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Dear forum reader,

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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Tbh on your question the answer is 7/8 months
  2. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Thanks to DSO team for restoring MC in release 216.
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  3. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    really? you can farm 150k clovers or you can have all royal gems in 7/8 months?
    When I wrote "strong character" I mean a full "everything": runes, gems, item with 4 platinum lines, etc.
    In 7/8 month, with a little help, you can do a character strong enough to do a inf4 map but I don't think in solo with little gems
  4. RekR4

    RekR4 Forum Greenhorn

    I'll make it easier: you did, you are doing and you will still do failures till you don't talk with players.
    And employ someone as CM who is really able to work as CM.
    This one right now is just able to run his mouth randomly and he basically did nothing of what he said in months except playing with his friends on TS, gift them full accounts and "test" things on his own preteding to be a tester when he's not even able to play.
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  5. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    hi all,first i have question for the dev team;;p;;;;;;; how come after 100 runs in the secret maps,i didnt see even 1 rune?,how come im a farm player daily,not once a mounth,i craft daily between 6-8 k gold for bows and i dont get no good craft?,now i talk to many players in the game,even with my friends from my guild,and looks like those who dont use premium or deluxe,have better chance to get this weapons or crafts,easy,im really disapointed,after all my dam time spending here,creating a nice guild and motivate the members from my own guild to keep going,now im not shore after 8 years,i see very clear ,the development team is crap,why?,let me tell you why,one of the kara events,belive me,and i play all events only inf 4 runs,every time i use tree quest and every time i get ,shoulders or armour,kara of course,in all this 8 years,i never seee something like that,is obvius,the special team,drakensang crap development team is controlling thew drop every where,is very speciall,by the way,you can banne me again,is that all you can do,thx,bb
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  6. laurentio17

    laurentio17 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Drakensang Team. Sory for intrerrupt your work and stuff but i want to ask only 1 think...where i can find or when comes dragan event...man of us are afraid that it will never come again...i hope not...dragan is one of my favourite events. Please if u can to answer.
    thank u so much
  7. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I don't know the exact time, but if you look in the order of "things" here, I think that DtU will be before Dragan
  8. .iulian96.

    .iulian96. Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for sharing , good to know they have plans for the future but for god sake pls update the launcher , the news are stuck at 214.
  9. Kel657

    Kel657 Forum Apprentice

    Must be your luncher the news looks fine
  10. .iulian96.

    .iulian96. Forum Apprentice

    Never mind , i changed the language to english and all its fine now
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  11. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    This is not the appropriate thread. Make sure you have completed this quest.
    In the future, please, post in the right section.
  12. YoungHuman

    YoungHuman Forum Greenhorn

    Excuse me, how to trade with players? My friend want buy new staff and I want help him with money, but I don't know how I can help him.
  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    You buy him a gift card from a store like Walmart and mail/hand it to him. He then buys andermant with it. That's the best (and only) help you can offer him, monetarily speaking.
  14. glod-glod

    glod-glod Forum Greenhorn

    I have a question for developers, when will disgrace in the arena already stop? Recent changes to the arena have made her even worse than she was before. Strong players join in a party and beat weak players - there are NO REAL selection of worthy players !!! That is, the parties of the five TOP players gathered in the party are simply invincible, because they are given to the rivals legionnaires 51-54 level. Moreover, these TOP players use programs that are prohibited by the RULES, go back and sideways - there is a lot of confirming video on the network, but they continue to play with impunity! Such TOP players united in a party do not have time to wait for the arena - they are given any rivals and the arena does not turn into a competition, but into a beating!
    Developers generally aware of what they did to the arena ?!
    If you can’t balance the arena, I propose to cancel the party, which is grouped before the start of the competition. Then at least there will be a balance.
  15. glod-glod

    glod-glod Forum Greenhorn

    When will this mockery end ?! Arena for whom ?! How to pass the action when there are only parties around ?! So many fights in a row and not a single win because of the party players. We have been promised for many years to correct the arena, and it was unjust, and remains ...
    For 4 hours of the game, only two victories !!! Everything went to only one party, the photo can be seen from above. Developers cover players who play not fair ??? Why are there no changes ???
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  16. spirosnasis

    spirosnasis Forum Greenhorn

    Can you please reduce the sound and animation of Chain Lightning on Spellweaver? It's is too noisy and the animation is too wide and complicated ! Even if I lower the Sound effects I can still hear it. Thank you!
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  17. glod-glod

    glod-glod Forum Greenhorn

    The developers spit on honest players ... and give dishonest players who join in groups = beat the weak !!! From year to year, photos and videos are posted on social networks about the unfair selection of players in the arena, and they only promise the developers to fix it, that is, they do nothing ... if I'm not telling the truth, what should I name the photo below ?!
    How many supporting materials are needed for the developers to start doing their job?
    And I do not understand those top players who join in groups and beat the weak ... You are so insignificant that you are hiding behind your group and if a worthy enemy comes across - run like the last cowards.
    I can put photos at least every day, as the same group beats the weak. how much photo 100 is needed? 200? 300? 1000? to somehow change the situation in the arena.
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  18. Zardast

    Zardast Forum Apprentice

    The top players who join groups do that not to farm honor so much -alone they can collect more if they are not unlucky with matchmaking- but because they want to enjoy a good fight with their friends or players who know what they need to do in the arena and not be grouped with random clueless noobs and be annoyed. And know that if 2 very good groups are online they might play against each other 90% of the time because of how matchmaking works now so it is not so easy at all and if you had joined such groups you would have experienced the nightmare :p . The problem is when there is only one very good group online and steamrolls all matches. And why are there only very few groups online at any time or just one? Because many players hate to group and lose and prefer to lose alone or maybe if they are lucky be carried by one or two good players in a random group and win. . Maybe if more players played pvp in pre-made groups just for fun, no matter win-or-lose- matchmaking would be better.
  19. glod-glod

    glod-glod Forum Greenhorn

    So this is the problem ... The arena is not for all players, the arena is for strong players in a group, so that they beat the weak and have fun ... What didn’t they say right away, write such things over, or it’s written in the daily task - “defeat worthy players”, and it turns out - be meat for a united group or a pillow for beating so that they enjoy and have a good time !!! And one more thing, they in their group to see weak players who do not know how to play is not interesting, and to beat these same weak opponents who have nowhere else to go (they have a daily mission) - interesting ?!
    And there are few players in the arena, not because you don’t want to unite, but because you created all the conditions so that the same players would enjoy playing the weak ones - therefore no one goes to the arena, there is no justice!


    Have you seen what is happening in the arena? Your TOP players, having united, receive unfair victories. Moreover, if it happens at night, then it’s impossible to play at all !!! not a single victory for the whole night !!! Developers advocate violence ?! You can’t call it any other way, but now it will be even worse - you entered the 10th level of Hell, which means that these TOP players will be generally invincible !!! I have a simple question - do the developers themselves play their game? Know what is happening in the game? Or do they really care about honest players? Much has been written about the Arena, there have been many promises to rectify the situation, and the promises for years have been “we are working, but it will not be soon ...” Where's the justice?! We only see how the strong unite in the group and beat the weak ... Do you need VIDEO as a group of strong players spreads weak "worthy" players in the arena? You probably have not seen what it is, how do you see, you are sitting so far !!! I am disappointed in the game, propaganda of violence and injustice! My friends have long left your project, and I was still hoping for something ... apparently in vain.
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  20. zincarli

    zincarli Forum Greenhorn

    Our eyes were painful to collect the items in the event, it is hard to add them to the automatic cant. Or is your aim to make people sick?
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