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    Hello Heroes,


    With Release 158 we are implementing part 1 of the new Parallel Worlds: we have improved the loot experience, beautified and rearranged the maps, monsters are finally a challenge for level 50 characters and of course new items can be found in the array of dungeons. Next to the new Parallel Worlds we have increased values of weapon enchantments and gemstones. Speaking of gemstones, a new kind of gemstone made it into the game and many more new items. Last but not at least, a new system, called the Combat Value, will help you understand just how powerful your character is!

    New Features

    Parallel Worlds Part #1 (reworked)
    New city: The Splintered City of Cardhun
    Once your hero has reached level 50, NPC Ammon will call you to The Splintered City of Cardhun, a new location where your hero can start the quests and the journey through the dungeons of the Parallel Worlds.​

    After release 158: If your character has had the Parallel Worlds unlocked prior to release 158 you will be able to access The Splintered City of Cardhun without needing a level 50 character.

    Any account that is created newly after release 158 will have to unlock the Parallel Worlds and The Splintered City of Cardhun by reaching level 50 with at least one character. After unlocking the Parallel Worlds with one character any additional newly created character on the same account will be able to access The Splintered City of Cardhun once they have reached level 10.​
    Note: In release 159 we will launch a Difficulty System, allowing players to choose different degrees of difficulty for the Parallel World dungeons. This will adjust the monster power and value of the loot accordingly and will also bring a system that allows you to craft unique items into higher power levels. More information will be released at a later date.

    Regular monsters in the Parallel Worlds will scale to your hero’s level. Monster of the category Champion will have multiple Random Monster Enchantments.

    Unlock the dungeons
    Once your character has reached the Splintered City of Cardhun NPC Ammon will provide you with a series of quests. Play through the quests series to unlock the dungeons. The dungeons will be unlocked in the following course (top to bottom). You will first have to clear two maps and in the third map you will encounter a boss monster. For example, you will have to clear Parallel World Grimmagstone, the quest will then lead you to Parallel World Alliance Fortress and then you can enter Parallel World Fortress Hall where you will encounter the boss monster, in this case Grimmag.

    Parallel World Grimmagstone
    Parallel World Alliance Fortress
    Parallel World Fortress Hall
    Parallel World Hagastove Grotto
    Parallel World Loxley Caverns
    Parallel World Arachna's Refuge
    Parallel World Stonekeep Island
    Parallel World Crypt of Kings
    Parallel World Heredur's Mausoleum
    Parallel World Wildherz Caverns
    Parallel World Eternal Grove
    Parallel World Hunting Call Clearing
    Parallel World Ruins of the First Circle
    Parallel World Liar’s Lair’
    Parallel World Khalys' Elysium
    Parallel World Ocean of Bones
    Parallel World Halls of the Dead
    Parallel World Mortis' Courtroom

    Personal Note: We have improved the Parallel Worlds to the extent that the loot experience and battle atmosphere is far more diverse than prior to release 158. We are aware that many out there have spent time and effort to get this far in the Parallel Worlds but we encourage you to play through them again. All existing characters will have to play through the dungeons and quests of the reworked Parallel World again, even if you had maps, such as your favorite: Mortis’s Courtroom, already unlocked. It is worth to re-discover the maps!

    New Ammon’s Set
    Ammon’s Set (before release 158) can still be obtained through a merchant in the Splintered City of Cardhun but if you play through NPC Ammon’s quests after release 158 you will be able to obtain a completely new set at NPC Salvendar.

    Steam MechanicusSpellweaverRangerDragonknight
    unique_dwarf_parallelworld_002.png unique_mage_parralelworld_002.png unique_ranger_parallelworld_002.png unique_warrior_parallelworld_001.png

    Materi Fragments

    Materi Fragments now have their own iconic drop object and style. They are now a currency and not a quest item anymore and will be dropped from monsters and bosses in the Parallel World dungeons. With these you can purchase the old and the new set of Ammon at NPC Salvendar in the Splintered City of Cardhun. Existing Materi Fragments will be converted to new ones.

    Existing Materi Fragments unfortunately had to be erased. The system of our game classifies Materi Fragments as quest items not as currency. As quest items, they had to be erased as they bear the chance to corrupt the new quest flow. In the past, we had problems with quest items not being recognized or despite not even being used any more, to corrupt the game.

