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Dear forum reader,

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  1. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Indeed this is discourage strong players since they able perform better in solo or group of 2.
    Just an idea to encourage mixed classes to play in group. For each different class that join the group will negate the mobs additional HP.
    For example :
    Group of DK, DK, SW, SM & RA will fight mobs strength equal to DK & DK.
    Group of SW, DK & RA will fight mobs strength equals to any class solo.
    Group of DK, SM, SM, SW & SW will fight mobs strength equal to DK, SM & SW
    Something like that.

    If the favored class in group is the motive behind your nerf plan. This also could be the solution since you don't have headache anymore trying to nerf down a class to make them equals in group.
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  2. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    First of all thank you for the letter. It was very appreciated for the transparence (even if too much "captatio benevolentiae", it was a little bit disgusting).

    My first question is: How much do you test, calculate, plan the various skill, damage, hitpoint and everything? I am really interested and curious in this matter.

    Second one: Why do you not bother anymore about pvp? Everything you do is to give us more challenges in pve but everything we earn from pw or events make pvp always worst.

    Third one: Well it is not really a question but... PLEASE! Do not make another expansion! This thing combined with the looooong way to craft items + drop unique + farm cores is ruining the game and our experience. A lot of us, and going on there will be a lot more, is thinking that it is becoming unuseful grinding every day to grow up. This also influence the revenue. Sometimes i thought: well other than premium i could buy that 114k andermant offered for 50 euro. But suddenly i think: why should i do this? i cannot earn anything appreciable and in next release i t can also become useless. This also is true in order of unique crafting. So my advise is to not make another expansion or new items for at least 1-2 years. This will give the game more stability. If you think that people will not pay anymore if things stay like this for this period, ok do what you want, but my experience says that in the long period you are wrong.
  3. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Hello there and thank you for opening this channel of direct communication between us- the players and yourselves- our Development Team. It was really needed. Few questions from me and my friends here if we may:

    1 ) Will you publish updated version of min-max Base Values for level 55 items of all classes please?

    2 ) Following recent animation changes in character's skills, players notice/feel that they toons seem to be slower than before for EXAMPLE1 and EXAMPLE2; will you publish updated Skills' Speed Breakpoints Tables for all classes please?

    3 ) The pointer/ the cursor - would it be possible in future to have an option to change the colour of the pointer ( choice of 3 colours perhaps?). There are very bright locations (snow, ice like in Iron Forest but also many , many other maps) players for years have been struggling to find the pointer during gameplay - it kind of 'gets lost' like many said in the past; the outcome is even worse if there is a couple of Spellweavers in the party using their powerful skills ?

    4 ) Many friends think that PW exit needs re-working - EXAMPLE

    5 ) What are your thoughts on the following topic : Mass combining of gems

    6 ) Are there any plans to introduce a customizable auto-loot / auto pick up feature for all loot items in Drakensang Online?

    7 ) Infernal II has arrived to our world - are there plans to introduce Infernal III,IV,V,VI etc?

    8 ) We have 8 PW right now and eagerly awaiting the 9th one- Mount Suvius; also, there seems to be another -10th 'Gate'( screenshot provided below) which makes one hope and believe that there's going to be 10th PW in near future...

    : Can you share with us how many more PWs are you planning to introduce to Drakensang Online ?


    9 ) Whatever has happened to :

    a) those nice, high 78-79% increased damage on this item lines on 2h weapons? We don't seem to be finding anything higher than 76% now;

    b) also nice, high, over 9% faster travel speed lines in our boots such like the ones in the screenshot presented below:

    Question: why do we find only 7.3, 7.4,7.5% golden lines now?


    10 ) Many friends often asked about a possibility of re-working of the group tooltip- it is on the right hand side of the screen and in order to revive a player who died in the party one has to scroll over to the groups' window and then click on a little circle (number 27 - see screenshot below) to revive the dead member of the party- it is annoying and time consuming ,players would like numbers 25-28 ( see screenshot below) to be moved to the bottom of the screen or alternatively to be able to revive a dead player by simply scrolling a pointer over and clicking on the corpse - it would supposedly work just fine as long as a reviving player has any Spirit Stones in the Inventory, also;

    Players express their hope that in future they will be able to hide all the tubs in the HUD of Drakensang especially the numbers from 7 to 20 on the screenshot presented below :


    Thank you
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  4. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Any way to get a bigger screen shot? I can't read that.

    I'd also like to add to the list a prompt to exit any map that costs to enter or, on exit, you can't enter the same instance when grouped. This would be any boss map or PW/Event map. This way if the loot is near the exit, you can at least click "Cancel" and get the drops.

    And +1 on the cursor!

    ** Edit **
    Thank you Yogo for the better picture. It was as imagined it but good to be sure!
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  5. These are brilliant points that I and probably some others forgot to mention. Well said Yogo.

