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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding Release 162.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Let's take this nice and slow, I might edit some parts when I get to test some of this stuff in the live server...

    First, thanks for finally releasing the Lor'Tac costumes, seems like they have a fairly decent drop rate, I like this even more than the previous posibility you mentioned about buying them with gold.

    Gnob permanent's stall is pretty much the same as before, since he won't be offering all the items we might be looking forward to all the time, so no big change here, it seems. As for his offer, I don't care at all about his lucky spheres of anything, anyone is free to waste their ander/draken the way they want, but, I hope this doesn't mean that we won't be able to buy Dragonache/Armor of Darkness set pieces individually, like always, because there are some of us who hate gambling for everything.

    The new 6k Draken off-hand items are, yet again, bad overall, I get your intention about these item sets, but if you look it in perspective, you bring 2 game changing items for DKs, not that it is a problem, but, you bring lousy items for the rest of the classes, which only going to gather dust in Gnob's stall, because I don't see any mage in the server using that wand+orb even with the 0 mana meteor posibility, and even less for 12k hard earned Draken, the SMs set is bad too, and the RA one makes me plain sad by looking at it. The bonuses in the sets for SM, SW and RA is yet again proof of how out of touch the developers are with the gameplay and the players.

    The new cloak is a nice addition, not useful for me, but still, the only problem I see here is the way you farm entrances for Nefertari and the bad drops she has, in my opinion she should have at least one guaranteed extraordinary item drop, even if she need a little tweak in strenght, I wouldn't mind if the rewards were according.

    Thanks for the quick slots for spirit stones, the mechanics are not what I was expecting, but better, we've been waiting for this for months, it would be nice if you added at least one community desired feature per release, no matter how small it is.

    Adding the possibility of farming bosses again was my favorite thing from this release. EDIT: Which has been removed from the patchnotes in less than 24 hours since I wrote this, sigh.

    Now to the loot changes, I like the fact that we have the chance to drop higher tier gems, I guess their drop is going to be as rare as unique items, but I'd rather get a radiant-anything than a 7th Roshan belt. The rest of the updated loot lists I'll fully talk about them when I test and see them myself.

    The improved 20% drop rate for the untouchable's set in all difficulties doesn't interests me a bit, for painful I would understand, but for excruciating and fatal?, I'm going to repeat myself here, if we're running a boss in fatal difficulty it's NOT because we're dying to get a Tier 1 Untouchable's piece. Again, painful, it's ok-ish and understandable considering what the set's designed for, Excruciating and Fatal, no, no.

    What hits me as odd is, why would you increase the unique drop rate of the PW sets by 25% inside painful difficulty?, this wouldn't bother me if you had made something about fatal too, you're basically saying that the easy mode has better chances of giving rewards when you just made hard mode harder, but left the same chances up?, I think the way to go will be farm painful, with this shameful drop rate we'll end up dropping the 16 tier 1 items before getting to drop one tier 3 item in fatal, doesn't seem correct to me.

    The improved enchantments will speak for itself as time goes by, after all I managed to find my best legendary items from fatal level boss monsters, but we'll see if the difficulty increase vs the overall loot improvements in quality and quantity pays off.

    About the general updates, I'm really glad you decided to lower the hitpoints of the bosses in higher difficulties, why?, because with the new skills they got, this sounds like it's going to be an intense battle, yet not eternal.

    I'll edit later to add specific feedback for each new bosses' skills as I get to test them out, for now, that's all.
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  3. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    It goes like this:

    Added portals to make boss monster runs more convenient
    We want to make the farming of boss monsters more convenient again.
    • After the boss of each Parallel World dungeon has been killed, a portal to the same boss room will be opened
    • This will only open for players that have finished the final quest for this dungeon
    What I understand from it, is that, e.g., after you killed let's say, Grimmag, a portal to a new instance of the same boss map will be open for you there, if you have completed all the quest series for PW Grimmagstone, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding.

    I'd like to ask someone who can acces PW in the test server to confirm this, if possible, thanks.

    EDIT: Nevermind, they just removed this from the patchnotes...
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  4. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    So Gnob is here all the time, but he is just another jester. He still doesn't have anything that I would spend my drakens on.

    Additional - I just played q4 excruciating. Bearach is way way way too hard. He has this instant attack that kills with one shot and he moves too fast so you can't get out of his way. This just isn't any fun.
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  5. IceStormer

    IceStormer Forum Apprentice

    My comments after trying to calm down:

    A good thing:
    *If you think that the new items are not for you, well I'm happy that you found something better. I personally like game-changing items with adjustments of skills and things like this so you can combine items for synergy. I don't think the quiver is "crap" but I will not use it since I don't need the extra concentration and prefer critical damage % instead on the off-hand since Ranger's does minimal damage compared to other classes.

