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    Dear Heroes,
    Prior to the actual sync of a patch / release and up to 3 days after
    the release it is
    very common that information can be edited in or out of the patch notes. The reason for
    this is simple; things that
    have been listed here either turn out to function or not function

    correctly after being synced on the live servers. In order to keep the patch notes up to date
    the community managers and admins edit the information in to avoid misunderstandings.
    For the sake of transparency edits will be pointed out.

    Kind regards,
    CMs Greg, Haruki and the DSO Moderation Team


    Hello Heroes of Dracania,

    With Release 162, we are introducing a nifty and convenient way to revive fallen group members: The Spirit Stone Quick Slot, a new cloak and two costumes (designed by community members) are available in Lor’Tac and a new type of Premium membership with improved additional benefits is now available.We have, yet again, balanced the Parallel Worlds by improving the drop quality and quantity; we corrected the behavior of bosses, fixed several bugs and updated offers of item vendors up to Hogni’s Mine. Last but not least, Gnob, the popular event merchant is no longer a nomad as he is now permanently present in the city of Kingshill.

    New Features

    New Costumes available in Lor’Tac
    The winners of the Lor’Tac Community Costume Contest 2015 have finally be added to the game.

    Costume: Dragonbane
    designed by users Zamvel & Snowbunnie
    This costume is made to suit female characters - but is also available for male for those who already loved to wear Antonia’s dress and love to get in touch with their feminine side.​

    162-01.png 162-02.png

    Costume: Jungle Crawler
    designed by user Frozentale
    There are two versions of this costume; a male one as well as an additional female one with a unique look.
    162-03.png 162-04.png

    Available from: Both costumes can only drop from Protectors / Guardians (see picture) on the continent Lor’Tac. Each costume has drop chance of 15 % .

    Available from: Can drop from all enemy types that have the rank Guardian (see picture to recognize their rank by the style of their health bar). Click here to read more about Hierarchy of Monsters. The chance for one of the costumes to drop can be up to 20%.

    Originally it was intended that only Guardians/Protectors (monster type) in Lor’tac will drop these costumes, because the items are designed to the theme of Lor’Tac. However, our designers added them to the loot list of Guardians (a rank in the of hierarchy of monsters)as their name was the same. Guardians (type) are more rare than Guardians (rank) in the game – so if we had corrected this, the costumes would have dropped less frequent than they do now. Therefore, we decided to keep it as it is right now. Also the fact that you guys had to wait pretty long for them to be implemented played a factor in this decision.
    ~ CMs of DSO

    Event Merchant Gnob permanently in Dracania
    Gnob has set-up a permanent stall in Kingshill! Gnob has several new items for you, including Lucky Spheres! Make sure to check his new offers regularly as from time to time Gnob will also feature offers for a limited period.
    Gnob will offer Lucky Spheres in exchange for Andermant and Draken. Some Lucky Spheres will only be available for Andermant some only for Draken. Lucky Spheres contain several items and based on your luck you will be rewarded with one of the items that are listed in the content of a Lucky Sphere


    Next to Lucky Spheres Gnob has new unique items available. The following off-hand items are now available from Gnob in exchange for Draken:

    162-09.png 162-10.png 162-11.png 162-12.png
    Wrath Keeper (Dragonknight)Fallen Star (Spellweaver)Grenade Protector (Steam Mechanicus)Head Hunter (Ranger)

    The following new epic mount can be obtained from Gnob’s Lucky Spheres: Night Wings


    Reworked Introduction Sequences for bosses: Mortis
    Whenever a character approaches boss monster Mortis, a new introduction sequence will be played before the battle against him can start. In upcoming releases (R163) additional introductions for other boss monsters will be added.

