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  1. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Why do you want gold lines if there are now platinum lines? Why do you want that gold lines in exo if game is dropping leg items x4 gold?
    Until now you have not been able to do the items (normally any boss can drop you x4 leg) and forget about them?
    The problem is not the players who don't care about gold lines, but those who actually care about that lines.

    You are doing something wrong if you are not able to do equipment x3/x4 gold in 1 single day with the current game.
    I hallucinate reading people who say it's slow to grow when they're practically dropping x4 items from bosses after a lot of people have invested a lot of gold for months to get something that now drops with x4 of the highest gold number, simply for free.
    What more do you want? Jesus...
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    because you need goldlines to actually be stronger, you can't straight up jump to crafting platinum lines, since platinum lines only drop in high difficuties, where fresh 55 can't farm yet

    They need those gold lines to become stronger and be able to farm high difficulties
    That line is also completely idiotic and nonsensical, given the premises
    You may be one who already crafted 4/4 gold line items in the past, good for you, but how about you use your gray matter and try to see the situation of fresh level 55?

    I don't know about you, but i keep finding trash leggendaries, usually with 1 or 2 gold lines and if i find more gold lines that, it's usually items with different types of goldlines

    In short, i keep finding crash fodder or things that have to be melted and or sold, hell, i also find legs that don't even have gold lines
    Perhaps you may be blessed by the overlords of random and casuality, but i have yet to find a useful 4/4 gold line item to substitute what some of my already crafted items
    But please, tell us more how to appease the gods of random, tell us what we're doing wrong
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  3. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It's extremely easy to get x3/x4 dropped, on the diary chest i got x4 weapon idoti, DIARY CHEST! (no tier item)
    Just imagine farming what... Fatal? Cause Fatal is nerfed, u know... easier monsters than before release.
    I don't want to imagine the mental status of those who are lvl55 months before release and don't have x3/x4 items crafted yet.
    With this new cores system is also easier to get the cores for craft.
    Or not, cause i wasted months and gold to now see how it's dropping for free?
    And still have to see players complaining about "path of progression is so slow :(((("
    EDIT serious... Literally you don't have to use workbench to get a x3/x4 like before, and instead of taking profit of it during this month, you just complain if it seems to be back to the old gold lines system.
    "How are we going to progress in the game if they low the drop rate of gold lines?(a drop rate massively increased in the current release)"
    Just as we all did before the release, using workbench with blues/exos.
    Cause you know, platinum is
    so what's the problem on returning the old way to get the x3/x4? Anyway platinum is not worth enough.
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  4. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Ye, well in that case it is true that darker item art stands out a bit less on dark orange background. Though there is this white-yellow-ish glow effect around it. A perfect solution then would be a perfectly white background and a black outline, just like in comic books, hehe.

    Gold lines are common in r214 so maybe devs think it's necessary to decrease their drop rate... If I were to decide how that should be done, I'd decrease the chance of getting 3 or 4 gold lines on one item, but the chance of getting 1 or 2 gold lines would be slightly increased, because many gold lines are trash anyway. I think you agree that getting a legendary weapon with 4x gold is ridiculous especially if prior to r214 players had to spend months to get that on the crafting table... And if you get a leg with 2 good golds and 2 trash golds, well you wait a bit for another such leg, the combine them and bam, you get yourself a shiny 4x idoti weapon. Maybe ;D
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  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Ah yes, apparently one single lucky case is enough to make conclusions about a trend and make claim
    Should have told Baragain and others who analyzed the drops to do just one run and go to the conclusions from here, it would have saved him time

    "i found a special from a daily chest without gold lines, that means gold lines don't drop, i am very rational"
    See? i can use a single example and come up with stupid conclusion too

    Can you now see why what you said is complete bollocks?Can you see why the logic of your arguments is bonkers?
    Using your logic anyone can come up with any conclusions about the drops
    Hell, if your logic is to be accepted, me and you, both of us making opposing claims have completely valid conclusions

    Thank god it was nerfed, because based on their precedents, they would have simply nerfed the drops without nerfing the monsters, also it contradicts your claim about frequent gold line drops, but hey, consistency is for loosers, amirite?

    So your sperging here on this thread is caused by your butthurt because they increased the drop rates of gold lines, BECAUSE GOLD LINES ARE THE TOP LINES ANYMORE, given the existence of platinum lines
    You have been fooled by BP, they haven't given the players anything, they simply upped the ceiling
    And guess what, that is a way to slow the progression even more than it is now, because they need time to implement their patch( hiring new devs is apparently a difficult concept to grasp for BP's managers): congratulations on being a shill for BP and EDIT the players over
    How can you advocate unironically returning to the previous method, given how much it costed to make full gold items, who aren't even the best now? And you are doing that out of a likely exagerated claim, given the fact that i haven't seen a good 4/4 gold lines drop since R214, backed up with questionable evidence and hilariously fallacious logic. And you're doing all of this because you're butthurt about having spent gold for crafting your 4/4 gold lines items.

