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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    if they want to emulate level 45 pvp, they should deactivate set bonuses, lower base values to set values, which are inferior to present t0 values, and keep gems, runes, enchants and glyphs in pvp

    Make no mistake, level 45 pvp will never be achievable anymore unless the same conditions that existed during those times will be brought back
    Yes, they should have removed andermant gambling and kept gold gambling
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Don't mind him.
    He is the very example of toxic troll that never evolved throughout the years.
    He was arguing the same thing 4 years ago he is making same remarks now. Like he had no chance to evolve and improve in 4 years ... but he will , over night with this new release ;)
    He is not to be considered as a part of the community because he himself don't listen to community and the eminent members like BigPapa https://board-en.drakensang.com/threads/ask-the-cms-in-english.64836/page-34#post-632011
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  3. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    I've only been playing the game for about a year but i've looked back on old posts and comments and it seems like those that build only to get better in pvp speak the loudest and most on the forums, especially when a change comes they are not happy with.
    However, even after all the doomsaying that the game is going to end and that they are going to quit, the game just keeps going. And it seems to me its growing. I meet new people all the time and almost all the ones i've talked to only do pvp for clovers and do spend money in the game like me to build up my toon for pve. And could really care less if pvp is even a part of the game.
    It seems to me that all of the ones threatening to leave and saying the game is going to end represent a minority not the majority and the reason you don't hear much from the ones that enjoy pve only and are putting money into the game, is because they are too busy playing the game and enjoying it to bother with posting on the forums. I believe this game will grow, not die, and will just get better and better for pve. Hopefully it does get better for pvp as well so those players that enjoy that aspect can keep playing how they like to play but i don't see this game going under anytime soon.
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  4. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    There is not need to guess who spend (more) money in game, thats a thing easy to check by DSO, but seeeing those insane changes in pvp i am in doubt they checked.
  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The problem is that pvp was the reason many payed

    If you remove that, not many will be paying, so how do they survive without payers?
  6. jeffzrx

    jeffzrx Padavan

    LOL correct!

    i've weathered all the changes in this game & although i don't like the newest pvp plan i'll give it a try

    what the heck i didn't like most of the other pvp changes either LOL

    but i have to agree that without the motivation to excel in pvp there'll be a vast reduction in purchases which will negatively affect the cash flow that makes this game viable

    after all the changes to pvp over the years isn't it obvious by now that the new players will always complain no matter what! LOL

    as i enjoy a challenge & rarely (LOL) throw a hissy fit when i lose then i personally would prefer a no buff green essence pvp with full use of all runes, gems, enchantments, set bonuses & wisdom

    btw hello to all the Tegan 5v5'ers who have killed me :) LOL
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  7. Blizzardman

    Blizzardman Forum Greenhorn

    I have been reading a lot of comments, posts, replies and ideas recently. All of those were about upcoming changes, which are currently live on testserver. I wanted to wait until it all gets a bit refined bcs it looks like rel 213/214 is in unfinishd state. But people and i mean a lot of people do not realise what is really going on right now, why are so many TOP players lobing so much against those changes (me included), why do current TOP and oldest players claim that this might be the end the game. So i want to explain it to all of you from my point of view, why am i against those pvp changes, all my reasons and possible solutions.

    If i use any bad language, i apologise for that, but i cant do it in another way.

    Imagine a man with spoon standing over a deep grave which he was slowly but surely digging over the years. On the bottom of that deep grave lies The Game. He got a choice, bury The Game there or jump in and try to take it out.
    This metaphore will be clear after i finish :)

    NOTE. I am a veteran here. I registered my account(ranger) in December 2011 and i have been playing on it until now. So, i experienced everything what BP did and what were the consequences of that. I have seen this happen already, yes i am reffering to Darkorbit. That was once a very popular game, which is now deserted.

