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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, May 4, 2018.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the detailed R209 Patchnotes and Game Rebalancing Guide.

    We're excited to receive your feedback about all these changes and hope that you will enjoy this new version of Drakensang!

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    Please remember to use the edit button when posting multiple times in a row

    Also, was reading about the new Jumping Focus talent. Not a fan. Most likely not gonna use it. It ruins the synergy of the three original Dive talents. A Ranger could release themselves from a stun attack and generate 25 concentration points AND reduce the cool down so they could use the skill again sooner than they would had they not spent points on all three. Even each skill by itself had some benefit.

    The new talent does the same thing as Death Sweep's Calculated Blows which is 2 points cheaper, and is not even a considerable option for artillery Rangers. If an artillery Ranger has to dive out of the middle of a crowd, something's not right. In all honesty, I am guilty of this. The only combos I could see using with this new talent would be Dive/Scatter Shot and Dive/EA, neither of which seem great for farming even for lower levels. But that's just me.
  3. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    I think not useful show level in group tab, if this space show a icon with corresponding class, will be much more useful.

    The monsters element icon, could be behind the level or replace it.
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  4. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    I think it's okay, the game already needs some changes, I had come to do something monotonous at times. :)

    The only thing I ask at least in my character is a dwarf, because we'll be the only class that doesn't have its steam/mana/furia/adrenaline regenerator like the other classes, it's not a disadvantage in both pve and pvp to leave us like this? :(

    They should give us a solution to that.

    There's also a point they haven't talked about, the GPU and CPU usually overheat more than normal on the test server, something that doesn't happen with the game on the normal server, this is going to reach the normal servers?:confused:
  5. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    We will see how this r209 will affect us on Live Server, i'm still pessimistic but also about the upcoming changes for the PvP section which concludes nothing i have asked for.
  6. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    I have posted it at the suggestion quite a while ago, you added many things but i think that this should be one of the most usefull ones. How hard could it be? I really don't want to hover my mouse when i play pvp or, when i am at a boss.

  7. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Is this supposed to be a topic about the patch notes or the path itself?
    If it's about the patchnotes I'd say the SM section contains a lot of mistakes.

    ClassMinionDamageHealth PointsArmor SourceCritical Hit SourceBlock Rate SourceAttack Speed SourceAdditional changes
    Steam MechanicusMechanical Turret100%150%100%100%100%100%Turret is now destroyable
    Steam MechanicusMachine Gun Turret125%150%100%100%100%-Turret is now destroyable
    Steam MechanicusTactical Turret175%150%100%100%50%-Turret is now destroyable
    Steam MechanicusTesla Turret150%150%100%100%100%-Turret is now destroyable
    I've never seen a turret blocking anything.
    Mechanical turrets aren't affected by aspd in anyway (they always fire max 16 times per cast).
    Cannot speak about defences and HP but I'm sure Tesla turrets cannot be destroyed nor have a "body" and cannot be targeted (at least the last time I checked).
    Machingun turrets were affected by aspd.
    Tesla turrets cannot stack with themselves nor with turrets from other players.

    Changements in the Tactical aren't listed at all (the 5pts talent now lets you cast a second turret, the 3 pts talent now ONLY gives 5% all ress, the 2 pts talent now ONLY gives 5% armor).

    Steam MechanicusTactical Turret
    + 1 Resource for every group member hit by a support missile
    This seems bugged since there's no way to hit more than 1 player with a turret missile (infact the missile explodes once the first player is hit and the AoE dmg doesn't trigger the effect, just the first impact does).

    On a side note, I don't see any reference to elemental resistances on turrets (are they affected by elemental resistances?) and I cannot see anywhere in the monitor the HP of my turrets, the only way I got it's to point the cursor over the turret body wich is obviusly unreliable during a fight.
    The least you could do is to put a couter on the Turret Icon to show how much time is left for the turret and an HP bar on the bottom of the Icon, something like this


    Pls put some transparency n the buff & turrets icons as they are covering a large part of the scree and I can't play decently once I got 16+ icons showing
  8. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    We all know that the dwarf has many useless and other very slow animation skills, but we've played with them for several years and many of us have even gotten used to them, so I want to keep focusing on what has hurt the dwarf the most, I'm talking about the steam.

    Now that the tactical turret is completely useless, it's not good for anything and I doubt if any dwarf would want to use it now, so we're left with nothing to regenerate steam, but that's not all.

    For example.

