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  1. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the detailed Release 248 Patchnotes.
    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    after i made 100 kills on arahna bloodshed, i collect all the stuff needed to craft the 1 hand
    im talking about 100 things from arahna, legendary minerals, legendary wepon, and rign from arahna 145 level
    and i get this ?
    seriously ???
    gild members get the same result, no max lines
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  3. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    The damage and health points increase of monsters on painful has been reduced
    The damage and health points increase of monster on excruciating has been reduced

    This seems to be the case, luckily at the sane time BP made the bosses an mini-bosses harder to kill!

    It's something like this:
    BP comes to you and gives u a cookie, saying what a wonderful and loyal player u are.
    Players reaction: wow cool!
    At the same time he says: look a new mount!
    Player is like looking for it.
    At that same moment BP steals 3 cookies from u and runs away, laughing :mad:
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  4. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Can u elaborate, I've not noticed any increase on bosses nor minibosses?
  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The release just went active and you _already_ have been able to craft????
    Good grief. I'm thinking that it will take me a couple months to get to even try _a_ craft. :oops: 100 Bloodshed bosses? These days it seems I'm lucky to get 5 group bloodshed runs a weekend.... That's 20+ weeks to get the ingredients for one craft. :(
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Afaik you don't need bloodshed, you can farm painful. And eventually it'll get easier as you obtain the new jewel, supposing it's possible at all of course.

    The bigger problem here is that the non-boss uniques are uncraftable... and probably they missed some of the boss uniques too, I've not checked thoroughly yet.
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  7. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Has anyone else noticed skills decreased somehow?

    I have 3 memories unique items with +16 to wisdom and those skills are where I see the different (lesser) values than yesterday ...

    To be exact:

    Torso (hp) : - 101k

    Adornment (dmg) : cca - 3k

    Boots (crit): - 5,6% (total) (cca -25k^)

    Maybe not related and just coincidence but those values are in fact smaller than yesterday.
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  8. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    1.The black pearls that gave in the great hall of fame is not in accordance with the true values if not bad recuredo in inf6 they gave 250-300 pearls and in inf10 they gave 800 that this is similar to that of blooshod surpassing the "current", although They are not the official data for sure that they will reduce the amount of drop as it always does, also the great hall can only enter one player therefore you can not go in a group wasting that advantage that they imposed by force and leaving the small players or middle zones without much possibility of finishing the bars and it doesn't matter if you have 20 days to finish the event if you have to farm 1290-normal, 860-painfulosp, 644-fatal-516-lethal, 358-infernal pearls to finish the event only in infernal, 215-ruthless, 108-blooshod and not only the time you take to defeat him for each lap but the resources that will be spent to do it quickly, if it is true that before you ended up with 120-pearls onwards but now farming costs mushisimo more than before And let's be honest that "increase" has been shown to be more false that the DSO team fulfilled the 2021 route, we must bear in mind that not all of us can become heads in blooshod alone and with a boss a bit complicated like dredge of the great living room
    2. they have not increased the hunting trap activation radius at all as proposed
    3. They continue to maintain useless nerfies (hunting with the explosive arrow that still persists the problem that it is not reactivated and the eye skill is lost that does not always happen but sometimes it happens and it bothers a lot since it is used in a combo with another) who have done nothing to fix the unbalanced system of skills and talents
    4. The values of the valetina caraj are still unrepaired, which still has shield values and another the sapphire set because the spells can be exchanged for others so it does not offer much variety of sets (as proposed in the new CE) and the statistical values are generic
    5. They have increased the life of the bosses and the damage now hits more than they would supposedly reduce in this update
    6. The materials to make the unique objects are expensive and you spend a lot of resources and time to manufacture them, which they have surely done on purpose to drastically reduce the drops of the unique objects and make the excuse that now you can craft them by forcing us to do 100 laps to be able to get it (that not all of us can do the maximum difficulty because there are some who play only the groups do not accept invitations, you cannot go ahead because to move on you need that one but that one you cannot get or put together because the bosses have too much lifetime)
    7. They still have not removed the blue bars of the bosses that nobody wants and nobody asked for, often a penalty mechanism that gives you more penalties that does not make sense in the game only hinders
    8. The ingredients have not been paid correctly. In my case, all the ingredients of the mini-bosses were not paid.