    New Cloak: Kaylin Lefrye’s Coat
    Boss monster Nefertari has the chance to drop a new unique item: Kaylin Lefrye’s Coat. Those of you who are familiar with the storyline of Lor’Tac will understand why.The initial level of the cloak is level 48, since this is the level a character is most likely to have when facing Nefertari.​


    Updated Shop Equipment
    The Artefact vendors in the game offered some very old items for very high prices. It was time to update their offers. For this release we exchanged the items until Hognis-Mine:​
    • The items now have decent legendary stats
      • They are especially good for low level players or players that had bad luck in finding a good item on a specific slot
      • They will not compete with high level items that can be found in the later game
    • The items are now always offered on your current player level
    • We reduced the prices of the items
    • Player that still own the old items will gain the updated stats automatically after the patch has been synced
    Deluxe Membership (Premium)
    With release 162 it is possible to upgrade your Premium membership and become a (Premium) Deluxe member.

    Deluxe members have the followingicon next to their character’s name:​


    On top of the regular Premium membership benefits Premium Deluxe members have the following additional benefits:​
    • Droprate of Mystic Cubes increased by 100% (double than the average drop rate)
    • +20% to gained experience
    • -35% discount to costs for crafting on the workbench
    • 200 Andermant daily login bonus instead of 100
    • 20 additional item slots in the locker
    • Item upgrading costs reduced by 25%
    • Exclusive Epic Mount: Dragon Wings(can only be equipped by Premium Deluxe Members)
    • Exclusive Pet Companion: Swift Harpy(can only be summoned by Premium Deluxe Members)
    Good to know:
    Who can purchase Deluxe membership?
    Every player is eligible to become a Deluxe member. You can also become a Deluxe member even though you are already a Premium member or even if you have no Premium.

    I am already a Premium Member, what happens to my Premium membership if I upgrade to Deluxe ?
    You will instantly become a Deluxe member and once the runtime of your Deluxe membership runs out you will be downgraded to regular Premium. Let’s imagine one has 50 days left of regular Premium benefits and one decides to purchase 3 days of Premium Deluxe membership. In this case one immediately gets upgraded to Deluxe membership and will enjoy the benefits of the Deluxe membership for the next 3 days. After the 3 days one will get downgraded to regular Premium again and the 50 days will start counting down.

    In the game you will find the following banner that promotes the new Deluxe membership:​

    Quick slot for Spirit Stones
    You can now revive fellow players much faster and more conveniently with the help of a new shortcut. Once a group member has fallen in battle you will be able to click on a Spirit Stone icon next to the group member’s name to use a Spirit Stone and revive the group member.

    • You need to be in a group with the fallen player
    • You need to have Spirit Stones in your inventory not in your locker
    • You need to be at least 20 (virtual) meters close to the fallen player

    New Descriptions: Skills - Wisdom - Honor points
    A description on “how to earn” experience points, wisdom and honor has been added to the overview of talents (hotkey: s).​


    New Descriptions: Maps
    When opening up the mini map (hotkey: M) on the lower right-hand side of your screen you will be able to see the type of a map.

    Skill: Final Supernova
    The explosion delay of the skills Final Supernova has been reduced by 1 second.​

