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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes,

    Release 145 is here!
    LIVE SYNC, Wednesday 04.03.2015


    09:00 am (CET UTC +1) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)
    09:30 am (CET UTC +1)
    start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)
    11:00 am (CET UTC +1)
    sync finished​
    In Brief
    With release 145 we are adding 49 new achievements to the game, we improved the group finder feature and have fixed a list of bugs, that have been reported by you! For more detailed information about release 145, please read the full release notes below.

    New Features
    New Achievements added
    A whopping 49 new achievements have been added to the achievement list (hotkey: Q, tab Achievements). Out of all 49 new achievements 23 are hidden and it is up to you to find out how to unlock them!

    A new tab "Title" has been added to the Character Info screen [Hotkey: C]. Whenever you unlock an achievement you can select different titles for your character to be displayed instead of your PVP rank.


    Taking Screenshots during character creation/selection

    From now on you can take instant screenshots also in the character creation/selection screen, simply use hotkey (F10). After taking a screenshot successfully a message will be displayed that indicates the file’s location on your computer.

    Improved Loot Effects Fix Part 1
    Lock picks were difficult to pick up from the ground, therefore we have changed their geometry which allows you to target them easier with your mouse cursor. The graphic effects of gold coins, gemstones and other items will be changed in upcoming releases.

    Character starts in city when logging into game
    Whenever you deliberately log out of the game or switch characters via the main menu, the characters will be relocated to the last city they visited when you log in again.

    New requirements to unlock PvP achievements
    In order to unlock PvP achievements only victories in the following PvP modes will count as valid:
    • 1vs1 Duel
    • 3vs3 Team death match
    • 5vs5 Capture the flag
    • 6vs6 Storm the Fortress
    Quest completion on high difficulty degree
    You may now defeat the boss monsters, Khalys, Gorga and Herald of the Anderworld on a
    difficulty of your choice to complete the associated quests. A detailed description of the quests, boss monsters and the difficulty degree is listed below:

    Bossmonster: Khalys
    • Difficulty: Parallel World
    • Quest: The Fate of the High Priest (4/5)
    Bossmonster: Herald of the Anderworld
    • Difficulty: Parallel World
    • Quest: Steam Mechanicus: Safeguard of Mechanics (2/2)
    • Quest: Spellweaver: Safeguard of Knowledge (2/2)
    • Quest: Ranger: Safeguard of Balance (2/2)
    • Quest: Dragonknight: Safeguard of Power (2/2)
    Bossmonster: Gorga
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Quest: The Eternal Battle (2/2)

    Travel Stone in danger zone
    The travel stone in Tegan's Sanctuary was moved to a safe spot close to the entrance of the map to avoid that players who use the travel map get attacked before the map is completely loaded.

    One-Click Payment (now for all players)
    The user interfaces to purchase Andermant, Premium memberships, and character
    customization have been reworked; these new user interfaces allow you to save the settings of your preferred payment method so that you can easily reuse the same method the next time you complete a purchase. In addition, the window to add Andermant can now also pop up within the game: you are no longer required to open a new additional browser window. Finally, the appearance of the “Add Andermant” button in the upper left corner of your screen has been changed to a shopping cart icon.

    Click here to be forwarded to a more detailed guide: One-Click Payment

    Bug fixes

    Cooldown timer of skill Heavy Shot inaccurate
    We corrected an error where the visual cooldown timer of skill “Heavy Shot” was not accurate, when it was used, while the passive talents “Motivation” and “Double Barrel” were active.

    Incorrect reset behavior of leaderboards
    Fixed a bug that caused weekly leaderboards to reset at every 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of a month - from now on weekly leaderboards will reset every Monday and as one-time exception the moment when patch 145 goes live.

    Group Finder tooltip description static and displaced
    When scrolling through available groups in the group finder, the tooltip description window did not pop-up next to the selected group, but stayed static at the top. We have corrected this behavior of the window - now it pops-up correctly.

    Group Finder tooltip loads infinitely
    When quickly clicking between groups in the group finder, the tooltip would load infinitely even though the loading time should be under a second:​
    This issue has been fixed and the tooltip also loads correctly now.

    Royal Surprise Chests displayed in unclaimed daily login bonuses
    If a player has not claimed his/her daily login bonus and then decides to upgrade to a premium account, the unclaimed daily login bonus would display an extra reward (Royal Surprise Chest), which is only available for premium accounts. However, this reward was not added to the character’s inventory, when the player claimed the daily login bonus. We have fixed this display error, so that daily login bonuses will no longer feature a Royal Surprise Chest prior to an upgrade to premium membership.

    Item upgrades have different results compared to those predicted
    We have fixed a bug which occurred when the following action was taken:
    If a player upgraded an off-hand item from a lower level (say 19) to a considerably higher level (say 46), then the projections showed one level. Once the player actually upgraded the item, he/she found that the upgrade did not grant the previously projected bonuses.

    Box of unique items removed from game
    Box of unique items has been removed from the Artifact Merchants. Already purchased boxes will not be removed from a character’s inventory.

    Critical damage value displayed as zero
    We fixed a bug, where multiple enchantments on items displayed the value “Critical Damage” as zero (0, 0, 0) in tooltip descriptions, whenever the item was compared to another item.

    Jabbax Spawnkeeper attack tooltip description incorrect
    The tooltip description of the condition “Slowed” reads:
    "25,0% slower travel speed
    0,0 % faster attack speed"
    The second line is wrong and has been erased.

    Known Issues

    Display Error
    If the user sets a title to a PVE title, then invites another player to join a group, the PVE title will not be displayed but instead the PVP rank will be shown.

    Low-level Upgrades
    The upgrade system shows weird +- equations after release 145.
    Our quality managers have confirmed that this is a visual/display bug.
    The final result after upgrading is not what is being displayed.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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