    Something not so good:
    *Then something about the new and more difficult bosses and change in loot. Since I never found any of the unique items after killing them several hundred of times I have no clue if it's better or worse. What I don't understand and totally agree with is: Players killing on fatal dosent care about the ammon set??!! Even with 25% chance on easy mode I think that hitting 16 extremely lucky drops trying to get a T3 would still take ages to get. But 25% multiplied with 0 is still 0.

    Something really really bad:
    *So I just bought the Dragonache ring + amu for 9000 Draken and I login today only to see that the last ring is not buyable any longer and that you have to gamble with 3500 Draken trying to get the last part that you miss. This will "statistically" cost 10500 Draken to get last part with the 33,3% chance and with this current "luck" with gambling and loot etc in this game this will prolly cost more like 21000 Draken to get. ******** ********
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  6. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    Let me start from the good. The new way to offer spirit stones is fantastic. Excellent implementation.

    I have no opinion on the drops yet. Just played for an hour, the drops were mediocre, but that's not nearly enough of a sample for me to reach any conclusions.

    The harder bosses and their skills are actually nice. It makes the game hard and interesting. Their HP however still remains too high. Even with elite members, it takes too long to make a single kill. Considering the added difficulty and the inability of the tank to effectively protect the team, this should be balanced further.

    Now, the bad.

    It was a terrible, terrible idea to turn all of Gnob's offerings into a gambling fest with Draken. We were promised stones to upgrade our old Dragonache sets to lvl50, and instead the whole set was removed and replaced with a gambling sphere? Not only that, but everything? The Darkness set, costumes, mounts, everything? And let me not forget the cherry on top, 1.000 Draken for a single Tier 1 item of Dragan's set? So, assuming perfect luck (!!) I would still need 48.000 Draken to make a set?!?!?!? If I were to choose from every bad turn the game took during the past four years and every bad idea the developers had, this would definitely be the worst. Some gambling is acceptable, but turning essentially the whole game into a casino was a terrible idea. The whole concept of Draken was to be patient and gather them so that you can buy something really good months, even years ahead. Even the idea of spending months to gather 3.500 Draken for just one piece of good equipment and then gamble for it, bluntly put, sickens me.

    The new premium deluxe package is way too overpriced. The benefits do not, in any way, justify the cost. If it was reasonably priced, some people might have given it a go. With the issues and the bad turns the game took during the past few months, I am strongly contemplating to cease my regular premium account, let alone pay four times as much per month.

    I foresee that the new "Crafting 2.0" feature will also include a ridiculous level of gambiling or andermand costs. I hope that I am wrong about this, because that will definitely be the point where I will hit the uninstalll button and never look back.
  7. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    I like the fact that the inventory, when reopened, remains on the last viewed tab. Saves me hundreds of clicks.
    Didn't had the chance to test the dead buddy resurrection slot and forgot to visit the gnob.
    I got 2 inventory rows full with the new costumes in my first temple sector run (trying to get the damn deep sea ring) today after the patch, they dropped more often than copper.
    Did anyone get any realm fragments today? I didn't get any... 0... 0... 0!o_O
  8. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    You can still buy the individual pieces when Gnob offers them through limited sales.Also the advantage of the spheres is only for the newer players as now they can get the first piece of the set for just 3500 draken as opposed to 4000 or 5000.Just wait for the offer and you'll get the last ring.

    They added Gambling , yes, but they did not remove the old ways to get those items.You can still get the warlord set when the event comes just like everyone. and buy the other sets like dark and drag when Gnob brings those offers.They said that Gnob will be permanent, they never said that he would have all the items offered at once.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
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  9. yiannis_l

    yiannis_l Forum Apprentice

    Hello Everyone,

    In my humble opinion, this recent fiasco with Gnob, has to do purely with the fact that some people just can't stop bragging about the amounts of draken they have gathered, without taking a pause to think what their actions cost the other players!

    "Bring it on! Raise gnob's prices as much as you can! I can still buy anything I want!" or "I am not participating in the monthly events anymore, because I have too many drakens and I don't know what to do with them!"

    To those people, I say: Here is the huge mess you got all of us into!
    Here are the results of your continuous "bragging" (some other word fits here!)

    Unfortunately, every single day we see our feedback going down the drain. Moreover, we see a game progress not only trying to make things worse for players, but instead to use feedback provided, in order to trick players into spending more and more of their hard acquired resources and money.

    That is why some things must remain private. Within ourselves, or be shared with a few close friends.

    There is a Hellenic Saying that says: "Τα Εν Οίκω, Μη Εν Δήμω"= In a free translation, it says that, What you do inside your household must remain Within and not be publicly announced. In other words, Keep Some Things To Yourself.