    Sadly, this information was not passed on correctly. So for that we would like to
    apologise. Please use the following to bonus codes to book your characters
    • 1 x Magic glasses of the fragment seeker
    • 500 x new Materi Fragments
    We are aware that some players had more and some had less fragments but consider that the old fragments had a low drop rate where as you will realise that they drop in much higher frequency than in the old Parallel Worlds.
    Bonuscode 1: COMPENSATIONPW1

    Bonuscode 2: COMPENSATIONPW2
    Changes to loot experience
    We increased the drop chances for legendary items from normal Parallel World Monsters by 50 %. We also kept the guaranteed extraordinary drops for random champions and bosses.

    All enchanted items that are dropped from Parallel World Monsters will have ~13 % higher minimum values and a higher chance for maximum values.​

    Also all items will be dropped on your character level. This means, that you will not find level 48 or level 49 items as a level 50 player. If you play an e.g. level 30 character together with level 50 characters against level 50 monsters, you will get level 30 items.

    Quest: Cloak of Power
    In order to complete the quest Cloak of Power (5/5) you now need to collect items from the following monsters:​
    • Gorgon Intruders
    • Time-travelling Jabbax Shaman
    • Stone Golem Stonebreaker
    Updated Items

    Roshan/Keen/Yachak/Sparks set
    • Items are scaling and have slightly random values now
    • The set-Bonus now also scales with the player level
    • Players can find them starting with character level 40
    • Pre-158 items have the updated set bonus and can be combined with newly found items, but stay otherwise untouched
    Cloaked Wrath / Predator / Starlight / Avenger and Justice / Beast / Riddle / Mechanicum
    • Items are scaling and have slightly random values now
    • Values are also improved
    • They can be found from every Parallel World boss
    • Pre-158 items stay untouched

    Boss MonsterIconValues
    Grimmag r1.png s1.png
    Arachna r2.png s2.png
    Heredur r3.png s3.png
    Bearach r4.png s4.png
    Khalys r5.png s5.png
    Mortis r6.png s6.png

    Note: The values that you see in the pictured item tool tip are not the maximum values. The maximum values will be release later.

    Combat Value
    Between the display of your character’s health- and experience points you can now find your character’s overall Combat Value. The Combat Value is an advanced version of what the community calls a “DPI - damage performance index”. The total score of a character’s Combat Value is calculated and determined by the attributes listed below. The Combat Value is meant to help you identify whenever your character is becoming stronger or weaker when you change one of the listed attributes.Each item will get its own score and when comparing items via the item comparison you will be able to see which item is more beneficial to your total Combat Value score.
    p12.png p13.png

    For example: Your character finds a new weapon with better values than your current weapon. However, when equipped, your Combat Value decreases, which indicates that your character is becoming weaker. Perhaps the weapon, combined with the rest of your equipment, is not having a good synergetic effect and thus you decide to not equip the weapon and keep your current weapon.

    Maximum Health Points
    Armor Value
    All Resistances
    Block Strength
    Block Rate
    Minimum Damage
    Maximum Damage
    *(including Essences)
    Attack Speed
    Critical Hit Rate
    Critical Damage
    Experience Talents
    Wisdom Talents
    Honor Talents

    Note: The overall Combat Value of two different character classes with the same level can be different because different character classes have not the same maximum attributes, for example health points. That is why the values for the Dragonknight are the highest for now. This might be changed (a class based factor that reduces the value of certain enchantments) to allow for better comparison between classes.

    Combat Value Feature: Better equipment notifications
    Together with the Combat Value from now on your character will receive notifications for potential better items (regarding item rarity and level). You can equip items directly from the notification window.Under Game Settings you will be able to turn this feature on and off.

    New Gemstones
    The Small Jewel of Willpower can either be won from the Jesters or purchased from NPC Zumpe.Any higher tier of this gemstone can only be crafted. This gemstone can only be socketed into amulets.The maximum decrease on cool down time of your skills that you can achieve is 30%, when inserting five Enormous Jewels of Willpower in your amulet.​

    p14.pngSmall Jewel of WillpowerReduces cool down time of all player skills by 3,0%The Jesters
    NPC Zumpe
    p15.pngLarge Jewel of WillpowerReduces cool down time of all player skills by 4,5%Can only be crafted by combining 3 Small Jewels of Willpower
    p16.pngEnormous Jewel of WillpowerReduces cool down time of all player skills by 6,0%Can only be crafted by combining 3 Large Jewels of Willpower

