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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes,

    Release 167 is for those who love improvements; part two of the revised in-game shop has been implemented, next to that, a new button that allows you to sort your inventory automatically, we reduced the prices for gem slots and the character customization, the feisty Black War Scorpion has been added as newest mount and, as always, we have fixed a number of bugs.​

    New features

    New Mount: Black War Scorpion

    This venomous stinger will be available for direct purchase in a special sale, via Gnob’s Lucky Sphere collection and of course you will also have the opportunity to get the Black War Scorpion via other methods.
    Icon of MountIcon of Lucky SphereIcon of Pre-Sale
    New Button: Inventory Sorting
    A new button has been added to the locker and inventory. Clicking the button sorts all your items automatically by category.​




    Reduced Price: Character Change

    Changing your character’s gender, name and appearance is now not as expensive as before.The new price of this feature has been reduced and is now almost half of its original price.If you don’t know how to use this feature, please watch the following video

    To understand how it works: Character Customization | Drakensang Online

    Reduced Price: Gem slots

    The prices of opening new gem slots on items have been changed. The overall costs are up to 15% lower than before. Please look at the table to understand the difference.

    Gem SlotsCommon ItemImprovedItemMagicItemExtraordinary ItemLegendaryItemUniqueItem

    In-game Shop revised: Part 2

    In release 166 we already introduced the revised ingame shop (hotkey: T).As part of this visual make-over, we introduce new elements that allow you to navigate easier and more conveniently through the shop.​
    • Known banners have been integrated into the shop window and are not covering the entire screen.
    • New banners allow you to navigate to different offer categories
    • Labels (%) indicate whenever a category has a temporary sale
    • Reduced items are highlighted in orange, their reduced price as well as the duration until the offer is expiring are shown

    Bug fixes

    Zero Drop of Monster Fixed

    We fixed the following monsters that were not dropping loot when defeated:​
    • Jarlubb Jabbax King
    • Temperamental Gorgon
    • Wussab, Jabbax Shaman
    • B'Alas Golem
    • Krotos Hellhorde
    • High priest B'Oran
    Essence Toggle: Display Error Fixed

    A display error was fixed where essences that were placed into the essence toggle disappeared from the inventory.

    Pet: Heredur Doll effect fixed

    The community noticed that the Heredur Doll’s buff (-5% armour decrease) did not apply to the cloned versions of boss monster Khalys in Parallel World Khalys' Elysium. This bug has now been fixed.

    Gemstone: Cut Peridot not dropping - fixed

    A bug caused a problem with the drop of the gemstone Cut Peridot from the Shiny Golden Chest of Awesomeness in the event Defeat the Undefeatables. This bugs has been fixed and the Cut Peridot will now drop from the first golden chest, a character opens PER EVENT.

    Health Point & Resource Point Bug in PvP: fixed

    When dying from the spellweaver’s honor talent Final Supernova, you end up dead the next round although the health and mana/steam/concentration seems to be full. This concerns the Ranger’s skill "Forest's Vengeance" as well. This bug has now been fixed.

    Quest: Sigrismarr's Shackle (5/5) fixed

    Clicking on the hands of the "Eternal Watchmen" seems to be quite hard especially the left one. The picking range of the objects has been enlarged to allow easier interaction.
    Fixed cooldowns for all XP boosters

    All the cooldowns for the XP boosters you could purchase in the shop were counting when you were inside the game only. We have fixed this and now the cooldown count will still work when you are outside of the game.

    On top of that, we have reduced the cooldown times for all those items and added another message that will let you know when you cannot use one of this items if you have another XP booster operating at the same time. We are planning to introduce a clearer message with release 168 as well.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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