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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Viki

    Viki Forum Mogul

    1 Year? Would be nice at all, but i'm afraid that never will happen, because the "consultants" who give them advices how to change items play 90% dragon knights or dwarfs :) There was a chance in pve to make the mages close to other classes and they destroyed it. What do you expect for pvp in future, where never was balance and never will be...

    Btw, when you will finally fix the dmg bug on ice sphere? That's a known issue and exist since level cup 55. But take your time is only a main skill for mages in pve...:rolleyes:
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  2. fab

    fab Advanced

    Bp staff never play a sw in real life, sw is always used as a punching bag in all servers always.
    Another thing is they NEVER listen to players especially those which is using a sw, they either delete their post or ban them if they find their post is irrelevant ( and they are really very good at this ).
    All they do is make rangers and dks ever more powerful and sw players having spend so much time and effort has gone down to drain or EVEN faster when they released 202.
    Dks and rangers can enjoy Opness always and cry like a baby when a sw uses Q7 and Q8 combination, well this is what OUR trak is looking forward at !
    Hp regeneration shouldn't be existing since no pots is allowed and why this issue isn't been addressed:confused::confused:
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  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Big kudos to the devs for adding the activity level of the character to the guild list. That just gave me ~15-30 minutes more play time (less management time) per day. Thank you!
  4. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    i know the power of lv 45 royal stroke back then, im here since lv 40 :p)but the thing is then crafting 2.0 was not a thing :D and 1h builds were actually viable
  5. babu_o_babu

    babu_o_babu Advanced

    Since release 202 half of my playing time is spend in the town because of this:

  6. captain66

    captain66 Forum Greenhorn


    I have exactly the same problem, when I come back to town, I have a big chance to lag and so i have to reconnect.
  7. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    It's nice to see the new version of Dragonsilver set from Gnob. But there is a little problem confusing me. My old version of Dragonsilver set now is with new bonus, i.e. +xx% critical damage not +xx damage. I don't know whether it's a bug/glitch or not.

    Thanks and happy new year!
  8. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    The "bug" thingy that did not allow you to refine lvl 45 dragonache set was fixed it seems.Just noticed it today that i can refine them (the message saying its possible now appears in the item's description).The Royal Stroke Of Lightning Staff is still "bugged" and cannot be refined at lvl 45.Is this going to be fixed too or the only thing left to do is melt it?
  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Don't refine gear. It is a ripoff. They don't advertise it, but the quality of the stats are lowered. This is most easily seen when you have an absolute stat in the unique value section. If you glyph it up to LVL 55, it is lower than what it should be. This also occurs with the base stats, but it is harder to detect because they are randomized, but at LVL 55, I've seen minimums below the minimum displayed in Gnob's shop.

    I say again... Do Not Refine Gear! It is a SCAM and Rip Off!

    Now for the feedback to go with that:
    BigPoint, that is a really scummy thing to do, especially without making it known in the patch notes. If someone is willing to spend ander to refine the gear and then spend millions of glyphs, just to get it to the same level of the one that can be bought for draken, why shouldn't the stats fall into the same range? Why include a silent nerf that 99% of players won't notice? Long story short, I'd like the ander back that I spent on refiners, but I know I won't get that. Instead, I'd settle for an official announcement about how you don't respect players enough to tell us when you are taking advantage of us.
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  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I agree with Baragain above. I used my free refiners on my mech (I forget how I got them, but I still have them on my dk) on level 50 sparks boots and was very disappointed with the result. There are only a very few limited circumstances where I'll consider using them, and no circumstances where I'll buy them with any of my currencies.
  11. magicus

    magicus Forum Apprentice

    Why if that weapon is so good, does not anyone use it in pvp?
  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Pick an answer you like:
    1. Don't have drakens to buy it yet.
    2. Didn't get it with golden line.
    3. Don't have augment cores to make it t5.
    4. Don't have crafted 200% legendary to transfer.
    5. Prefer premium set 5/5 to get 50% HP bonus.
    6. Do not have the end game char with tons of hp to make it useful.
    7. Are not smart enough to understand its potential.
    8. Waiting for the dev to make it available as T5 right away during some event.
    9. Have so much regen from the talent and skill so they don't care about even more regen as they already smash every mage on the server.
  13. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Thank you for the reply and the heads up.Made me look to see if u are right and yes, u are.The items have lower stats than those that were at the gnob.Lame move to bring us refiners and to scam the players with them like that.
  14. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I got burned by this too.
  15. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    a DK's two cents...