    New Pets, Costumes & Mounts
    The following items will be available from the merchants:

    p17.pngGremlin Shield BarrierFaster Travel Speed(Epic Mount)NPC Zumpe
    p18.pngDr. Jullov+ 5 % to all resistances
    and + 5% to all armor value
    Dr. Jullov can only be obtained through the Lucky Pet Package.
    p19.pngLucky Companion Package-NPC Grizmek
    p20.pngGlowing Bone Man-NPC Emilia


    Further Balancing of Item Enchantments
    After release 155 build that rely heavily on offensive bonuses started to dominate the game.The following changes have been made to allow more variety between defensive and offensive builds and thus a more balanced character power progression overall.​
    • Increased the efficiency of Critical Hit Rate enchantments on one-handed weapons by 30%
    • Increased the efficiency of Critical Hit Rate enchantments on two-handed weapons by 75%
    • Increased the average values of Critical Damage enchantments on one-handed weapons by 27,26% - (Explanation: Assuming an adequate sample of Critical Damage enchantments, now the rolled values in average are 27,26% higher than before)
    • Increased the average values of Critical Damage enchantments on two-handed weapons by 11,1%
    • Increased the average values of Critical Damage enchantments on amulets/rings/belts/weapon adornments and on offhand items by 36,47%
    • Increase the minimum values for Critical Damage enchantments on amulets/rings/belts/weapon adornments from 5% to 8%
    • Increase the minimum values for Critical Damage enchantments on offhand items from 8% to 12%
    • Increased the efficiency of Health point and Armor enchantments by 20%
    • Increased the efficiency of Resistance enchantments by 53%
    • Reduced the probability of Resistance enchantments by 33%
    • Reduced the probability of Critical Damage enchantments by 33%
    Changes on Bonuses (Gemstones)
    After release 155 the maximum level was set from 45 to 50, which implied an overall efficiency increase of 23,5% for absolute item enchantments and for monster attributes like damage, health points, armor value, resistances, etc. In order to restore the originally efficiency of gemstones and to lay a foundation of a more balanced character progression, all gemstone tiers have been increased accordingly.​

    Changes on gemstones for extra defense
    Amethyst:+ Health points
    Cyanite:+ Armor Value
    Diamond: + Resistance against Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightning and Andermagic

    Gemstone TierAmethyst(old bonus)Amethyst
    (new bonus)
    Cyanite(old bonus)Cyanite(new bonus)Diamond(old bonus)Diamond(new bonus)

    Changes on gemstones for extra offense
    Ruby: + Damage
    Sapphire: + Attack Speed
    Onyx: + Critical Hit Rate

    Gemstone TierRuby(old bonus)Ruby
    (new bonus)
    Sapphire(old bonus)Sapphire(new bonus)Onyx(old bonus)Onyx(new bonus)

    Here is a useful overview of all maximum values for all character classes on level 50:

    Type of EnchantmentMaximum value on level 50
    Dragonknight - Health points(on Rings, Amulet, Belt, Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)478
    Dragonknight - Health points (on Shield)717
    Dragonknight - Armor (on Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)440
    Dragonknight - Armor (on Shield)660
    Spellweaver - Health points(on Rings, Amulet, Belt, Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)299
    Spellweaver - Health points (on offhand items)448
    Ranger/Steam Mechanicus - Health points(on Rings, Amulet, Belt, Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)378
    Ranger/Steam Mechanicus - Health points (on offhand items)567
    Spellweaver/Ranger/Steam Mechanicus - Armor(on Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)359
    Spellweaver/Ranger/Steam Mechanicus - Armor (on defensive offhand item)556
    All Character Classes - All Resistances359
    All Character Classes - Critical Damage(on Amulet, Rings, Belt, Weapon Modifier)17%(unchanged - but new Minimum value = 8%)
    Spellweaver/Ranger/Steam Mechanicus - Critical Damage(on offensive offhand Items)26%(unchanged - but new Minimum value = 12%)
    All Character Classes - Critical Hit Rate (on one-handed weapons)811
    All Character Classes - Critical Hit Rate (on two-handed weapons)1747
    All Character Classes - Critical Hit Rate(on Amulet, Rings, Belt, Weapon Modifier)249 (unchanged)
    Spellweaver/Ranger/SteamMechanicus - Critical Hit Rate(on offensive offhand item)374 (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Damage (on one-handed weapons)70 (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Damage (on two-handed weapons)113 (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Damage (on offhand items)52 (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Damage(on Rings, Amulet, Belt, Helmet, Pauldrons, Torso, Gloves, Boots)35 (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - RelativeWeapon Damage (on one-handed weapons)50% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - RelativeWeaponDamage (on two-handed weapons)80% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Critical Damage (on one-handed weapons)50% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Critical Damage (on two-handed weapons)80% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Block Rate (on defensive offhand items)65% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Block Strength (on defensive offhand items)65% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Attack Speed (on one-handed weapons)18,75% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Attack Speed (on Gloves)10% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Movement Speed (on Boots)10% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Relative Damage (on Torso)10% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Relative Critical Hit Rate (on Helmet)15% (unchanged)
    All Character Classes - Relative Armor/Resistances (on Pauldrons)15% (unchanged)

