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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. Tregs

    Tregs Forum Greenhorn

    I'm not sure how to do replies and frame the previous response so please excuse my clumsy quote marks to reference:

    "I'm not sure if this is what Tregs meant as well, but anyways: even if you start to ban the people who exploit on the arenas, they will be able to return straight off, and exploit again on lvl1, breaking the arena even more. They don't need equipment for their bugs, they can as well kill everyone while being naked. The whole point of equipment for them is hiding their bugs under the cover of the equipment."

    Yes, that is precisely correct. I won't explain more but you clearly understand. More importantly, Dev should understand. :)
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So what? Lower levels should then not be grouped against level 55, aside from the fact that most level 55 won't have high tier royal gems and such a situation is already present
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  3. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    The point of this is supposed to be "fair" pvp.

    So a new player on day one will be equal to the player on year whatever. I'm sure that it will seem very fair to the new player.

    Since there are no specifics on how the balance will be completed between classes, I'll have to wait and see, although some classes will be unhappy to be sure.

    The initial pvp gear will be made so that everyone is equal. Again it seems that day one players will see this as fair.

    Then there will be upgraded or crafted or farmed or bought pvp gear that will be better than the original basic set ???

    Doesn't that directly lead right back to the "unfair" pvp where older players will have better gear/stats than the new players and completely defeat the purpose of creating a "fair" pvp?

    I personally like the moba style games, but this hybrid moba/pvp thing being introduced doesn't fit here. If it were a completely separate function, maybe.

    I do like the idea of a progression bar and rewarding players for that effort.
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  4. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Let me say this:

    The ideea of fair pvp in this game is a nonsense, is a big crap, and BP knows that, but they are pretending they dont know, in order to make money. Cant be fair pvp, at least not in this type of game. When you are in a fight, you kick, you use some stick to hit your opponent, you bite, you spit, you kick EDIT. So basically best beast wins, is not about fair, is about weapons, strength,stones, runes, enchantments, skills, etc, but not much about fair. (anyway i dont think that actuall bp team are able to balance pvp, even they wish)

    BP pretends they wants a fair PVP only to squeze newbies for money, perhaps old players dont invest too much in the game now, and BP says, ok let trash old players work and make newbies happy in order that newbies will invest money.

    Ofc, that will be no fair pvp anyway, but they are trying to sell that dream to newbies , for money.

    One hit pvp was very easy to adjust, it was enough to reduce base damage in pvp with % percent for all, but they dont wanted this, they just wanted a way to make money, trashing old players work and selling a dream to newbies.

    And thats all story.

    PS: Think about this, it was fair when old players farmed for years at khalys/mortis for an unique? Now newbies can buy almost any pw unique in no time.

    It was fair for old playes to spend many months for crafting? Now newbies get 4xgold line in no time.

    All newbies want help to buy inf4 items (not less) , well they want to be gods in a month, and all that is because BP promote this in order to make money.

    Suddenly BP are concerned about fair. They are so concerned that just ignored for years boots, advertising on main chat for fishing sites and so on, maybe some of you may tell that was some bans i guess that only when comunity voice rised and cannot be ignored , perhaps 90% of bugs/exploits etc is still working.

    And this is just for money. I agree the ideea of making money, but i do not agree THEY TRASH MY WORK.
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  5. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    Thats just my thought :) I play on 5v5 (and sometimes 3v3) mostly, so Idk a lot about 1v1 ('cause in group PvPs DK's and SM's healing isn't a big deal).

    Yes, as I told in my post, lvl1 with stats&skills of lvl55 is nonsense.

    There is problem, 'cause its way too hard to craft x1 Royal from x1 Flawless, than x1 Blue Royal from x1 Royal, but difference between tiers is same (AND a lot of ppl, who have full royals told me that "iTs toO haRd tO FaRM bLuE rOYalS"... Mb they don't know, how difficult is gems farming&crafting now).
  6. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    About PvP Gear:

    "2 different kinds of slots in the Player PvP gear inventory – season based and permanent."
    Season based? don`t do that, simple is better than complex, put a 2nd set it's enough.

    "The PvP trader will offer improved versions of the PvP gear for honor points".
    I like it.

    "It is also planned to offer an option to use the workbench to create PvP gear with PvE equipment so that Players have the possibility to use their PvE progress as an advantage for PvP".
    Only base stats or enchants too? We allready have too many things to craft, don't songs good.

