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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    The community has pointed out a bug that affects a minion’s damage output calculation when certain criteria are met:

    1. Essences of Combat, War, or Destruction are equipped

    2. Your character has at least one of the following increased damage modifiers:
    • Items with character wide damage increases (item tooltip example highlighted in red). Please note that gear with damage modifiers limited to the item itself will not be affected (item tooltip example highlighted in blue).
    • The Wisdom Tree Skill "Attack" is active (giving up to +50% increased damage to your character).
    • You have summoned a minion, e.g. Dwarf Turrets, Mage Guardian, Ranger Wolfes/Wood Spirit or an Item-Minion (item tooltip example highlighted in red)
    The result of these factors together is an unintended over proportional increase of the damage output from minions.


    Q: Why is this particular bug being addressed now?
    A: The EN community made a forum thread pointing out this damage calculation error, which we investigated and found to be detrimental to game balancing. As we have begun assessing the challenges of class balancing, we quickly realized that there was some cleanup needed to facilitate a more realistic assessment.

    Q: Which classes will be affected by this fix?
    A: Although the Dwarf will be the most heavily impacted because of the reliance on all four of its turrets, it is important to note that all classes will be affected by this calculation correction.

    Q: How significantly will the minion’s damage output be reduced?
    A: As mentioned above, there are many different variables (various items, essences, enchantments, etc…) that go into the equation of determining the total reduction of minion damage output; that is why we cannot easily create a table showing the possible reduction for each combination of variables. That being said, the most common combination we have noticed involve heroes using the following:

    • Essences of Destruction
    • The “Attack” skill from the wisdom tree
    These heroes will notice a 25% reduction of their minion’s damage output. Please note that using less powerful essences will lessen the reduction to a smaller percentage.

    EssencesIncreased Damage from Talent and ItemsCorrect damage compared to the bugged computation
    Red50 %75 % (e.g. 6000 dmg bugged > 4500 dmg correct)
    Purple50 %78 % (e.g. 4500 dmg bugged > 3500 dmg correct)
    Blue50 %83 % (e.g. 3000 dmg bugged > 2500 dmg correct)
    Purple100 %66 % (e.g. 6000 dmg bugged > 4000 dmg correct)
    Purple25 %87 % (e.g. 3750 dmg bugged > 3250 dmg correct)
    It is important to note that this fixed computation is the same that is used for all other skills that don’t spawn minions, and that nothing besides the minion damage output calculation has been corrected. The damage of all your other skills as well as the damage of minions without using Essences doesn’t change. Using Essences will still profoundly increase your hero’s damage output as well as the damage output of their minions.

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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