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    Greetings Heroes of Dracania,


    Release 139 in Short

    With release 139 we are removing the Crystals of Truth from the game. They are not needed anymore as players will now be able to identify all items for free.

    As a consequence, we will also add further improvements to the game, such as free auto-pickup of currencies for everyone or traveling to dungeons for silver, that all aim on making Drakensang Online a better free-to-play experience.​

    As these are significant changes that impact the whole game economy, we will also adjust several existing systems such as the Premium Membership and the Workbench feature.​

    Please watch the explanatory videos in the forum for further details.

    New Features

    "Achievement Unlocked!"

    You will find a new tab called Achievements in the quest window (hotkey: Q). Your character can complete various achievements in the following categories: General, Story, Character Classes, Battle and Workshop.

    For more detailed information about this feature, please click here:
    Achievements Guide

    Talents Unlockable Through Andermant

    Ancient Wisdom can now be purchased directly within the Talent Tree to unlock a Talent, if you have enough Ancient Wisdom, you can level up immediately without having to spend gold. You can also buy Ancient Wisdom directly from the shop window (hotkey: T).

    Ancient Wisdom that is purchased does not receive the additional Mentor Bonus.

    You can no longer purchase items that require a talent in the Talent Tree that your character hasn’t unlocked yet. You should still be able to get items from events. You are only prevented from purchasing items from a shop if you don't have the talent. When trying to do so, a notification will inform you that your character needs to unlock the talent first and ways of gaining Ancient Wisdom will be presented. You have the option to open the purchase dialogue for the required talent right away.

    New mounts and pets

    Grizmek, the mount and pet tamer, now offers a bunch of new mounts and pets. Check out his new amazing animals.


    • Fine Steed (Fox)
    • Mount (Black)
    • Blue Armored War Horse
    • Steed of the Crown
    • Pudgy Dragonspawn
    • Bomb Buddy
    • Blue Dragonspawn
    • Glutschuppen-Drachling (no English translation yet)
    Zahir the cloak vendor also now offers several new cloaks with new stats.


    • Cloak of Viridjian
    • Cloak of Xerulean
    • Cloak of Drakaurum
    • Touch of Heaven
    Note: all cloaks, mounts and pets are available in all hubs with these NPCs.


    Map Arrow Color Coding

    Map Arrows will now be using the same color coding that is used for level ranges, if they lead towards an area with a level range. Players who are more than 6 levels below the minimum level of an area will not be able to enter anymore.

    Previously activated Travel Stones remain available to players who unlocked them prior to this release.
    Color of Map ArrowMeaning
    (difficulty on the map)
    Monster Level Range in the map isExample: Required Level Range is 20-22. The character level is...
    bluesafe area(no monsters present)any
    greymonsters are way below own level6 or more levels lower compared to character26 or higher
    greenmonsters are slightly below own level2-5 levels lower compared to character22-25
    yellowmonster level matches
    own level
    1 level lower, or equal, or 1 level higher compared to character19-21
    orangemonster level slightly too high2-5 levels higher compared to character15-18
    redmonster level far too high6 or more levels higher compared to character14 or lower

    Selected Bugfixes

    Hide Character Name Option Bug Fixed

    If a player had the character’s name hidden and then whispered to another character, the name would be visible again after the speech bubble faded away. This setting has been fixed and functions now as intended.

    Wrong Prices for Basic Items
    We adjusted the selling and buying prices of the basic (grey) left-hand items of the Steam Mechanicus to be more in line with the prices of the other classes. This is a minor change and affects the selling prices of enchanted items only by some copper.

    Item Selling Price (fixed)
    The Copper Pliers selling price was higher than the buying price.

    Locked Maps Accessible (fixed)
    Maps were accessible without the need of a key item. When characters accessed these areas they would face a black screen.

    Quest Keeper Text Inconsistency (fixed)
    In the tutorial section, when the player reaches the first NPC, a pop-up appears telling him to speak to the "Quest Giver". However, when highlighting the NPC, he is described as a "Quest Keeper"

    Changes to the shop offers of NPC Grizmek the Tamer
    We removed the Colorful Treasure from Grizmek’s shop. Instead of being part of a package, the Rainbow Unicorn is now directly available in the shop for the price of 12,990 Andermant. Furthermore, we reduced the price of the white Unicorn to 9,990, to bring it in line with the other prices in this shop.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Achievement Guide

    What are achievements?
    Achievements are optional tasks that you need to solve in order to unlock multiple icons/pictures. You can see it like an album of collections/ a catalogue of tasks that you can solve from time to time. We will have some iterations for that and will add more achievements in the future. The achievements are subdivided into different categories (in general, lore etc.).​

    Where can I find the achievements?
    The achievements section will be located within the "tasks" menu, it is therefore reachable by the same shortcut as the "task" window (default: Q)​

    Will there be rewards?
    The first iteration of the achievement system will not offer any rewards. However, you can unlock the several tasks so that the greyed-out-pictures turn colored. We plan to introduce a title system in the near future and if this is the case, the already unlocked achievements will be considered and rewards/titles will get booked afterwards.​

    Will I get achievements right away?
    When we introduce the new Achievement System, you have to start your hunt for achievements anew. However, certain existing (and future) Achievements may be awarded automatically based on prior gameplay.​

    Are achievements character or account bound?
    We will enable both types of achievements; they can be bound to account or character.​

    Screenshot is in German because the English localization was not done yet.

