) are also deactivated. Players simply cannot click on them and thus not activate them. This does not affect open-world PvP.

    Updated Achievement
    The "Automated Steam Propulsion" was updated into the "Mechanical Advantage" achievement to reflect the changes to the set.

    Drop chance for region specific sets:
    · The drop chances of the “Splendid Durian Armor” and “Robust Norseland Armor” set items were reduced slightly for normal monsters but highly increased for bosses of the fitting level ranges.
    · The drop chances of the “Treasures of the Deep” set items were greatly increased so it matches the chances of the other region sets.
    · The drop chances of the mentioned updated myrdosch set items also fit this pattern.

    Changed Auto-equip Behaviour for Crafted Items
    Crafted Items will no longer be equipped automatically.

    How did the character get the item?Will my character equip it automatically, if there is a free slot available?
    Bought itemyes
    Bought items back from merchant/shopyes
    Picked item up from PvEyes
    Automatically Picked Item upyes
    Crafted Itemno
    Received Item from the Jestersno
    Received Item from a treasure chestno
    All other possible waysno
    Lowered minimum Character Level for Moon Events
    In order to be able to enter the maps Varholm and Blackborg your character no longer needs to be at least level 20. You can enter the maps of the Full Moon and New Moon now with character level 10.
    Note: Please be reminded that Realm Fragments (needed to access Varholm & Blackborg) only start dropping in Hagastove Grotto level 11-14.

    Artifact Merchant: Rabosha Rabo.png
    There are new items that can be bought from the Artifact merchant Rabosha in the city of Andrakasch. In addition we updated the old shop items from Myrdosch:


    The old armor items are now distributed with random stats and a new Set-Bonus as monster drops in Myrdosch. Items that were bought before release 166 are counted as part of this new set. A new belt and updated 2-handed-weapons that are part of this set can be bought at the artifact merchant in Andrakasch. These items are alternatives to form the set bonus. Some old items got new icons and new names in this process.

    The existing (“Automated Unit”, “Mechanical Set”, “Steam Power”, “Machine Set”) were updated and now reach the full set bonus with 3 items, but can be formed out of 7 different items:
    • Two items (1 handed-Weapon and Defensive Item) can be dropped from monsters
    • The belt can still be obtained as a quest reward
    • Ring, Amulet, Weapon Adornment and Offensive Item can be bought at the artifact merchant in Andrakasch
    All sets are now named the “Mechanical Tools” set.

    Bug fixes

    Corrected Set Bonus:
    The Set of the Untouchables has a bonus that provides a 35% chance that a Healing Sphere will be created nearby when you defeat an opponent. This used to work als in official battlegrounds, which was not intended and now only works in open PvE areas.

    Corrected Behaviour: Dragon Hide
    Dragon Knights will no longer degenerate Fury while standing in the effect of the skill "Banner of War".This behaviour had nothing to do with the "Dragon Scale" skin. The skills did not cost anything, but the natural Fury degeneration kicks in after 5 seconds.

    Enchantment fixed: Heredur’s Royal Power
    When equipping the Helmet, "Heredur's royal power" in its highest tier (T3) your Tactical turret does 40% more damage when hitting foes, which it didn’t do before.

    Agathon’s Alliance Hall: Background Music fixed
    The map Agathon’s Alliance Hall was soundless when entered. This has been fixed and you should be able to enjoy battles in this map with an atmospheric music.

    Blacksmith offered same item twice
    NPC Rutger in the Splintered City of Cardhun was selling the Black Steel Pollaxe double.This has now been corrected and the NPC sells a double handed sword and axe.

    Skill: Explosive Arrow - effect corrected
    The explosion of Explosive Arrow now always triggers when the bullet hits an object.

    Bow of Destruction: Fixed Missing Enchantment
    The item Bow of Destruction was missing its enchantment. The bow now has the correct enchantment (+40% critical damage) again.

    NPC Vithrandir
    An animation when NPC Vithrandir is teleporting in the Fortress of the Alliance has been corrected

    Potion Quickslot fixed
    Potions returned to the inventory and disappeared from the quickslot interface.This behaviour has been corrected and potions will remain in the quickslot interface. Also, if you drag stacks of potions to a quickslot and change the map the icon always displayed the amount of 1 (see screenshot). This graphical bug has been corrected.
    Potion bug.png

    HP change.jpg

    I addition, we removed some of the decorative elements on the health- and resource bubbles to ensure you can keep better track of the current amount left of each of those.

    Known Issues

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

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