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Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by Dejavu, May 2, 2019.

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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    No, and no_Old developers started , im pretty sure we have new ones / or maybe not all are new / but still most of them havent worked on the creating process.

    Pinata bug proved otherwise.
    U spam the word bot way too much lmao.
    Its not as easy as u think. If they do what u suggest then autoclicker for selling is also considered bot and im sure the players are mass using it. If it is considered as such then they MUST add an option for full inv clear. I havent played since a month but some ppl in the game that i know are mass using it. Even now more than before. Imagine , the players do the DEVELOPERS job because they are lazy
    But they arent botters, but they will be accused of such by running the script u want, ? Get it ? your idea is inherently bad. Good intention , bad execution
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    It is what it is. If it is a "fire key" on a mouse, and you drag the cursor yourself, it's probably not even remotely a bot. If it's making the cursor moves itself/mimiking them after you trigger it somehow (eg. with a keystroke), it's a macro. If it's a compound process that is doing the selling and what not, it's a bot.

    That's what I'd call a selling macro.

    I don't really understand why are people using all that crap, you have to check for platinum lines etc. anyways.

    The only inventory help this game needs is some more advanced (more customisable) sorting system.
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  3. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I do not understand these people who complain about "so many botters". Half the PVP "hacks" mentioned can be done so easily with minor amount of skill. Noone in their right mind would use a bot to walk and shoot, as well as "aimbot" either. The game doesnt update your position often enough for an aimbot to even shoot where you are. People just predict where you will be, its so easy to just learn. A bot might aim the right place, but if they change direction after you shoot they will miss, so that's just bull. Your movement is bad if you get hit a lot, end of story.
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    When somebody is doing stutterstep or predicts movement, it's all right. The problem comes when they're infallible at it, which is often combined with a few other things (as that alone could be countered). And don't say that it's possible to dodge everything. It's generally possible at the far-end of the range, but at point blank perfectly aimed shots are simply undodgable. What does a cheater look like:
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  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I dont i have all the stats i need 2 items to craft and im done altough i havent played in a while
  6. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    Thank you for confirming, your freands are using a macro :)
    Is true they Ban Bug users but we are back to my question.
    " you realy think Devs cant find out whu is using a bot and whu not "

    If they can find whu is abusing a bug ,why they cant find whu is using an macro ? :D
    How they find abusive bug users ?....

    Read the Rules for this game we are not alowed to use any tipe of third party macro in any way.
  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    sigh i know the rules since 6 years ago but i dont care sincr i donr play im just telling u bot aint the same thing as macro. from basic knowledge i knows.Its like calling a cow and a bull the same. A lot of simularitiies yet different.

    Plus " friendS? i wrote ppl that i know , in the game . Not friends wew .( who has friends if they play dso XD the game is solo oriented either ways)

    If they have greater stats - bugs
    If they have gamepay related things - bots
    And since i cleared for you the difference between the bot and a macro ( wel, there is not macro for arena and it cant exist.So u cant use this as an excuse " it ruins my pvp so its bot " * tho its still forbidden
    Idk ppl who say auto aim , auto aim.. its just that the game is bad its laggy , bad postion of the character ( visual loacation )
    I havent played taht much arena since i stopped a month ago but i never got to play vs anyone who has smt of the mention above of all, nor anyone else i know. So understand it as u like.
    Forbidden third party programs or no i just wanted to say that they arent the same despite the game categorising em as such. ( im spreading knowledge xD)
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  8. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    I dont think i am laggy with 24Ms ....
    Wath are u traing to do now is to hide the fact that ppls are using a bot in pvp...
    I just say this and is onli my opinion ,traing so hard to say that a is imposibel to have a bot in pvp ,is making me think that you was using one before.

    If u search on youtbe u can find videos from this year how ppls use Bot.
    I am not permited to post enything here , not even the name of video.
    So how do u explain thouse videos ,they give information how to use a third party software ...from that basics u can look on pvp and u can understand whu is using one :D

    Playing pvp and i find Centurions that i cant deal more then 2k dmg to them wit 2750 base dmg pvp 49% critic chanse 25% dmg from pvp tree full tier 8 intems( with half of them gold stats) and they hit your toon 4-5-6k dmg with 23% dmg reduction ,you know is samnthig rong there .

    Auto Aim in pvp exist. and many others Buffs come with it.
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Which is Illegal.
    Bots, macros, scripts ... they are all the same ... they are all programs.
    All of them are illegal not just in DSO but in all games (mmo, FPS etc)
    Not true.
    Some players could abuse bugs and exploit them ... but there are programs that are able to modify your stats.
    Not true.
    Botting is defined as automation of any action ... if a program is pressing keys for you than it is botting.
    In gaming there is one rule that applies to all games: 1 button = 1 action - which means when you press one button it performs only one specific action.
    That means you can only use standard mice and keyboards. You can use any programmable fancy mouse and keyboard AS LONG as you are using them as standard mouse and keyboard.
    The moment you use their software and record actions and create macros ... you are violating the rules (in any game).
    Now ... apart form mice and keyboards software there are external cheating programs like auto-aim, autoclickers and others. It doesn't matter if you are using those illegal programs or programs provided by the hardware manufacturer ... they are all illegal.
    There is the other issue as well ... modifying stats. You can see players running like flash (it is not related to any talent it is a constant speed) and shooting with greater attack speed than you even if you have same equipment.
    One example ... when you see a legionnaire with extraordinary or magic equipment killing a Grand Marshal with all max yellow stats unique gear ... in a chest to chest combat (no evasion no running just pure hit hit and hit until one of them is dead) you know there is a problem. Put on that the fact it could be a High Rank player instead of legionnaire. And YES rank matters ... because higher rank have more points to invest in Honor Talents. Low rank player can't have 50-55 points to invest in 25% more damage and 25% more defense.
    I am even seeing players that can't be stunned (net lands next to them or even if it hits them they are continuing without being stunned) ... that is not lag on my side ... I have no lag.
    Furthermore ... on top of that ... when you consider the fact they are fast running in circles and hit you from distance with surgical precision and you can't hit them even once out of 3-4 shots ... and on top of it add the imbalance with the PvP ... you get one big mess of a PvP.
    That is why I said earlier ... they need to fix all the issues first before changing PvP and force the players to play that kind of PvP.

