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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    So i just found out some players using q7 buff to their advantage in pvp. I saw one dwarf in pvp who was using Bloodmage weapon and probably q7 gloves so what he does he use his rocket to hit the towers change his weapon to q7 and after quickly change it to Bloodmage so he gets the q7 buff (massiv dmg in Heavy shot) and also the speed and damage from Bloodmage. I assume all the classes can use it to their advantage but for the dwarfs and mages probably its too OP. Cause dk and rangers dont use Bloodmage set. Is it a bug or its intended? @mods. If its not the case dwarfs have huge advantages also in Pve with this...
  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there,

    I highly recommend you all to keep discussions on topic. Most of posts were edited. You can write your opinion, but, please, write it in a polite way.

    Regarding some points, we can clarify:

    This isn't a bug for now. That means that, in practical terms, EA has a life time, that's why it explodes. In theory, this doesn't mean it should explode without hitting a static object. We will try to find out ;)

    This is now working as intended.

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  3. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    All i have to say about this release in my point of view is here.

  4. jinkumara

    jinkumara Forum Greenhorn

    This update is trash, certain monsters hitting you for 100,000. Farming was ok pre 211 now it's horrible. Work hard to improve stats only for them to take it all from you in a new update. Used to farm lv6 mortis and now even the knight on map 1 kills me in one hit even with all my buffs on as 2h dk. I could switch to tank and form a group to take it down but sometimes when I log the game I just want to farm real quick for a few minutes and forming a group that wants to do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it is not always guaranteed. I will not be renewing my subscription.
  5. Tonlee

    Tonlee Forum Apprentice

    Agreed, games are supposed to be fun, challenging yes, but fun also, that's why people play them, to relax and enjoy them, not beat their head against something until their head bleeds. As is won't be renewing my subscription either.
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  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I've been playing less and less with each nerfing, but boosting the monsters even worse. When the knights 1 hit you, there is no point in wasting any time playing.

  7. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I'm a mage and not really playing with dwarfs much. For me the the dwarfs are just too slow, by the time they place their turrets on the ground, I already kill half of the mobs. Only if happens that they are part of the group I'm in. I never needed to have in the group a specific character, I welcome in a group any/all characters.
    I don't understand the envy for the other character's skills. You're in your corner of the server, having fun killing mobs, then you hear someone on the other corner is, relatively, killing faster than you and suddenly you loose all the fun.
    I only see one solution. Create all 4 chars and, after each patch, play with the one all the kids are complaining about, that is too OP..
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  8. Kaydranzer

    Kaydranzer Someday Author

    And thats the reason why you dont know how strong they really are. The animation of the turrets may be slow, but with Q7 buff they can burst much quicker as a mage.
    This isnt envy. Mages and rangers get kicked out of groups and your answer is envy?cmon

    2 or 3 times faster is relatively for you? What if i tell you, that a dwarf farms double the items/gold/ander etc because he is much faster at farming. You as a mage are slower everywhere, which results in forcing mages and rangers to spend more time farming.
  9. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    Maybe you're feeling this way because you do not know really strong mages and rangers, I say this from my own experience, since one of my best friends is ranger and saved in mini bosses I rarely get a chance to even touch the normal mobs on maps (unless that I go running in front of all to be able to kill them by myself);)
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  10. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    There must be a misunderstanding here, I'm playing since long time and never happened to me. If someone is kicked out of the group, is not because of the class, that would be racist. Usually is because the character is not at the same level with the others in the group. If I request to enter in a group that farms inf3, but my char is at best for mode2, they will immediately see that and possible kick me. It seems you just had some bad experiences, or just think you're better than you actually are and thought you were kicked out of groups because of your class..

    I do watch the region chat sometimes and players ask either for tank or for big damage. No one specifies that has to be a dwarf, any good char with big damage is welcome. Also, have a look at the groups list where there are 2 players in the group. I can see more tank+mage and tank+ranger than tank+dwarf.
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  11. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hello @Mimaloodak and welcome to DSO English Forum.
    Please read our forum and game rules before you start posting in this forum.
    @Sunlight is not a forum moderator but Board Administrator.
    I shall say this just only once. DO NOT interfere moderator's duty! You are more than welcome to give your feedback, but please read the guidelines first.
    Regarding your question, neither Game Developers nor @teddy.bear are answering in this thread. Since your question is off topic, you could start another thread in this section and ask. A Spellweaver from our team would be very glad to answer your question and explain you about Magic Missile and Sigrismarr's Eternal Scorn in details.

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  12. Tonlee

    Tonlee Forum Apprentice

    Hmm, since it got deleted guess I'll ask again. Might the rest of us that posted questions and concerns about r211 get an answer to our questions, or might you please point us to one of your teams (whichever team that may be) to answer our questions and explain our concerns in detail? Such as my question about r211, since the bosses and minis got "buffed" I now die to Stormball event trolls on average of 5-14 times per troll in Painful, yesterday I was dying on average of 1 time in painful (on my lvl 48 DK). My character gets 2 shotted from regular hits and 1 shotted from the soccer ball. Is this working as intended?
  13. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    Just for the sake of facts, at level 50 it happened many times to be cut out of farming teams just because I was (am) ranger
  14. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    I've never personally found more than one troll per map, but others say it's happened before.
    I am finished with SB now, so it doesn't really matter to me, be this an older or newer thing.