    Updated Drop Rates & Loots list
    • All monsters can now also drop gemstones of tier Polished
    • Monsters in the Parallel World can now even drop gemstones of tier Radiant
    Updated loot lists of monster with the type Champions in the Parallel Worlds
    • Difficulty degree: ExcruciatingMonsters of the type Champion have updated loot lists + one guaranteedadditional item drop (improved rarity or better)
    • Difficulty degree: FatalMonsters of the type Champion have updated loot lists + two guaranteeditem drops (improved rarity or better)
    • Increased chances to receive a legendary item from monster of the type Leader and Champions in difficulty degree Fatal.
    Updated loot lists of boss monsters in the Parallel Worlds
    • Increased drop chances for Ammon’s set pieces by 20% for all bosses on all difficulty degrees
    • Increased drop chances for unique set pieces (e.g. Grimmag’ set) by 25% from bosses (applies only for tier 1 of the set and difficulty degree Painful)
    • Boss monsters will now drop more and bigger stacks of virtual currency (gold, silver, copper) on all difficulties
    Boss monsters (difficulty degree: Painful)
    • Added one additional guaranteed item drop (improved rarity or better)
    Boss monsters (difficulty degree: Excruciating)
    • Added two additional guaranteed item drops (improved rarity or better)
    • Increased the drop chance for a second guaranteed legendary item from ~ 10% to 33% (applies for Grimmag, Arachna, Heredur, Bearach, Khalys)
    • Increased the drop chance for a second guaranteed legendary item from ~ 20% to 66% (applies only for Mortis)
    Boss monsters (difficulty degree: Fatal)
    • Added a second guaranteed legendary item drop
    • Added two additional guaranteed item drops (improved rarity or better)
    • Added one additional guaranteed item drop (magicrarity or better)
    • Increased chance to drop an additional legendary item instead of an extraordinary item for boss monsters Arachna and Khalys.
    Improved Item-Enchantment quality on higher difficulty levels
    We increased the chance to find items with high relative enchantment values in higher difficulties, so it better matches the increased minimum stats of absolute enchantments. It is still possible to find items with low relative enchantments values though, they just don't appear that regularly anymore.​

    Changes to monsters in the Parallel Worlds

    Sidequests: In Ocean of Bones and The Halls of the Dead
    You can now find the following quests as a random event in the Ocean of Bones and The Halls of the Dead dungeons:​
    • Lord of the Dead (1/2)
    • Lord of the Dead (2/2)
    • Time for Retirement (1/2)
    • Time for Retirement (2/2)
    General Updates:
    • The skill Flame Nova of fire enchanted champions and leaders now has an anticipation time of 3 seconds
    • The spiders in the Parallel Worlds Caverns of Loxeley are now visually distinguishable: The normal spiders kept their color and the spiders spawning from the eggs, which buff surrounding monsters on death, are now black
    • Guardian and Leader monster in Parallel World dungeons now use the skills of their enchantments correctly
    • Leader monsters in Parallel World dungeons are no longer per default immune against stunning effects ("Defender" and "Enrage" skills will still give immunity)
    • Decreased hitpoints of bosses by ~10 % in difficulty degree Excruciating
    • Decreased hitpoints of bosses by ~20 % in difficulty degree Fatal
    • Added initial cooldowns to boss abilities
    • Bosses in the Parallel World have 3 additional skills that will be chosen randomly:
      • One random skill on difficulty degree Excruciating
      • Two random skills on difficulty degree Fatal
    Boss Monster Grimmag:
    • Increased radius of "Flaming Annihilation"
    • Slightly increased attack speed with Fireball
    • Increased healing potential of the summoned fire minion drastically
    • Initial cool down of "Flaming Annihilation ”: 30-45 seconds
    • Initial cool down of the “ Summoning Meteor": 60-90 secondsNew Skill #1 - Mind Control
    • Casts an Area-of-Effect radius that takes control of player’s summoned minions and debuffs players so that they deal 60 % less damage for 10 seconds. Players can cleanse this debuff.
    • Cooldown 25 seconds
    • Initial Cooldown 15 seconds
    New Skill #2 - Burning Wrath
    • The Fireball causes "Burn" for 3 seconds
    • "Meteor" and "Flaming Annihilation" leave flame twisters in their wake. Players touching these twisters "Burn" for 3 seconds. The twisters explode after 3 seconds.
    New Skill #3 - Flaming Fury
    • After casting the "Summoning Meteor" the cooldowns of Meteor and Annihalation are removed for 15 seconds.
    Boss Monster Arachna:

    New Skill #1 - Acid spray
    • Arachna shoots a stream of acid that damages players and reduces their armor and resistances for 5 seconds
    • Cooldown 15 seconds
    New Skill #2 - Spider Queen
    • With each spider hatching Arachna lays an additional egg. 3 black spider will hatch from the egg if a player comes too close to the egg or the egg gets destroyed. When these black spiders die they buff all other monsters around them (+ 25% movement speed, + 25% damage for 10 seconds)
    New Skill #3 - Deadly Spider
    • The “Spider Net” skill stuns players for 2 seconds
    • The base melee attack poisons players for 3 seconds
    Boss Monster Heredur:
    • Heredur’s “Frost Breaker” missile now freezes surviving players for 2 seconds
    • Double strike now is a 360° attack, hits twice but deals only 1/4 of its original damage
    • The hit-angle of Heredur’s basic attacks has been increased
    • Heredur now casts "Frost Explosions" also when bound in melee combat
    • “Frost Explosions” are cast on multiple players
    • Initial Cooldown of "Frost Explosions": 60-90 seconds
    • Initial Cooldown of "Frost Breaker" missile: 30|45 seconds
    New Skill #1 - Frost Teleport
    • Heredur teleports and cast 3 frost explosions around him
    • Does not use the teleport when bound in melee
    • His basic attack and the Double Strike cause "Frost" for 3 seconds
    New Skill #2 - Continuous Frost Explosions
    • When using the "Frost Explosion" skill, it will create 2 additional frost explosions in front of each player with a delay of 1,5 seconds each
    New Skill #3 - Frost Archers
    • When using the "Frost Explosion" skill, it will spawn 3 stationary Bone Archers in front of Heredur
    • The shots of the Archers cause "Frost" for 3 seconds
    • The Archers explode on death
    • The Archers use a Teleport to reposition
    Boss Monster Bearach:
    • Initial Cooldown of Summoning Wolves: 45-60 seconds
    • Summoning Wolves now isn't a missile anymore but spawns the wolves directly next to Bearach
    New Skill #1 - Enrage
    • When summoning wolves Bearach gets into rage for 20 seconds, increasing his movement and attack speed by 50 %.
    • His base attack causes "Bleeding Wound" for 3 seconds
    New Skill #2 - Lightning Strike
    • Bearach casts a Lightning Strike on each player.The Lightning Strike has an additional cross explosion.
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Initial Cooldown: 30-45 seconds
    New Skill #3 - Defender
    • Bearach casts a shield in the combat area that lasts for 15 seconds
    • He and his wolves gain increased armor and resistances while being under the shield and gain immunity against stunning
    • Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Initial Cooldown: 30-45 seconds
    Boss Monster Khalys:
    • Changes postponed to one of the next releases, together with Khalys’ set
    Boss Monster Mortis:
    • On difficulty degree Excruciating Mortis’ summoned Death Knights have 2 random enchantments
    • On difficulty degree Fatal Mortis’ summoned Death Knights have 4 enchantments
    • Possible Enchantments: Teleport, Enrage, Speed, Vampiric
    Updated Equipment: Artifact Merchants
    The equipment that is being offered by the NPC’s listed below has been reworked.
    The equipment will scale to your character’s level, prices have been lowered significantly
    and the stats have been increased to the quality of legendary items.
    Jarlshofn --> NPC Marleif
    Hogni’s Mine --> NPC Jadarr
    Resistance Command Center --> NPC Eduard
    Werian Sanctuary --> NPC Larisa Craft
    Kingshill --> NPC Abd-al-Karim
    Grimford --> NPC Fingal

    ed5.png ed6.png ed7.png ed8.png

    Bug Fixes

    Quest: Pure Water (1/1)
    Due to a bug a state object was not clickable and thus the quest could not be completed. This bug has been fixed now.

    Display Error: Upgrade Item - Armor Value

    A bug was fixed where the armor value statistics did not increase when an item was upgraded.

    Boss Monster Gorga: Display error level requirement
    When choosing the difficulty degree Painful at boss monster Gorga there was a level requirement of 45 displayed while Gorga is actually level 40. This has now been corrected.

    Skill Mind Control too effective
    Spellweavers were able to control some big random champion monsters in Lor'tac with the skill Mind Control. This has now been corrected.