    So yes the PvP is full with cheaters ... and the number is rising from day to day.
    Take a look

    Really? someone died few times and even lost less? :)
    That is impossible even if they were paired with themselves (clone character with clone person playing the character) ... because when you get such high win/kill ratio you get paired with the strongest players ... those who have relatively similar stats ... so it is not possible to have few lost battles if not cheating.
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice there is something wrong ... but sure those who have played more than few matches can spot the difference more accurately. So ... yes I have played more than enough (even if I didn't have to play that much) so I can tell there are huge number of cheaters. Here is how much fights I had until 3am CET today (doesn't tell anything about my skills but it tells of the significant effort I have put in playing the arena):

    And of course there are these players with 200% mentor bonus (you can spot them easily) ... which is not illegal but the devs had to have that in mind and remove the mentor bonus if they wanted to make a fair PvP Season ... before they released it.
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  10. Burn84

    Burn84 Junior Expert

    All thouse cheaters shuld be remuved from LB and permaban :)

    My quest for Baning all cheaters never gone Stop .

    The second Problem that we have is that Devs dont make a Thread where we can directly post there game related problem .

    If we send to supporto videos and sam others problems, i think not even 1% gone be send to Devs,i dont think they know everything that hapen in this game.
    We have Moderators that play this game with us in Guilds where for sure are players whu use cheats and they know it ...but they dont do nothig.
    They know whu is using bots in pvp too ...they fight agains them. :D
    We dont need to make videos about boters .
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  11. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    It is not macros, It is not auto click, It is not a bot and IT IS NOT A HACK, it is an option that the game gives you. You can complain what you want but if it is in the programming of the game and a hack can not be.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    In conclusion ... the game is giving players option to hack and cheat. :)
    Yes there are cheaters ... yes there is existing use of hacks and cheats and exploits.
    A lot of players were messaging me in game just to explain their "moonwalk" ... or call it "hit and run" or "kiting" or "fast fingers" ... but I was never referring to that. I was aware of that even before it came to live servers.
    Here it is ... note the date.
    So if I was not referring to that ... that means I was referring to something else which is illegal and it is deserving a permanent ban.
    And of course I made a report with .exe files and links.
  13. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    @trakilaki If that is your position, you and I have nothing to discuss. I can explain why you think that, but I will not continue explaining. I will only tell you that you are not right.
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You have all the rights to tell me I am not right ... that is what the forum serves for ... for discussion ;)
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  15. Ворон_Одина

    Ворон_Одина Forum Apprentice

    It would be nice to remove Flex (click and move back) from the arena. Because it disbalances the arena very seriously. And, as far as I understand, the developers can remove the very possibility of Flex by changing a few values in the animation movements.
  16. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    @trakilaki I briefly summarize. As you have already written, it is simply having an agile hand, the only thing you need to know is a function of the game called "Lag Compensation" this makes the movements of the players simplify in what you already know, You can see this on other players' screens and never on your own character. I take it for granted that you don't know about this why you are a player who has been in the game for a long time, another thing that makes me right is that they never expel players for doing this.

    With this little explanation, it is implied that you are not in the high-elo and that is why you give the reason to the post.

    --- MERGED ---

    The "Moon-walk" has been in the game for more than 3 years, they changed it because with the progress of the game, the old animations were incompatible, this can be done by any player who knows how to play for real, normally the old players cannot do it for your skill chart
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  17. Ворон_Одина

    Ворон_Одина Forum Apprentice

    This dexterous hand gives advantage to the one who owns it. And why should I lose to someone who deftly wields the mouse and click? Moreover, this dexterous hand abusing mages/dwarves/bows and DKS it is difficult to respond to these skills.
  18. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    Let's see, it's not even difficult to do, most people learn it after 3 minutes, and obviously, whoever has the best ability will be who wins.

    I am from Heredur, and I suppose you are not. If you are from Heredur, I can teach you how to do this, but maybe there is one on your server that can do it.
  19. Ворон_Одина

    Ворон_Одина Forum Apprentice

    But I don't want to do this! I think that it is necessary to correct some figures in these tables and remove the possibility of moonwalk.
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  20. Erik

    Erik Forum Apprentice

    It is impossible to eliminate, The problem is in the old people in the game that has a bad table of skills and therefore it is not that they want or not, it is that they cannot do it.

    This before that update could already be done but before being the PvP different, it was not seen in anyone