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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    I just really love sitting at 7/8 and getting a 'loss' in arena when the last person never joins.
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  2. ivan4o2000

    ivan4o2000 Forum Greenhorn

    PVP is ridicolous especially for rangers(bad mechanics). The new mode is for healers and runners. I hope the balancing patch to come as soon as possible cause at the moment rangers are worst.
  3. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It's so funny to enter 8FFA and see wars running and healing until time is over to try winning without fighting.
    This game is not about skill but rewarding pathetism and mediocrity of the players benefited by their class.
    Nothing will change until the devs remove the HP regen in PvP.
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  4. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    PvP is disguised as separate from PvE, which it's not, because you need to farm the best top tier, top base stat items and glyphs to level them up, 'cause otherwise you're done. And if you're a ranger, don't even try.

    Midgets run around two-handed and obliterate everything like a goddamn rambo. Tanks with perma immunity, hp regen, and multiple stun abilities have enough damage to actually win within the time limit. A ranger has a stun in form of a bird that everyone can easily run away from, and has wolves that everyone can one hit.
    I don't know if I'm so EDIT , or if the classes are so damn imbalanced, or if other people just have so much better gear than I do.

    The 8v8 deathmtch is also unfair, 'cause you even get less honor if you survive up to 1v1 with more points for hurting others plus 1 kill, than someone with much less hurt points + 0 kills who maybe even died right away.

    This patch is 90% about PvP, which I haven't been involved in since end of 2018. And that upsets me the most, because the only thing still keeping me in the game were new features in PvE. And out of those we get none.

    So I'm done. EDIT
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  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    i now understand how it works

    Well, i can see the rationale,they want all modes to be played, not a few ones, but it's not good
    But the positive thing about this is that i'll finally be able to complete the damn former 3vs3 quest which is not the 5vs5 quest and i'll be able to get the damn lava dog

    i haven't tried the death match

    Overall this is a weak release, primarily because they didn't fix the exploits and bug of the game
    Hell, i caught a cheater today, he was running speeds that should be possible eitheir with the flag and without the flag
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  6. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Here is my summary for RL 218


    It is how it is and going in direction it's going, so I'll just follow.


    Well, here I have much to say but I'll be short:

    • I'm almost sure that the devs make this sessions just to reduce the amount of time for matching ("All IN one" tactic, funny, because we all know how good is "All for one" experiment) Probably they'll speed up things on servers with "no match" PVP, but this will bring some other things too.

    • Have they ever think that people likes different versions of PVP BUT have a life outside the DSO so they'll be forced to play what is on the menu, not to enjoy in specific type of arena they prefer. (Personally, I don't like spam festival (flag), not because I don't know how to play it than just because matches can be too long).

    • Last man standing for solo will bring so much whining on this forum, just wait and see (I will play it, but just to speed up things for daily challenge if the flag (same refer to it) is on the Team side (note: I have five digits number of 1v1 duels )).

    • SMs will jump around in circles, steam-heal themselves, and wait if someone kill DKs so they could be sure when the time expires, they'll be the last who dies from exhaustion! Mages will random shoot spheres same as rangers EA etc.
    Anyhow, we'll HAVE to get used to all of it .
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  7. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    By the way, you don't say in patchnotes that you changed location of the final chest in some lairs.
    Pathetic way to try to slow down the players while doing buff.
  8. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    The last man standing may work in a lab, but not in real world. The hardest to kill (as in it takes longer, not that is harder skillwise) are the Wars, so they are last and, usually, they team up against the other classes. Is taking much longer to kill a war than a mage for example, so the wars will always go for a faster kill first, therefore unintentionally teaming up.
    Also, no one can stop 2 or 3 friends or guild members to team up, so they will be last standing.
    A thumbs down from me for this PVP mode.
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  9. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    12h for pvp season is too long, reduce to 2 or 3 hours for change battle mode.

    *some people logon aways in same hour, on this way they will ever need to do same battle mode.
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  10. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    last man standing = most noobs arena what i saw in dso

    1 rejestration = i go to arena and i'm stack there for 2min than i get prise = 'u lose' = really nice :*
    2 fight = don't looking for it = all fight run chicken run and wait as long as all others kill themselfs than go fight 1x1 with last man but wait u have full hp = ur opponent don't :*
    3 are u mage/ranger? don't play arena anymore = they don't need u and u don't have any chance to win bc u don't have any healing :*
    4 are u weak and u fast die? i have prise for u = look 2-3 min how others are playing maybe u see some tips :*
    5 want u play flag? wait 2 days maybe u get one if devs will have suck idea = otherwise u will never can play it

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  11. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    This release is an absoloute joke lol.. The only thing i was really excited about was the PvE season but OH NO LETS WAIT UNTIL 1ST OF JUNE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT in the meantime i think i'll stick to other games until it starts, just like many other people. DEVS if you dont think/act soon, you will not have a game to make updates/patches for.. You dont think about what the players want, how about you actually play the game and see for yourself what needs fixing, play with all classes in pvp, from high stats to low, farm the same maps 60-100 times to get gold LB rewards and see exactly what us players have to go through, maybe then you will have a further understanding of what this game needs and what the players request.
  12. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    It seems just about everyone agrees with what I said about this pathetic release.. and I agree with mostly anyone. On the bright side, after two failed updates (well, one event and one update).. something good it bound to come from the dev's noggins.. or ... not?

