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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    yep, same problem here, it s very annoying.
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    The prize list is on the wiki.
  3. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    RE: The accelerating and fortifying jewels... I wonder if you can have more than one? They probably drop very rarely.

    10% faster travel speed or 100% more armor (each piece) - for just using five gem slots - wow.
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I saw someone saying that the "Armor gems" only increase the durability which makes more sense to me. I won't believe that they give % armor until I see someone with them on.
  5. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Yeah, it would be pretty crazy. I think my Dark Heart, at lvl 45, gives 777 armor (including the base armor). So if I put five of those gems in and they did what it literally says they do: that would be in the neighborhood of 1500 armor from one torso piece. That can't be right - far too OP, I think... :eek:

    Edit #1: If the quoted case is true, it's another typo that needs to be corrected: armor = durability.

    Edit #2: Can you imagine, though, someone with those 2% travel speed gems in 25 of their gem slots? 50% travel speed just from gems in addition to the other speed stuff people normally have? That seems kinda OP to me, too.
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  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Well, fortunately, the speed gems can only be used on boots. That would mean "only" an additional 10% speed. And the "fortunately" ends there because if they were lucky enough to make 5x4% speed gems, that would be 20% and yes, that would be OP. The only catch is that you would need 45 of the 2% speed gems to make 5x4%.

    Also, the "Armor" gems are only for the torso... but still, 5x40% (the upgraded ones) would be 200% armor which would make the Dark Heart alone have more armor (2331 armor at LVL 45) than many brand new LVL 45s. Couple that with something like the Defender's set or the Dark Warlord set and you could easily see 2680 for one or 3030 if using both together... We'd be seeing P2W DKs with 6k Armor and 8.5K HP and +40% run speed. God Help Us All!
  7. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    Gems add armor. On my DK, have dark heart with 777 armor, (equipped all resistance gems) and added the unique gem and it boosted my heart armor total to 932. Plus the gem is equippable on all armor gear pieces outside of weapon and decoration.
    Got 2 travel speed gems so far and of course they are now on boots but with my keens it gives me now 14% travel speed. Being limited to 5 total for the boots is fine, saves having to equip other unique sets for travel speed boost, but it could give a DK a huge advantage in arena if one used the fullmoon set and that 10% speed. Add the fame tree speed and there is 50 % easy speed, well, easy for those willing to risk their andermant and gold for a gem that rarely shows up.
    But then I gamble more than many so in the long run as far as my DK goes, I may be able to turn it into a fast, almost damage immune tank and dominate in arena. *fingers crossed*

    Oh and if I hit a mil jackpot and I don't have the gems, well I'll just gamble away the ander until I do I guess. :D
  8. .krom70.

    .krom70. Active Author

  9. Serenthía

    Serenthía Someday Author

    Yesterday DSO team announced a hotfix for today (14.10.14 starts at 9:00 and it takes at least 90 minutes)...when i open the thin client or browser it shows that there was something fixed because it went from release 136_6 - 14-10-07 19:16 to release 136_9 - 2014-10-10 14:10...

    i'm just wondering what have you guys done because surprise surprise, everything is still the same. :mad:

    My female char still has a men's voice, the quest is still non doable and so on....

    Seriously, what is going on over there???? :rolleyes:
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  10. Serenthía

    Serenthía Someday Author

    I really thought they had someone to verify how things went after the hotfix, but all i can see is that they don't have a clue what is going on or even how to fix it. All those Devs or Mods on TS are only spending time with the Jesters (trying to "Get Lucky") instead of actually testing the game and see what is wrong.
  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Well that is ridiculous. Imagine the situation above... DK's with more armor on a single piece than some DK's have total. These two new gems are game breaking. At least the only way to get them for the moment is through gambling (for the time being) otherwise PvP would have been even worse overnight. Maybe they ought to make those gems only good for 5%/10%/15% in PvP instead of 20%/30%/40%.

    Did you guys read the release notes? They fixed three things and in the known issues, it still says
    "Known Issues:

    Dragon Mount sounds like a horse
    female character voices sound like male voices

    Item Tooltip:
    Tooltip does not refresh after identification of items and remains stuck

    The quest object for Quest “Hunter and Prey 3/4” can only be used by one person on the map"

    Seriously, If you are going to complain, at least know what you are complaining about first!
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  12. Serenthía

    Serenthía Someday Author

    In a perfect world everything should run smoothly, but of course the need to fix what gives a good income first has it's advantages... ;)
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  13. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Ah, good point about the boots. I read that on the description of the item but somewhere in my musings it slipped my mind. 10% speed limit from gems isn't too OP, considering people already have 30%, or so, speed boots.