    I'd love to be able to change my cursor color too because I have had moments where I was standing in the middle of a boss fight trying to figure out where the hell i'm shooting. :p

    PW exits definitely have to be reworked. I was once killing Grimm on infernal with the guild, and as soon as he died I instantly teleported to town not knowing I had clicked on the exit spot right as he died. This was hilarious from my friends point of view, but not mine lol. I had to use direct portals to get my loot.

    Combining gems also definitely need to be reworked. I personally stack gems in items and then once all items are full I keep stacking each gem variant up to 99 once, and then mass combine them. This takes me about 1209834190823098123 clicks only.

    And finally and most importantly, the possibility of hiding everything on you screen. EVERYTHING. But especially the skills tub(29-40 respectively from Yogo's picture above). I am a Ranger and I really enjoy fighting bosses alone, but it can get really frustrating when i'm in certain angles that block my view of the boss where I have to walk up close to see hi, which can result in getting a nice, massive morning star slapped right on your cheek.

    And lastly, I would like to be able to drag some of these tubs, such as inventory, locker, combining gems(so space is reduced and more clicks per second for faster result) :p and so on.
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  6. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum Apprentice

    It is quite good what you are doing, and also worry about the healthy balance of classes

    Something important to reach this balance is to add sets or also runes with reduction of the duration of the effects of stuns
    Is really annoying especially in pvp where there are some characters which can stun practically permanent due to the low cooldown that these skills possess

    I hope your mission goes well, regards!
  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Dunno if anyone from the dev team realised but if you keep increasing the lvl cap each year and make the upgrades cost +5m glyphs per item, then sooner or later this game will be dead for new players and would be pointless to even bother with it.For instance right now it costs like 350-400mil glyphs to have all at lvl 60 without deluxe...in a few years if you keep folowing the trend of increasing the cap by 5 levels every 1-2 years, it will cost maybe twice this amount to have all the items maxed. We can all agree that the glyphs are very important and give you quite a boost in strenght .A new player will have to farm like 2 years if not more to gather the amount of glyphs required to max everything now...in a few years , a new player will have to farm 3-4 years to gather the amount of glyphs needed to get everything on max lvl then.Dont know who will start playing this game in a few years knowing that he will be competitive after 4-5 years of playing.Maybe instead of working on silly mounts you should focus on more important things.

    Also, the balance that you keep working on...have you realised that once you increase the lvl cap, it will most likely be messed up badly yet again and all this time that your team spent on "balancing them classes" was nothing but wasted time?It always happened..most likely to happen again.

    As to your hard work on balance ....when will the mage class be improved for the PvE part? You are going to bring group leaderboards...i can imagine how that will go for mage class...1 war+ 4 dwarfs or maybe parties build around warriors and dwarfs/rangers while mages will sit and wait for the group leaderboards to finish.If this class is not buffed and made competitive for the pve part, then the mage class will have a big disadvantage when the group leaderboards make it on live servers.Not cool.
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    BIELSON-JEBÓD Forum Apprentice

    First of all, thank you for updating us on what are your plans on this game.

    When it comes to the expansion 60 lvl cap it's a terrible idea, there are players like me who had a break from game and only came back to play this game fiew weeks ago, so replacing my old items from lvl 50 is not easy, and it would make absolutely no sense making another expansion in next fiew months, making me and other payers replacing their items all over again.
  9. 66styve661

    66styve661 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello , many things you plan or did last few months are good , but adjustement of dwarfs is disrespectful to the players that have farm and spent money only because many noobs players crying so much and don't know how to build their mages and rangers.
    You don't give any change's date , and you think dwarfes will wait and spend money and time until they see the nerf coming? it's such naive . Dwarf don't need nerf , but need improvements.
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  10. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    I hope with all my heart that the future and end game cap level will stop at 60. (level 65 must never exist). By now it is no longer possible to follow this game, the day does not have enough hours and you developers have lost the sense of fun.
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The only nerfed class is ranger ... and they are still nerfing it with each new release.
    skills, Sets, Set bonuses, Weapon's Base damage ... and with the latest release the animations. The only skill that got improved is the Deadly Blow ... all the others are slowed down to a point like they are having a cooldown. Especially EA and PS.
    It was said the animation time has been changed ... but it was never said that some of the skills have brand new animations.
    While all the other classes are being put on "stand by" ... the rangers are suffering from the dev's evil love for the class.
    that being said ... the process has already began ... and there is not turning back ... so it is a matter of time when the rest of the classes are going to be nerfed down.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You will have to wait for the next Dragan event or use the augment cores with the next R.
    Not just that ... but players can't read the guild and group chat if they are in the other one. So in order to see the chat you have to switch to that particular chat. That is making the chat unusable ... we already have such feature ... reading the messages when open it ... it is called email. XD
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  13. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    In the original post it was stated "We will try to collect as much questions as possible and will answer them here."