    There are multiple problems we are facing right now.
    1. Serious lack of motivation to play pvp. People simply do not have a reason to go and play pvp other than to get gilded clover from daily chalanges.
    1.1 Nonexistent competitive PvP events with REAL rewards. Yes, i am reffering to Jackpot arena which was keeping Darkorbt alive until it got removed.
    1.2 Crafting process is too randomized. Some players can get lucky and have most important gear really fast, and some ( like me ) spend half a year with crafting one item. Thousands of unsuccesfull crafts really make the frustration grow. Those people dont have the willpower to go through all of that again for PvP build.
    1.3 Nonexistent connection between PvP and PvE.
    2. Some set bonuses which shouldnt exist at all and some skills have to be changed in order to achieve balance between classes.
    2.1 Q7 + Q8 set for a mage needs to be fixed.
    2.2 EA needs to be balanced properly.
    2.3 Healing in PvP needs to be balanced.
    2.4 Range of skills needs to be balanced.
    2.5 Other sets ( dragan laser/knight) have to disabled in PvP.
    3. Lack of map/mode variability in PvP.
    4. PvP ranks have no value.

    To sum it up. People dont have a reason to play pvp actively - they dont bother with crafting of PvP gear - if they go to PvP they do it with 2h weapons which arent meant to be used in PvP - they dont have defence needed for PvP - they get beaten by players who did craft PvP gear - they get frustrated by that - they complain about that - and voalaa ,,Oneshot,, problem arrived on the stage. Which wouldnt really exist even in current PvP if everybody had proper gear.

    BP decided to fix this by simply making our work we did in the game NOT matter in PvP. No gems, runes, glyphs, enchantments, set bonuses...
    This wont fix anything in my opinion. Doesnt matter what is written in VOP, this is just an unbelievably disgusting and lazy move how to pretend that they are doing something about problems we got. Why did thousands of people farm all that stuff? To farm the same stuff faster? Why did i spend hundreds of hours farming gems,runes, glyphs? Definitely NOT bcs it was fun. I did it in order to get strong and make crafting proper PvP gear easier and than have fun in PvP. This is MMO RPG game after all. Basic principle in those kinds on games have always been that those who grind that boring stuff get stronger than those who dont and than have fun beating the crap out of those who didnt farm that boring stuff. Or beat the crap out of those who did grind that boring stuff too, but are NOT that good with mouse and keyboard. Simple as that.

    BP only succeeded in making their most loyal and active players angry. That feeling of being cheated like that... Its not suprising that those people are fighting against this. This will throw insane amount of time and work into trashcan.

    So how do i imagine this to be realy fixed? There are plenty of steps BP should take.

    1. Delete mentor bonus for badges of honor or whatever it is called. I never understood why was this even implemented. It is one of the most stupidiest and illogical things i have ever seen in this game. This greatly ,,helped,, in devaluation of PvP ranks. Why dont we have mentor bonus for experience to help us lvl up is beyond me.

    2. Namechanging is another thing which didnt helped. Back in the day was no such a thing (only through support under certain circumstances) We knew who is who. We knew which accounts were stolen, sold etc. We knew in pvp who we are fighting against so we could adapt to styles of gameplay every player had. It needed skill and knowledge. I used to be a very good PvP player, i knew basicaly everyone. Now? People keep changing names way too often, its pretty much impossible to keep track. Account trading/stealing is thriving more than ever. I do realise this is source of money for bp, but... What about making it much more expensive?
    Fun Fact: When this was introduced everyone got one free ticket for name change. I still have the same one. :cool:

    3. We need more maps in PvP. Why dont we have three different maps for each gamemode? It cant be that hard to make that work. PvP would so much less repetitive and trust me playing on the same maps for almost 7 years is ridiculously repetitive and one of the reasons PvP is not fun for me anymore. Make some more maps please.

    4. Storm the fortress. There are all kinds of problems with this mode which BP tried to fix in multiple occassions. There is soooo simle solution for that, just make both teams atack enemy fortress and defend their own at the same time. Team who destroys enemy fortress and keep theirs alive wins. Simple, fun and many strategies to achieve victory. Why wasnt this mode made that way in the first place is beyond me.