    And to all of you crying and complaining you get "LOSS" right after joining.... can't you just support DSO and be happy they removed that pesky bug where you get 1 bonus clover, once a year? My God guys.. y'all are downers.

    Today was the last day for me on DSO for a long time. The camel cried out in pain with this straw v2.18. Enough. I'll, hopefully, see you around when the Chinese sell the game to some Swiss, UK or US company.

    At the rate things are going, we should be paid to play this game, not the other way around.

    Over and out.
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  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Few hours ago I was doing clover buff and in the 2 hours the servers fell 4 times, it stopped working the official site, forums and the game for a few minutes. This is not the first time this happened to me and all my guild so it's global and serious, any statement?
    I suppose responsibles will be deaf and blind pretending that everything is fine.
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  14. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    It will not even go well once after any release ........, and yes, he goes there again retry, retry, retry, & retry.
    OMG, we have such a great event, we just can't play online to try to get egg mounts that don't drop.
    DSO becomes a little less attractive every day.
    And the developers love it, harassing players, to quickly move the reward box in the secret lair to the start of the lair so that when all the monsters are killed, we can go through an empty lair every round to the start . This is 1 example of the many repairs made by the great developers of DSO, but most of the topics seem to be changed thoughtlessly.
    Perhaps it would be helpful if the € uro signs disappeared from their eyes and one started to take a serious look at what players want.
    And the upcoming PVP Event will become 1 big mess.
    DSO, you cannot force ANYONE to do anything. Ok, you can try it but whoever bounces the ball can expect it back.
    Oops, your earnings model will fall again.
    Anyway, I wish the team all the best, but current developments are not going to happen, at least not among me and my fellow players. Success team ;)o_O
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  15. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I was able to play 1v1 at any hour. Now, during night time, when there is no 1v1 mode available, there is no way to do my daily.
    This release needs a patch asap
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  16. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Exactly. They have to give us a choice of what kind of arena we play.
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  17. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    As no other modes available in the last 6 hours besides 8FFA and Storm the Fortress, it seems lots are playing the new 8FFA, including myself. So many things wrong with this new pvp mode...
    * if you die (like in the beginning) you cannot exit nicely and are forced to stay and watch the rest of the game. Is this the punishment for dying ?
    * the wars are clearly in advantage. I've seen it quite a lot, wars with low health just running around the arena, healing, while others kill themselves, then fight at the end with full health bar
    * if the mages and rangers are not teaming up against the wars in the beginning, then the wars always win. Some players realized that quite fast, others "carefree" mages kill other mages in the beginning and then, with low health, end up against the full health bar wars.
    * I've seen friends/brothers (had similar name) teaming up, this giving them a clear advantage.
    * and so on...
    How did this pvp mode pass quality and fun assurance ?
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  18. westernranger

    westernranger Someday Author

    Good things about this update:
    - Helios event (return of cool looking uniqs, new costume, amulet)
    - I can put map on skill bar which is really great, so I will use it same way as pets (but even this feature has bug - I'm using 30d map and after teleportation (even tp without using this item, like reg to PvP) its disappearing from skill bar).
    - I can see tiers without clicking RMB to each item. Rly helpful for a lot of players (actually not for me, 'cause I have full t8 and some t8 in locker for future, but still its good feature).
    - PvE progress bar rewards. Thats rly nice. 2 weeks of deluxe and a lot of drakens is really worthy reward.
    - PvP progress bar rewards are good too but the whole feedback is later.

    Now we r going to the worst and the biggest part - things I dislike.

    PvP rankings.
    Only top 3 of my Team and Solo PvP will be counted per day to my PvP ranking. So how should I do 3.3kk points in 1 month?
    Let's calculate a bit.
    450+450+450 for duel (solo PvP) and let's think like 2500+2500+2500 for team PvP.
    8850 per day. 265500 for a month. That's not even enough for golden ranking (Solo PvP) without mentor bonus lol, are you seriously?
    Even with mentor bonus it's 796500. Can you explain me "HOW should we do rankings?", please?
    And what about players who can't play each day (but if they are playing they earn a lot of honor per day).
    They wouldn't be able to get TOP ranking or even gold reward (actually no one would be able to get gold ranking but still).