    Also your anger should not go with the new gold line drops, but to the introduction of platinum lines, which means you're going to have to recraft all of your items and that made your gold useless in the long run, if you want to call it that way
    Also your claim about frequent drops is probably made from the hyperbole mobile, you took a few cases of lucky drops and then went here to whine and cry like a child

    How is a fresh 55 going to be able to obtain a platinum item?Platinum items don't drop in lower difficulties and if they do, they do it rarely, i haven't touched anything below inf 1, because it's hell on earth lower than that
    platinum lines tend to drop in inf2 or inf 3 or inf 4
    A new level 55 players isn't going to be ready to handle those difficulties, they have to play in lower difficulties

    Hell, gold lines drop frequently on infernal 3 and 4,i bet they don't drop nearly as frequently in painful, which is where new players are actually going to farm
    And leggendaries are rare on high difficulties, i bet they are even rarer in lower difficulties

    The progression the devs invisioned is simple: 3/4 gold lines----4/4 gold lines---- 4/4 platinum lines

    You want to make step 1 of the process slower than now, even tough it's not as fast as you think it is
    This would have worked if platinum lines didn't not exist, as it was before
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  6. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    You may tell that Im not "blessed" by random but anyway...

    Since R214 is on live servers I am crafting by random craft (x3 2h exo + x1 any item) (which is Imo similar to getting leg by drop) like x3-6 2h legs per day (+ I can get x0-2 2h dropped from mobs/bosses), first 7-14 days that was only t7 items and even x3 t8 legs (I got only 2/4 gold lines in each randomly crafted t8 2h...), then only t6 items (mb some days I didnt crafted 2h, 'cause was focused on other items).

    And you know what? I still didn't get 4/4 gold lines increased_dmg_on_item weapon. If you think that its easy, you are wrong... I got smth like x4 3/4 gold lines gold lines increased_dmg_on_item items, and when I crafted 'em I got x3 gold lines increased_dmg_on_item (wOw so unexpected :eek::eek::eek:). Also I got a lot of trash items, like 4/4 gold lines increased_dmg (x4 times btw) and others... Each time I got x4 increased_dmg_on_item lines on item they were not even close to gold.

    Now Im not even trying to get x4 gold useful lines by random crafting, Im trying to get at least x2 useful gold lines items and use them as placeholders to craft 3 3 2 2...
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  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    As Sargon234 mentions, what about the person who begins the game the day after 215 is released? What about the player who just started a week ago and hasn't leveled up to the 55 yet?

    Sure it is easy to get 3 or 4 gold line drops now, but how many are worth keeping?

    Crafting is just as random as it has always been, so getting good 4/4 lines is still not that easy. Lowering the ability to find gold lines is not helping anyone.

    Sorry, I guess it does help everyone who already has 4/4 lines and doesn't need to craft anymore.

    You say cores are now easier? Really? I personally need quite a few draken core, so why don't you share your vast knowledge on how much easier they are to find now. I would love to sign on today and farm a few hundred.

    Now maybe you enjoy playing a game with a disappearing player base, and hope that by lowering the drop rate of gold lines even more players will leave the game, but not everyone thinks that way.

    You see, I was around before Tegan became a ghost town. Back when grouping was easy, getting any type of pvp match could be done really quickly, and you could actually fill up your friend list without putting in much of an effort.

    Now if I were like you and only cared about myself, sure, I could focus all my attention on a visual aspect of the game that has zero impact on character development, but for some reason I simply can't manage to be that selfish.
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  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Well yeah, I feel you. I'm not very lucky either. I did not get my 4x gold bow in a drop either. And it's not even 4x idoti, it's 3x idoti + 1x damage and I had to craft it from 2 bows I had crafted before r214 from blues + various leg bows that dropped here and there after r214.

    All I'm saying is that it's more possible now that you get a relatively good legendary from mobs with 3x or 4x gold that you'd have to spend fortune to get by crafting prior to r214. Im not saying it's necessary to nerf the gold lines drop rate, but if it gets nerfed a bit, I would understand where the devs were coming from.

