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  1. Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding R156.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.

    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

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    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    "Increased quality of legendary items
    We increased the minimum values of armor, critical rating, damage, hitpoints and resistance enchantments on legendary items, which increases the overall quality of legendary items. This will also increase the values of all existing legendary items that have been found after release 155."

    Please don't stop modifying crit rate until the low level items are obsolete. Just increasing the minimum value of the enchantments wont help.
    Please give resistance in some passive way, rather than increasing resistance values on enchantments.
    Please give a official range of max and min values on lvl50 legendary items now.

    "Changes to PvP-Exhaustion
    Exhaustion damage in 1v1 / 3v3 arena can no longer be blocked or reduced by resistances. It also doesn’t trigger the lightning strike from the “Tayaz” sets anymore."

    Nice move.
  3. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    developers promised us the customers to create extra essence slot on the bottom right of the screen in release 156....where is it?
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  4. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    shi, i do belive your concern is mostly because of the "nerfed" DKs, i strongly believe that with more dmg a DK can do wonders, but also i feel the crit is the current problem anyway le'ts not forget they are working on the DK by now, let's hope they fix us.

    tbh after the release we were noobs again, it's true we were nerfed but also we need to farm a little bit more,
    and i am with you when you speak about a passive regen skill, o you said resistance..well that too

    ok question:

    Balor rebalancing
    The final boss has been tweaked: his Crystals will stay longer, his Breath Attack will deal more damage and some of his skill cooldowns have been shortened. Beware!

    if it's harder now, will the drops be better now? i had this friend who is very unlucky and told me that not just once but twice the drops from balor were just green and blues,

    Addition of level 50 monsters in Temple of Life and Temple of Death
    From now on you will encounter level 50 monsters both in the Temple of Life and the Temple of Death.

    It would be awesome to use this maps for the next pw worlds, or to modify them just enough to made another HoD, tbh the ice temple suits for this idea even better (i loved the map)

    i believe , i may be wrong, this is it


    sadly i had no pics, so i am just guessing here, maybe i am wrong as always,
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  5. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    First off you can no longer get on your mount when tping back to town yay great job as always bug.point
    Secondly Andermant drops seem to be non existent 3 runs through Crypt of Kings helping guildmates for daily no one in group has gotten an Andermant drop
    Thirdly Blue Essence drops I used to be able to farm enough in Crypt Of Kings helping the low level members of our guild to go to Map 2 with higher level members and be a helping hand even these drops are diminishing
    I have never played an online game that continually gets worse after every update they put in place
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  6. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Uhm... that's the regular essence slot xD.

    Now for some feedback of my own: sounds are messed up once again, bravo! For example, you can barely hear it when you open, say, a daily login chest or when they notify you a PvP challenge is ready. And speaking of PvP, why does that window automatically pop up? I'd usually press "J" to view my opponents, but now it's already there and by the time I click the second tab (because of course it displays the very much useless instructions tab about battle description by default), the match is underway (this is in 1v1). Then there's a bit of lag, but that's to be understood... I mean, people are waiting for the Gnob + there's the event running too. One good thing, though: they didn't mess up the Lightning Strike as was reported on the Test Server.
  7. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant


    In any event: general comment...
    I did runs this morning through the Cradles of Life and Death, and have definitely noticed that the poison damage wrought by monsters is significantly less, ie, I'm not seeing my HP drop like a big hole got punched in the tank. I assume this is the result of 156. Thank you.
  8. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    It seems that the ranger adrenaline no longer replenishes 100% concentration, but rather only 100 concentration points.
    Is this a bug?
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  9. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    well now the teleportation and mount hotkeys dont seem to work together, i used "p" and then "o" to tele back to town and mount my dragón, but now if i type both keys, only the last one i use works


    talk to shady john in kingshill-> then select view offer

    but if you dont want to spend anders like me, in the event map some mobs may drop them
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  10. alexgriffin81

    alexgriffin81 Forum Apprentice

    Big fan of the game, but by biggest gripe with the recent updates is the (in my opinion) downgrade of the visuals due to this strange white sheen on the characters?? It gives the surface of armour and cloaks a sort of unattractive plastic look. May I implore the good team at DS to redress this! I've noticed it's only on certain maps. I first clocked it on the character screen and Resistance Command centre, but as of the last update it's spread to at least the Catacombs and Kings Crypt also now!

    Please at the very least can you bring this up at a meeting, and (at worse) reduce the white plastic glow effect. I know it might sound rather trivial, but as a Graphic Designer visuals are very important to some of us gamers :)
  11. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    This game keeps getting better every release.

    I got almost 100 damage added to my toon via legendaries and the other bonuses that added. My belt with 4 + damages got 2 and 3 per line more. My weapons 2x both got alot added. All and all it was a nice welcome.

    My DK will not see the light of day for an extremely long time but that does not kill the game for me I play mage and dwarf. They are seeing a lot more love from me...
  12. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    Increasing crit value form 600 to 613 on my leg items bad joke this how u gonna balnce crit value between those who use new leg and those how use low leg items ???really bad joke .
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  13. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    The Chalice Hunter quest was glitched. The quest sequence was out of sync with the graphics. It took me 6 failed attempts at the sarcophagus and chest, before I trashed the quest, started over, and finished it. It might have be ok solo, don't know.
  14. SGK|GaminG|HD2000

    SGK|GaminG|HD2000 Active Author

    I too have.. but when I saw it actually replenishes 100% but the text is wrong.


    Well.. I think this not a bug. They actually did this as their wish.
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  15. Excalibur1974

    Excalibur1974 Junior Expert

    Balor got infinite life. It's totally crap now.
    Crystals of Balor are lasting FOREVER. Longer does not mean forever.
    It seems devs are not be able even to count from 1 to 10.
    See below. How are we supposed to move and play in such a scenario? Bah. Can we know who is the person taking such a decision and the reasons behind it?

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  16. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Someone posted a similar picture on DSO's FB page. The reply was that it's perfectly normal :confused:.
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  17. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    At least make them go away when he is dead! Right now you die trying to get to the loot.
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