    EDIT: the latest FB announcement might be the reason behind the above.

    About R211, setting aside all the uselessness of content and bickering between people, I noticed that I can no longer use my skills as smoothly as before. Let me explain... I was usually using Magic Missile (left-click) and Frozen Sphere (right-click) pressed together (usually with Shift held down too - so I don't run out somewhere mid-attacking), so I would fire the secondary attacks as sooner and as much as the mana allowed. Now if I have one button pressed, I cannot trigger another skill unless I stop and/or click on right-click like a maniac. Works the same with any other button combo, as far as I've noticed. It's annoying, interrupts my gameplay and sometimes can cost me a death... not sure where was this noted or why was it done, but thanks BP... pity, last couple of releases were mostly good. Maybe we praised them too much, so they thought to bring us back to reality...

    Oh, and about the Q6 mobs' elemental icons visual bug... well, I went into Q7 yesterday and now those have this bug. GG!
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  15. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    I would like to respond, especially about the release211 and its 'rebalancing' in particular.

    Because what does the 'rebalancing' still mean, players continue to complain because it just is not right, especially when you experience this in the arena.
    One moment you kill everything and after another rebalancing you do not hit a dent in a packet of butter.

    If 4 different characters were well balanced from the beginning of the game then rebalancing would not even be necessary.

    I can go into details but that should not be necessary. The developers should see this themselves, at the same time that different skills of different characters do not work well or should not even be.

    Some examples; 4 Characters from the game can not use healpotions in the arena, but a DK who can already have a lot of hp can also heal. Since I do not have one of the least characters, I am sometimes surprised to see when the DK heals faster than I can shoot his hp.
    In this way, having fun in DSO is 1 big fiasco.

    Explosive arrows that you do not even see coming, but you are lost in 1 hit 60K hp or more. There are more examples that are absolutely wrong.

    Instead of the discussions that always take place here about skills or events that some players disagree with, so that things keep changing over and over again, one can (developers) better take matters into their own hands and decide what the fair balancing must be between 4 characters.
    And with that, it should be over and over again, every time, to turn everything over.
    Honestly, I am now disgusted by all those changes.

    So with this my feedback for the developers with the final sentence, ...
    'Put an end to the inequality between 4 characters'.
    Gladly no excuses, you invented them yourself and in a game like this every character should have equal chances.
    With best regards,

    Apologies for any typing errors, I also only do this by a translator;)
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  16. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Thank you nvmind for your info. Still, i do not think that info from path is correctly, or is it me that do not understand right.

    What means "Bosses now will now have 20% more health points per difficulty"?, 20% for normal, 40% for painful....140% for inf3?

    Maybe a mod can answer?

    Please note that i run medusa tp 20-30 runs on inf2 into the day before patch, and after patch also i run medusa tp 20-30 runs on inf2, but i spend double time to kill her every time, so double essence cost.

  17. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    All characters have some form of healing. Just that for mages and rangers they are not as effective as for SM and DK.
    For SM they have a 7% healing which is very comparable to a DKs 10% heal.
    My DK with 70k pvp health, 80% armor, 80% block, 2.7 blocks strength gets 1 hit kill by an SM combo.
    DKs need healing because they can only damage with close combat. Without healing, they will become just punching bags to other classes.
    If you cannot out damage a DKs healing, then your character is way too weaker than the DK you are facing.

    Just because you are a 2Hander, and you can damage more than a 1H DK. You are not supposed to be the stronger one. You are not supposed to always beat them. Yes, I know, it feels like You are the stronger one because you do more damage. But it is not. When they equip on defensive gear, even if they can't damage as much as You do, it is possible that they are stronger than You are, and they may deserve the Win.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Since the players are reporting
    - Dragan / Gwenfara in circus monstrorum
    - New and Full Moon monsters
    - other event monsters
    are significantly stronger and very hard to kill ( read this ) ... it must be some bug (I believe) that affects all event monsters.
    Those trolls are event monsters.
    Personally ... i was killing those trolls last night and I have only noticed a slight boost in their defense but nothing huge.
    What is the issue? i see no issue ... everything is working as it should.
    You say you are dealing 400 more damage without the set bonus which is not true.
    You are dealing 3x6151= 18453 damage in a single shot ... while without the bonus you are dealing 6511 damage in a single shot.
    But you want to deal 3x6511 right? Well it was a bug that was live for only one release ... and it has been fixed and IM is now working as it should ... just like it was always working.
    BTW ... can you share the secret of spending 300K gold and creating entire build in a single day?
  19. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I agree. If I start a group, I do not think twice for accepting a Dwarf. Any Dwarf is an asset to a group. I don't care how weak he is. But, if I am accepting a Ranger/Mage I am skeptical and would usually only accept Mages/Rangers that I know who has good damage. I don't like to discriminate, but a weak Ranger/Mage is only a burden. But with a Dwarf You cannot go wrong.
  20. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Hello, has anybody noticed worsen drop of Wisdom in locations such as Stonekeep and FBI?
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