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  1. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    What are the requirements to have the 6 progress bars of the Sargon event?
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    "rebalance" more like nerf to oblivion.
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  3. LiveForTheTrap

    LiveForTheTrap Forum Greenhorn

    1. There is incredibly low drop of adornment for rangers, during whole leveling from 1-56 i only managed to get 3 pieces of it.
    2. In Treasure cave, after sentinel is killed, more than one travel stones which allows you to reset to a clear instance appears. However if you would attempt to use of the "fake ones" or those which shouldnt have spawned game will not technically freeze but you´ll be stuck in place and not be able to move, i had to restart the game.
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  4. Anyki

    Anyki User

    The 6 progress bar version of the event is unlocked by having reached at least level 55 and having the quest the "Terrible is Back" completed prior to collecting any progress on the event. Once you collect progress, you will be locked into your current version of the event - you'll have to wait for the next one to arrive to get the 6 bar version.

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  5. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    This should be removed from dailies if not removed from the game altogether. UNTIL you guys have an idea how to fix it.
    1 hour for 1 duel.
    2nd Duel I could not wait on the game any longer.
    Might be ok for people that have 10-12 hours to sit on this game but for those that work have families and a real life it just does not cut it.
    On the dead servers you can not complete your daily even if you beg in local or private messages.
    As for whoever changed the Jump/Teleport in the development team get this person to start at level 1 and level up without any extra gear from bug.point ie Gems or Over powered items and they might see what a terrible job they have done.
    I believe your development staff have never played Drakensang or if they have they have been gifted OP characters.
    Maybe they need to play the game to understand it.
    Is there a reason you are killing the game ?
    As for the community challenge ?
    Spend Andermant ? :-D
    Wow that is starting to get really DESPERATE.
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  6. Bert11

    Bert11 Forum Apprentice

    the overall impression is normal. + release date:The ability to knock out some stones and other items not only by donating, but also by farming. There is also the possibility of buying the wreckage for other money. It is possible to change the offer for ina in the rooster. Increased the sale price of pets and sled dogs. Linking elements in MM. Modified drop from the MM chest. A merchant of certain potions before entering different MM. - release date:Half-finished goblins in the rocky valley sometimes appear with a shield, until they disappear. Reducing the amount of matter from the chest, and in the bose everlost, the oon simply does not exist. The lack of a clear policy of developers, namely, throwing from solo players to players in the party. The result is not fully finished and raw patches, problems with skills, etc. Make it better: 1. return the fallout of the wreckage to the merciless difficulty with the bosses and chests of everlost 10 pieces as it was before the dark legacy.2. The veteran system(is another attempt to sabotage the creation of online by creating twinkies and non-playing characters, this attempt will increase online only for a short time and then a little). The veteran's bonuses will be devalued by innomancers. As a result, developers will be forced to reduce the dropout of innomancers to a critical minimum, which will lead to an outflow of players. This idea was introduced too late and will not lead to the planned results of the developers, namely, an increase in the time for finishing the current release(dark legacy) and the introduction of a new class. Make the veteran's bonuses independent of the number of upgraded characters on the account, or make it from 2 characters(the main character+1 twink).3. Increase the drop of stones from the MM chests by 0.5% or make 0,5-1-1,5% depending on the difficulty.4. Return the amount of matter to the MM chests before entering the Dark Legacy release and return it to the Everlost bosses. 5. Cancel the binding of the bonus to the skills from the shoulders with kv10 and instead of the skills make it dependent on the chance of a crit or hit with a certain percentage(YOU BIND PLAYERS TO the SKILLS WITH BOTH KV7 AND KV8 BEFORE ENTERING the DARK LEGACY) you have already tied all classes to amulets inkram and other clothes.. This is shortsighted!!!
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  7. aBDuLHaMiTHaN

    aBDuLHaMiTHaN Old Hand

    this skill error is continues still in this release 249.
    hp regeneration runes are dont working from since came dark CE
    there is alot bugs in mage skills.
    when do you think fix skills works? orrr you think work at skills bugs fix??
    Ahh excuse me, you are busy with ''how can i get from players more money'' from premium day? loll
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  8. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    you have a bad flaw in this game and that is to change the percentages of the drop even after putting a complete releace.
    We had a reason to farm in the intermediate world maps and it was just the jewels.
    I had dropped 2 in the first few days, but now after 20 days, not even 1.
    Even in one day I made 242 speed runs up to the boss, without dropping even 1.
    Reason why I go in now, I do the daily quest and go out quickly because it makes me nervous to play it and not drop anything.
    I add that it is not possible to make the SIGRI torso yet and not because I don't have the recipe yet, I have that one, but when I put the legendary torso on the work bench, it tells me that something is wrong.
    I am sure there will come a time when you will raise the drop to 100% one day, but that day will be too late.
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  9. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    Bullseye right there ... they are bad at programming / developing .... but changing droprates is childplay ...
    I toobdropped 2 first day .... and till today 4k speedruns later ... 0 zero nada ziltch ...
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  10. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