    P.S. Daily and Weekly rankings are bugged, they update only when you kill someone in open PvP (non official PvP).

    Battle Registration
    Bugged from TS. 'cause I stayed in city for like 30 mins and when I click reg solo PvP there where (1/2) reg for Duel BUT in "new windom" there were 8FFA and when I got reg I got... 8FFA.
    Also the window is not updating itself, you have to change map to see next battleground.

    PvP Match-Cycles
    The worst thing about this update. I know a lot of ppl who play ONLY 1 or 2 types of battlegrounds, 'cause they dislike others. And you can't force 'em to reg another type of battle just by deleting choice.
    I mean you try to put more players in pool BUT that looks like you are not even going to increase amount of players who want to play PvP. You are not trying to return old players and new ones dislike this PvP too. The only thing you are trying to do by this feature is give us just "visibility" of "good matchmaking".

    I can easilly name you like 70-90% of players who play (not for dailys, and they play not bad) PvP now (Grimmag), but I couldn't do that for old PvP. Do you know why? Easy. There were more players...

    I played 1v1 with dwarf, looking like new player (low pvp rank), he played good (he told me that he is doing 200-250 wins per day), and the only thing he needed is... bear, his words "the only reason players do pvp is mounts, 'cause no one like this pvp". And he just tried to finish it asap and stop playing pvp.
    He is not the only one... I can give a lot of examples but there are a lot of words already.

    I play PvP 'cause thats the only thing I like in this game (I can get some fun at least). And the reason why Im still in this game is... friends. Not your "updates". Not good PvP. Not good PvE.

    5v5 TDM
    Didn't checked it on live servers but from TS I'm 90% sure that would be like meat grinder with 5 OP players vs 5 OP players. 3v3 were enough imo.

    I have no words... I just put here some statistic of my battles. I can win mostly against noobs and when I won didi I just got pure luck, 'cause I had 10% of hp and he had no antistuns.
    For me this mod is like:
    See anyone lose 1 antistun -> force him to lose 2nd and try to kill.
    And others kill me same way. Tank just walking around and if he see that I lost 1 antistun he just use charge and attack RA 'till I use 2nd, if no he use 2nd stun and continue attack, then he have charge in cd and use armor break -> I use antistun and instastunned lol. I can leave just by pure luck if he miss or stunned by anyone else.
    And I hate that I'm forced to wait and watch while I'm dead, I wanna get my honor and leave to play new match.

    And I like the way devs do skill "balance" for PvP and even PvE.
    When they fixed MC 5p talent bug they gave mages new "bug" *cough-cough* feature - self cooldown of singu.
    When they fixed bug with double dmg per second of fireball's fire they increased its dmg.

    What devs did when they fixed bug with double dmg of Precise Shot near solid objects? Nothing?
    What devs did when they nerfed explosion in the air of EA? They tried to return explosion from solid objects for 2 releases... And fixed it with words "THATS BUGFIX".
    What devs did when they nerfed fire dmg of first hit of EA? Nothing.
    Should I continue?

    P.S. And btw I forgot one bad thing. You allowed some bugs like disconnecting out of nowhere on live servers. Im 90% sure there would be no compensation, like there is no compensation for loot or battles we missed cause of Nebula Error on live servers.
    I played PvP yesterday and 2/5 of my team got disconnect. And 3/5 from opponent team. We got ban for 15 mins. Then we played again. And some players got disconnect and ban for 15 mins.
    I got disconnect on different maps like Cardhun, Storm the Fortress and Twilight Downs.
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  19. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    BP still boost 2 classes on pvp. Dwarfs and DK's. Tank unlimite stuns, skin and heal and you can't kill him on FFA even 5v1. FFA just for dk's. Other arenas? Dwarf run heal, jupm and repeat, on 5v5 just oil and run = you can't move. If BP don't change healing on arena and don't nerf DK's cool down on rage attack other classes don't have chance against 2 other.
    And best from r218 is... Helios Event!
    FFA and 5v5 TDM. 2x tank, 3x dwarfs and no one bit this group. FFA just for tanks.
    And please rangers, stop cry bcose BP nerf EA, on grimmag I see rangers who have more kills than good mages/dk's
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  20. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Come home from work go to daily before tea , go to do PVP 2 battles , guess what no duels , so no matches on a dead server FYI Lagathon .
    So no daily can be finished thank you bug.point developers for putting in yet another useless idea that no one wanted or asked for !!!!
    By the way you can't force people to PVP , what your development team is doing is forcing people to quit and find other games to play .
    You need to sack your development team and get new people before your dying game becomes dead !!!!!!
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