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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you can only get that costume through daily deal
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Hang in there a little while. Both player-created costumes are loot drops with r214.
  3. GoddessofWar1000

    GoddessofWar1000 Someday Author

    Noticed that crafting has been dumb ed down quite a bit and gold-lined drops are becoming more rare. Player's are spending an enormous amount of gold to craft. Most of the time crafting four pieces with double gold-lines and crafting result is no lines
    after crafting....please tell me why this has been happening in just the past 2 weeks and do you have plans to fix this?
  4. SomeRandomPlayer

    SomeRandomPlayer Forum Greenhorn

    Trying to farm Gorga weapon (Leviathan) for 10 days now and killed gorga more than 300 times on normal and painful. Got dozens of shield but no weapon. Is it still dropping ?
  5. dawmjr

    dawmjr Junior Expert

    never in 6 years heard of a weapon, wow, shield i got many times over 6 years, never heard of a weapon
  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    not sure if you're serious, but leviathan is a longstanding steam mech 2H weapon that frequently dropped in the temple sector and/or gorga, depending on the update version you were playing.


    here's me talking about finding it (or at least the pre level 50/55 expansion version, which had different stats) about 4 years ago.
  7. Galvard

    Galvard Forum Mogul

    I got it on the test server from a monster in an under world.
  8. Paavelson

    Paavelson Junior Expert

    why i progress my character when i reach lvl55 but not when im lvl 10 or so. why this game is slow even to reach lvl 55 and even for 5 months playing its still slow.

    why. ineventory expansion is still expensive ? t6 gear 20k hp buff. and monsters still kill one shot on painfulmodes. ummm if i play on normal modes then i wont progress at all in this slow paced game.

    edit,. dont you dare to say to play on group. im no mood to play those salty russian kids who push chat button and scream go.
    and i didnt come to play this game to find friends. i came to play the game. but its slow from start.
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  9. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I think you have mistaken the game that you are playing
  10. dawmjr

    dawmjr Junior Expert

    you think this expensive, you no idea pat, it cost me close 200 amaricann dollars per line
  11. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    Not sure why your experience has been growing so slow unless you only play a couple minutes a day, i was able to level 55 in about a week and a half wasn't even playing all day long every day. I was able to open a big part of my inventory from the ander i collected from the quests and drops along the way. I did not start crafting anything until i reached 55. Until then i just used whatever drops there were to get me through to the next level. I haven't tried starting a new character since the recent update but i would imagine it has gotten even easier to get to 55 now.
  12. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    Would it be awesome to play on pvp with other servers too? I mean imagine a 3vs3 team from grimmag against a team from balor.....why is that not possible? Perhaps it would be a little complicated but many players know each other and make groups with friends and go to arena at 3vs3 for example(as I do) and in my opinion they would love to play with other teams from other servers! Like a small tournament....:)
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  13. Bitlaash

    Bitlaash Forum Apprentice

    Totally agree with you, it would be awesome to finally fight some Heredur players :cool:
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  14. Bitlaash

    Bitlaash Forum Apprentice

    Hey, I've dropped it from monster on Q1, my guildmate also.
  15. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Hi DSO Team,
    I would like to know how many long it takes (in month or years), for you, to get a character full royal gems/items/runes.
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    they don't care about the pesky maths, it's inconvenient for them
    and they also get them for free, so they don't care that it takes at least ten years to make a maxed out character for free, like you demostrated on the italian forum

    I'm proud of never having sank a dime into this disaster of a game
  17. ale3androsrafail

    ale3androsrafail Forum Greenhorn

    Hello can i ask a question i buy deluxe premium yesterday 1 month and it was 27 days does that mean deluxe last for 27 days not 31 anymore? please tell me thank you
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Premium lasts for 1 month.
    You have bought it in February ... a month which has 28 days ... therefore you have 28 day countdown.
    If you buy it in March you would have 31 days premium.
  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Try minuets. They have admin rights.

    A recent video on their Facebook page has the CM, a self admitted noob, using T10 items with full royals, runes, and glyphs. How long do you think it took for them to build that noob character?
  20. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Apologize my poor english.
    I know that he buikd his character in few minutes...I wish to know how long they think there is need to grow a strong characther.
    How long there is need to have all royal gems and 150.000 gilded clovers to buy runes tier3.

    With 214, using all secret lair keys in a month we can get about 1.500-2.000 clovers (goblins every 5-6 runs) with poison lair's "bug" so we'll need 150k / 2k = 75 months (6 years).
    Without "bug" we can get 1.000 clovers? I don't know but in 30 runs with r215 I never see goblins. Anyway 150k / 1k = 150 months (12,5 years). If we can get 200 clovers there want 50years to get a top character

    R215 was for resolve bugs? It seems R215 create new "big" bugs.
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