    Nerfing all DK's because of a few that abuse 1v1 by running away from the fight is kinda stupid.

    - a possible solution to the problem (because it is super annoying and a ridiculous waste of time) would be to penalize players that don't attack for a certain length of time. But... I digress... there will be a way around it and who is to stop opponents from running away from a DK to cause the penalty on purpose.

    - The best point made here was that it can be dealt with by waiting out the clock, but who wants to spend that much time in a 1v1.
    It's literally faster to quit out and take the penatly time... then go play CTF. Oh and by the way, that method doesn't work so well for other DK's that aren't abusing "DEATH" match by not fighting.

    - IMO Not Fighting = Cheating! and players cheating should be banned.
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    this is a really bad thing to add. I run only from 1h tanks in arena and wait for the no healing time so i can ACTUALLY kill them so i must bepenalised because im pretty much not allowed to deal dmg to him???? The only logical thing to add is to remove healing from the spell the hammer is ok since it doesnt make hard hitting spells useless. But tank who heals with the hammer with the skill in the pvp tree and the battle cry holy jesus save me
  17. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    I was referring more to DK's in a 1v1, not other characters. And yes, it wouldn't work out, i agree.

    But just so it's clear. The hammer doesn't do much healing. (eg. at 60k HP, it's about 24HP per block) 24 hp is not really helping and it does not really add up or give any real help in 1v1.

    Battle cry doesn't regen anything, Battle frenzy however gives 10% over 5 seconds and does not stack. it cost 60 rage, so you have to take a good deal of damage to use it. 5 second is a long time in 1v1 against a comparable opponent, and wind up taking a lot more damage than make back (unless the DK is running away the whole match - which is wrong, and my point)

    The PVP (honor tree) regen for DK is called "ready for battle" it gives 15% max hp regen AFTER DEFEATING AN ENEMY! And is completely useless in 1v1.
    It would be used by a 2h DK more often in a ctf match. I don't use it at all, not worth the skill points imo.


    I apologize if my original post was unclear. The complaint about DK's avoiding a fight until time runs out in a 1v1 is what bothers me.
    Mostly because it sucks the fun out 1v1. Just no fun joining a match, them WAITING 3 minutes. Unfortunately I can't think of solution, but removing a basic skill of a character is not an answer.

    There is a lot of complaining and i'd hate to see the DK get nerfed. Whenever the DK gets nerfed (Historically) it screws up the whole game. SW will start to dominate PVP uncontensted and everyone will be hard pressed to find a tank that can handle Infernal.

    What makes this a difficult discussion is that every player looks at it from there standpoint. I've seen referrence here posted about a 1h DK
    with 10K dmg while rocking 4x80%. That is what I would consider 1% of the server population at best (at least on Agathon) - it is an End-game, maxed-out, spent a ton of time and money building DK. To nerf the 99% of DK's that are struggling to build what is hands-down the most time-consuming character to reach playable in both PVE/PVP, would be a shame. And possibly a game killer.
  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I had to abandon my end game mage. 'Top 1%' as you called. Max gems, max glyphs, 7 time 4x gold crafted etc, 5 years of play, grand marshal. I just couldn't figure out what to do to those tanks. Perhaps im too dumb. You underestimate DK healing abilities at end game. And if those running healers are still kill-able in an all in 2h setup, balanced DK with a shift towards HP are immortal. They max out the crit, and that's all they need. 10k dmg, 80% crit, and everything else in def. Many stuns, run speed boost from keen, that wouldn't work on a mage. I have tried many things against them. The only thing that had some miserable chances was 2h all in setup with max run speed. But tanks would still regen it all and only need to catch you once. 1handed setups didn't work at all. They would regen it all, and mage would regen nothing. And after two minutes, mage is almost dead, or dead, tank is at full hp. Mages only dominate meat like themselves in mass 5v5 and 6v5.