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  11. Anyki

    Anyki User

  12. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

    shouldn't this at least be announced on the official facebook page?
    because of the 300 people that come daily I calculate that 20 must be Czechs, and of those, check their forum instead of the English one, how do I do instead of going to the Spanish language that I know there is nothing there, and they must be the 4-6 that are commenting on that lottery, and that there are 6 prizes in total, for 6 people... some would see it as favoritism, they enter more money to the game or what is the difference? why this is not done in the English forum?
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  13. Anyki

    Anyki User

    It's created for that specific language forum, and thus not advertised on Facebook.

    As for running contests on the EN forums... I don't think we've had a moderator with energy and time to spare in years to design this stuff. ;) That's why there aren't any EN forum events.
  14. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

    The good thing is that now if there is one designed, they would only need to change the questions a little bit and that's it and, of course, the time to do it
    Now I have one last question, by Czech community do you mean that they speak that language, or that they made their account/play from an ip of that place? because if it is because of the language, everyone, including me, with an autotranslator we can speak czech in the forum.

    Anyway, I don't bother anymore, but I still think that 6 awards for 7 people sounds a little bit wrong.
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  15. Anyki

    Anyki User

    That's for them to determine. If you want to know, you can ask the moderator running the event. :)
  16. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Even when they add the improvement supposedly implemented in the R248 of increasing the activation range for hunters who to date add it

    --- MERGED ---

    There are some teams that have bad values such as Valentina's face that has protective box values when it should have values of a critical and damage face, which are the values that it has always carried and it is not mentioned as protective face but as a damn

    --- MERGED ---

    Because wolves do not regenerate life, it would not be better for them to regenerate instead of the tree that practically does not heal almost nothing or very little, in addition to that this was a skill of these since ancient times now because hunters have never complained about This, in addition to adding that now the completely useless ability of the new abispones now annoys you when facing bosses that disappear them

    --- MERGED ---

    There is still no drop of rings, as is the case of the signet rings of memory among others, and not only that, but also sets, jewels and runes that are worthwhile, not those of wisdom or those of aum. Fragments of matter that give very little runic powder and if you are lucky in 10 hours that practically you do not have to have life or use bots to play 10 hours a day and that you get 1 or 2 runes without counting the quality of these being mostly in my case the low ones possible quality, in addition to the rebalancing of classes is also still expected

    --- MERGED ---

    The gorga sets are completely useless except for the hobreras and perhaps the hunt like practically most of the Qs sets, they have not solved the error that some bosses, mini-bosses and monsters recover the entirety of the game. Life when exiting out of the player's viewing chamber in both normal and Qs dungeons.

    --- MERGED ---

    How long to wait until they increase the activation range of the hunting trap
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  17. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I'm doing the quest where you collect sunstones in Telepolos. I do 5 or 10 times and they don't drop. This will take forever. Do the devs hate me?
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  18. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    it is fixed with release 250, no official date yet but most probably it will be deployed in two weeks. (it has to come before the sewers event so...)
  19. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    They say they fix bugs and then don't.
    But hey they can nerf Rangers yet again with R250.
    Another mass Exodus from this dying game.
    Not sure why Mages are never nerfed they have 4 spam skills for so long now they have Fireball spam as well.
    Yet mages still whinge complain and bitch.
    It is beyond comprehending for me. If you play a mage try play a Ranger and see how many times you get nerfed and have to rebuild it.
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  20. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    It is clear that you haven't realized how OP the ranger is. I have an end-game ranger and have an average 100 level mage as well.

    Do you think ranger got nerfed? It will even be more fun & stronger. Yeah they reduced the healing but our damage will be much more, and we can solo every single boss in-game, what do you want more? God mode? The current playstyle of ranger is way too easy that every unskillful player started playing ranger, which kills the original hard & precise gameplay of rangers, so overall I'm glad of the ranger changes.

    Since dark legacy patch and after making my mage level 100, I don't enter for like 3 months now. Because it is too weak and too boring playstyle, compared to level 55 mage. So for the mage, they deserve all the buffs. I even think it is not even enough but we'll see when it hits the LS.
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