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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jan 13, 2020.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the detailed Release 227 Patchnotes.

    We're looking forward to your feedback!

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. kankerkanker2

    kankerkanker2 Forum Apprentice

    My honest opininion about release 227:

    Still no new boss cloacks - very disappointing.

    Still no well deserved DK offensive PVE buff - very disappointing.

    Still no autoloot function/simplified selling system - very disappointing.

    Again DTU event - apart from the progress rewards very disappointing as it gets boring quickly doing this event for the 4th time in half a year.

    DTU event changes - Why do we have to play in lower modes to get the most progress for the event?
    This is such a bad design and it really blows my mind because i can very well remember last year someone from the bigpoint team saying on the forum "we don't like events that force players into a lower mode" IS THAT NOT WHY YOU EVEN WENT THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLE TO CHANGE THE DTU EVENT? this is just stupid and there are not even any marketing strategies behind it. So really why the F* do we need to go in excruciating mode to finish the event with the least realm fragments as possible? If any moderator could answer this question for me please.....

    Smuggler's greed - If the rewards are AWESOME wich i doubt, some people will play it. If it's not played it will be a complete disaster and waste of time and effort from BP.

    New DTU event set - gives awesome offensive bonus to ranged classes especially for mages.... DK's get a HP boost that could be usefull for some lesser players but overall very disappointing as 30% HP is nowhere near as valuable as 30% resource. especially for endgame mages this set will be OP and for endgame DK this set is really useless....

    Kingshill rework - very nice to see that your art department does a great job. If only it where for creating more playable fun maps, monsters or new skill effects. KH rework was nowhere to be found on my priority list for changes.

    Conclusion: Good to see that there is a new originial event and there are changes being made but i would like to see more original ideas that can actually make players hyped for the game.
    DTU changes don't make me hyped, Smuggler's greed does not make me hyped. KH rework does not make me hyped. New DTU set only makes a few mages hyped.
    You know what would really make me hyped? For every class skill/item rebalancing.
    New skill effects like explosions, flames in the ground, earthquakes, fire or thunder storms, weapons falling from the sky (just to give you some ideas guys):p that could be designed by our amazing art team that has just demonstrated their wonderfull creative skills in this kingshill redesign!
    Overall i am definitely not satisfied with this update.

    I will end my case with this. I hope that i have been usefull and clear in bringing my message over to you guys;) thanks for hearing my voice in all of it's rawness and authenticity.
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  3. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    I believe you understood it wrong. First of all it is not an event, it is a "happy hour" because the only way how to get Travel Rations to the Smuggler’s Hideout is from the progress bar (so you can get up to 6 of them) which can be filled by collecting andermant only. I have no idea how long the "happy hour" will last (??? few hours, one day ???) but it is evident that players are supposed to purchase andermand by real money (I guess you will not be able to farm andermand to get even the 1st travel ration). That is why it is not event but "happy hour" - you will get some bonus (extra andermands, drakens, gilded clovers, draken cores, ...) for purchasing andermands.
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  4. dam18

    dam18 Someday Author

    will this possible i buy for fragments portals to smuggler event?
  5. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    If the new, "super exciting mini event happy hour" whatever doesnt give you any clues about where's the game headed I think nothing will.
    You have to "farm" (or rather visit the payment section where the "progress drop" is the best) 92500 anders - the rest can be obtained from event ports.
    92500 out of 114000 has to be "farmed".

    [content removed]
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can only buy them with purple fragments of andermagic.
  7. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi again. Let me see if I have understood this DtU event... in chests of the same type, there are 4 loot that appear in each of that chests each time you go into to that level, isn't it? So it's better open all them at the same time because if you don't each time you go into that leve again chests are gonna be closed again with that 4 loot in them but maybe in different ones. How many time may you open them if you have enough keys for that? More than four?

    In previos editions, the secret lair was a good place to get a good progress of this event and there are clovers too, but now looking at the info of this edition, going to excruciating is the best option due to the spend of passes for this event that with 3 you get more than inf3 and the reward in the secret lair, in case you want to do it, it's laughing. Three pasees in excruciating are gonna be faster than 1 in inf3 so if I understand this doing it in excruciating are gonna be faster and cheaper and even though you don't have the same chance to get keys to open those chests, as you are goona do more runs in excruciating, sure you are gonna get more in that level anyway.

    This is only my opinion and maybe it's gonna be the way I'm gonna do this event, but any other options are gonna be welcome too.

