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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes,

    Release 142 is here!​


    In Short
    Release 142 introduces a new face to Kingshill: the corpulent trader Zumpe, who is offering exclusive items in exchange for a new currency called Gilded Clovers. As well as adding this new NPC, we have reworked the user interface for purchases, defined a new set of modification rules for skill talents, and have lowered the difficulty of certain quests.

    New Features

    New NPC: Zumpe, the Jesters' Trader
    A new trader NPC named Zumpe has arrived in the city of Kingshill. His wares include a new pet and a new epic mount, as well as exclusive items which you could usually only win from the Jesters. He takes payment in Gilded Clovers, a new currency which can only be obtained from the Jesters.

    One-Click Payment
    The user interfaces to purchase Andermant, Premium memberships, and character customization have been reworked; these new user interfaces allow you to save the settings of your preferred payment method so that you can easily reuse the same method the next time you complete a purchase. In addition, the window to add Andermant can now also pop up within the game: you are no longer required to open a new additional browser window. Finally, the appearance of the “Add Andermant” button in the upper left corner of your screen has been changed to a shopping cart icon.

    Important: One-Click Payment is not accessible by all players yet; currently only a randomly selected group of player accounts can take advantage of this feature, it is implemented as an AB test. In the future, however, we will roll it out to all accounts. More information about One-Click Payment can be found here.


    Alternative Idle Animations
    Player feedback mentioned that idles in city areas appeared one-dimensional. To create a more lively feeling in city areas and to differentiate them from combat areas, a variety of new animations have been added to every archetype. They will be randomly played whenever the characters are idling in safe environments, such as city areas. This was done to create more lively cities, responding to player feedback. Before we implemented these, heroes were always posing in their fighting animations, regardless of where they actually were.

    More detailed item classification: Bows and Quivers
    The item tooltip description now states whether a bow is classified as a short bow or as a longbow. Longbows have a slower attack rate but tend to cause more damage, whereas short bows have a faster attack rate but cause less damage in comparison. Also, the quivers are now clearly defined as “quiver” (which add to critical rate) or “shield quiver” (which add to block rate and block damage reduction) in the item tooltips.

    New Rules Set: Modification of Talents
    In response to community feedback, we defined a new set of rules regarding where and where not it is possible to modify or switch skill talents.

    Talents can be modified:

    • Safe cities
    • PvE areas
    • Open Arenas
    • Parallel World Atrium
    • PvP Waiting Rooms
    Talents cannot be modified:
    • PvP Battlegrounds
    • PvE areas containing a boss monster

    Myrdosch quest "Eye of the Beholder" difficulty lowered
    According to player feedback, the above quest was way too difficult to complete. We took the following steps to make it easier:
    • We nearly doubled the drop rate of quest items
    • We increased the minimum number of monsters spawning
    • We put in more spawn points for Engineers

    Quest “Well-Oiled” difficulty lowered
    According to player feedback, the above quest was way too difficult to complete. We took the following steps to make it easier:
    • We significantly increased the monster spawn rate
    • We significantly increased the drop chance of quest items

    Bug fixes

    Skill bugs
    We fixed the following skill bugs:
    • The Dragonknight's skill "Dragon's Fury" no longer slows down monsters that are immune to debuff effects. It still deals damage to them.
    • The Dragonknight's talent "Deep Cuts" now adds a 4 second slow down to monsters, synchronizing it correctly with the bleeding effect.
    • The Spellweaver's skill "Singularity" now deals damage to monsters that are immune to debuff effects. These monsters are still immune to its slow and armor reduction effects.
    • The Ranger's skill "Thicket of Thorns" now deals damage to monsters that are immune to debuff effects. These monsters are still immune to its slow effect.
    Known issues

    Achievement progress resets itself when creating a new character

    Item Display
    Lehaine’s Lost Hunting Bow is deformed when drawn

    Cloak of Xerulean/Viridjian/Drakaurum are displayed over costumes

    When losing or receiving Andermant the displayed amount won't update correctly. It is displayed correctly in the character selection.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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