    NPC not immune to attacks

    In Agathon's Alliance Hall, the player can attack NPC Kaylin Lefrye from a distance and defeat her. When the player then approaches Kaylin, her animation starts, the character model "dies", and Nefertari does not spawn. This means the player has wasted their key to Agathon’s Alliance Hall. This has now been corrected.

    Drones use incorrect attack
    Cheeky Dwarf Drones and Controllable Drones had poisonous attacks since the last release, which is incorrect. They now have a chance to shred armor and resistances again, like it was before.​

    Incorrect Monster Behavior: Living Fire
    Living Fire monsters in the Parallel World Alliance Fortress followed the player around but did not attack the player. This behavior has been corrected.

    Talent: Shrapnel Shield
    The talent Shrapnel Shield of the skill Tactical Turret skill, should increase the armor and resistance by 5% per stack. However the resistance for "Andermagic" was not increasing like the rest. This has been corrected.​

    Incorrect display of tooltip
    When the user browses through the Ranger spells while the client is in full screen, he will notice that the Thicket of Thorns spell tooltip is not fully displayed. This has been corrected now.​

    User Interface correction
    The slider bar in the windows such as then Achievement window felt very cumbersome to use while it is being dragged - the distance covered by the slider does not match actual distance the mouse cursor is moved. This is inconsistent behavior has been corrected in all occurences.

    Helios Armor of Honor: No discount
    Dauring Zahir's promotion, all the discounts were correctly applied to the costumes except for the Helios' Armor or Honor. This has now been corrected

    Tutorial Hint Window not disappearing
    A hint window that gives information about the inventory failed to disappear. This has been corrected now and the window will close as intended.

    Talent: Golden Scales
    The talent Golden Scales of the skill Dragon Hide now also makes the player immune against the effect Silence from normal attacks of champion monsters with Andermight enchantments.
    The scales already worked against all other secondary effects of champion enchantments (apart from the damage of "Burn").

    Mystic Cubes: Dropping Old Set Pieces
    Mystic Cubes no longer contain unique items that do not scale with the player’s level.

    NPC Animation fixed
    An NPC in Grimford was fixed that had a broken animation.

    Map: Thunder Crest
    Fixed several locations in Thunder Crest where players and monsters could become invulnerable.

    Storm the Fortress (6v6) Aura of Towers fixed
    The buffs of the towers in the PvP mode 6v6 have been fixed and the effects of the auras match the graphic’s exact measurements.

    Quest Guidance inaccurate
    The quest guidance did not point the correct way when a task was changed. This behaviour has now been corrected.

    Known Issues

    Costume: Antonia's Glamorous Gown
    The costume Antonia's Glamorous Gown does not work on Steam Mechanics. If you obtain one in a Lucky Sphere, please hold on to it, we will make it available soon!

    Deluxe Membership : Swift Harpy
    When the Deluxe membership ends, players should not be able to use the Dragon Wings or the Swift Harpy anymore. However, when having the Swift Harpy active and the time of Deluxe Membership runs out, players cannot unsummon the Swift Harpy. You can only destroy the item or summon another pet.

    Missing Localization: Swift Harpy, +20% Experience
    In some languages you might find parts of text that describe the Deluxe Membership and its features either missing (+20% experience) or not fully localized (Swift Harpy)

    Cloak: Kaylin Lefrye’s Coat

    The cloak has currently not selling price and thus cannot be sold. However you can destroy or melt it.

    Deluxe crown missing for fast travel
    The icon of the Deluxe Membership is not appearing when you use fast travel.​

    Removed from patchnotes
    Added portals to make boss monster runs more convenient
    We want to make the farming of boss monsters more convenient again.
    ● After the boss of each Parallel World dungeon has been killed, a portal to the same boss room will be opened
    ● This will only open for players that have finished the final quest for this dungeon

    This passage was taken out because this feature did not make it to R162 but it might be implemented in upcoming versions
    ~ CMs of DSO

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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