    When should we expect a comment from the devs?
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  14. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    They really need to nerf it more to be honest.1 hitting a full defense royal warrior with just a skill is kinda silly.That double dmg that EA does needs to be removed.I remember when precision shot did the same (2x dmg ) and ppl were taking advantage of that, then BP removed that because it was "not fair" (or something like that...according to their excuse)..Wonder why they dont fix EA already cuz it does pretty much the exact thing that precision shot did before they nerfed it.So we had 1 skill that did 2x dmg and was nerfed cuz it was not "fair" for others and now we have another skill that does 2x dmg and now its "fair"?

    Also imo mages is the class that was nerfed the most.Ever since lvl 55 came.Before that, a mage was better than a ranger at PvE, and thats why the ranger became a pariah and no one wanted them in parties..now its the other way around.Even more, the SW is the worst of them all at PvE.Anyways...nerf the mages even more...they are already the worst at PvE...making them even more weaker wont change much...the weakest now..still the weakest after..Im sure that when group leaderboards will make it ingame, players will rush and get 4 mages in a party to have th best party ingame lol...If nothing is done about the SW class in terms of PvE , these group leaderboards will sadly be only available to dwarfs, warriors and rangers.Anyways...
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nice try.
    Just because you have underdeveloped character and never played any other class that doesn't mean the other classes should be nerfed just because you have hard time with players that have better gear or played longer/smarter.
    After all these nerfings to the ranger ... and someone still complains about EA ... that shows 2 things:
    1. Hatred towards one particular class
    2. failure to play a class succesfuly

    I don't want to see anyone nerfed ... but If I still see these kind of comments ... i will have to make a video and show which class is ultimately OP ... and that is the SW.
    SW has never been nerfed ... nice try on that one too.
    I am playing SW and Ranger every day ... SW is a n ultimate killer both in PvE and PvP ... which doesn't mean it should be nerfed ... but of course it is the most powerful class of all. And that is because that is the nature of the SW ... it uses wide array of skills that are useful in all situations both in PvE and PvP.
    The problem is ... the majority of the players are just jumping on the bandwagon and try to replicate a build seen on net ... instead of using their own creativity and making their own ... adjusted to their play style and gear.
  16. Grizzles1

    Grizzles1 Forum Apprentice

    I am still curious about the goal of this recipe book. It is already ridiculously expensive and time consuming to craft. Will even more expensive and ridiculously time consuming elements be added to crafting in the form of expensive or hard to get recipes, for things we can already do right now?
  17. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Id like to see that.Show me how your SW can kill arachna fatal in 13s to beat a warrior.Would really like to see how you do it..same for grimmag and especially mortis/khaly on inf2.Ive posted a vid with a warrior killing arachna in 14s or so with tier 4 items.I bet he could get it done in under 10s now with tier 5, but by all means, show me how you do it faster with your SW.Challenge accepted? ^^

    PS: if the SW was indeed the ultimate killer as you say, then why were the parties built around dwarfs for quite a while now and why did they score the fastest kills on bosses?
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  18. Just FYI, precision shot only dealt double damage when opponent had a solid object right behind him and this was indeed not intended when they made the ranger. However, EXPLOSION arrow works properly. What you said doesn't even make sense lol... If EA only does damage once, that basically means the impact of the explosive arrow is harmless and made out of cotton or something... we might aswell brand the ranger as a Nerf toy.

  19. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Well according to the wiki : ""Shoot a precision arrow which causes 125% of your basic damage as physical damage. Marked enemies will be pierced by the arrow and will suffer double damage." - the description of the precise shot.Similar to EA if im not mistaking.Yet BP removed that double dmg for precision shot cuz they considered that it was 2 op for bosses and/or pvp.Am i wrong? Im not playing a ranger but i dont understand why a skill that did less dmg yet dealt 2x dmg to marked enemies had that double dmg effect thing removed, and another skill which does more % dmg and does double dmg too is allowed.I mean they considered that skill to be OP and nerfed it , and EA which does more dmg is ok in their books?
  20. gdonev

    gdonev Forum Greenhorn

    Dear DSO game design team,
    Could you please take a look at this discussion I am having with moderator Sunlight and if possible provide some insights? I feel very badly that %hp regen items are not available in pvp and about not being able to use runes of grand resilience in any way that makes sense to me. I play a DK. This is the thread: https://board-en.drakensang.com/threads/hp-regeneration-runes-not-working-in-5v5.74213/#post-675930. Is it true that because you wanted to take potions out of pvp any %hp regen items are disabled in pvp?
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