    translated by Google
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  9. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Before release 248, the Lingering Memories uniques were bugged - they were giving far more stats than they should have. That has been fixed with today's release.
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  10. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Tnx for the info, I just haven't notice that kind of info in patchnotes for 248 "old school way" (forums) .
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  11. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Indeed. Unfortunately, I just post the patch notes, I don't decide what info gets included. But, since I am aware of the bug fix, it doesn't hurt to bring it up the answer when people ask on the forums.
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  12. Falcone

    Falcone Someday Author

    The idea of creating unique items is excellent, but as always the realization is bad. As always, infinite farming, 100 boss skins, 500 minerals, an exaggerated number of multi-tools to use and if after days, even months of frantic farm you come up with an item with ridiculous stats, what do you do, do you start again? This is a game, a pastime must be fun, enjoyable, rewarding .... you have been told, repeated over and over again but you are and continue to be deaf, you have killed the game, you survive only because new players enter but many more abandon, frankly of all the community managers that have been there in recent years, you are the worst. Sorry to say for those who have been playing for years, but you have only managed to ruin a game that had immense potential, please at least do not ruin the last fun, pleasant event, do not modify Dragan, leave the last thing that reminds us of that intact that was DSO, and not the havoc you made it become. Sorry for the english but it is google translate
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Since when forums and websites are "old school"? Oh wait ... you are referring to their announcement about "new modern ways".
    Nah it is only a way to impose a censorship because forums are owned by BP and have their rules which are not same with the rules of those who are not BP and are running 3rd party chat app channels.
  14. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Well i did Catacombs on excrutiating, where i could kill the bosses and mini-bosses quite easily bofore the patch, this was much harder after the patch.
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    traps are broken and don't even activate when monsters are passing over them.
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  16. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    You dirty old ... :D

    That's exactly what I meant!
  17. WillM0

    WillM0 Forum Apprentice

    Useful information, although I can't say that I like all these changes.
  18. Elégedetlenkedő

    Elégedetlenkedő Active Author

    Zero loot, zero dropp bad game!
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  19. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    R248 was a waste of time from the player point of view. And a step forward on DSO point of view.

    I predicted the new cry wave with the uniques craft introduced and coincidentally its the first post!

    * crafting uniques makes drops chance to -1000, means we will have to kill tons of times and get results like akoto got. In the end its the same as it was, farm forever , get frustrated and accept what dso gives u no matter ur efforts
    * we cant even make realm frags anymore as we play. With that new map, they have excuse to keep realm frags drops low on open maps, and a player to have a decent amount of them will have to add a reminder on mobile
    * trap was a joke, didnt solve rangers struggles , quartz map is proof, foxes dies fast when we have some dmg, we cant hit minotaurs with trap, fated to spend 5 min trying to kill a sentinel that dont kill u (we regen more then the dmg they do) and it takes forever to kill him . Just like sargon. This is the worst CE concept IMO. Id sugest developers to make a ranger do arachna pw merci solo and pls enter the poison lair. Clean it!!!!!!!!! ahahah and come back here to say what u made with rangers!
    * Dmg of mobs , even if it was really reduced , its useless. I had time just to run grotto blood , dmg could be lowered , but now we have gremlim marauders with "green" status. One thing im sure , they are 80% armor and had HP really increased. The result is worst cause takes more time to kill them.

    So , nothing new and nothing for good.
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  20. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    Release 248 is addressing some of the most mentioned pain points from the community such as the Rune drop, the difficulty of lower modes, the Mortis boss fight, the drop of Ancient Wisdom and the Bloodshed/Merciless debuff. In addition to that, the version aims to introduce a more simple and basic crafting system and contains several improvements and bug fixes.

    Was there really a time long long ago where we believed BP's saying We really do listen to the players (like Anyki said: Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed.)
    But there is always the difference between listening an actually doing something.

    Was this the case from the beginning? Like with patchnotes 001?
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