Suggestion Release 2xx !?!

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by ABARTEM, Nov 5, 2019.

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    ABARTEM Forum Greenhorn

    Since nobody suggested an entire release i will do it.
    This release is focused on what players probably need (in my opinion):
    -better solo player experience
    -better starter/medium players experience
    -better, faster map farming
    -buffing pve experience for wars
    -better use of essence

    CAMELEON with ability to use up to 3 different bonuses from already owned pets.
    -different bonuses in the way that you can`t use heredur and asar pet bonuses since they have both armor reduction bonuses, but you can use bearach and green raptor since they buffed damage in different ways.
    -only work in solo mode


    -increase buff for physics and tonics up to 150% (from 24% to 36% and so on) and the duration of the elixirs up to 300% (from 20 sec to 60 sec)


    unique value +1073 hp (love in numbers)
    unique value + 1073 to lowest 3 resists
    SET BONUSES: every second your broken heart make you lose 0-15% of you total life and gain ANGRY LOVER BUFF which give you 1% more attack speed and 0.2% more travel speed, stacked up 100 time.

    unique value - this item can be crafted with items from categories: head, armor, shoulders, belt
    unique values - this item can be crafted with items from categories: head, armor, shoulders, belt
    - your enchantments are active !
    10% less damage against normal monsters, 10% more damage against bosses

    SEAKISB SET: (strong essence are kept in small bottles)
    unique value - your armor and resists never go below 50%
    unique value - you never hit twice in a row noncritical on same enemy
    SET BONUSES: your lose 40% of your total damage, your damage modifier is set to 0.

    NEW CRAFTING OPTION (i did an post for this):
    -platinum option (5x normal price):
    -4 pink items with platinum lines will craft one leg with 2 platinum lines
    -4 leg with 2 platinum lines will craft one leg with 3 platinum lines
    -4 leg with 3 platinum lines will craft one leg with 4 platinum lines
    -gold option (3x normal price): same as above for gold lines
    -this craft can`t be reversed and it is optional

  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    A such quantity of modifications/implementations, right or not they are, would require one year of time to these turtles of developers. Nothing but a single release! :p
  3. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    No offence but everything is insanely bad in my opinion. Including draft.
    I'm telling that from long time: draft doesn't need stable rng reduction it needs rng overflow with shielding mechanic. Exactly opposite to what you are suggesting. This is only way to improve seriously DSO craft mechanics, others are all cosmetics or just straight up bad like yours proposition.

    ABARTEM Forum Greenhorn

    Wow this guy ^^^^^ lol, who cares about drafts and rng? it was just some ideas good or not, are just ideas, it was made for fun purpose and if one of those like i post it or modified to be consistent with the rest of the game will end up in the game that will be ok for me but to say everything is insanely bad, man you have some serious issues. I am not native english speaker so my propositions are as good as i can, i can bet you don`t now any other language except english, right?

    Now i see what is the problem of this game, most of the forum writers cry about how bad it is but try desperately to kill any new ideas.
    Last post from me, no replies no matter what.
  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I'm polish and i know besides english only german but i really don't know what this have in common with topic...
    I just judged your proposition, I thought those topics are made to see judgement of other players and only if it's positive we can further investigate implementation. I don't think i was too offensive - for me it's just 1 maybe 2 out of 10 ideas. Insanely bad should fit for that scale. Lower is only "hopeless" am I right? If idea is good than it's good, if it's bad than is bad. Simple as that.
  6. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    Everyone is free to post their ideas, here in the Creative Corner.
    This doesn't mean that every feedback has to be in line with the author's opinion. For that reason, everyone is welcome to post their ideas/suggestions, but it's important to accept other's opinions, especially when they are against our initial proposal.
    Keep discussions on topic and avoid circular comments.
  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    too strong
    I dont think you know how the crafting system in this game works
    all you want here is an additional 47% damage from 4x plat damage lines in pouldrons
    if you knew exactly how this game works then why would anyone let armor and resist be modified if its set values unless during armor or resist break?
    once again if you knew how the crafting works?
    maybe you just want guaranteed lines?