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  1. Hello Heroes,
    as promised already in the recent Producer Dialogue a 5th character class will come this year.
    We have looked at your feedback and have come up with the a brand new class!

    Plague Doctors are experts when it comes to any sort of venom or disease. A highly skilled Plague Doctor can poison a single enemy but can also create an entire pandemic to take down an entire army...over time. Every good toxic cocktail or disease needs a period of time to become effective. As masters of toxicology and virology they not only know how to spread infections and poison, they also know how to cure them. Antidotes and medical kits are part of a Plague Doctor‘s standard equipment. Despite being experts in their field, Plague Doctors are not immune to toxics and diseases but thanks to their protective masks the risk of contamination is as good as zero. Plague Doctors are swift and nimble close combat fighters. They are by far not as robust as Dragon knights but what they lack in defense they make up for in damage output. Plague doctors collect and can create natural and synthetic viruses to infuse their weapons and weapons of others. Their main weaponry includes studded medical leather gloves and razor-sharp utensils such as gigantic battle scalpels.


    The Plague Doctor

    -Master of Toxicology and Virology-

    Studded medical leather gloves and gigantic battle scalpels

    Fighting style:
    Melee – Close Combat

    Preview Skills

    Blessed Bovine
    Summon 2 mad cows as minions that will attack any enemy nearby

    Pneumonia Punch
    A burst of quick punches close to the enemy’s nose. Nearby enemies immediately suffer from a severe cold.

    Sharing Is Caring
    infuse your own weapons or a friend’s weapon with highly contagious germs.

    Please post your FEEDBACK here.

    CM Greg and the DSO moderation team
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