    5. Crafting. This was great addition to the game, it has given us many possibilities in character creation but it isnt flawless either. After having to farm completely new gear after going up from lvl 40 to 45 and then again from 45 to 50 this has given us hope that we will finaly have something stable, that we wont have to create new gear everytime new lvls come. I am really glad that BP finaly decided to do something about frustration coming out of endless unsuccesfull crafts ( looking forward to it) But at the same time BP managed to ruin that. Why do they have to make so called ,,platinum stats,, ? That change will force everyone who decides not to quit the game to throw all crafted items away and start from scratch. I hoped this wont happen ever again. Nobody wants to do that again, i am seriously tired of that. Top players might get away with that, they got their gear crafted, but what about new players? They have most of the items in the process of making, this will throw them back into the ,,stone age,, and it wont make anyone happy.
    So, please, return those platinum stats where they came from. Or at least, somehow tranfer all existing maximum stats to new maximum stats( gold to platinum in items players got in their inventory).

    6. We really need some special storage space for essences, i could easily imagine that work similar to currency bag. This might take away the pressure of inventory space management and make players less frustrated.

    7. How to motivate people to play PvP? Its not that hard. Comunity is asking years for some PvP events. I can easily imagine it working like Jackpot arena i already mentioned. I know BP was working on that but they scraped that idea for some reason. Having a chance to win REAL money will be a suficient motivation even for PvE players to participate in that.

    8. Make extra daily challenges for PvE and extra daily challenges for PvP.

    9. PvP and PvE are not connected to each other in any way, which is a mistake of gargantuan proportions and also a main reason why i think that upcoming PvP change wont fix anything. In fact, i think it will make things even worse. Back in the day ( lvl 45) wisdom worked in PvP and PvP skill tree worked in PvE. People had to play both to get strong, so PvP was full of players eager to kick some ass to get stronger. This connection dissapeared over the years and we can see the consequences of that right now. Open arenas are empty, pvp matches take ages to start even on big servers. So why current wisdom tree doesnt work in PvP? Yes, there are perks which work in certain areas or ,,combat,, category ( those should be disabled) but others are perfectly fine.

    Without wisdom my hp drops from 90k to 45k (pet included) which is 50% + all that armor and resistances and my dmg (2h) goes down from 35k to 20k. Do you see the pattern here? I loose much more from my defensive capability than from the offensive one. Then finaly make new PvP skill tree similar to wisom one. Some buffs, perks etc, like it used to be on lvl 45. That will give players a reason to go and play pvp in order to receive those buffs. It could even be something like materi fragment boost etc... something that would benefit those who play pvp. You need to give us MOTIVATION to play the game. And finaly make PvP ranks matter.

    This is the way BP should go in my opinion... Going the other way ( PvP and PvP separated) is not going to help.

    10. Only change i can agree with BP about PvP are set bonuses. Those really create a mess. Q7 and Q8 for mage, Q8 for dwarves. Dragan set for all ( both knight and laser ruin it all). It is getting too long so i am not going deeper into this.

    11. Healing. This is causing all kind of issues. First of all i would activate basic hp regeneration for ALL in PvP, it has no logical explanation why it is disabled when healling skills work just fine. It gives unfair advatage to dwarves and warriors over mages and rangers.
    Secondly, i would limit the effectivnes off those healing skills ONLY in PvP by 50% ( exactly like stuns work in pvp) This way all classes have some kind regeneration and those who got healing skills still maintain advantage. BUT why do dwarves have so strong heals in PvP in first place is beyond me once again...

    12. Have anyone thought about giving all PvP maps Infernal status? Might work well with everything i wrote about.

    13. Do you remember that skill we used to have? I mean stun immunity after using any kind of antistun. I really miss that bcs it is not fun getting stunlocked all the time...

    Game in current state has way too much frustration and way too little of fun. BP should realy make their customers happy not the other way around.