    Map: Slifmoor cleaned up
    The Slifmoor map has been cleaned up. Some fences and other objects in the fighting areas have been removed. The old mining area has been reestablished and filled with the same monsters that also dwell in the village of Grovery to present an alternative for players who hunt for the Nefertari heralds.Also, the exit to the Eternal Grove has been moved to the camp of the black-furred stags and boars, because it makes sense that they protect the entrance to the grove of their goddess Artaya.

    Reworked the Ellonidos and Atlantis quests
    Many have now a lower minimum level requirements and also have new quest prerequisites. This should better the quest holes at the early maps (Mystra and Mount Suvius) and the quest overflow at the later part down in Ashraya.

    Important Note: It may happen that some quests seem to "disappear" for some players. These are not gone, they will reappear after solving the prerequisite quests.

    Quests Reworked: Teganswall Region
    The quests in the Teganswall region (from the Command Resistance Center) have been resorted by level. Now all quests that lead into one map have the same level. Also, some quests now have other quests as prerequisite. Goal of this changes is to not overwhelm you with too many quests into different maps at once, but to allow to go through one or two maps a time.

    Quests: Increase in rewards
    From Grimford to Atlantis some quests now reward your hero with more equipment or potions etc. (Myrdosh and Lor'Tac quests already gave special quest rewards before)

    Monsters: Grimmag & Heredur improved boss fight experience
    Boss monsters Grimmag and Heredur will introduce themselves with new animations before the beginning to fight against your hero. Plus, Grimmag has been made taller.

    Random Monster Enchantment: Vampiric
    Monsters with this enchantment will regenerate now 3% of their health points per hit and not 5% anymore.

    Improved Look of Items
    The following items have been slightly improved visually, based on player feedback:

    Titan Hammer
    Combat Axe
    Large Combat Axe
    Combat Mace
    Battle Hammer
    Warlord’s Axe
    Warlord's Large Axe
    Warlord's Battle Mace
    Warlord's Hammer

    Event Merchant: Offers Changed
    If you access Gnob’s Cave you will realize that some items which he offered prior to this release have been taken out of his assortment.

    Item Comparison
    Items that are currently in use (e.g., workbench), can now be compared normally. They are highlighted with a red text.​


    Bug Fixes

    Item: Pauldrons of the Black Squire
    The Tooltip of the Pauldrons of the Black Squire now displays the correct block strength value, which the item actually provides.

    Talent: Spray Effect
    The Steam Mechanicus skill "Bomb" has a talent called "Spray Effect" which costs 5 talent points. The gameplay works as intended, slowing attack speed by 25% and slowing travel speed by 50%, however no debuff is shown on the other player. This has now been corrected.

    Quest: Sigrismarr's Shackle (5/5)
    Clicking on the hands of the "Eternal Watchmen" was too difficult.The picking range of the statue has been corrected and can now be clicked easily.

    Bug: Essences boost summoned allies
    If a player had essences equipped and used an ability which summoned an ally the summoned ally gained the benefit from the essences even in PvP. This has now been corrected.

    Item Comparison: Critical Damage displayed incorrectly
    A bug has been corrected where critical damage was not listed in the item comparison.

    Achievements not unlocking
    If a player entered a previously unentered city then the achievements for that city did not unlock. This has been corrected.

    Achievement: More Evil Than Corruption
    This achievement was not working for the Dragonknight and is fixed now.

    Skill: Mighty Guardian
    When summoning a Guardian with the Mighty Guardian talent, surrounding monsters are not instantly attracted, but only once the Guardian has dealt or taken damage. this has been corrected.

    CTRL + Left Mouse Button behaviour corrected
    When trying to interact with a character in the chat by clicking on the character’s name with CTRL + Left Mouse button combo you can easily miss-click on characters which are currently directly behind that chat window. This behaviour has been corrected.

    Skill: Explosive Arrow
    The special effects of this skill were inconsistent. The explosion of Explosive Arrow now always triggers when the arrow hits an object​

    Go forth and conquer heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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