    The dwarf recovers 2-3 of steam automatically.
    The Wizard automatically recovers 12 mana.
    The hunter recovers 8 of concentration automatically.

    This was normal when the tactical turret was useful, but now that it is no longer useful, they should increase the points from 2-3 to 8-10 at least, in addition to giving us some ability to regenerate steam.

    I propose something simple like the hunter's adrenaline, or even something like the wizard using teleportation, in the dwarf it could be by jumping to regenerate steam. :)
  9. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    The defense of both wolves and tree is absolutely terrible because they're designed for monsters on normal difficulty. 0 scaling. The tree is bugged as hell with picking targets. It often spends over half of the 15 seconds just walking around aimlessly when I'm desperate for a heal from its attack. Wolves tend to be better with this, but they can also "miss" their attacks apparently?
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


    +1 Resource for every group member hit by a support missile
    It can be increased up to 50 steam per missile
    Tactical Turret is firing 3x missiles which means it can buff up to 3 players per spawn.
    That is all you need. You can see the Health Bar and you can see the duration in seconds.
    Spellweavers and Rangers are having the same with their minions.

    All minions are inheriting players HP/armor/resistance.
    In your case the turrets are having
    150% of your HP
    100% of your armor
    100% of your resistance

    The turrets can be killed but they can also be stunned like any other minion.

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  11. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    +1 Resource for every group member hit by a support missile
    It can be increased up to 50 steam per missile
    Tactical Turret is firing 3x missiles which means it can buff up to 3 players per spawn.????,
    Have you tested the dwarf on the test server or do you just write whatever you want? everything you say is false.

    No dwarf would use the tactical turret for that ridiculous group bonus, it's just a loss of incessant steam, I just tested it and it doesn't even give steam, it only gives 25% armor and 25% resistance if you are hit 5 times by the balls of the tactical turret, something that is already active in the normal server, I don't know if better eliminate this ability and give us something else, we already have a lot of things that are not useful to have another one. :confused:

    We want an ability to play solo, believe me that no dwarf with a decent team will lack group, the problem is the solitary game, because only the dwarf has to be conditioned?. :)
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  12. Testador

    Testador Junior Expert

    For the wizards, set of Bearach and farm with Thunder are an excellent option, with this update, frozen ball was very good that the Thunder and the set of bearach will no longer be viable.
    Thunder, spend more resource, is still slow its execution, less damage than frozen ball, is not usefull in pvp, etc, and with that killed the berach set, let everyone now use the Herald's set, diversity? no longer!
  13. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    what sort of ballancing is this. give us more stats and make monsters triple powerful than before. i dont understand this business at all.
    i played before q1 inf1 pretty decently i can even get 1 hit from grimmag and almost can die. but now reaching grimmag is like thru hell and fire to reach there. and boom one sneaky fire corner hits me and im instantly dead....
    okey i understand. pay andermnt to revive. company makes money.

    second thing is wisdom farming thing i want to swear right now. i [EDIT] farmed 7 months without any mentor bonuses to level 55 it was hardcore. and now with new wisdom how i suppose to farm. its even slower than before. 1 time from map wisdom drop. and curanteed from boss drop thats tops 45 wisdom points per run maybe more with luck. but just bit. theres 2.5 mill wisdom points needed to maybe have same stats meaning of surviving inf1 with ease like bfore ballancing thing

    and what the hek wisdom tree system. whats the point of those skills if i cant even max everything. i want to max evertyhing i play for this i pay for this.

    i really hate monster ballanicing. its even worser than in testerver stunning 1 time boss for 1 second dear developer are you [EDIT] ?

    wisdom tree is ok but i want to max everything.

    every difficulty drops same wisdom amount. [EDIT]. change this asap. i want to get 200 wisdom points on inf3
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  14. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    I played only with tank now and i can say:
    1. mobs are way to strong. I was farming lvl3 maps (withaut bosses) now i hardly farm lvl2...
    2. Banner of War 3rd skill "Law of the Strong" is just usseles
    3. Outbusrs 3rd skill "Burning Heatwave" is also usseles
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    well, loading times got worse and the game freezes much more often than before

    You have to fix this bollocks, it makes them game borderline umplayable

    Well monster are definitely stronger, i was able to solo inf3 maps without any difficulty, now i risk dieing
    Well, i die more often because of the stupid fame freezing

    Healing sphere drops have been lowered it seems
    And the same about blue and green essences
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  16. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So, the new update is here and most of the new stuff that the test server players had told us about are here. However, there are some things that players should know and they dont because in the patch notes they are not there.