    However, 20% travel speed from 5 gems in boots... that seems a bit overboard. Needing 45 gems makes it difficult, but those spending their inheritances on it could likely do it in a week or two :)

    The armor gems... crazy. Does it also increase the base armor? (I think the base on my Dark Heart is around 150 at lvl 45.) It doesn't really matter. It's OP either way.

    Edit: Looks like, from the post following yours, that the base armor is affected. [777 x 0.20] + 777 = 932.4. So we're looking at Dark Hearts on (big-spending, very lucky or persistent-over-time gambling) DKs with more than 2300 armor, and much more with a little creative combining of set bonuses.

    (And now it may be that they're not limited to torso armor as listed? So someone could put these in their Dark Helmet and Pauldrons too?)

    All I can say is... wow... BP never ceases to amaze me... and not in good ways. It's like they don't even think about balance until after they break it. At this rate, the only limit will be the 80% maximum attainable armor reduction.
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  14. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    I dunno, but it seems it to me the 2 new gems just MIGHT balance out the new tier "royal" EDIT gem set.

    Think about this, I know a ranger who has around 1300 damage...give or take...add a couple 31+ damage gems?.....

    That DK would be appreciative of that extra added armour to a certain piece.

    As far as the speed gem goes, I only see it's usefulness in pvp really. And I quit the arena a few weeks ago. Just to many credits cards in arena now a days. I'm no badas in there, but also no push over and keep gettin killed several times with only one hit lol. It's not natural to hit a DK for 15k from a mage when his resistance is around 550-600 :rolleyes:

    And, it was only a SKOTO.

    Anyway, just my opinions and rants and frustrations :D
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  15. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    When it comes to travel speed, the arena is the only place where it matters to me as well. In dungeons, travel speed is just a luxury. You can get by without a lot of travel speed there.

    I don't see these gambling prize gems balancing out the new gem tiers. IMO, it'll be the opposite case. Those players with a lot of money to invest are the ones able to gamble enough to get many of these speed and armor gems. The exact same people are the only ones able to afford the new royal gems. So, basically, the p2w crowd is going to have the advantage in both these gem categories. Therefore, more advantage to those paying big bucks. I can't say I'm surprised anymore.
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  16. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Think you made a mistake. Got one of the armor buff gems and it says equippable on torso. It would be nice to have an anywhere equip option but that could theoretically make a player too OP for the game and DSO won't allow that. But even equipping 5 of those on the torso wil still substantially boost your armor count for whichever torso you wear.

    *tried equipping it on another gear piece, it will not allow, so the thrill of these gems is lost on me now lol. Sure 5 would be a nice armor boost but 25 would have been better :D
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
  17. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    It "says" equip on a torso. We know that from the picture on the wiki. But have you tried putting it into another piece of equipment? That is the 64,000 andermant question. I would like to know for sure, but I don't want to gamble away all my resources just to get one to test this. If these are broken, and can be equipped anywhere, they will need to be fixed ASAP. If not, well, the top ones (40% each gem) are probably still too OP. Sure it takes 45 of the little ones to make 5 huge ones, but some people enjoy gambling and have the money to do it perpetually. 200% armor bonus on something like a Dark Heart is no joke.
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  18. -DeathsRevenge-

    -DeathsRevenge- Advanced

    Have you banned everyone who used the bug in the Invasion Of Kingshill event?

    I mean... I know one who farmed 11.000 gold from that event that he can spend now and how's that fair? Ohh I forgot... "but it was a bug that BP created themselves, is not our fault we came across it and USED it a million times to get lots of gold" - Perfect excuse sentence for most fools.. :)
    - Pretty sure you guys mentioned you also banned players who used bugs/exploits for their advantage... Just another lie I guess. :)
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Just thought I would mention the extra row in the locker bug is not fixed. Though it does happen a lot less often now.

    Luck be with ye,
  20. Trailboss1

    Trailboss1 Forum Mogul

    Yeah, and my dragon still gallops
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