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  1. Bombastisch

    Bombastisch Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Melethainiel,

    Thx for Responde.

    You absolutely missed the point. I am not going to describe the things that should be done in place of this pathetic thing with Brigavik. There are many threads about it, just read them.

    The answer to your comment... yes it's Testserver, but...

    When someone works on such a pathetic thing, spends God knows how much working time on it, finaly uploads this pathetic thing to the Testserver.. present it to the Players..

    it´s looks like that they will harmed players, will degraded items, anyway we have spent so much time to get the items..instead of fixing old bugs? What are we supposed to think about that?
    at least we can think that they spends time on stupid things instead of useful things..

    Tell me, then. What is the secret of uploading the new worse Brigavik stuff to the testserver ?

    I'll get back to you on R253 ;)

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  2. Bombastisch

    Bombastisch Forum Greenhorn


    I don't understand your nature.
    With one sentence you write here that it is only a testserver, with the other sentence you announce (confirm not only the degradation of the Brigavik item). You're just a star, best off ;) just keep going
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  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    And just how are players suppose to give feedback? The announcement for the release is locked. Only players that know what is going on are the handful that do the test server. Tell us just how is the players feedback heard when BP locks the threads and they can't comment.
  4. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    Actually, I was also wondering what is the reason behind nerf of Brigavik items, as that did not make any sense, but I think it was hamuluk explaining in his video that current/old stats on those items are abused in PvP... Makes sense, I don't play PvP, probably many other here wondering about the nerf do not play it either... But on the other hand, I see no reason to nerf the stats for PvE as well - we know there are stats on items that have special note about different effect in PvP as compared to PvE, so Brigavik items could have been handled this way too (half or completely no effect in PvP) without "fixing" this for PvE where it could not be considered an abuse. So yes, it makes sense if the nerf is to counter abuse in PvP, but Im not sure it had to be done this way, and even if yes, it was badly communicated (or rather, not communicated at all, at least not in the forums).
  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    PVP? wisdom skills don't work in PVP.
  6. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    That is what he wrote, from 0:38... I would not know about that, but there are still many things I do not know about the game :)
  7. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Well if you click your skill tab "S"... then click your wisdom tab. Bottom right hand corner it says " Wisdom skill are not active in PVP battlegrounds.
  8. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    And if you read the discussion under the video, you will see many players know there is a bug that makes these items' wisdom work in PvP too. No one explained exactly how it works though, guess it was a well-kept secret...
  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Hundreds more players got that gear to use in PVE. As you say it was a well kept secret. No one cares about PVP anymore BP destroyed that starting with 155r. Glitches, bugs, BAD programing are not the players problem, they do not program the game. BP needs to hire competent computer programmers then. Instead of punishing the players for their poor computer programing. Fix the programing and do not punish the players, that simple.
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  10. Bombastisch

    Bombastisch Forum Greenhorn

    We'll see tomorrow..
    looks like they changed their minds at the last minute.
    Maybe we'll be the same, if not better ...
    Brigavik shoes should have 10% of the total critics ...
    It's probably gonna be different from the pictures in this thread, post number one.

  11. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Hmmm that is still a big lose. I use the arrows. 5% of primary & absolute total.. is still dmg lose compared to the 1,200 dmg it adds now. BP is just trying to pull the wool of players eyes still. Things nvr change BP's incompetent programing and the players get punished. If this is truly a programing error like BP is trying to sell to everyone.
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  12. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    If these unique % are (as it seems) on total damage and crit perhaps the items are still whorty.... Need calculation...
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  13. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Hi @gbit The only way this works is if the unique value they change is of the same value as the current wisdom value. Example my arrows add 16 wisdom pnt to dmg. That is 1200 dmg, the unique value they change would have to be 1200 dmg. Like wise for the other pieces, what ever those values are. Other wise players have wasted their time, money, resources,, effort for the last year running into Brigavik over and over again.

    That would still not solve the PVP issue if that is what this is really about. Nor does adding the 5% dmg solve that. The 5% would still work in PVP.
  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Let me be the first to say I was wrong about the second rework. BP last minute change from OTI that would have nerfed the hell out of this gear.

    Their choice to do a second rework straight percentages did not nerf this gear as the first rework would have. Players can move some gems and enchantments around and keep pretty much what they had.
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Interesting... the game is full with bugs (bugs that affect the players and the gameplay) but they started with changing stats on newest items :)
    When are they planning to fix unavoidable game breaking bugs like in example the thieving gold bug (there are items that are depleting player's gold when selling them at the shop)? This bug is present and most of the players are not even aware of it because they don't pay attention when selling items.
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  16. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    lol, hmmmm well maybe they fixed this gold selling bug. Like always the patch notes give almost zero details and little to no explanation. Just always says bug fixes. Maybe this is one of the bugs they fixed.

    LMAO,,, just kidding they didn't fix nothing. :p