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  1. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding Release 171.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Better late than never ;)

    Disabling the sort button +++ :)

    As for the added inventory expansions I am a bit peeved about this. For may months I have been waiting for the sticker page for mounts/costumes/emotes only to last hear it is being put off indefinitely. This would have solved my storage problems. Instead I have the opportunity to spend 22,8K anders per toon to max out my storage again. Oh well... so it goes :(

    Addition of a new PW... geez, I haven't finished the existing ones on any toon since I returned to the game :rolleyes:

    List of champions/leaders: There is at least two errors in the lower levels. One is in Dragon Caverns. Only one of those listed counts. I forget which since its been a while since I was there. Also since it's been a while since I done much with my lower level toons I forgot what the other error I cam across was (guess I should take notes :p) Also I noticed that some previous champions got demoted (like the Aspiring Apprentice in DC.) Any reason for this?

    The new character selection screen does look nice. As to whether I want the mount I currently have hotkeyed showing... yeah sure, why not... as long as it does not eat up more bandwidth or create any new bugs :eek:

    Luck be with ye,
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  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The Sort Button ("sort") is much better. I'd originally proposed that it be placed at the bottom right along the edge (near the essesnces), but this is much better.

    Now, for an alteration to the "sort" function what will make everyone happy:

    The "sort" needs to be a multi-press operation. How, you ask? Easy:
    1) Press "sort".
    2) Press each tab you'd like sorted (they highlight yellow to show selected), pressing a tab a second time deselects it. (note: tabs swich to show contents on click still.)
    3) Press "sort" to confirm. -OR- deselect all tabs and press "sort" to cancel.
    Result: those tabs that are selected are sorted. This way, if someone wants to sort just one tab they can. If someone wants to sort all the tabs, they can. If someone (like me) wants to sort tabs I & II, they can.

    Sorting is not something you do in the middle of battle, but I do, now, sort things as I go. Just as I identify things as I go. I've even go so far as I manually move things on Tabs I and II and press "sort" so that all is in order between the two tabs. This is why I suggested the above.
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It would also be nice to have alternate sort configurations. Right now, it sorts by item type, then item rarity. I'd like the option to sort by rarity and then item so that all my exos are together, all my magic items are together, and all my improved items are together.
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