    "We are planning to give out permanent PvP gear in special events or as part of rewards from seasons – or maybe as direct drop from monsters in PvE.".
    Direct drop from monsters in PvE, for sure, PVE and PVP should maintain a bond.
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  7. SayMyName

    SayMyName Forum Apprentice

    I like that you say it with some confidence, the fact is that, you, like me, is one of those players who after all always come back to play DSO. I think if they maintain what they have written in the roadmap, the pvp could take a fun turn ;)
  8. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    When BP screw us over again:
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  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    And more of your PVP nonsense. You might as well just eliminate PVP from the game. The Developers have ruined it no one is playing. No way should some newbie that's been playing for 6 months be beating a guy who has been playing for six year and put real effort into PVP. Been watching the daily PVP board maybe 100 players and more then half have less then few hundred points. No serious PVP'er wants your PVP gear, they want to build their own toon their way, the way they like to play. If the Develpers are not going to put PVP back the way it was before 155r just get rid of it. You are just wasting programing and server space.
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    pvp should be back the way it was in level 45, prior to being screwed up
    remember that they started screwing it up when they reworked wisdom
    they probably didn't they it's too hard, they probably did say it's boring, big difference
    Also no, it's not a problem, since in time newbies will be able to get them
    The problem would be if royal magic gems weren't available except by paying
    Why hate it? this trainwreck is actually hilarious, like turning point UK being memed to death on twitter
  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I thought I would quote that in the "official feedback thread", still having a tiny bit of hope the devs would read it and actually do it. I'm also not a PvP player (in fact I have way less honor points than Traki), but... that suggestion just makes sense.
  12. GχТнеВдтмди

    GχТнеВдтмди Forum Greenhorn

    I hope there will be pvp stuffs in cubes too. Atm cubes don't have nothing useful for pvp...
  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Justice is not exactly the right word to say that a level 1 should be treated as a 55 in PvP and give the same treatment and possibilities.
    I think the solution would be to separate the arena by level ranks: 1-15, 16-30, 31-45,46-50,51-55. Or maybe block PvP before you reach lvl 15 and then do the same ranks: 15-30, etc.
    Supposedly the objective of a level lower than 55 is not to compete in PvP, but to complete the history of the game and then reach a high statistic in the character doing PW.
    The main problem is that most people who write in the forum are people who have not yet reached the maximum potential of their character or come to claim rights as a feminist would. Now in the game it is easier to improve and it has fewer challenges because of these people who believe they have the right to obtain everything in one day because they feel "disadvantaged" by not knowing how to play correctly.
    Many of you who write here admit it:
    I do not play pvp(and never did), but ...
    I do not have a good character, but ...
    I'm not 55 yet, but ...
    If devs keeps listening to noobs, the game is gonna be hell both in PvP and PvE.
    Old players grew their accounts with effort and dedication and without complaining that something was difficult, they simply achieved it.
    Now the newcomers complain about any small unimportant thing or exaggerate something to look like victims of extreme complexity when in fact the game is super simple.

    It is contrary to want to correlate PvP and PvE but at the same time give free equipment to any newcomer to match it in conditions with the old ones.
    There is no possible correlation if a newly arrived player can do PvP without farming.
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  14. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    You are looking at this from the completely wrong angle. The reason why level 1-54 are need to be moved into the same bracket as level 55 is not because it is necessary to give them more power, but to include them into the same pool of players so that everyone has more chance to find a PvP match.

    However, I don't see a big advantage to the player pool with that. My honest opinion is to completely get rid of the current silly match making system. Let everyone who is registered at the time join any 5v5 match and once joined from the pool sort into the two groups according to their power level. Also, in order for this to be effective, You also have to dis-allow pre-groups and dis-allow changing groups once the match is waiting for other players to join.