    And platinum lines, oh my, oh my, I've played every day since the 13th December when the r214 dropped, in infernal 3s and 4s, and how many platinum increased_damage_on_this_item do you think I got on a 2h bows since then?
    One. ... and not even close to the top value -_-
    Perhaps platinums should drop a tiny little bit better.
  9. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    Im a bit more lucky, I got x3 90% platinums, x1 88% and x1 78% :D (Im Ranger too)
    And x2 60% for 1h btw.
    But no one can compare each other's drop, 'cause its depend not only on difficult player play, but on time + premium/deluxe membership.
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  10. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It's not about being blessed or having extremely luck, it's about farm.
    I said an example with the daily chest, to make you see that is not like you need to farm Infernal to get x3 or x4 items so if you craft x3 you are able to do Inf3 without problems, not even need to do x4 if you are not "blessed" on drops.
    But that example is not an isolated case, during the day I (and all) will get sooooo many x3/x4 items so tell me who is so dumb to not being crafted with minimum x3 the first day release came.
    But you also said:
    So... what?
    You are wrong, I'm simply exposing the reasons why I do not agree with whining of the style: "So slow progression :("
    If you are not able to see that months of farm and workbench has been reduced to 1 hour of farm and "lucky" (not really) drop... You just don't deserve more explanations.
    You've read that exo items with gold line doesn't appear that easy in R215, but nothing is said about the drop rate of gold line in legendary items so that's why I can't understand your complaints like "world ending soon", I can't see the problem if you can read up there that the legendaries drop more often in R215 than in R214 and legendaries actual drop rate is highly possible a x3/x4 even in no tier items.

    But well, let's cry for the exos and lie about the progression speed :)

    Sorry but you are not a new user here (Ambassador), you should have several thousands of all cores, included draken cores which were 100% dropped on all events during years until one month ago. If you don't have enough is cause you don't wanted to farm the cores in the past, but now you worry about it? Bah...
    You know that you are not forced to use event items? ;) If you can't afford it, go for the cheapest.
    I laugh a lot with this kind of people who were playing the game during months/years and didn't want to farm draken cores but now they are crying on cities and forums xD
    Look at the Q's door there's so many good items to your char, don't worry you will need materi cores so easy to get them :)
  11. menestrelul

    menestrelul Forum Apprentice

    One thing is very clear, after patch 214 new players are advancing in the game with the speed of light....compared to previous years.
    I know players who before the patch barely managed to finish a map on painful, mostly fatal, now farm only infernal 3 or 4.
    In a maximum of two month, they managed to craft everything.
    Not to mention all tonics and physics which give an extraordinary advantage compared to the old game ( before the patch).
    The only advantage I have as an old player is the big stones.
    About runes I can not say the same thing, because of the bug (or what it is) with the goblins, everyone will get full of runes...or S.O.I.
    They all regret the 2014-2015 period, but then the game was hard. At this rate it will become pokemon.
    A game that does not have a challenge has no future.
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  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Ohhhh, That's so sad... Almost like getting sapphires taken away from old players who worked hard for them because "they got their use out of them" and "All players can be on more level footing now."

    It's not hurting you, so why are you complaining?

    Are you seeing the hypocrisy of your argument in light of your past posts yet? Every time you post, it either makes me laugh or shake my head because of how out of tune you are with a bulk of players.
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    You haven't wasted anything. You have already used your 4x gold items enough. Be happy that you technically still can use it.
    A short description of this guy you we are trying to speak to:
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  14. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It's very funny to see how everyone tries to "catch me" in some way.
    I didn't complaint about gold lines getting basically for free on any map/any difficulty, I didn't said in any time to remove that drop.
    I posted here cause there's people saying that even with that new drop rate of gold lines in legendary items, is at same time complaining about a possible change in R215 to the exo items lowering the drop rate of gold lines in that items specifically.
    I simply can't understand why anyone would like to waste gold in workbench now to transfer gold line exo to legen, if game is dropping x3 and x4 legen items very easily.
    More than that, you don't need to craft x4 exos of same type of item with gold lines to try transfer nothing, cause now what any smart player does is combine x4 exos of different type to try get a random legen with a highly possibility of x3/x4 gold lines.
    There's a word to explain why some players are afraid of lowering drop rate of gold lines in exo, word is: Noob.
    And that's why i posted here, not to complain, but to balance some noob and false statements.
    If it's not clear enough, i'll say: I don't have any problem with gold lines dropping most frequently, i have a problem with noobs who think gold lines in exo are important right now.

