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    Dear heroes of Dracania,​

    Release 185 is coming with a plenty of new adventures for you! Welcome to Sands of Malice expansion.

    Our main goal with this content expansion is to unlock the ability for our dedicated players to face new challenges and progress their characters even further. In addition to the main storyline in Sands of Malice, we created a scalable framework that paves the way for releasing many new and exciting content and features more frequently in the future.

    Sands of Malice content
    • 4 new maps;
    • A New Arena Dungeon with 10 maps containing randomized encounters;
    • New Epic Story Line;
    • 1 New Boss;
    • 2 New Monsters;
    • 160+ New Items (Weapons, Armor, Gems and Jewelry);
    • New Gem Tier;
    • New Rune System;
    • Over 60 New Quests;
    • Increased level cap, from 50 to 55;
    • Explore the ancient and mysterious temples of the distant deserts - adventure awaits!

    Game Difficulty Framework
    We increased the rate at which unique items drop, added base stats to all items, and smoothed out the game’s difficulty curve to provide an increased challenge at the beginning of the game and smoother progression from levels 21 to 55. We also rebalanced bosses and tweaked monsters to match the new power progression of the Content Expansion.

    Gear Progression Framework
    In addition to increasing the rate of unique item drops, we have made gear progression more manageable and rewarding. Progressing to the next tier of unique items used to come with a large tax on your inventory, as the tier of unique items drops were unreliable. Starting with the parallel worlds, we made a logical association with the unique item tiers and the difficulty level you play on. This allows you to progress through the parallel worlds more quickly and with fewer difficult inventory management problems. This framework will also allow us to create more events with new and exciting rewards in the future.

    We also created a reliable crafting method for transferring enchantments from your legendary items onto your unique items. Now you will be able to create exclusive and personalized gear builds from your most prized gear!

    Scaling Difficulty Framework
    We introduced additional difficulty modes in events and parallel worlds, and reworked the loot drops to scale in power with each difficult level. In short: The harder the difficult level, the more rewarding your loot will be!

    Runes and Gems Framework

    We doubled the slots on your gear to give a dedicated space for special gems and Runes – a new addition to the gem system. Because the old gem system did not scale well with the new progression framework, all gems will now have whole number values and runes will have percentage values. You will still be able to keep all of the gems you have collected, even if some of them have been taken out of the shop and no longer drop in the game. Over time, these gems will be less powerful than the runes that come in the next content expansion and beyond.​

    Laying the framework for PVP
    Although Sands of Malice does not provide any new PVP features, we did implement some gear changes that alleviate a few of the balancing issues. While not all balancing issues will be resolved this way, these changes make up one of the pillars upon which we will develop future PVP improvements. The next step is to give PvP logical direction that does not clash with our efforts on PvE.

    In the future...
    We realize that social aspects, like group play, is key request from the community; which is why the next focus will be on making sure players feel rewarded rather than penalized when playing together. In the months following the Sands of Malice release, we will unlock the opportunity for you to create teams of heroes whose skills benefit and complement each other. We will also give groups better loot options, add group tracking to the leaderboards, and give you new and exciting ways to take on events together- and that is just the beginning!

    After we have this new group-play framework in place, the natural way forward is to
    build PvP upon it to provide a fairer, more rewarding, and meaningful experience with better matchmaking and team competitiveness.

    We are happy to present you with Sands of Malice and the new framework that marks the beginning of new era for Drakensang Online. We will heavily rely on your feedback to help shape the game; so jump on the forums, write us on Facebook, or send us a Tweet to let us know what you think the future of Drakensang should look like!

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania.
    Your Drakensang Online Team​
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