    It is a great idea to have separate PvP gear in a separate character page. This means that You don't have to manually switch gear and this also means I can do hunting while waiting for a PvP match and immediately join when the match is up. Currently, we cannot do anything while waiting for PvP because PvP build is not suitable for hunting.
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  15. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    The only reason I could see logic in that is because of the fact that everyone would be able to do the daily challenges of PvP.
    I do not see any more reasons, because when someone starts an account in some way what he is looking for is to immerse himself in the history of the game and do the missions discovering the world of Dracania, but they feel obligated in some way to enter PvP to receive clovers, infernal passes or other rewards in the daily challenges.
    I think I'm not wrong to say that the vast majority of players just want to farm while their character makes progress and complete events.
    Those same players are the ones who have complained for a long time about the PvP oneshot because they were just meat for good players, and it's true that this needed a change, but we can't fool ourselves, now with no needed craft or gems in PvP anyone is able to equip a shield and go to pvp in practically the same conditions, and this time of the new PvP has only shown that people who said they had no option due to enchants or gems, are still worst than those who have always won the games, which are still winning the games against the noobs who have no skill (regardless of the gems or enchants).
    That's why I think is no needed (except for being able to do daily challanges) to move all players into same level in PvP.
    After all, the vast majority of players in this game are not competitive people and they don't really care about PvP.
    What's the point in wanting to play PvP if you have not learned to kill Grimmag in painful and dodge attacks?
    If devs do PvP ranks as the PvE ones, it will only cause many noob to feel forced to enter to get some rewards, creating unbalanced games and probably some players leaving the arena when challenges of the day completed creating numerical inferiority in some teams.
    If devs get that the PvP should only be played by those who really like to do it, the games will start to be more balanced and fair.
    When some noobs can write here to say: "I don't like PvP and now that gems and enchants are deactivated I finish games 0/30, but I like the changes because I can get rewards by entering and waiting my team to do it for me"... We have a problem.
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  16. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Ironic how the people who don’t even participate in PvP in the first place somehow get to decide what ultimately happens to PvP...

    But seriously though, I bet the devs can’t even imagine how broken and full of exploits this new PvP system will be. Just think about this: all the players who are interested solely in PvP can just make a new account and immediately fight in the arena using all abilities and against max levels before even completing the tutorial. Can’t they see how broken this would be? This means all new players who don’t give a crap about PvE will just camp at the first few levels and play PvP non-stop at the same level as older, more experienced and dedicated players, without any need to ever level up. And if BP ban such a players account they can just as easily make a new account and continue doing the same in less than five minutes...
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  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You're wrong. You're terribly wrong. That's not the solution.

    First of all, let's look at what the PvP looks like for people under the cap level.
    If they're at levels 50-54, they can (and often will) be matched with lvl55 people. They're pretty much the cannon fodder there, just like the people who have just hit the max level.
    If they're under that... well. One thing they are going to find when they go PvP are legacy twinks: yes, they're having pretty good time there now as they had accumulated lots of glyphs back when the exp block was still here. And now glyphs matter the most, as it lets them get lvl60 base values at very low levels... and base values are all that matters. Aside of twinks, there are lots of people who are simply exploiting the game. Among the levelling toons, there is a way lower chance they would meet a player that would record and report them. The presence of these two groups of players successfully repels all the honest and new players from playing PvP, with some of those above lvl40 occasionally going there for clovers. Since every new player quits PvP after 1-2 matches, every next one quits too, finding no people like him, but rather only those losers. Yes, losers - point me one reason of exploiting or sticking to twinking now aside of that? It was once kind of trendy to have a twink, most people had a low level alt they would exp block - even if most of them didn't play that very much, because it was, well, kind of boring.

    The only solution for the problem you're describing would be to fix those damn exploits and the new players will start coming to PvP. Without fixing them... there is absolutely now way to accomplish that. All the honest players will either quit the game at all or quit PvP; the only thing the whole idea of PvP update can do is make the exploit impact on us even greater.

    I would say again that you're a hypocrite... but enemy of my enemy is my ally.

    The only moral of your story is that we can be almost sure that if the devs come up with a new way of equalising, taking away from players, screwing us up etc. that would harm those who are now claiming to like the new PvP, they will go against them... because they will feel what it is like. However, as soon as the harmful crap hammer of the devs hits others, missing them, they will go again praising the devs and crying against those hit by the hammer, and even those reasonable people who weren't hit, but see what's really wrong nevertheless.
    Exactly. Now, why do some people (including the devs) do not see it?
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  18. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    Implement more new EDIT and add game changes without removing old bugs.
    Game is already about the many errors, retry, retry, retry ...
    And suddenly you can not log in on the last day of the lb because we are thrown out of the game.
    Whole DSO goes to the sharks.
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  19. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I never said that is the solution. You are not reading my post clearly or not understanding it. I said that is why they (BP) are doing it.
    My solution was given below in the second paragraph and that is to remove their match making system.
  20. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    What do the underlined words mean then?
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