    And i really laugh more seeing the attention noobs pay to traki and how they deify a person.
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Strange because i farm all day and i have yet to find that many leggendaries with so many gold lines, the best i got was some 3/4 gold lines and i got some 4/4, not that many of them and all of them were complete trash that either had to be melted or be used as crafting fodder

    Also as i mentioned you get that many gold lines only on high difficulties, in painful you don't get that many, if you get any at all
    And i tried to explain that this increase happened because gold lines became less valuable with the introduction of platinum lines

    But sure, continue to pretend that hyperboles or anedoctes are "arguments" that in any way strenghted your position

    Suuuure, you totally can get what you previously got in months of crafting in one hour, sure,it's totally not an exageration
    In hours of farming i have yet to find a good 3/4 item or a 4/4
    I'm trying to craft 4/4 gloves and 4/4 armor, but i have yet to find those pieces

    The progression is slow, especially at the start, because BP is apparently incapable to give steady and constant progression, you get months of boredom trying to craft and then after you craft you accelerate your progression prior to slowing and then plateauing
    I also know players who weren't able to play on painful and still can't drop the things needed for them to craft and get more powerful
    There, i also got my fictional players and my anedocte to invent a bollocks conclusion
    He used to go by a different username
    It is pretty much established that he's here venting his butthurt about this thing that doesn't even affect him
    You must be pretty insecure to fell threatened by this, he got his pieces, it's not like the noobs are going to be similar to him with only farm
    I'm pretty sure that he's exagerating the extent of gold line drops, i have never seen that many drops and good drops
    Perhaps he's farming in the scaling dungeons, where drops are a bit better, but still, even there i haven't had any luck
  16. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

  17. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Just go for some keys and enter Khaly Inf3 a few hours :)
    Just combine 4 different types of exo: 3 armor+1 helmet= voilà! armor legen x4 dmg!!!! Wow!!! Soooo difficult!! :) No need gold lines btw.
    As I said in my example (not a singular case, just an example) i got x4 idoti legen in daily chest, so you are not right.
    I completely agree with an increase, but I think no one of you is getting my point... There's no need of gold lines in exo and if this changes again is not affecting the speed of progression, is just false saying the progression is slow now.
    And even with existing platinum lines, these lines do not mean a change so abrupt compared to the golden ones, so golden lines should not be so undervalued actually, in fact we all do Inf4 easily with golden lines, it's not a small thing.

    I'm impressed how players who complained about shappires (this means they have years of "experience?") are not able to realize these things and they do noob statements and lies.

    I don't get that.
  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Count Count

    The one main hallmark of a noob is calling everyone around a "noob".

    You must be blind not to see what is hiding out there... you must be stupid to believe that appeasement and crocodile feeding can do anything good. I don't believe you are blind or that stupid... so the only way I can explain that is that either you are a dev using a player account (which is unlikely... the teams are changing rapidly and you stay here) or, the most probable one, that you're just a troll.

    The whole problem is... we don't need trolls to throw their rocks all around here.
  19. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    You use the same arguments all the times someone is trying to discuss something, you ever write those phrases using words like: stupid, noob, troll, hiding dev... It is exhausting.

    You know what... stay in your ignorancy, go try to farm some gold lines in exo and use workbench a lot with it :)
    Completely worth, dear master...
  20. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Maybe the "philosophy" of enchantments is different now.

    Prior to r214 we were hunting the best possible gold lines.

    But now, that there are platinum lines, players who already have good gold lines in their gear, hunt platinums, while players who have no gold lines have the opportunity to get their hands on them more easily.
    Call me Captain Obvious. But the real thing is coming:

    The "enchantment philosophy" shift is probably the following.
    If you have no or almost no gold enchantments, do some farming and wait for a multiple gold purple or legendary drop with any old "trash" gold lines. Don't look for the best values. Just build your provisional character using all these "trash" items in order to play infernals where you have a higher chance to get better stuff, like less trashy gold legends or even some platinums.

    (fun fact: My only platinum IDotI 2h I got since r214 released, is a tier 3!)

    I assume that a "trash" item (for a dps) is for example a ring with 2x hp + 1x crit + 1x block, a torso with 1x dmg + 2x armor, and so on. But if all of your equipment is like that, you're already strong enough to play inf1 or something. Sure, probably not easily, but it absolutely won't be impossible. Also keep in mind this game is pretty much based on carrying. Those who want to earn everything on their own or with buddies on the same power level are gonna have a hard time.

    Personal story time!
    This is legendary torso that dropped from Khepre in the Great Desert a few days after 214 release. I don't remember the mode though. It was a instant transfer to my unique:


    Really good legends like this are still very rare.
    But I guess, if my theory of the "enchantment philosophy" shift is correct, this is not what a new player should be after. A fresh level 55 should just grab a 3/4 legend and probably only ignore pointless enchantments like blocks in case of a 2h build, or hp in helmets, and such.

    And as for me, I do play infernal 3s and 4s, in groups and alone, yet I'm not even full gold crafted...
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