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    Heroes of Dracania,

    It’s Piñata-Party time! Release 238 will come with a polished Dracanian Anniversary Festival Event, which is based on player suggestions as well as bug fixes.​

    The Event starts on the 5th of August, so enough time to prepare ourselves and look forward to a great Festival!
    See you at the Festival!

    Changes / New
    • Events
      • Anniversary Arena Chips
        • We slightly reduced the prices of several Anniversary Arena chips that you can buy from Phestos for Crystals of Truth
      • Community Trader
        • Dracanian Anniversary Festival items are being offered from Jesse O’Barker, while the event is active
      • Dracanian Anniversary Festival has been polished (more detailed info below)
        • Equipment
          • Ring of Diversion has been added
        • Crafting
          • Soul Core Crafting for the Ring of Diversion has been added to the Workbench
          • Pristine Core Crafting for the Ring of Diversion has been added to the Workbench
          • Augment Core Crafting for the Ring of Diversion has been added to the Workbench
        • Attire
          • The bonus of the Anniversary Event Attire has been improved
        • Monsters
          • Several monsters have been worked on
          • A special monster with a small chance to spawn has been added
        • Loot
          • Additional loot has been added to the final Anniversary Chest in the arenas
        • Progress Rewards
          • Several rewards have been exchanged
          • Content Expansion Starter Box was added as a final reward
        • Anniversary Piñatas
          • The costs to open some Anniversary Piñatas were changed
    • Dracanian Anniversary Festival
      • Arenas
        • An issue with the hit detection that caused projectiles being shot into a wrong direction, has been fixed
        • An issue with the Aggro Range of some monsters that caused them to reset during the battle has been fixed
        • An issue with wrong immunity settings of some monsters has been fixed
      • Golden Piñata Truncheon
        • The tooltip has been updated (due to space constraints, we cannot display every single possible item from every Piñata in the tooltip, but the individual loot lists were already published in the official forums)
    Player Suggestions
    Heroes of Dracania, we gathered a lot of feedback regarding the Anniversary Festival from last year and tried to implement as many suggestions/wishes as possible that a) we deemed reasonable and b) we were able to realize, because as you know: we are currently in the process of developing the Content Expansion.​
    • Egg Openers from the final Arena Chests
      • We added Phesto’s Egg Openers to the Loot of the final Arena Chests. The amount scales with the difficulty you play on
    • Progress Rewards
      • Rewards were changed, different mounts, pets, etc. have been added
      • Realm Fragments were added as progress reward, to several bars
    • New Unique Items
      • Ring of Diversion was added
    • Ingredients from final Arena chests
      • Herbs and ores and later even some extracts can now be found in this chest. The drop chance, ingredient type, rarity and drop stack size depends on the difficulty you play on and in which arena you fight. (You will not get herbs, that you typically find in regions of Duria, in the Atlantis arena for example)
    • Pricing of Anniversary Piñatas
      • The Piñata near Zumpe now costs 20 truncheons instead of 25 and the Piñata near the Gnob costs 5 instead of 2. No changes were being made regarding any drop chances or possible loot.
    • Anniversary Event Attire
      • An additional bonus effect was added while not raising the price for the attire (more info below)
    • Auto loot for Phesto’s Egg openers
      • The auto pick-up function for this item was added for Premium and Deluxe Members
    • Spring Festival items
      • There is a chance, that Daran the Spoiler spawns together with the final arena chest. While the chance of him spawning is low and depends on the arena you fight in (chances are slightly higher in the later arenas), he will always drop one of the Spring festival-specific items, like the Enigmatic Hatchling (pet), the Spring Festival Egg (mount), or a part of the Joy of Spring set. He can only spawn in the specific arenas, not the random one.
    • Anniversary Forfeit Chests
      • The Forfeit Chests cannot be opened until the respective progress bar has been opened (i.e. You cannot open Anniversary Forfeit Chest (Qaizah) as long as you haven’t finished the Lor’Tac progress bar).
    • Performance issues in the Lor’Tac arena
      • The number of monsters in wave 2 and 4 to was reduced to avoid possible performance issues
    • Performance issues when opening the arena chests
      • The loot from the arena chests has been updated to avoid possible performance issues when opening all the chests one after another very quickly
    The event guide can be found here.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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