    So,first of all its the difficulty of monsters. I will give 1 example: old grimmag was hitting me hard, but it was like 50-60% of my hp on inf2. Now with the same stats, its 80-90% hp , once i even died by 1 fireball and im not new player. The damage i deal is fine alright.

    Another important thing you should inform players about is the changes to scaling dungeons and the drop of the wisdom seeker runes. Well, these runes are not a guarranteed drop and not only that but you also changed back the way the map boss spawns, which had been previously changed to the place where the last mob died and now it does not even have a specific spawning spot. Not to mention you forgot to tell us about how many more special # enchantment monsters those maps just got.

    P.S: The drop rate of those runes is horrible as everyone should have suspected, me included nowawadays. 10+ runs, 1 rune. NICE!!?
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  17. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    I don't like the overhall idea of increasing mage dmg output of +30% from 360 to 468 , but leave the war dmg , resistance , armour and block same as before.

    1) I'm wondering why .....ALL TALENT TREE skills costs for a +1 bonus 3points ( execpt Bonanza bonus)........
    why do not simply give us 1/3 of global points as skills can cost 1points to upgrade and set Bonanza bonus to 50 instead of 150 ?

    2) Those brutal skill nerf for DK.
    Banner of war its the most used skill against bosses in 2H solo farming.
    From +35% speed now we got +2% dmg buff ....its an insane nerf.

    3) Outburst : 5pt Burningheatwave LOL!!!!! :confused::confused::confused::eek::eek::eek: nothing more to add than a LOL!

    4) Charge : 5pt Recharge another big LOL! Why do not simply remove stun effect from Charge skill as well ? Re-charge skill bugged/ not propely working. Did not recharge skill or not visible difference to notice that.

    5) reducing damage DK output ( as all other classes have at least a +20% increased base dmg output except's another nerf of a -20% dmg from another point of view )

    from R209 3D:

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    We have been talking about the so-called PvE Balancing for the last few months, and here it is. With this release, we will not only add more possibilities to further improve your characters, we will also change the setup of various systems that interact with your classes to lift them to a state in which they're more flexible and long-term oriented.

    Honestly the overall changes are good enough to give us all a few weeks of tests and a month or two of enjoing new features.

    Another question is :
    Why put new wisdom and do not put it in game shop?

    ---- ANOTHER EDIT------

    I'm not freely able to provide a balanced game analysis due to the fact that I got LVL 55 Wisdom ( maybe ).
    Maybe most of all the other community players problems, that are finding so many difficult with the mod, comes from the fact that they have not LVL 55 wisdom allreay.

    Mostly the new features and skills are awesome BUT, next step ( as fast as you can ) is to introduce new difficult mode.

    Now things are extremely easy , even in inf3 mode. I can easly tank as before but now I can also easly tank with 2H build.

    Please add some extra difficult mod.

    Good work , Devs. New features are enjoyable BUT thou need more and more and more testing ground.

    The R209 is rough and hasty. It's like a R209_beta
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  18. ТнeRock

    ТнeRock Forum Apprentice

    So how to start.. Well I have 1 of the best dk in game and so far I know game has been very unfair to other classes and I'm really happy that the 33% heal from wisdom has been removed.

    But what bp did with this full stuns and full slowdown skills is unbelieveble..
    In 1v1 vs rangers I barelly move, full stun + poison dmg + full slowdown + the EA that still makes high dmg not only bcs of the break armor, but bcs it gives 2 explosions with 1 hit.

    If ranger use green arrow my movement gets slow down + poinson dmg, if ranger jumps I get again poison dmg and slowdown, if ranger use trap again same thing, but trap he can spam it and is worst than ever this trap, bcs now dk cooldown on untistun has been nerfed.

    In a fight vs a ranger is 100% stun and slowdown, bp deleted charge spam, but let this spam shoulders on rangers (very nice...)

    But in 3v3 is just impossible to play as a dk. I can't move, ranger gives full stuns and full slowdown + ice from dwarf or from mage (2x run speed slowdown). Nonstop spam + high dmg hits, bcs yes 1h rangers still hit a lot + the spam dance from gnob bow that deals more dmg than any skill...

    For me is just so annoying that I can't even move to atack, and even if I may be able to give some hits are with block...

    Plus this buff from group it makes it even worse... Sometime I get this slowdown from buff even if I have dragon skin activated.