    And also, we seriosuly need more informations about what is BP planning, how are we suposed to stay calm when dont know anything?

    Thats all Folks. For now... :D
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  8. GoddessofWar1000

    GoddessofWar1000 Someday Author

    Regarding release 213/214 Jesters - rather than nixing them completely; just remove Ander gambling portion leaving the Gold for gambling....not like we purchase gold...unless that's what you have in mind for the future. Hope not, that would just be terrible.
  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    This and the "lucky" sphere removal is very much appreciated. Some players buy one and get the optimum item and others get 16 draken. If I put in x ander, I want the optimum item. Why would I try for a unicorn when I am more likely to get a Bay Mare? Or worse, my 20th Bay Mare?
  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    andermants gambling should be completely removed

    it's really simple

    The mounts and pets chests should be buyable with gold, if they want to keep them ingame
  11. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    In a free to play game they sell pets for real money and items and gems for game currency.
  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    even if a game is pay2win it will remain free to play
    Also even buying power with real world money doesn't necessarily make your game pay2win
  13. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    LOL you are so funny. You right about that f2p I wanted to say non pay to win. But if you believe that if you pay for power is not p2w than something is wrong, you haven't seen other games than dso or you are so familiar with this way to support devs that you can't imagine other ways to support the game.

    I have seen the pvp statement - is a big pile of. . Bits They have done a big reset to the knowledge tree hoping that they will nerf some stats for pvp but they fail.
    Now they keep push that gearless pvp with some promise that they will fix that broken link from. Pvp and. PvE.
    As I know BP they will keep promises like they did when we ask no new cap level - they give us gearlea pvp and new platinum lines.. So funny and frustrating the in the same time. Yeyy.
  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    if you can in time get the same power as a payer for free, i do not consider a game pay to win
    For instance, if you could become a strong player even without paying, it's not pay to win

    You can become a strong player by farming a lot for a lot of time in DSO
    Now, p2w elements are the 1h cube set which is only available to premium players
  15. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    i have little questions about ts and on live server

    i saw a lot of video's about R213/14 and i like all the changes even like pve also pvp, that my opinion.

    But the questions?

    1) i saw that on TS in premium shop you can buy the wisdom runes of +2,will that also availble on the live server?

    2) they shows that the element cores will be evolced to 1 core ( materi core) , will that be automaticully or must we farm something to transform them?

    3) about the collectersbag , will it also availble that also get the Essence spouts ( last since 2015) collect with the pet tokens for completed the buffs out the category " Automonts" ?

    4) i saw that green ess will be transformed off +50 dmg to +50% dmg, is that correct? And drops dat also again in the maps or not?

    5) if we get in group farming herbs and materials, get all members of the group the stuff or only 1 member that mine's first?

    6) is it true that augmentcores also can buy by materi?

    7) comes r213/14 before xmas, i hope so?
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Im a f2p since i started playing and i can say that you dont need to pay for anything to get strong, but you have to farm a little more , but if you are smart you can outfarm even hard payers
  17. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    I think it is a good idea to create a new event! Some players are bored of playing the same and the same events. Also the drops from some parallel bosses should be a bit more easy to get such us d5 or d7! I get it that are really good items but at some point it is rediculous.

    P.S. The release is coming before christmas?
  18. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    I totally agree....i havent gave not even one coin for the game and i am getting better and better by all the time. You just need more time than the pay players...
  19. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    I anderstand your request but it is not that easy. You see, when u were 45lvl you were lvling up really quickly and u werent have time to upgrade your items or get much stronger but when u reach lvl55 the only thing that remain for u to do is to become stronger and stronger by upgrading your items and getting new ones(the best ones)!
    The 1hit KO is to much and u are not enjoying it, i agree but it make sense for the PVP to be different and more difficult!
  20. pratima

    pratima Forum Greenhorn

    Hi DSO team,

    is Jungle crawler costume is still dropping from monster? how can i get that?
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