    Overview of the different categories




    All general achievements we have to offer, e.g. reach a specific level, collect 10 gold, deal 100 damage, slay 200 monsters


    Includes the different towns, could also include event-related subcategories or achievements


    All about friends, guilds and groups, like "dance with friend"


    All about leveling classes to x, learn skills, use skills to deal x damage or kill x enemies


    Collecting honor (total), winning x matches, kill x opponents etc.


    Special achievements for players who already seen it all "kill Herold in 3min"


    All about collecting glyphs of power, melt in x items, upgrade x items to category y, improve gear level x times etc.


    All about Events and reaching certain milestones or completing single ones


    All achievements you can unlock that are shared accountwide
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    Removal of Crystals of Truth (CoT)

    Please click on the video to watch an explanation about the removal of the Crystals of Truth:

    Why did you have to remove the Crystals of Truth?

    This game is all about gathering great equipment and getting stronger and stronger to become a great hero that can stand even the biggest foes in the world of Dracania.​

    So how exactly should this experience look like?
    Players invest resources to fight evil forces in the hope to loot items that allow them to confront even stronger enemies that would possess even better loot, and so on. This journey should be smooth and enjoyable.​

    But at a certain point in the game it is not really enjoyable right now, because the player cannot use the looted items without being in need to additionally grind an inappropriate amount of time for Crystals of Truth. We really feel that this double layer needs to be removed and that players should be instantly rewarded for their invested time and resources in order to fully enjoy a great gear progression throughout the entire game.
    How does one identify newly found items now?
    As of now all items can be identified by a simple right mouse button click, it does not cost you any CoT or any other commodity, in other words, it is free now.​

    Free identification; is that not a main benefit of having a Premium account?

    Yes, of course, and since identification is now free, Premium accounts have been given other additional benefits (see New Premium Account Benefits).​

    What’s the point of having to right-click on the items, if they will be immediately identified, why does one have to identify at all?

    It might be just a click that lasts less than a millisecond but this click adds to the element of surprise. It adds to the psychological feeling of achievement, we would not want to take that away from you. You earned an item and you alone should be able to discover the true power behind this item.​

    It will also allow you to clearly distinguish newly picked up items from identified items that have already been in your inventory.​

    What happens if my character still has CoT in the inventory?
    If your character still has Crystals of Truth left in the inventory, these Crystals will be converted into Andermant. The conversion rate is as follows:​

    The conversion rate is 1 Crystal of Truth (CoT) = 2 Andermant
    For example:
    300 CoT → 600 Andermant
    600 CoT → 1200 Andermant

    You will receive the Andermant amount via a booking notification (Blue Box Notification on the left side)​

    Virtual Currency Economy Redesign

    Please click on the video to watch an explanation about changes concerning the virtual currency:

    Up until some time ago, the gold currency (copper, silver and gold) had less significance and use in the game. We really wanted to change that as this is the currency you gather all the time, so we added the Jesters as a first step.

    As a consequence of the Crystals of Truth removal, all players will now have potential access to much more gold and meaningful ways to spend it. If this is not enough, we will also increase the drop rates of items (see Increased Drop Rates).

    It is just alone in your hands to decide where you will spend the hard-earned gold coins. Enjoy it!

    The following changes give copper, silver and gold more meaning in the game.
    The following changes will be implemented with the upcoming release:​

    Unified selling price for (un)identified items
    Items have the same value when being sold, regardless whether they are identified or not.
    (This allows the player to sell items as quick as possible without being forced to right-click all of them.)

    Currency auto-pickup
    Every character picks up in-game currencies automatically, regardless whether they are premium account holders or not.
    (We believe that this needs to be a core feature, as picking up several coin stacks by hand interrupts the game flow.)

    Travelling for gold
    Whenever travelling costed your character 40 Andermant, it will now cost an amount of gold currency, that is corresponding to the level of the area.​
    Premium Account Changes

    Please click on the video to watch an explanation about the changes on the Premium Account:

    • Since the identification of items does not require you to use Crystals of Truth anymore, the feature “free identification” had to be taken out of the Premium account. Also, the automatic pickup of currencies is regarded as core feature for a MMORPG, therefore we took it out of the premium account. Along with this changes we added new benefits for premium account holders:

      Dismissed Premium Account Benefits
    Free Identification
    Players can now identify any item for free, all you need to do is right-click on the item, therefore, this feature is obsolete and will be removed from the premium benefits.