    BigPoint is not possible to play pvp bcs of this stuns as a dk. I don't know how other classes are doing now, but I can tell that for dk is not possible to do anything since we can't move do to this nonstop stuns and slowdown skills.

    And is not possible to avoid them.. is worst than mage ice spam...

    You need to fix this Ice + Green arrow 2x run speed slowdown, bcs is annoying af and is impossible to move right now... is worst than ever.

    Just make that if you get hit by green arrow and ice to be slow down only 1x time... not 2x times pff.

    And remove this group buffs....

    This is my opinion , let me know yours.
  19. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author


    Archer skills:
    Whatever archer class lost, it gained back in other areas. We had to replace bladedance with scattershot in hot keys, which means a bit more death.

    The distance between endgame and current player stats was greatly increased. Most players don't like long term growth, everyone wants to turn into Arnold in 1 gym day :). This is similar to the hated crafting system, but not as bad. At least we don't lose wisdom points with expansions or new releases like we will lose obsolete crafted uniques.

    Possible fixes are: create a reasonable timeline to reach max wisdom level and work backwards to determine droprate. I will throw in 6 months as a reasonable amount of time to go from lvl 55 to 200 using average playtime ~20h/week. That means, droprate should be adjusted to enable players to gain 6 wisdom lvls per week(145 talents/24 weeks=6). On top of this, a monthly wisdom event would be nice.

    Wisdom tree:
    Reset price is ok. Problem is the reset mechanism which is inefficient - clear everything and rebuild again. I want to be able to right-click to undo 1 point in a stack, shift+right-click to undo 1 whole stack, shift+left-click to fill 1 stack to max with available points. Simple and convenient.

    Group tree:
    Here some classes have better bonuses than others. Mages give permanent crit dmg and mana - awesome. Archers share permanent speed but crit only for seconds every 30 seconds? Come on. How about permanent runspeed or at least something permanent.

    There are so many now and I tend to lose the buffs by the time I decode what each one means. Suggestion here is to make common buffs static on the left side, similar to group list but lighter. I would like to see dmg, crit, speed, etc in fixed positions, with values modifying dynamically, and random buffs can stay in current section. There are also some useless icons (some ticks?) displaying which has no meaning.

    Release notes claim that inf1-3 monster damage was reduced by 30%, armor by %17+. This doesn't seem to relfect actual behavior. After increasing my hp by 25%, dmg by 10%, crit dmg by 30%, i'm doing 20-30% less damage to mobs than yesterday and dying 1-2 times per inf map using old playstyle - gather mobs and throw thorns. The math makes no sense right now with current stats, even when we max out the tree in damage. On inf3 even minibosses 1-hit players. This rebalancing still needs work. Paper classes should survive at least 1-2 hits from minis on inf3, 5-6 hits from regular.

    Upon completion of PW run, Show Scores button is overlapping with Wisdom tree shop/craft buttons. Possible fix is to decommission scores button entirely and display info in chat box or somewhere on a side. The button doesn't go away after viewing it.

    PW bosses:
    Grimmag is overpowered. Fireballs used to 1-hit paper classes before, still 1-hit now but with 50% more dmg. Because of armor boost, this is the tankiest PW boss now.

    Arachna is overpowered. She shoots poison the moment meteor lands. So whoever was able to do inf1-2, got demoted to only being able to do fatal. Possible fix is in balance: a boss should not have high speed and high damage. Arachna was reaching OP status even before update but now..

    200% increase in swing damage. That is no longer survivable for most paper builds. Keeping distance may be easy, but heredur now joins the 1-hit kill boss squad.

    No obvious change.

    Well balanced.

    Overpowered. Herald had plenty of dmg before update and his run speed was making him OP before. Getting 1-hit on inf1 now.

    Well balanced.

    No obvious change.

    1. Sometimes Q7 effect doesn't trigger when net lands in the middle of a mob. Pretty rare, saw only 2-3 times today.
    2. Sentinel chest did not appear in Fox map when sentinel was that non-combat goblin with purple aura.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  20. Jocom

    Jocom Forum Apprentice

    One thing I don't like, after tinkering with the Wisdom tree window, is when I unlock a talent, I'm not able to take back that point with a right mouse click like before. I would really like to not have two talents maxed out in a category, accidentally add a point to the third one and not be able to take it back without resetting all three talents and throw away the time I just spent upgrading the other two.
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