    Is it so hard? Or just some people's vanity has no boundaries at all?
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  10. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    They never said that the normal item sales would be removed either, just that Gnob will be permanent and with new offers - not that the old ones would be deleted. Do you really expect to have "limited sales" of items every now and then? They never announced or even hinted that. Considering that they are not implementing even what was officially announced, like upgrade stones for the old Dragonache sets, I would not put much faith into them doing something that may be logical but you simply assumed.
  11. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    They're saying that because the mechanics were there in the test server, they're saying that with a basis, and you can check the info yourself in the wiki, I think Trakilaki posted some captures of the limited sales there.
  12. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    There are certain items within the game that should only be made available to the more longer term players. No longer is there a way to differentiate a new player from one that is say 2-4 years old vs. someone relatively new to the game. Now anyone can have an Epic Mount and many people will shortly have wings with the advent of the "Deluxe Premium". Urban areas will soon be cluttered with toons affixed with wings that it will look like a KFC parking lot.
  13. sonorac12

    sonorac12 Someday Author

    I am not impressed with this issue. The deluxe premium is way overpriced for what it offers. When I first heard of it, I was thinking, 5-10 dollars more. But 20 dollar increase?! That's insane! It's greedy. This is how games lose their patron players. By upping the prices on items, making it only the wealthy (or the ones who don't care) to get anywhere in the game quickly. You're making it very, very hard for new players to the game get strong. They have a lot of catching up to do (such as myself, about 2 months into this game and it's turning into a disappointment now).

    I put my money into games and business that shows potential and that is fun. But when they start to get greedy and making the game Pay to Win type game, it's no longer appealing or fun. I really, REALLY enjoy this game. Please, listen to your customers before it's too late and having to downsize because you wouldn't listen or compromise.
  14. BitMaster

    BitMaster Someday Author

    Back when they released fatal difficulty in PW I sad that it was boring an that it should be just like they made it now! So I could not believe that that DSO actually listened to what I wrote back there... :D And I wanted the spirit stone shortcut and there it is. This is the first time they made something that I wanted, so I have to say thanks! Now PW is more fun to do (and more difficult).
    The new cloak has decent stats, and it doesn't look bad either ;).
    As for Deluxe Membership (Premium) I think it should have a bit more to it (something new and interesting :) )...

    Now, as for the loot from PW, I can say that it is actually not that bad :p. Fatal difficulty drops too much improved rarity equipment which is of no use :(. All in all drops can be accepted as decent (lets be modest).
    The biggest and only disappointment (for now :D) are the gems. Come on! For example I did Q3 all maps + boss on fatal difficulty and it only dropped Flawed gems. As you can see on the picture below I got 2 Flawed gems for defeating a boss on fatal difficulty, and so did the rest of the group members o_O I think that with the addition of all those high end gems you should remove Flawed gems from the game because they look silly compared to the higher ones...
    -- Edit --
    And I forgot to mention that it would be a nice thing if you make options for show/hide cloak when you have a costume and pick all loot automatically (this one is most needed because e.g you have Dwarf Heist event and you need to click every event item to pick it up and that sucks :mad:). You can place these option where you have the option show/hide name in the settings window.
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  15. LunaSoulfire

    LunaSoulfire Forum Greenhorn

    so i asked this in the wings thread and got no reply. but the wings and pet offered in the premium membership packages, do we get to keep them and keep using them even after our membership runs out? or, no? do they stay in our inventory or disappear?

    apologies in advance for my confusion, I don't honstly know. and I'm brand new to the forums.
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  16. artemisz1221

    artemisz1221 Forum Apprentice

    i think it would stay in your inventory but it would be unusable as now unusable are the last slots of locker (20 slots for deluxe membership). But i am not sure, i hope, an official answer will be given there.
  17. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    If your Premium Deluxe membership runs out you will keep the wings and the pet, unfortunately you won't be able to use them until you renew your membership to Premium Deluxe.

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  18. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

    The Totem Auspices set (the set that was for sale in Yaltepetl) and the Mechanical set (the set that was for sale in Andrakash) have been discontinued? thanks
  19. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I have a question about the Deluxe premium membership.
    It says there is a discount of 25% for equipment upgrades.
    Is this a discount for buying Glyphs using Andermants or is this a reduction of Glyphs required for upgrading an item?

    For example, if I need 100k Glyphs to upgrade an item without Deluxe premium.
    Do I only need 75k Glyphs to upgrade the same item?

    Also, if the answer to the above question is Yes, then if my Deluxe membership ran out what happens to further upgrade costs?

    Let's say I need to upgrade an item from level 46 to 47 and the cost is 100k Glyphs
    and from 47 to 48 cost is 150k Glyphs.
    and let's say I had Deluxe membership and upgraded from 46 to 47 for 75k
    Now, if I ran out of Deluxe membership when I want to upgrade this item from 47 to 48, then do I have to spend 150k Glyphs or 175k Glyphs?
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  20. ekant1992

    ekant1992 Padavan

    From what i understand the 1st upgrade that would originally be 100k would be 75k but for the second upgrade it would cost 150k and not 175k as you pay glyphs based on current level and the next desired level. .
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