    Not sure how to solve this, but there is huge problem. Tanks decline to recognize it. Okay, let it be. Since I dont believe DK will ever get nerfed, and it looks that no a lot of tanks are friends with the common sense, goodbye my mage. I log in for daily, otherwise develop DK myself.
  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm usually one of the bigger defenders of DKs, but I believe in arguing with accurate information. That said, where did you learn math?

    You are off by an order of magnitude. 60000*0.004=240 HP. Second, at the top tier of PvP, you will be hard pressed to find a 1H DK with less than 120k HP in their 1H build which means 480+ HP per block. Now, consider that these blocked hits are already reduced by 60%-75% depending on block strength and already reduced by armor/resistance and that 80% of all hits are blocked. It is very possible for the Lifekeeper regen to outstrip the damage done if the opponent is using low damage skills in attempt to whittle down the DK over time.

    At 2% per second, you are easily talking about 2400 per second or more of regen for a 120k HP DK. And the 60 rage every five seconds is insignificant, if the other player is damaging you. Even blocked hits fill the rage meter significantly. That, when coupled with the regen from Lifekeeper and the high defensive stats of most 1H DKs means that most 1H DKs (especially the top tier ones) are unkillable until the 2:00 mark of a dule.

    Consider this: Over 5 seconds, the DK regens (10% base HP+0.4%*0.8*#blocks). If a ranged class uses 5 attacks in five seconds (while also somehow avoiding hits from the DK, the DK recovers 11.6% of his base HP on average. If the DK has a measly 120k HP, that is 13920 HP that the other player must overcome (on top of any other sources of regen) to even scratch the DK. That 13920 damage the other player would have to do would also be reduced by armor/resist. Assuming that the DK has at least 75% of each, that means those attacks need to be doing 55680 damage against an unarmored foe... but wait, four of those five (80%) hits are blocked for about 66% (or more), right? So that means one would need to do 55680/(1-0.80*0.66)=119314 unblocked/unmitigated damage. Splitting this damage up across 5 hits with a 1:1:1:1:3 ratio to account for the 1/5 blocked hit and you'd be looking for an attack that can do 17k damage per hit. A SW using Magic Missile (~100% damage) would need 10K or more with some serious crit/crit damage to accomplish that, but then you run into another problem. There is no way the SW could sustain this DPS because the DK is on the offensive too, and even 1-2 seconds of not hitting the DK could easily erase all the damage done up to this point. It doesn't matter if those couple seconds are from the DK running away or the SW running away from the DK. Or if the other player is stunned, that means free healing for the DK too.

    Are you starting to understand yet? Don't forget that this is for a fairly moderate DK. Higher HP DKs exist and could easily out heal this build without trying hard.

    If you are going to argue about Lifekeeper with someone who knows what they are talking about (Like Sebastian), a good place to start is to at least know what you are talking about. Otherwise you don't contribute anything meaningful to the conversation and do more harm then good through ignorance. When I argue about Lifekeeper, I argue about the fact that the ability to craft it does not suddenly make a 1H DK a OHKO kind of build and that the important part for the ranged classes (at least until PvP is balanced properly) is to play to their strengths (slowing, for example) and exploit exhaustion to kill these sorts of DKs. What I am not foolish enough to do is try to ague that the healing is anything but OP in 1v1, 3v3, and even 5v5.

    The best way to handle this is one that BP has claimed that they can't do (read "hard to program" or "labor intensive to implement"). That is, they should separate skill effects and stats based on PvP vs PvE. They already do it with stun durations, but this needs to be extended to all aspects of the game that are relevant to PvP.

    Another thing they can do is find a way to mitigate/scale damage and HP in PvP to compensate for the insane builds. If you would like to read an interesting and well thought out idea of a way to help address that issue, check out a post I wrote over two years ago. Here is a little excerpt for you:
    I saw this coming two years ago and BP still managed to surprise me. They actually managed to make it worse than I ever envisioned when they changed how item stats worked with LVL 55. Now more than ever something like my balancing recommendations need consideration and implementation.
  20. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Welcome back, Baragain the Reasonable)
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