    Greetings and good drop to all of you.
  8. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    My opinion about 227 and what comes afterwards;
    Very disappointing, why ....
    I have been playing DSO for over 7 years now.
    In Blakborg I have never found a bromine and with both spiders I never got a decent 1H weapon for PVP that I never play either, in Varholm I never got a black wolf from the countless amphoras and so I can still keep going.
    I have never had another jackpot, while there are other players that I know have already received several times.
    In the beginning people talk about Random drops which suggests that chances are the same for every player. Then why am I never lucky and other players more than once? An answer from 'then you just have incredible bad luck', that doesn't help me at all and is not encouraging to keep playing DSO.
    So as said before, I no longer play PVP because I don't get a decent weapon from the game, which means that I don't want to play a victim in PVP and at the same time help any opponents with their progress.
    This is the upside-down world.
    Today's events are designed and developed in such a way that I cannot successfully complete any event that results in a decline compared to players who can make it to events. What I want to say is that the odds for every player are certainly not equal and that should not be the case.
    But not only that, such as the last event, Riot, there the steam techies were much more in favor of other characters. There too, only unfair play can be found.
    Moreover, I also have to report that events such as Blakborg and Varholm are definitely no longer fun after 7 years, aside because I can't find the better items there but because it is a repetition of a very boring and monotonous game every time.
    That is why I am actually waiting for developments that will make Blakborg & Varholm disappear and the important prizes from these 2 events will be processed into new events in order to give it a positive spin again, but then the odds must be the same for each player and less strong ones players are not forced to play inf4 which they probably can't even handle, just play 1 progress bar and modes of your choice.
    I hope to see some of this feedback in the short term in DSO,
    once again I no longer enjoy DSO because I can no longer make progress under current circumstances and developments. If DSO continues like this, there is no reason to play any longer. Every game should be entertaining and DSO is no longer like that.
    And that new Customization, I can't find a clear explanation about it anywhere so I don't understand it. This is also the case with the latest events. Answers to ambiguities come too late or not at all so players could be better informed.
    So instead of working on a visual Kingshill it seems better and wiser to draw your attention to the enjoyment that players should be able to get from DSO as well as the progress of their characters and at the same time a fairer game that is now at different points. be searchable.

    Still I made a number of attempts at the current Blakborg event but I get nothing of value.
    I don't get Tier 8, I don't get unique`s, the tree quest and after beating them ..., I just get messy and that with a lot of effort on inf4. For me DSO is becoming a fake game, everything is promised but no good things are dropping.
    Only daunting and tired of it
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There are 4x Wooden chests, 4x Copper chests, 4x Silver chests and 4x Heroic Chests (Golden).
    There are 4 Jackpot items that can be get from each type of chest. That is 16x Jackpot Items.
    Each time you open a chest you will get one Jackpot Item for that chest type 100%. If you open all of the chests of that type you will get all 4 Jackpot Items 100%. The drop is random each item can drop from any chest ... but if you open all of the chests you will get them all 4 of them 100%. On top of it you get other loot with each chest opening.
    If someone is aiming to open all of the chests from all types they will need 4x20 + 4x 40 + 4x60 + 4x80 = 800 keys.
    If you aim to open them on 4 characters on account you will need 3200 keys.

    Now ... the second part of your question.
    In the previous event you could open them all 4 only if you did that in a single run.
    This time each chest from each type can be opened whenever you like.
    Once you open one chest ... that chest is being deactivated. Next time you enter the map at same difficulty that chest can't be opened but the others that you haven't opened are available.
    That means you can open them all in 16 runs if opening them one per entry OR you can open them in 4 runs if you open them all 4 per run.
    That is because different chests are only available on different difficulties.

    Watch for the updates in the wiki event guide as I will update the article step by step in the next few days.
  10. jackoneill1976

    jackoneill1976 Forum Veteran

    why not fixed in rls 227?

  11. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    hi @trakilaki so it's only possible to open 4 chest of the same time it does'n matter if you open 4 of the same type at the same moment or if you do in in 4 times but only 4 times. what i wanted to know is that if you open 1 and get 2 weeks premium and leave to get into again, event though that you can only now open 3 of 4, in one of these 3 if possible to get 2 weeks of premium more or rewards are gonna be those you have not gotten yet.

    About the keys now, do you know how many keys is possible to get for each level? i understand that as much difficulty you play as much keys you get from bosses and if you get those keys 100% without mattering the level or if you play normal level you only have 50% to get those keys and if you do it in inf4 it is a 100%, for instance...

    Sorry for annoying you with so many questions

    Greetings and good drop to everybody.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I already answered that one ... you get no reward again if you have already collected it.
    Yes I know ... but you will have to read my wiki guide :p
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  13. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Who knows... I was told couple times it was reported and to chill out - since then 2 patches and no fix ;) I guess they EDIT about players. At least we know it's bp fault not mods.
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  14. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    [removed quote]
    I don't like the new Kinghill,new rewards form DtU event are interesting.
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  15. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Very nice job with Kingshill
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  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Any idea if the jackpots will be released in random order or according the sequence that is listed here ?
  17. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    Although I do not consider this important, I like the new look of the city. The main thing is for beginners to like him. And I hope we live to see the guild wars, we will drink honey here)
  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I did open the chests on few characters from a different class ... in exactly the same chest order. The drops are random.
    For example on my SW I got the premium in the second opening but on my midget I got it in the third. (wooden chests)
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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The guild wars will have to come only after PVP has been fixed and all cheaters have been banned.

    If the guild wars were to be implemented now, it would cause even more complaints about pvp, which is the last thing this game needs
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  20. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    This is 4th release since I wear invisible cloak (not the cloak of invisibility :D) so I'll try to give full feedback, at least for my case:

    First I'll quote myself from RL 224

    Today - still the same ...


    How this happen: I've done customization of my CoH with my old lvl 40 CoD as I've mentioned above ... But after a while, I refined it curiosity or what, and haven't pay attention immediately but I guess it was the trigger - since then visual bug is there (stats are fine).

    P.S. Kingshill is fine, it'll take time to remember NPC positions but at least throne is rain safe now! :)
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