Producer Dialogue: DSO in 2015

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 25, 2015.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    A Whole New Continent

    Salutations, Heroes of Dracania!

    Thankfully, 2014 is behind us. It was a challenging year where we had to focus on fixing legacy problems, which meant that we didn’t have the time and resources to do what we love most - create awesome new content!

    Now with a completely reworked first 2 hours of the game and with Crystals of Truth banished forever, we finally have a firm foundation to build the greatest content update we’ve ever attempted.

    The level 46-50 content update is yet to receive its final name, but I can confirm it will be of greater scope than Myrdosch, with more maps, monsters and quests. New skills and talents will also be included, along with a re-work of Parallel Worlds. We are also planning a new alchemy system, which will add more depth to combat. We are aiming for a late July release. I understand that this is too long a wait for many, but we need this long in order to meet your expectations.

    But what about PvP? Premium essences were recently removed but the best is yet to come – Guild Battles! The design is nearing completion and we aim to release this feature before the content update. Expect more information about Guild Battles in upcoming Twitch broadcasts.

    Also, the newly released Group Finder will get some bug fixes and improvements soon (thank you all for your valuable feedback!) and milestone 2 of the Achievements system will soon be released, possibly in the next release or the one after that. This will feature Titles, which you can choose to show beside your hero’s name.​

    But that’s not all. What feature can you think of that would improve PvE and PvP? Yep, a new character class! Unfortunately we won’t manage to include this in the scope of the content update, but we aim to release it within 2015 and we hope it will bring a new dimension to both the PvE and PvP experience.

    Last thing. What’s mightier than the sword and more permanent than the pen? Yep, the Ban Hammer! No one knows when it shall strike, but strike it shall.
    Your Producer,
    Rick Talrok
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Will anything be done to improve/raise coin drops?
    Will there be any improvement in the andermant drops?
    Will there be any new useful gear?
    Will there be any improvement/change to the gops needed to upgrade gear?
    Will there be any improvements done on the wildly random stats for gear?
    Will there be any new events?
    Will there be any improvements for Gnob?
    Will there be any improvements in drop rates for the big bosses
    Will there be any improvements in drop rates on general end maps like Stalgard?
    Will there be any improvements on the enchantments for the gear?
    Will there be any improvements for the moon events?
    Will there by any improvements for the chest drops?

    And most importantly, will there be anything done to reduce the mind numbing grind or at least give us some reason to put up with it? Something like better drops or rewards would go a long ways to encourage us to play more.

    I don't want to continue to beat a dead horse, but these questions get asked by players a lot.
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Also, with an added class, will we get another slot so we can have 5 toons or will we have to pick and chose over our line up? I'm hoping this new class will be a bit more useful than Dwarfs.
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  4. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    Hi Rick,
    Are there any plans at all to extend the Fame Tree, to lvl 45 PvP?

    Just wondering in light of another level cap increase and guild PvP coming soon, Thanks
  5. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    should be known if ocean of bones and mortis will be scaled to the new levels?... and the drop?... and mission uniques like ring of death?

    thanks :)
  6. Vegemite.

    Vegemite. Forum Greenhorn

    Thank You Rick!

    I was close to quitting, but now after watching the recent twitch session and hearing of these future updates. I have a much greater incentive to play the game and am eagerly looking forward to the 'Guild Battle' feature. I hope it does not disappoint.

    Could you also look at these suggestions. The idea of removing glyphs from a piece of upgraded equipment without destroying it would greatly improve the glyph/melt system.

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  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I would assume that they will scale (they already scale from 30-45, how hard is it to do 30-50?). Also, I'm assuming that when they said that they will be reworking the parallels that it sort of implies that they will be considering the increased level cap.
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  8. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    New Class type.
    Double handed sword toting debuffer. His abilities makes the enemy take more damage from physical or magical damage. Also has the ability to take the hits for a player if he is directly behind a group member for 10 seconds. Has the ability to add fire damage ice damage or thunder damage to any other sword fighter. Even dragon Knights :)

    Has an ability that temporarily disables attack to block with both swords. Only absorbs some andermagic damage.

