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    Hello Heroes,

    In Short
    Release 136 introduces three new faces to Dracania, the Jesters. Next to these jolly, yet mysterious, fellows we have implemented a new gemstone tier, the royal gemstone, a new experience point booster and we have started to re-balance the Steam Mechanicus, since many of you questioned the archetype’s survivability. Finally, the Steam Mechanicus is not an unlockable character anymore and is now accessible to everyone.​

    New Features

    New NPCs: The Jesters
    A new group of NPC’s will be introduced to the game; the Jesters Ballerino, Arlekin and Zampano.​

    The new Kingshill features a fair ground where these artistic fellows can be found. All three of them are jolly and playful characters but no one really knows what is hidden behind their masks!
    The Jesters will allow you to be able to receive great treasures and useful consumables in exchange for gold or Andermant.​

    For more information about The Jesters click here.​

    New Gemstone Tier: Royal
    Currently every gemstone has 8 tiers, flawed being the lowest tier, sacred being the highest tier. Together with the Jesters and the reworked city of Kingshill we are introducing a 9th tier for every gemstone, the royal gemstone. Combining three sacred gemstones will create one royal gemstone.​
    Here are the ultimate bonuses of the new gemstone tier: "Royal"
    • Ruby: + 31 extra damage
    • Onyx: + 250 Critical hit value
    • Cyanite: + 80 Armor value
    • Diamond: + 133 all resistance values
    • Sapphire: + 12,5% faster attack speed
    • Amethyst: + 133 hitpoints
    New Item: Scroll of Insight
    A new item has been added to the game: The Scroll of Insight gives your character 100% more experience from defeated monsters for the duration of 60 minutes. For the price of 799 Andermant the Scroll of Insight can be purchased in the in-game shop (hotkey: T)​


    Steam Mechanicus - Free for All
    As announced in release 134 the Steam Mechanicus can now be selected as character right away and is no “unlockable” feature anymore.​

    Steam Mechanicus Rebalancing - Part One
    Many of you have criticized the survivability of this archetype, therefore we have started to rebalance the Steam Mechanicus:
    • Increased the values of hitpoint Enchantments by 39% (this also affects existing enchanted items, this does not affects unique items)
    • Increased base hitpoints of the character by 39%
    In-game shop adjustment
    The following items have been taken out of the shop: Favor of Destiny and Destiny’s Support. If you have these items in your inventory you will still be able to use them but you will not have the option to buy them anymore in the game.
    Java Applet Refactoring
    We have reworked the way Drakensang Online integrates into the browser. The game now loads faster and provides better feedback while loading.​

    Selected Bugfixes

    (In)destructible objects
    We fixed a bug causing destructible objects to remain intact even after being destroyed.​

    Double trigger: Right Mouse Button
    We have fixed a bug that whenever you activated an item that brings up a pop up (i.e: a realm path) you would also trigger the skill that is assigned to the right mouse button.​

    Low Level Alan’s Equipment
    If you finish the new game entry you will enter Grimford at level 5 or level 6 while Alan's equipment set that you can buy for Andermant was still balanced at level 1. The equipment will now have values that equal you character’s level.
    False extra row in locker
    We have eliminated a bug that would give your locker a false extra row of slots in the fourth tab.​

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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