    Automatic pickup of in-game currencies
    Every character, regardless whether premium member or not, can pick up in-game currencies automatically now and therefore this feature will be taken out of the premium benefits.​

    • New Premium Account Features
    Daily Big Surprise Chest
    Additionally to the regular small surprise chest, the player will now also receive a big surprise chest, that will always contain something like, for example, extraordinary or even legendary items, lockpicks, essences or potions.

    Mysterious Cubes
    Additionally to the regular loot, each monster has a certain chance of dropping a new item, called “Mysterious Cube”. Regular loot behaviour is not affected by this new item, it is an addition to every monster’s loot list. Each monster will have an individual drop chance for Mysterious Cubes, depending on the type of the monster, the individual drop chance of the monster and the level difference between monster and character. The rule of thumb is: The more powerful the monster is, the bigger is the drop chance.
    Mysterious Cubes can contain extraordinary or legendary items, Andermant or gemstones up to the highest tiers;
    Mysterious Cubes can also contain pieces of a new and very powerful item set.

    Special Trader NPC Emilia
    Premium players have the possibility to purchase exclusive items from a new trader called Emilia. You can find Emilia in the city of Kingshill, where you can take a look at her offers.

    Preselection of Talent Setups
    Under talents (hotkey: N) you will be able to select between two setups for your talents.Once defined, you can immediately switch between them.​

    Increased Honor Points
    Premium membership players gain a bonus of 25% on all received PvP honor points and PvP badges, even on top of the mentor bonus. The bonus is listed in the final score window after every PvP match.​

    Workbench, Loot & Drop Rates

    Please click on the video to watch an explanation about the changes on the workbench, loot and drop rates:

    • Adjustments to the workbench item combining system
      The crafting of items on the workbench will cost your character currency from now on. Your character can pay either in gold, silver, copper or Andermant. The price will increase depending on the rarity and the levels of the item you put on the workbench.
      Increased drop rates
      • The overall drop chances for legendary items (orange) has been increased by 100% for regular monsters and mini bosses;
      • The overall drop chances for legendary items (orange) has been increased by 200% for all Parallel World monsters;
      • The overall drop chances for gems has been increased by 100% for all Parallel World monsters.
      Adjustments To Enchantments
      We also want legendary items on the helmet, pauldrons, torso and gloves slots to be a valid alternative to the existing unique item set pieces, as currently most of the experienced players are using identical equipment on these item slots.​

      The following changes affect all newly found or crafted items. Existing items are not affected.
      • The potential maximum values of “Hitpoint” and “Armor Value” enchantments has been increased by about 25%.
      • The efficiency of “All Resistance” enchantments has been increased by about 100%.
      • Helmets, shoulders and torsos can now have “Extra Damage” enchantments.
      • The efficiency of “Extra damage” enchantments on all weapons has been increased by about 50%.
      • The minimum and maximum values of “Faster Run“ enchantments on boots have been increased from 3-7% to 4-8% on level 1-42 items and 4-10% on level 43-45 items.
      • Gloves can now have “Attack Speed” enchantments 4-8% on level 1-42 items and 4-10% on level 43-45 items. Gloves can no longer have “Critical Damage” enchantments.
      • The “Critical Damage” enchantments can now appear on one-handed weapons. The minimum and maximum values are 10-30% on level 1-42 items and 10-35% on level 43-45 items.
      • The minimum and maximum values of "Critical Damage" enchantments on rings, amulets, offhand items, belts, weapon modifiers has been increased from 3-10% to 5-11% on level 1-42 items and 5-12,5% on level 43-45 items.
      • The maximum value of "Block rate" and “Block amount” enchantments on defensive offhand items has been increased from 60% to 65% on level 43-45 items.
      • The maximum value of "Attack Speed" enchantments on 1H-weapons has been increased to 13% on level 1-42 items and 15% on level 43-45 items.
      • The maximum value of "Increased damage" enchantments on 1H-weapons has been increased to 40% on level 43-45 items.
      • The maximum value of "Increased damage" enchantments on 2H-weapons has been increased to 80% on level 43-45 items.

      Adjustments To The Power Ranges Of Enchanted Items
      We increased the potential maximum power level of enchanted items to improve your loot experience, especially at the beginning of the game. Example: You use a mediocre purple ring. Now every ring you find, from purple to blue, can potentially be better.​

      These abstract numbers will be used to illustrate the total power level of the different rarities:​
      • New total power of Improved (green) items = 10-50% (Old value = 10-30%)
      • New total power of Magic (blue) items = 30-120% (Old value = 30-78,8%)
      • New total power of Extraordinary (purple) items = 69-210% (Old value = 69-150%)
      • Legendary items should always feel “Legendary” as they bear the power to be the most powerful item choice when used in certain item slots. Therefore, we increased the minimum values for almost all of the Legendary item enchantments.
      • New total power of Legendary (orange) items = 160-320% (Old value = 120-300%)
      Low-Level Item Upgrade Bug
      We fixed an upgrading issue concerning low-level items.
      All upgraded low-level items should now hold the correct values on each level. This bugfix affects all newly found or crafted items.
      This bugfix will not affect any existing items.