    The other idea was to use the turret system from the mechanics. There would only have 1 at a time unless the skill tree adds two at some higher level. The turrets do 1 of many things and you get a new turret as you level up. Turret can increase one of... attack speed, damage, crit damage, crit. value, regen of hp, regen of mana/concentration/rage/steam and debuffer of slow attack armor down slower travel speed.
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  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I would love to see a magic based melee that would have different kinds of weapons that would give the wielder buffs to different kinds of elemental damage. For example, one weapon might have 25% more fire damage for the fire attacks in the form of burn or an ice weapon that slows... that sort of thing.
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  10. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    I believe it was mentioned in the Twitch stream that the skill cap will increase to lv50, but yes, we'd really appreciate additions to the knowledge and fame trees.

    As far as a new character class, my money is on a monk/priest, based on the comments that they will most likely be a melee fighter with some healing support skills.

    I would like to ask Rick if there are any immediate plans to tweak the moon events?

    The guild battle feature I' m really looking forward to. But please ensure that there is a mechanism to ensure all the spoils of was are shared fairly.
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I knew it from the start there is a catch with removing essences from the arena. :D
    Now they announced "alchemy" as another PVP element.
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Alchemy is going to be a buff system and from the sound of it, good for both PvP and PvE.
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Of course ... alchemy will be basic ingredient for buffing the $$$$$ system. :D
    P2W players were paying for red essences in the past ... now they will be using "alchemy" to extract the gold alloy for their buffs ... with the credit card as a main ingredient. :D
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  14. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    just curious, but with the guild battles/leagues etc does this mean that the pvp matching will not apply so right from the start the top 10 start a guild and walk away with it and get the rewards?
  15. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    Hopefully the Devs will never implement anything that puts F2P players at such a disadvantage that they simply quit.
    After all making the experience fun for all was the official reason given for removing essences from PvP.

    I would like to see alchlemy introduced with very little in the way of instructions. So that it's left to us to experiment to with a huge range of combinations to develop our own secret formulas with potentially negative effects as well as positive. And varying durations. One formula may provide an increase in damage, but reduced health, or increased travel speed, but reduced resistance.

    I can imagine players developing potions and sharing them only within their guilds. Secret guild formulas used in the guild PvP wars.
  16. GroovieGimp

    GroovieGimp Forum Apprentice

    I'd like to see a Healer battlemonk/cleric added as the 5th class, with spells like diamond-fist, blade-hand, and stone-skin in his repetoire. I think as a support for pvp, especially teams, a class like this could create some truly epic battle scenarios. Just my 2 cents...
  17. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    A. Alchemy might be farmable... so please keep an eye out for drops.
    B. As with every new thing people want to think people that spend money will buy it all up and they will just sit and watch them get slaughtered... There is so much a person could spend their money on. Make a level 8 charter and but all the melts to raise all their gear to 50. Just so many things to get if you had unlimited money supply. True this could happen but let's wait and see. I have faith there will be a balance to all of this.
  18. can1test

    can1test Forum Greenhorn

    a shortcut of todays twitch session with the most important aspects. Hope you don't mind the german comments in between. Best, Elen!
  19. Wyrwiflaka

    Wyrwiflaka Exceptional Talent

    What about quick start horse button which you promised to us Rick, a over year ago?

    What about more space in inventory and in depo in town?

    What about more sense in costs (lower, now still too absurd) of combine of items?

    What about more re quests with rewards in 20-50 gold for one? And for all lvls not only for 45?

    What about TGC and stuff ONLY for THEM?

    What about bonuses for guilds for cooperations, quests, a time of exist, not only for fight wit others quilds?
  20. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Good to know the content update will be bigger than Myrdosh !

    But .. new class ? YES ... with abilities to support others .... WHAT ??? I thought it´s clear enough the community wants some kind of Rogue/Assassin class. In creative corner most of the new class ideas is for the Assassin-like archetype, also in other forum threads people were asking for Assassin. But some support class for other character ? Some people wanted it, but those were not the majority. Also, how is this class going to do in 1v1 pvp where it can´t support anyone ? Very bad decision IMO. I would really like to see either an Assassin for melee, or maybe a Necromancer, but that would be another ranged class.
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